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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 06/28/13

Jun 28, 2013|

Four topics we havent yet touched upon today... Terry Bradshaw's one man show, NBA Draft night and more.

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Now our -- totally -- -- full board or -- -- me -- We solved it Kelly. Funds rate at W. Up how overrated by the -- on this. Those -- pretty overeat when you overrated right you are or aren't convertibles to. Yeah I heard a horrible car I have once and you you you don't convertible into New England -- especially now that you have cellphones you almost never won. Opened the convertibles they can't do it every whatever business to conduct and what are the convertible -- Some -- -- such a waste of time when do you ever opens on but it -- but it if you say some groups are overrated that convertibles and ultimately convert -- you get the whole act like it's. It's a dramatic present. And -- Right here you're here arriving at the summer that top down it's a whole thing. But that the trend that some -- to waste it's a whole it's overrated as what little supplement -- -- use what little -- But not -- it's not the because if you open it just by itself to get the helicopter effect. Total waste -- and a last night's NBA draft was a wild affair with trades being made left in Brighton David Stern being an -- all what was the most surprising moment of the night tree. All could easily than ever want to Becky I'd never thought a million years they were draft entity that it is surprisingly. What that not a surprise at all when you saw what are the concerns about that it. In addition to his injury could work Gupta teams along with live in the well. One of the concerns was his body. It would got up there. But I -- wanna watch a lot of UNLV basketball. But he could have had that old man in the park looked dual. But the -- Republican forbidden tractor trailer risk reflectors that cut for the -- I don't know what it won't lose. If you're leading derivatives it. -- the spring gala that. I mean I was definitely surprising. The only good got to put up there though is the guy that the Celtics drafted that they're gonna trade the big -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That surprised there haven't -- it was definitely surprise anniversary day today and that was awesome but the draft you know it was not a surprise half but he did Milwaukee Bucks taking a guy whose name no one in the world could -- was not surprised at all but seemed like right at the Milwaukee -- please god don't -- -- Priscilla was all over does that Dorsey they -- -- -- well the international victims that. Eighteen years old in the count on right now. No well I know I assure you that -- -- might you get paid for. That is rolling with the get that that is Milwaukee Bucks playbook Alcatel who's good I don't know really I'm actually in the guy's gonna be bad I'm just say it was a surprise that he went to the and I -- smooth moment of the night. -- Olajuwon coming out. In a tuxedo at the end just like he did that was David Stern's first draft I had 84 Olajuwon had the tuxedo ought to come not again. Last night looked great. That you like the fashion thing where everybody had something silly and have also to the inside of the flag you like them that you get a picture or whatnot that are -- Better than having on the outside -- Las Vegas has its newest one man shows starring. Terry Bradshaw. Do you watch her -- one man show store now. By or on a watch I would watch almost anybody. Anybody's show for -- In Vegas. And you go all the way to. That led to this show and I would present it is you isn't it though yes instead what I watch on how would you go at it that the Boston. What I wanted -- boss of every ticket short on the Vegas. Happened in Vegas about the Terry -- -- Partner Brad talk show I. -- there that is -- -- the -- I want our setup and it's seven minutes ago. Lost about twenty minutes or did you see that maybe its mission whatever. Minutes for the stupid steeler fans constantly applaud. That's all right that's got to be at least two hours on the table at risk no way at the risk of -- a lot of people out there. What I've done for three -- announced on both -- I want it to Billy Joseph boxer. -- -- -- -- -- -- It was all that is it was it was there that original idea illegal. Terrible it -- he -- -- that it is that. It's we're just there were about all that being said Billy -- may come up again in port all of like the factory five minutes. The hundredth running of the sort of France is upon us and Lance Armstrong has something to say about it Armstrong told French publication -- minimal. It is fine to erase my name from a record book but the tour was held between 1999 to 2005 was and it. It was held -- there was a winner who was he. No one has manifested to claim might jerseys. Is there an athlete you wish would disappear more than Lance Armstrong. An athlete I wished not -- he's up there he's at apple care. I would wish. Disappear more easily won. And he's just play that clip you pick up again he displayed they're -- Jackson's. Or that -- Jackson was that Brian Cashman talked about Tyrod. Taylor. That's the easy one. You know eight -- you know about Lance Armstrong you know he's a liar you know we did Jeter all discovery dismissive. -- he's the one guy did something with Oprah and it didn't help exhibit didn't rehabilitate them. Everything you know about Lance Armstrong isn't he still more likable and A-Rod now. Lance Armstrong about more likable -- Alex. -- no he's not having you are likable but I don't think he is how borrowed. If your public LeBron. Not disappear I feel great -- -- great player yet. He had cheated double Ben Roethlisberger. There's never any of them -- Aaron Hernandez. Well he's well here -- -- well if you're you don't have to whisper that that's gonna happen this Jersey customers like legally disappear. It's SI dot com has a list out right now they're fifty greatest all time swimsuit models who role would you rank of number one there are really the only come up again guys see. But I don't think I'd go with Christie Brinkley although she is the former -- bill Agile -- be on the list. Christie Brinkley back in the day. She's a good look at there's only one answer dollar dollars to probably about fifty answers for me there's only one answer. She shines above everybody else when it comes to this. Not in the entirety of life but when it comes to these Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue the one person I think of -- L. -- -- -- that means the thought if we gave them. There is no -- -- whether you -- off the board they thought about it again -- about Anthony about what could have been better you know quite popular apology as the or innovative model there is no clear cut number -- -- -- but I'm like I don't want you can go to the -- -- can't she can't that is it will whose volleying -- number. Made up Kathy Ireland. I -- -- you got to go Tyra Banks is that they're adopted is that where now. There's homes. That there's somebody. Look for the Brooklyn tech or Internet -- what I'm having a barbaric. Don't think none of them all the scandal to me to read it. L Kathy I I guess I like the old school -- but again bill Kathy Ireland and Christie relate to -- on my doubt it still meant something to write. I haven't looked at the sorts of -- it's an issue like fifteen years or at least studied at the way I did when I honestly I didn't study that I was away with. The way. What year was that 88 it was ten years old regular Colin and -- -- a -- -- -- academic -- as that was it was I'd -- hours of a run up to my room and fighting every page that I might what are you doing now are still OK Kathy Ireland dies or you want I had problems that -- isn't gonna. -- -- -- Any who's here. It's got to be giving them. Ever so voluptuous. It's. February. I've had it. It is in order to help me out. Tonight's wave VC instinct. I got it we got that we don't accuracy I think everybody got a by the older reports -- By the reverence with which you spoke. I was really Marisa Miller. A clears the secret ten years ago now it is without those ex girlfriend ex -- -- Stephanie Seymour yes yes for. -- -- -- -- That's -- kind of good hit -- Well that is today's fourth -- -- them hears you guys can argue law but she's. Police reports cove and other -- last year at the island -- down accurately judged -- age from their response is well. Accuses Sheryl tease you are old. What all what ages are equal respect runway. At the Crawford. You know Rebecca repayments. Really at this. Okay. They -- -- districts. Reluctantly from everything on is that beautiful women she's in another way of the behaves differently -- it's -- It's all relative I can compare -- Crawford like you know already -- himself and comparing her to the others and some -- She didn't stack up compared. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it Andy -- you have some we have before we hit some calls back to the sports yeah it's a good open -- from today. -- -- -- He's not so he evidently for stealing. -- -- -- look at -- through the -- the right exactly and I don't really feel like it was in Italy. -- -- that complexity -- present. Still they got to prove the clippers have to prove they have to prove themselves they still haven't done it get a better. They're on a road there they are improving they've made some nice moves blood. Aren't -- class it is say -- Aaron Hernandez was really killing spree for apparently the last couple of years. Couldn't we have come to knock off a couple of -- before the end of the final home. Yes you are way too classy to it says that that would have been. Completely inappropriate at least they do another thing that can (%expletive) me off today that are real seems to be all happy about. Did you read that or see the thing in the globe with the Blackhawks took out the peak you are. You are a bidder then I got -- for the Blackhawks take out of page at a full page ad in the globe. Thinking Boston for the great Stanley Cup final that they were in -- Ever goal way USA to a -- goalie goalies Chicago black noticed translates to what. Insulting it's insulting -- way don't don't believe the city was classy. I don't know why but it completely offends me you wanna send day thank -- Euro what did to a group when you leave. Town fine I thought what they did after the Boston Marathon bombing that was incredibly nice and meaningful and thoughtful but enough already you won. You won the Stanley Cup -- leave us alone go away mark was celebrate by yourself and let's be bitter and angry I don't want your pity I don't want your little -- -- video it absolutely was it was like a little. Consolation prize to you there in Boston since she didn't win here I don't want your pity I don't want at all forget you should. It's. It's great that it is that the standard whatever that few -- as being you. Your heart -- your compassionate way. Completely bothered me I don't wanna hear from you you won the title now enough on here but I don't want to hear you talking about -- -- the there's money to take -- added our paper in order to -- you can do in your post game press conference on the go celebrate -- operate with if the if the Bruins -- one. And they said. Well we wanted to work with them. We did you guys. Mr. unbelievable. And thank you. -- I agree -- why why does that -- need to be done with bush shook hands out on the -- it was a great moment that it is at the end of every series as everybody walks by each other's shakes hands and then the sportsmanship thing can be -- -- for them to be good sports but I don't need a special. On -- taken out of the globe. I don't need it all for whatever reason completely bothers bothers it really does it just gonna get that price is about people. To another and another ground and oh my -- guys in that event but it just feels like they're talking down to it feels condescending. Of you. It captured it exactly right. If you can't possibly like this this would be up your Alley. And there was a and it was I worked up about it but it's just it wasn't -- and seems comments it's OK that guy that led the way force what is the what is salt it's that Eddie. Do could possibly like this this is right up your Alley in the scandal that Harvard guy at a level of bitterness like me where I would expect him to get that thing. It's something -- looked upon as a great feature right. -- He has recovered from voluptuous -- -- -- too busy who went recent. Than it is she's pretty good look at. Forgot that's like what that we ninety's at the 1990. That's what it. Is about the same time -- -- macaroni. There but this now -- five -- earlier doll was not. And I've put her -- and the long. Just those next. -- while she married Jerry. Judea that's instincts she's not. Now. She married but it from a statement. It was he -- but he's also -- right. If bush the bush from a year. Right and procedures require us what you know. -- of Jerry Maguire lots of prisoners Titanic it's -- -- -- 777979. Victory seven reaction to deity is big trade yesterday reaction to -- it -- him getting into an obvious he had reaction to your first place on pace for 96 -- Red -- reaction to the patriots saying it. Hey if you got an Aaron Hernandez Jersey giving back to its beauty and they want for free wouldn't want to walking around that it will try to do you Soledad. And that reaction to the Blackhawks taken out an ad in the Boston Globe to say thanks Boston here's a little -- they had for being -- -- -- 86 point 7779790. Sevenths all all the -- on. From -- -- down near Fenway WB yeah. I'm too classy to call myself too classy to do anything.

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