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Former Celtics Head Coach/Clippers Coach Doc Rivers with Salk and Holley

Jun 28, 2013|

We check in with the former Celtics head coach and get the insight on why he left town, whether or not he 'quit' on this team, the rumored fight with Rondo, and his tiff with Bill Simmons.

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Are sold them all here on WEEI WEEI dot com is lower Jerry Remy is down by Fenway Park -- stopped by get a few more minutes we will be here Michael's gonna take pictures with everybody here in the bar that wants to. You give your -- half hour 45 minutes line out the door. Anybody wants big picture of Michael hall he will do I don't think people wanna do that that's what they do I think people wanna go to the day. Seems like a lot of people -- coming up do you look at it take pictures but my god. Can I touch of it's the real there's Michael -- got to take a picture that guys are at the throw about but let's bring Doc Rivers into the conversation inevitable issue with the with the servers -- you -- just. Pop up doc as he's kind enough to take a few minutes is AT&T outline. Doc Rivers clippers head coach it still sounds a little funny to say. That when you hear that how does how does it feel to be the clippers head coach no longer be the Celtics. Well it did go wrong but I don't strike and arming themselves or lose the ball topic approach for nine years -- and so it's up there. You're an indigo. It'll probably drink a little bit of -- October that's sure. OK so doctor how did you. How did you get into the situation why are you really not here. What I just thought it was time nor are -- it is Michael there was a lot of things earlier thought. You saw one of the reasons why last night. I think it's what. Everybody want you know they wanted to contracts. Unnoticed and he wanted to. You know graphics and you know. They use my contract to do there they use -- Contra and involves complex to do. We did that together. This is never anything where I was sitting there and then you wanna grow over. You know wanna be treated or anything like that. But I did. Reservations and not just. Rebuilding it's just. You don't you're one point nine years as a coach -- and our business you use our haven't fought there at and you state your welcome our spiritual. And can you be effective and go to the things that coaches coach that's like coaches move around. And Nortel. Would -- -- about and you know and in the corporate -- him. We talked. Together about that a -- and when he brought up the active programs in the there's a chance that the we get the right -- And win in this and ended you can go to a -- where you can win. Everybody can Wear it and be acute pain and it doesn't work. And you just stay here and that's -- we're going to be and you know all of Sunday of last week. I would going to be so cruel and but when that corporate there was firing -- I accept that. And moved on and not part of the right thing to do for me at this time. And I thought it was great for them it's like orbiter owners which I don't like China and made it. When we're talking about this should -- we and it is something. This is going to be when. If you're reaching its. You are a chance to coach a group religious achievement had the chance to win. And we can get -- contract. And get a grip that everybody wins. In. And that federal. -- are -- her job I think one of the things that I find confusing and there is. If if in one hand there's going to be rebuild which would necessitate bringing in a whole bunch of new players on the other hand you're worried about. Players starting to tune you out after nine years wouldn't -- be a whole new group of players that would. Become -- absolutely but just your own thing -- you know and it's more than just later this deal wouldn't it you do front -- do whatever it. And they're gonna feel that some guys have been through there. I looked and added there was right I'm telling you what with coaches feel Whitner and one place for a long time -- -- That's the way it is whether I'm right or wrong about how I felt about what. It doesn't matter as long -- -- Where do you start your contract -- the five year contract. And then do that this day was coming. Didn't you you start to change it mean when you saw the reality of it that different you got a little bit and always. India it it's here it's. -- when assortment -- when -- and when it's on the contrary I didn't recruit the right thing. It would -- absolutely. Right thing for me to do conformity and and then Michael you know Whitman as anybody when I sign a contract there -- several -- not gonna. How to create. I was going to be history. My children dismissed -- that time with that fall Kevin Rondo all had just signed long term deal. I thought it would have been that's a bad move. For me to -- I just thought it would it just wouldn't have been right -- are wrong timing of and I just didn't do. And that's one of the main reasons I expect because there. There largely it's in the this year during the year and then there are regard. Yeah I wanna find a coach that would bother a little bit you know -- -- -- journal of the American today. The credit comeback I'd be willing to do with but it would -- and support for -- in mourning for. Last fiber compete for titles and also you're not. That would have been our what can a governor not. Don't know don't know the chance to but about a study I would try and maybe by mid -- wouldn't -- And I got to go right to build the audience that. You know dock at the time when you signed that deal others the quote that's been much publicized you saying I am -- Celtics and the -- a lot of fans. That meant that you were every -- that the Celtics way of life being a Celtic forever was what was important to you. What do you say to those fans today. It was at that time and in the Steelers but I still thought it was time for -- just looking guys I have a long cool to like. I thought for me it was just it was time for a change for me. That doesn't mean I don't like felt that in the last local I'd -- befriend. But I I did why some have not been happy with. And I understand that. And I hate that did that happen. But I understand that and I accept that. In this thing in a lot of ways and do the right thing for itself. You know I helped -- rebuild and selflessly. I got a chance. To build a team Mario which I've never had an opportunity to do and so it's going to be your front victory it's something I've never done not only jets coach. But I have a -- to -- -- treatment you know it's like a political reason I maybe all four. Maybe cure for it in front of you who are just the stroke. But it's superior it's a great opportunity for products protect. There was back at -- last night we view it builds them the oh. Why go after bill that was what was the what would have thought it. I just thought he had an agenda less -- -- for me I think courtroom itself to. You know and you know this city. Day in ownership together. We all came up with this and not certainly true if you -- quick. But I thought he hadn't been you know build some thing. When. We your bed when I first got here -- did it would be -- strategy -- wrote letters. Yet he wanted deficit now of one of our owners. Pot farm so. -- -- -- agenda and they got our owners didn't believe the minute we -- government started joke. And they -- didn't believe him or didn't. You know figure the pin was enough to do that and allow me to -- period of time and win. But when you start problem for people whose job. And you don't know what's going -- I'm like he did that's -- And I thought you've been wrecked last night. It's been a lot written about -- written it said about your relationship with. Rajon Rondo until people feel like you left because. You -- coach -- bill how would you describe your relationship with result brought them. It's great you know we we had our we have our ups and downs like I'll probably have with every player that's just life at the Croat. You have to accept there. But now that had nothing to do it. -- -- legitimately challenging to a -- he challenged him to a fist fight that was a report out there. -- -- You bet you couldn't repair it happened that we regard we were there for three years in order would've known ball. You're really. But don't -- selected parties. I'm a top guy and our art -- art -- they're very Marco. There are not Smart enough to know that I don't regard the beautiful clear apart so. Are part of what it that are out of work Barca could perform oral. So -- over there there are. What did you think of the deal that Danny Ainge pulled off last night trading Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce. Under the great BOR I thought you know let's remember you know we're -- burger -- larger competitors. I thought there had the best they need to for what -- he needed. And I know. A lot of the Celtics fans probably. Don't agree today at that brought you. I thought he had to do. Authority he did exactly. What you you've got to do. He treated me and got draft picks. And statement -- each rated all the other guys to get drafted they money. And now they're going to be able to reach puberty quicker. I think they're going to be able to draft well -- of the great history mr. And I think with the money saved eventually they'll be able to grow outside of the tree man. So I think he did exactly what -- spoke to. And you know that's not which probably wanna hear. But I think it was the right there. What do you think the reaction will be when you come back to the garden for the first time that are introduced as they head coach of the -- Well I know what my reaction will be I'll wait and thank everybody. Because they were great. And that's all -- can control from. I think for the most part I hope it is spirit war. Fans in the -- basically adopted -- outlook Boston loved this city. I'm just gonna work somewhere else that doesn't mean perhaps a supplement Boston or problem in the friends as you do. And I had -- had a great relationship with -- and for the most part are all -- called out and it. Have been very positive and that's -- -- him -- There'll be some who don't like what happened in the -- Received well. And their commitment to do about it and I wanted insurer. -- -- is that a couple of times that was it was time for change after nine years. What do you first start thinking that if you think Danny was thinking that along with you always live with this -- to him when he brought it up. You know I don't know I tightening JD knew there I was contemplating not coming back out but it wouldn't change jobs. I was gonna get that the Euro. McNamee Mitchell met you before but. When equipped with -- wrote it is I'm -- of -- Whitman. You know this could be pretty accurate and it that's when all the other stuff with the job. Came about I told my heart I got to treat you did this destroy our got a list. Sort nobody knew there. But you know I don't know I can answer that course. You know I think that -- there and then we'll sort of leave it here the one thing that -- I think has confused some people and maybe this is why Simmons sits on the stuff he said last night. Is I think there's been a feeling that many of the answers you've given in terms. Why you are no longer Celtic and now clipper. Had either invade -- or slightly contradictory to each other. Why do you think that is that. I don't know I really don't really -- and well. You know until after the -- gone and so -- you at her word for me. Mentor to boost mobile would not. Ordered a good -- at night it was completely incorrect. He has some power planted a seed about the Celtics to get it out here in -- allow me to go to the clippers. But you'll have some information about I don't know off. Mean -- just -- correct. And that's that's one of the things that upset last night if you're gonna go on national park and talk about that you've got to have your approach. Are you can't Beecher was reckless and and I thought that but he was well. Look on Cuban like him not. That this -- -- -- I don't you did you think that you -- taking a huge risk. Like going to the clippers and oh yeah some personal power. Have nearly as they objected to pivot and the clip we thought the clippers. -- -- Everybody how do you feel about that. Yes you're right you guys are sorted out simmered they're in Paris but that doesn't Wednesday and -- -- well in Google are so. Well we're gonna pick wanted to donors you know if -- a win win for everybody if we if we can poll results you get earlier. We get -- -- we -- your money and that's it and and I got to take the risk that's a bit program. And when I thought about it yes it is let's make one how many years do you go to. And they've been -- -- Series they want to know where else. War. Two. Into the -- for 36 years. So big and it's absolutely it's a risk but it's a good one my courts it's now. I disagree stricter risk if I can get this right it would be for Obama. But -- -- you address is going to be or. And then mostly. And what you what you play for them. -- -- to have we'll tell but it have a weight -- up like that. We're gonna look into things you know every morning every morning -- get up to call -- -- and Syria. You were retraction today. And a lot of times it's I don't know yet how are you back docking compartment and Walter. That's how we would -- a bit more. I mean it would -- the map for days but. Now they have one of the best absolutely. And these projects would probably have been for -- there and spend money. -- me. So they've proven Meriden but if you get a right I think it's a good gamble for me. And it's worked out there it would feature. Just say you know. You said now they have. One of the best -- -- -- had you still think of yourself with the Celtics don't. Well it's just our government that I'd made a mystery just in time the last. You know you're gonna last minute drought you were were you when I was talking about the retreat for bill and an accurate statement some but -- tomorrow. You've been. Nine years in one place it's just didn't fit in your bloat and -- mentally and our -- -- his wanting of never lose circle was from -- -- of the great things could happen -- out there. You know obviously to terminate. You know of the transit after -- six. In a Miami law that was maybe that is number one familiar as far as memory. So their there's been a lot of good things that happen to me because I moved to figure book. Well I'm imagining that you guys won't be going back to play any games in the sports arena again and he's in the old -- sports arena much better -- orbit. Little off I hope not I think should be damned if nothing else to -- I figured what reported that the thanks so much thanks to -- with us we appreciate it good luck. Our record here and there you guys Doc Rivers joining is via the AT&T halt line if I should point out we had -- time today for -- to the question was brought to buy heiress restoration specialists. If your property or facilities manager or an insurance pro. Paul Harris to injury -- have a disaster restoration game plan in place that's 8774611111. Dot com. So he's got some question got some. Questions answered that a different -- not answer the question my. Would you. I still. He's still vague I mean the answers are still little confusing in and I think we tried to ask him some very direct questions to try to get him to answer. Including trying to ask him specifically why have you been so vague and had so many contradictory answers what -- do what it's about a little. I mean I think if he doesn't know how -- supposed to know why the it is. Have been so contradictory and then again. You know maybe it's been on purpose maybe he that that you suggested he change sort of some purposely vague answers to that nobody really ends up looking too much like the bad guy. But doc says quite frankly he understands that they're people of Boston that are -- -- and really be -- And he should because I think a lot of people feel that way and I think they're correct. Where it sounds to me -- you tell -- if you heard this as well without TV news. It was all they. Collaborative but they're all sitting around. That. Rick. Not -- And they say it's a win win for all of us. I don't think so they're public but it. How does start with some did you hear that I think it might have -- it that way I agree with you that and I think it is by the way at the end to win win for everybody he doesn't wanna be here he gets -- do something he wants to do. Any of the Celtics and that getting a pick for him which could be valuable and everybody gets to -- -- and live their life. But still have to start somewhere somebody would have -- termination of the idea if you ask me where it came from it came from either -- specifically. Or eventually he'd have to respond to -- in decision and say hey if you're not gonna decide if you're not going to make up your mind to do this. I'm gonna have to make a move but -- that yeah okay so if you ask me where came from even if the idea that it. It necessarily. First get spoken by doc I still think it was doc talk is the main reason why it occurred. At the bottom line is right now if you look at this game. Maybe took something dramatic. To accelerate this process. I'm glad they accelerated the process. Although you look back. If you think about July 31 2007. And first at that press conference. KG -- -- gathered you think about 2008 June 17 2000 they would want a championship. Lot of great memories not a great moments but it was time. Post time for us to say goodbye -- we got a great weekend everybody we will both be back to work on Monday looking forward to a July 4 short week. With all of you stick around Mikey out of -- Red Sox baseball have a good -- everybody --

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