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End of a modern era: KG and Paul Pierce traded away from the Boston Celitcs

Jun 28, 2013|

We discuss the official end of the 5 year 'big three era' as Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have been traded to the Brooklyn Nets in a rebuilding effort from the Celtics.

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Once don't know -- doing this applauding. You round. Hope there's some guys might do. I -- the -- included. But we're gonna get and anything is possible thrown in there as well -- Garnett is coming. You know the story behind. Anything is possible yeah I know it was a -- ward and Richard Pryor thugs that strip. But you have anything is possible -- -- -- about a what was I supposed to say the heat its line is it possible with nothing at all instead. -- Got a doughnut hole really got to go the whole thing Michelle about the entire families like that this guy. Everybody's. There is these. -- You love. -- -- Well impossible is nothing anything is possible however works Kevin Garnett is headed out of town the news of course. Coming out last night Garnett gone -- gone. We already know Doc Rivers is gone and in return. You get some guys you don't really want some guys -- one guy you really don't want to but hold on a draft picks that you bluntly do want yeah. The question is an obvious one what do you make of the trade -- saw last night that essentially. Not just essentially. That ends the era of the Big Three here -- Well emotionally it makes you feel terrible. Because. You had a passionate player like Kevin Garnett and one of the criticisms of the NBA. The people have is that they don't like the players go at it the hard all the time that they're not invested. A emotionally and physically for 82 games we had a guy who was and every time doctor who's playing hard Kevin Garnett had a guy who. Who spent his entire career here and and Paul Pierce. He had a dramatic thing happened to him he never asked to be traded he didn't miss any time that year. He was always represented in Boston and represented Boston well. And let's throw it Doc Rivers to a guy who was here for nine years. Was the coach of a team that lost eighteen straight games in ownership management brought him back. I gave them some more tools to work with what -- championship so emotionally. To lose all of those guys within a week. It really it really makes you feel terrible putt and it from a business standpoint and from a -- standpoint. It's what absolutely needed to happen -- they needed to do it and if we went into if it was a day after that -- series. Ended so the Celtics. Ought -- not match up well with the knicks and they were banged up in the Rondo put. The knicks were flawed team. And they were much better -- the Celtics that they after the next series. We set -- -- the Celtics will be able to cash in Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers for 41 round picks. I think most both basketball they have to say if these. It's that -- I I I also understand what you're saying because the the difference between. There's an emotional. Where you look at sports and then there is the completely on emotional hard edge to guys are just asset is -- you look at sports right. From the from the former from the emotional aspect. It is tough to Paul Pierce has been here for fifteen years. Grew up essentially in Boston went from being what appeared to be kind of a punk kid to being a great leader. He really did -- that was needed to be free of -- and order to grow into some of the leadership that he grew into. But that was a pleasure to watch not necessarily at the beginning but by the end it's a great story to -- what happen. -- W for -- are you hit the nail on the head card that was one of my favorite players if not my favorite player in the league before he ever came off all -- major Albert involved Kevin Garnett of the way he played. I liked the version of Kevin Garnett better that was in Minnesota because it was just so athletic it was crazy to watch this guy could take you off the dribble from the outside. -- pass a lot of people over you know forget this is that guy who -- you know when your average 56 assists. Per game and great passer. Could defend twos threes fours in five at that target looked at cute yet fascinating -- I believe so Larry what a great rebounder. Part of the evolutionary Shawn Camp. Right I mean it just was so interesting what he was capable of both guys to come directly from high school he was sort of coming into the into the league justice John Kemp was exiting the league or eat this way I believe it. -- just incredibly exciting player that the ticket is a great nickname and it just are a lot of these things made sense to develop into a different kind of player here. As became a veteran became less Agile more than big man more rebound a morbid defensive presence for the system that the Celtics but. You're saying goodbye to players that you really keen to well. For different reasons one for the way he watched him develop and one for exactly you just say he went out there gave it is all in -- league that does not does not reward that. The glasses don't do that it's 82 games take it easy for a couple weeks. -- they had no load off around the all star -- and I know a lot of long nine I don't a lot of the critics of of Kevin Garnett says you know I kept do that act all the time wisely. Pounding his chest -- duet but keep in mind the guy came -- the two became a belief in 1995. So from 1995. To the president you've been doing the same thing. Ahmed -- That's a long stretch of time -- -- -- and a lot of beat the be the conscience of the team let somebody else will provide the fire and he always did it I. I -- actually because I could not if you're just -- I don't advocate told the story before. In Sydney so it was a disappointing team this was. So the the only drinking a political dream and the dream team 123 auto voters a pretty there's a -- -- and there are some -- 1992. So today you know the second person 96 the third version in 2000 that the team that came within eight he. Eric shot to the right of losing to Lithuania. And I was there and the lithuanians had taken over this arena in Sydney and I was right. House right and they were saying I didn't understand what they're saying Brodeur with a nice. They wanted America down -- this it would just team just out there so -- QKG was on that team. Allan Houston was on that team van baker believe it or not Gary Payton. A lot of guys. The KG even during the Olympics in Sydney where it didn't matter not a lot of people watching at that time. Was always fired up -- -- -- talking trash to some dude from France and 65 -- from France in the gold medal game this can help. Choice word choice where choice words can't guard me as you know everybody -- international voters are caused an international effort with the but he's Ali was always like that and in pierce. I know we don't usually see it we don't see guys who've spent their entire. If we don't you guys spend their entire careers. That are tired Korea's won with one team and one city. And he was he almost pulled it off because I feel like in this -- the conversation for later but I'll just put it out there now. I don't think those guys. Have much time left. I think KG has one more year. And I think I think Paul Pierce is probably got a year or two left -- -- that it's -- Let me just quickly interrupt you here tell -- two things one -- if we -- what we're not the studio we are not today we are out on location would love for you to come say -- before you go to the Red Sox game. Tonight we're over at Jerry Remy is on -- some street. More seriously this was beautiful that it is an absolutely if you haven't been down here before it is a beautiful sport or some of the best televisions I've ever seen. It's a come by food is great we crushed a couple Kobe beef burgers right before the show -- come by say hi. Grab a -- grab a beer get ready watch Sox game tonight that's one number 20. They have captured the third person in the addressed. Any Aaron Hernandez deal Ernest Walsh has -- name he's the guy they had the eight PD out on they found him in Florida. So he has now been found we don't know that he's the third person. That was in the car we don't know that. But we know that he was a person of interest in the case and they have now finally located in captured -- All that is significant in also a tell that story so you may -- it was Ortiz. Who. Gave them some information and we'll see down the road if and there's if there's a little deal for him adjusting though that they found this guy in Florida which means he denied -- -- over he took immorality he took office make you wonder concern and has never tried to run away. This guy did it does make you wonder what what occurred and yet if I Hernandez defense attorney which I'm very clearly not what we talked to the defense attorney yesterday to 800 -- you're not not his Chris. Their workers -- -- points out it was interesting in his take on it. And one of the things you're gonna do is present an alternate theory well if I'm if I'm -- defense attorney my immediate. Alternate theory is the guy ran away or do you think pulled the trigger the guys stayed here at his house that they call it certainly go to whatever you need. Except for the cellphone that I broke and security camera that I destroyed other than that -- I was really cooperative or the guy who took off that you found Florida who you think it so. It'll be interesting to see how about our place I'll come back to the Celtics who were course very much the story today after Olympia. Before come back to the Celtics -- -- than we argument we Red Sox tickets -- just -- I did okay originally reps are here today we're given way here in person. Yes we are in person in addition to giving the -- on the radio it got off to a multiple pairs of Red Sox significantly -- once for tonight the ones that were given way here they for tonight that for future game. That should be for tonight the said. Their August August they're both for future of the future so to come by say hi Jeremy who will be giving away Red Sox tickets later. In the show both in person to somebody is here any different pair of tickets. To somebody out over the air will do that at 13 when he as we do every day every Friday for for -- right. -- -- -- We talk about the two ways you can look at this pierce Garnett and Michael in the first part of it is obviously. Looking back on pierce Garnett and efforts emotion there it is Danny Ainge can't be emotional. With grow -- can't afford to be emotional when you run a basketball team or any sports organization. You can only afford to be emotional for so long before you have to remember. That unfortunately. And they get towards the end of their careers. Players are not players they cannot people they are assets and it's a shame and it's the way we we we love the old days when it wasn't that way but it's the way it is now. You have to at some point separate out your emotional attachment to a player. From what they are worth from what they are an asset to your franchise. Yeah and I felt I wanna I wanna hear from people on this today because. I've heard some some people's Celtics fans talking about this traded how. It bothers him that they are really upset by it so if you're upset by it emotionally just saying Ali it -- -- Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett leave. And Doc Rivers we understand that but you're saying. First -- I saw last night yelling on your point said I am no longer Celtics while first tweet I -- -- and company last night we go there had agreed to I don't know -- I don't think. And I I. I wanna I wanna hear from a wanna hear from Celtics fans just like how you process and processing this -- Because I can understand why you would. -- like you would want to see Paul here's leave. Go all the memories in the championship and if you're there for game six is still allowed as I've ever heard. -- guard for a basketball game and beat the lakers it was an amazing beat down the lakers and it was great. So you remember all those things in the KG. For the reasons that we just said but in terms of the rebuilding of basketball team. Can you had to do it somebody somebody who knows very well. Told me. During that last game gets makes -- 121 easier route to what he's run in the fourth quarter and still lost the game and intimate how amazing that you. You have -- winning -- run it you still. Lose this game. Don't you think you know how how. Down and -- they word to begin with the somebody told me on that night. There -- Celtics fan and they are even though they said. I want us to win. Because I'm a Celtics fan. But I kind of hope they don't win. Because. Two or three guys on this team will not be able to play in the next round there would be playing Indiana and what I was of one of the spears when it was Garnett. So -- not physically will not be able to play their -- beaten up in and I can see it I could see pierce. Many times during that game no -- reaching for Vladimir shortly in the massage therapist telling him okay. Regenerate my arm it was neck was hurting him he had. Yeah plants are trash yard is all these things going on somewhere reported in the media somewhere. I'm gonna guess whoever told you that was not a member of the nets organization not a member of that sort because -- that seemed to have no problem dealing away a huge portion of their few years here. To acquire you you guys yet that that are not going to be good for them for very long and they never. May never. Play a good game for their team based on the injury history the Egypt etc. How would you look archaeologist and expert Alex play more on the others I won't get into it now but if you think this is bad for the Celtics have yourself to spare -- say why it's worse. For the New Jersey excuse me. The Brooke when there though Brooklyn is that so bad for them they may head back to your -- alcohol he'll tell you next stick around your WEI. Now the 612 to go -- the platform. Rondo. Now to pass Paul Pierce straightaway looked up against LeBron James pierce who goes right pull up elbowed -- got. Didn't cool cool -- -- boy -- -- Nick Collins want to know what are your kids do all of you want to be these round. Birdied nine -- New Year's Celtics last six Rondell White knit group. Straightaway at top four fears that the answer to Garnett against Ben -- Katie Smith made baseline. It's -- going up. It's. The with the hard. Max is pretty fired up that day there was that was a great game game seven vs the cavaliers in 2008. Eastern Conference semi finals Paul Pierce vs LeBron LeBron was gone off ball beard is gone off and obviously the Celtics pulled it out there are some big shots. Some big shots but LeBron there and some huge huge shots by appears just. It all the memories Michael I love with the Celtics did last night and I wanna put it out there and make it clear that I really like what they did. From an asset perspective from a going forward rebuilding perspective. I think Danny has done exactly what he needed to do given the situation becomes often nothing is perfect he didn't have a perfect situation he had two guys that we're not worth as much as you might have liked them to have been worth. But he in the last couple at -- Us yet you weren't you weren't trading that resonates a Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett operating them. As they are -- and they're going for KG 37. And the last the last few years he has he has been backed up like -- -- been the -- really. Since 20092009. Are so Celtics when it in 200820082009. Season. They got up to what incredible start. KG. Gets hurt and you taught me get hurt before that he held about the court and wasn't available for the post season. He hasn't been quite the same -- he's been a productive player obviously but. Yet he had surgery in that offseason. He's gonna have surgery -- and we have had already in this offseason. 37 he's played a ton of minutes in his career it's only a matter of time. OK so he was not worth what he might have been worth it definitely not worth what used to -- were so given the situation that you were in. What do you mean you accomplished in the last few days is that he added eight on eight ton. A first round picks right he now has 21 round picks next year 2014 strong -- he has to first round picks in 2015. He's got to their first round picks in 20161. And 2017 and into again in 2008. But think about that for for for what three the next four years he is gonna have. Who who first -- -- now. What we keep saying -- you go through this probably better than -- well is. Yeah apple what good is a first round pick you don't wanna be in the in the teens and twenties when they're not really worth that much. Okay that's trail. But he has two ways that this can with three ways that I see this can work one. Some of those picks end up being really really good -- -- the Celtics state. The nets stink the -- -- the Celtics will stay doctor -- I think it -- somebody got on the lottery or maybe multiple teams all right the lottery and you get some great picks out of it that's -- one way that you don't worry you got that part true. -- you can do what. You've -- did yesterday. Trading the number fourteen in 21 pick for the number nine pick Trey -- okay you see somebody you like that you're not gonna -- into the top five. But if you see somebody you like in that seven to twelve range got a judge John Nolan did their late mid to late first round picks you have the ability to trade up. And and and get what you need. Wait number three. You bring any free agent you bring one of these young what you get a first round pick next year they're really pans out for you and by 2016. The Gary may be the pick is only number sixteen re eighteen or whatever by. At that point maybe all you need. Or the role players that you can get at sixteen or eighteen or whatever that number you have to be picking out. That's three ways in which this can work out for Danny because what he's allowed himself is a tremendous amount of. Flexibility yeah I mean I think -- This is when it comes down to if you really want to. If you wanna break down the trade you have to ask yourself this what do you think of -- -- is generally. Do -- Danny exit diplomatic and good general manager but he's good general manager. You should feel pretty good about the tree if you do not like him as general manager if you don't think he has the ability to identify talent to recognize talent or. To make the appropriate moves. To make his -- better outside of the draft you know just with trades. If you don't think that that you're depressed today. But I feel like if you got a good general manager good to a good to great general manager you give that guy draft picks. If you give him cap flexibility. You should feel pretty good about where your team is going. Now. I said earlier that it it's. It's a bold move for the Celtics it's a really risky move for the Brooklyn nets for a couple of reasons. One without Paul Pierce have without Kevin Garnett this is a team that was known throughout the NBA as having no soul and no passion. They have Joseph Johnson is one of their key players Joseph Johnson is talented has no soul does not that he is not a guy. There's no identity I think he -- there's no footprint. For Joseph Johnson so he got Gary Williams is also high maintenance. Point guard and electric Brook Lopez solid player. At the very least KG. And KG appears given that some balls they got balls now Perry. But. And it will help KG appears that there they're not counted on to carry that team that's a good news bad news is. I think they're both at the stage of their career whether it's games what are sixty. To 65 games. That they can go all out or minutes. 25 to thirty here at the point their careers where those games and minutes are gonna have to start at the start to come down. Do they have enough energy and spirit to use some life into the Brooklyn nets and it gives them a dimension that they didn't have maybe they'd do this year. But going forward I'm gonna put it out there right now. -- -- stand by his prediction on the 28 of June 2013. They will have to. The Celtics who have to top ten picks in the next three or four years one of them will be from Brooklyn. That he's gonna fall apart in one of them is going to be from the Los -- The presented the opportunity from them they may have yet. And they have to help I'm not I'm not dismissing that well and that's what gives you opportunities -- the only thing I hope that you heard some rumors that this may be -- in an attempt to get Josh Smith. I hope that is not true. I hope we design that deal with some of these picks for Josh stop Josh Smith is just a guy that -- that I'll just figure I'll scream from the rooftop absolutely you're doing all that does it just. You can log lists in order to get the opportunity to really rebuild and Gloucester you lost your mind at W six or 777979837. Your reaction to the huge trade made yesterday by the Celtics. We even started to talk about Kelly Atlantic that we don't need to but Gary's in the car hi Gary. I get so I actually -- work out what that the state pay off I'm like in what he hit. I'd like this compared try to do the celtics' situation. With the San Antonio -- -- the -- You got I can get to know what you get -- and then at the end of the Iran could might maybe two great. And they couldn't get it done with that even that great better than it's great that the -- that. And that being said OK so they couldn't get it done have been a better reason topic well then all of this topic -- year -- Are you a Latin talent can deal -- it on next -- it. -- RJMR Gary just has decided Sherwood help the San Antonio's birds if you intentionally foul down the stretch. Is that a letter Ray Allen hit a three pointer that tied the game five seconds left but I digress a report it was time do you it was time to change something most people agree with. The argument though would have been as their way they could have gotten more could they have waited nice tweet from somebody I respect. Friend of mine yesterday announced a lot of -- -- boasts that he believes -- if any had waited until next year at the deadline is coming year's deadline that he could've gotten more for piercing Garnett then the that he could get now. Okay now the the problem with that is you allow. You allow -- Garnett it appears to be exposed to. You allow old people to see if they have lost something that they have lost something you're not gonna get that would put oil Derrick what -- -- Then they get -- -- them for anything that the only other thing is if you're going to end up trying to deal rush on Rondo at the deadline this year which may be a possibility of a wait and see. It feels to -- easier to trade one guy at the deadline to try to treat three. And I had to put a lot of pressure on you to be able to find the right deal to be able to find the right team that matches up this is a short thing you were getting 31 round picks. He got to take back Gerald Wallace that's what one of the five or six worst contracts. In all of the NBA may be adults. -- always felt that can't go that far though they're still making it's got three more three more years of the contract thirty million dollars. I've got a terrible contract he has lost it and he's. You know he's only thirty and it seems like he's a lot of older he plays like he's the model we just had a terrible year. Last year but I I was they also to your friend at anybody else I'm not wanna pick. There's a million reasons why I think you had to do it now and and maybe he didn't get as much as he could possibly maximize the the deadline next year. But at the same time it's a sure thing it's done and it allows you to start rebuilding and start getting ready for the future Kirk -- in Plainfield. You don't salt can all happen. Kirk -- you're there big guy was a -- Tony. I'm loving the Red Sox OK I know that'd been typical horror show. Everything that's been going on you know don't really wanna talk about the do you wanna talk about aren't productive there. You know the only thing that bright shiny -- it and if you right now. There's always been that you believe it I think I -- know about what is what we don't know what. Because nothing -- me more right now. So we just get this straight you wanna talk about the one happy thing in the city the Red Sox but you wanna ask about the one thing that's negative right our guys wanna make sure I understand their parent if you wanna be happy go lucky and not talk but everything else going on what you wanna focus you just can't help yourself can. He just couldn't help themselves. We'll talk lot of Red Sox today because Pat -- they are the one thing going on we're talking some Celtics right now 61777979837. More your calls plus. In addition to the drama playing out. Trade wise as the rebuilding process begins. The real soap opera took place of and ESP and last time between doctor Bill Simmons if you haven't heard the sound play for you next who's right who's wrong. Maybe both maybe neither talk coming up -- -- W yet.

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