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Green Street Podcast: Mark Heisler

Jun 28, 2013|

This week on Green Street, Ben Rohrbach talks with Mark Heisler, who has covered the L.A. basketball scene for quite a while. They discuss Doc to the Clippers, and possible other moves for the Celtics this offseason.

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Excuse the green street -- What sort of -- and a quarter point. Really do something. Welcome back to the green street podcasts I'm -- roar back for WEEI dot com. And this week's guest is mark Chrysler. He's an NBA halt same writer. When in the Kurt -- award in 2006. He came on to talk about this whole Celtics clippers fiasco the Doc Rivers trade. The possibility of Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce sending up there in the future. And everything. That happened over the last two weeks between Danny Ainge doc Chris Paul. KG. Everybody involved. He also covered. The sixers back in the sixties and seventies. And the lakers Celtics rivals and rivalries of the eighties. So we had a lot to talk about. And joy and follow him at mark Chrysler. I kind of wanted to start out to by -- some people. A little bit of frame of reference and if you could tell us a little bit -- I guess when did you start cover in the NBA in Los Angeles. I started seeing that nine. Mean well like most the economic start in Philadelphia and yet sixty -- all 1969 the second game I covered. Was 76ers on -- Saturday night against Boston. Spectrum. And I met a young writer from Boston it was just starting out as well. Past patent but. Although -- -- to remember this is the fifth he remembers everything matters he died and -- think the -- Part of so. Anyway so I did in Philadelphia. Four. I was in Philadelphia. I think for ten years I covered 76 -- for about six so it. I came to the LA times. I was sort of baseball writer. And -- writer. That I went back to you the lakers and and ultimately became an NBA columnist and I think -- -- told him back doing this you know. Twenty to twenty years yeah. And so. What do you remember about Doc Rivers first tenure with the clippers. As a player. In. Look there's because sound and all these wrote about it that your I didn't know about. And and I was a liquor because those are also doing you know an NBA columns ordered Burton. And -- my -- on the clippers. That was the year they had Mike Schuler as a coach. Year or the year before they had done Casey. And the players' -- Gotten animals sterling to elect them over there was office and Beverly Hills and complain about case. So anything is firing him -- Papers it was a kind of rare but those kinds of opportunities. And in the end and I've had gotten. Fired. I haven't been replaced by Mike Shuler and and that's seizing the the team and voted on Martin Luther King Day. It's got to practice. Who wanted to. And one of them was trying to reverse and that was Doc Rivers and I wrote about it and deep -- View of the ones it's Google it. You know all those things you know -- -- -- and everybody else has the shortly at any -- the shortly if it's permanent. And you know I know of ever since. You know he's one of these you know charming guys in the in the of course one of the most fun guys. You know this this is at the end of the -- -- wherever they went to the next room and I was reading a book about Pat Riley. And com. So I actually got the opportunity a copy of and he told me it was really you know on the -- but -- -- -- -- jacket pockets or I'll ask the. -- ha ha -- that's great. That's great. Always said and done ultimately. -- YC yesterday got to have a coaching and you know. It was it was you know you have some ongoing -- go to the packers' first -- is great players -- but he also have a lot toward the he certainly wasn't the coach then he is now and I don't think he was in Boston until they got to the Big Three. But from that moment I mean he was just amazing I was. You know I'm not. -- -- typical Olympic orientation towards the year this open. I was around the east seems they're correct is it on the you know they are actually more fun. In talked to. And addressing. There's nobody nobody beat the lakers in four holes or that. You know do at this news Celtic team -- although -- the players themselves certainly want the most -- -- your permit. But -- was just so amazing in the way. He represented in the organization he was so gracious. He always said the right thing. You know when he name came up for the clippers it was impossible to -- ago he won a championship and got back -- seven. You know so that's you know that's good but you know as a transcendent on these -- objection. Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich scale you know I just you know -- -- the thing is doctor reiterated that he built themselves something far beyond that. You know in. In his persona. In the -- -- -- he has reason. Really. You know what -- I really admire about Gregg Popovich is he always says and does the right thing. I'm not talking about his substitutions which people would just -- to -- these states but. These spurs organization conducts itself the way grownups do and it's no coincidence that everybody wants to hire their people. And by the way doctor actually you know there's a sense of which uniform whisperer himself because I think he's been two years. Before it -- -- coaching job. So anyway I was you know I was just I was incredibly impressed by the way the Celtics competed and professionalism. Grip. I mean you know -- realize that it is stacked together the first three years the yeah. The Big Three were together. You know they -- come out of the gate on fire yeah exactly fire and I think I forget what this that was. But every year Christmas they would be something like 25 to it and yet you know I forget it actually I think they did it for years -- -- And it was like they had like one loss record before Christmas you know. I know for sure it would be it was like 75 sector leaders on the like that. And you know -- at that point. Age and injuries would start to take control and you know and and you know by the in the almost seasons there would be -- Limping to the finish line and so I mean I was just I was I was just. Beside myself with admiration just the effort that that they could put out of the ripped him you know how competitive they -- And so I mean you know an -- you know -- deserves. You know major. Credits and there was -- it was -- -- and in -- yet players who who. It would do if he had the players who did it. But you know that that was you know -- all I mean I think I think you know this last phase of the -- is really being a glorious days. Even and number it will get -- titles. You know it doesn't hold a candle to what they did before but they really did restore the greatness that. Yeah. Absolutely absolutely so it's. Down ducks in LA again and how would you. How would you ring the party's most responsible for him ending up there between you know rivers and so strange. Andy grocers. That is razor. -- Donald Sterling -- There was there was growing recognition as Israeli as a growing recognition around the league and in Boston. You. When they were first round out. You know they've been thinking about rebuilding this team and talk about it for about four years and you know -- when it -- when it came down to it they could just never do it on you know it's. In history -- one of the big guys -- or even Rondo. You know they never got close to what they thought you know they would need to get back so that you know they would never confront rebuilding. You know Internet time and they went back -- the fire -- thirteen point lead on the lakers game seven. And two years after that you know at a -- -- Miami's -- But you know I think the first round out really had everybody thank you that this just might be the year. Lots of change within -- about doc. Does seem to be a coincidence. And I don't think the Celtics minded you know when the Celtics you're gonna rebuild. They didn't mind getting rid of -- docs. Seven million dollars salary and if they're gonna win 25 games -- -- -- -- dollars to do it. I was told Clinton very early on. In the dark negotiations that -- prospects. Attitude what is sure let's do it and you know. What I heard was there was. -- the guys that you know if my order one of these talks shut down citizenship for these. Second they started now storminess you know this was really the you know this is kind of a consensus decision. Between dark in Danny and ownership. His time there. You know this is useful to us there at -- And people started. Sending word now. The good -- outside Boston whose most. Responsible for bringing in docked to the clippers' Chris Paul. Not even close. Chris has been an effective control of the clippers since two guys here. In the sense -- they've done everything. Wouldn't were getting into resigning. This summer. He's had influence beyond anybody's ever seen before via Michael with Apple's actually. Magic who always a little with the lakers but some. There you're never very much. And so the but Chris had had amazing -- And if you look at their last two seasons. You know they have their best to back to back seasons and the most managerial. Managerial. Stability they've ever had that long. And that's what losing the general manager -- O'Shea who got this. You'll ran out and they neglected in the fashion offer them otherwise important swooped in stole. And they replaced them with Gerry -- is there now. Young bright young guy who's got the general manager and -- have a country actually have to worry about right now. Since last summer. They did the front office stop it was like the year committee of three and that was the point where food and don't make grow. Who of course is no longer have. So you know so on one hand you know they have this you know even higher than usual turnover. And on the other hand. You know they're really on the same page and are doing intelligent things. And that page was Crist calls and one -- -- ideas was. Doc Rivers now I think -- I'm sure it was just a contingency. But you know. Christie and Chris. It's you know look at funny for this but I mean that the quivers has signaled in the moment he got here. If seeing if he needed. If he needed when you know we came kind of -- and he could have input. Into his coach. Or you know effectively to choose is who spoke. Anyways so -- step into their normal would really wanted him. After this season the clippers did reach out to -- You know as the Mets wanted to -- there from them. And you know they do start. Negotiating back and forth and and -- got permission -- guided peppers and it worked out this view which is signed. Hey you know that they had to make video and in the tortured and how tortured that -- yes. But I think what was happening basically every time the talks broke down you know like -- well. Since the the clippers would check with progress. Through his brother received jail told. And you know Chris would say go ahead and so they would. Put up more -- -- hates giving -- number one picks. And in fact you know -- -- after the league. Spike the package deal. Took Donald. These days to. Put -- number one pick on the table but I think I think -- -- as well. CJ hole hole from its. And and you know that that -- -- so. -- And why do you think it was so. Played out so publicly for so I mean why -- why -- we know every detail along the way is that just. We almost know every detail along the way it used it. You know what happens is you know first of all of these these guys -- -- -- what is. -- that that they think. You know and you know weird you know the press now it does so much speculating and I you know I count myself as part of -- but you know open. The government open in the more responsible 50% but yeah you know what Twitter everything else what we don't know we just -- And you know the process works -- -- of the way the process should work is you know sometimes right sometimes you're wrong. To me if you're wrong you could say so. Most people don't. But you know you should just you know. Inevitably you just keep correcting yourself along the way. And you know if there's smoke you know you can. You know producing -- despite the fire yeah I mean sometimes something you're just. You know completely looney tunes and and they have a life of their own little Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe for Dwight Howard that was the rumor out here you know -- And that there was so much as a phone call and it was very. It was a thought bubble on the part of a couple of -- executives. You know that the press you know the press heard about got into the press. The clippers involved dove under the furniture and you know have some sense. There was no reform called it's not happening in those so. It was a -- you know but that's the world in which we live and so. I think it was actually the Celtics and -- were talking for a day or two before anybody figured it out after that you know it was sir. Chris. You know is sort of figured out things pretty rapidly now. And I you know I mean I know I was here and you know them from my end. You know I know a lot of clippers have been on the for a long time. And there's potentially 567 guys. Talked to me you know in the around the organization. Had almost nobody from about five days they just basically shut down. But I could still buy enough stuff in -- it and the guys and you know Boston you know they -- That you know Adrian -- Aristide from -- those. Whose real fast. You know. You know he was he was breaking developments. If it was possible practice. You know. It and so not that the that not not that we know. There's a winner or loser in this trade -- now by the what's the general feeling around the clippers. Organization in the sand base about -- -- see him as kind of a savior. Well they do. You know and you know they're not just going to be lightly triple off within -- in championship. There's still I don't I still would have them. There is anything higher than number three in the west I think senatorial what was in your better than they are. But -- you know 156 games last year and you know and and do so -- And when they did upgrade their coach. So who. It's going to be good bit but beyond that I mean doc is a front office guy. It is they've ever had anybody like him even -- they just have the most the best and to most miraculous whose seasons in -- life because. They've been on the same page but it was Chris Paul yeah. You know now you know doc will will take take over that. You know to -- fortunes since it was his fault with sterling and but. You know doc will inherit that and I will take it over. And so he'll be a huge. Step for them. While at last I only got three year contract and nothing's guaranteed with Donald Sterling. So you know like -- it's something disappointing happens in years to re not exactly sure what's happened. You know people not understand. Basically. Unless -- a championship. 29 teams go home disappointed. You know everybody thinks you know that you know. I mean you know Memphis. I -- reliable -- was coaching -- Cinderella team the hot -- people were saying they're gonna go to the finals. And he was supposed to have any job. He wanted you know if he chose to leave. -- and they got and they lost four games in whispers all of a sudden you know he was nobody in people like that people we know he's not any good. And you know he's and right now you see the odd -- out you know like he's going to be the guy who winds up with no jobs. You know so you know this isn't necessarily forever. But for two years at least is going to be huge -- -- And will heed his heels immediately. His success measured by a -- -- or not he wins a championship to. But the clippers are you know how will -- be met. It would you know I wouldn't -- that way most people will. You know if he did well enough to stay on beyond three years I would call that a success. Because. That'll mean that. You know they did they do it well enough to see. Ulster. Ulster religious faith in him. You know which would be a big thing for the clippers -- have never had a strong -- in front office because Donald didn't want more. Sullivan want anybody telling him what he's got to do now wants to make the decision on his own instincts and that -- and so. You know so. Merely surviving and high level you know beyond three years with the would be you know a tremendous achievement as I'm concerned about. You know and a just wasn't the one thing about Celtics and I mean this whole thing has been. You know terribly painful thing you know in. -- nationalist like for people Boston. Because you know just basically says guilty. That's good for this team. And that was dangerous problem right through it and who's likable cartoon -- you know. You know electric blue Tweety birds in the bottom of the camp and that's what they're staring him in the barrel. You know Danny never had any leverage you know it was -- -- its stock left you know. You know it was always going to be what the clippers we're gonna give them there was nobody -- to argue -- -- -- And they were juices they're really just is happy with -- believing. And getting to the rebuilding get some formally got a 2015 draft -- and you know it's not easy to start over and seems often. Messed up for years trying to rebuild on the fly and they never get to it they just belatedly building for years and years. So you know I wish I was the Celtics. You know which -- everybody. You know -- -- the best liked and well because of you know the -- -- so great with the Celtics you know as a power now. And really I mean that's what happened you know since 2008. You know there was it was a twin miracles revival he's lakers Celtics you know. You know and if you look at where they were retreat house itself and you know -- are you still remember just sort of regaining. Danny and -- you know on camera during the draft. And they didn't get it. Purdue in the distance that they are definitely going to each other's laps that they can for KG. And meanwhile and that was the summer you know this will be decided one and outing here in Ireland and excoriated the Laker. Great for KG. And meanwhile and that was the summer you know that will be decided one and outing here -- -- and excoriated the lakers now lumber up in the finals starting over. And wasn't KG almost. Traded to the lakers and how close was that ever to the you know seven. Yeah I know I remember that far I don't think it's that close to connect. I have to be honest with you guys have forgotten those details I don't think we got close. I don't think there's the video a while yet and it was the other thing was. Kevin McHale -- whether Ulysses as sweetheart deal so that he did not like people. You know it's. Like you know the idea. Of sending them a year you know a piece or VP of the but I guess. My memory is -- -- oh yeah right if there was an offer and the opera was I can't remember it was it was Bynum and Lamar Odom. You know listened to -- and -- at that point was not proven. You know. He would prove that that season would be is coming -- So. Well anyways so Kevin wasn't in any kind of optimistic projections from which. And how close was the KG to clippers thing. As part of this whole Doc Rivers who did it did that ever make it to the league office or was that just. Thought -- never got close to -- What happened was it was when the clippers were in Boston in February. The -- Ayers is Chauncey Billups to -- there are other pals. And Chauncey it's who's. Chris -- right hand him over. I was CEO. This community you know they. They said Allegheny and the next thing you know -- you know -- -- -- any change you know you would do very -- and so for Kevin Garnett. So Danny has. KG and -- courses in the country. And ask of them is gonna do it and and treaties is emphatically no in the -- that are coming out of that wars are no clipper. And you know that's what he said he would retire for is that you know we've created. -- -- that didn't come close happening. But you know at that point it occurred to me. That they would tried again some clippers would come back to moments you know these so so opposite way. And you know if it had happened. You know have their clippers and the Celtics have been more circumspect supposedly didn't help you know you can't do -- deal with it it is packaged deal. You're trying to do that they've been more circumspect if they had just done -- you know. And then if there's Kevin had retired. Or -- is gonna retire you know then they -- -- -- that they could have made that trade him but -- try to do that whole thing together. You know it got into the and the press that way. And the whole thing was lumped into one package but what happens -- it -- a race. But that -- that was what was going on him in the league you know not only spike did. It's you can't do it is what would -- do it. You know right now it you know it would be. Entirely legal. For these two teams to make any -- wanna do for. But the league has already syndicate do that the league has been very experiences. View of its -- powers. But gets away with they get away with it and -- -- And that and so you don't see them ever. Wavering on this at least throughout this whole season -- Hold -- -- personal and actually put it like -- waiver the waiver on it. But before that happened two or three days before you know -- on Sunday you know the word was that I got from both teams. Was we're giving up on. We're not even trying to make this as cold as we can do this. I mean actually guys familiar clippers' side that I talked to Boston guys who were given to Boston's side there -- total agreement. -- And so you just think. I mean was this stern not require a cool why do you think he took the stance. Well you know I mean first of all you know -- you know he was right because his first -- -- -- the package deal. It was a conspiracy you know you can't you can't make you can't trade code for players. Precedent that there's ever been was. They refused to -- a coach and -- to another team you know and you're freeing him from -- -- compete. Laws. Or. You know you can get compensation and have been several cases -- -- -- and and brokerage in which teens got number two -- So. But by. You know I do and as a package. You know the clippers were. Retreating to a number ones for our. You know knowing they were getting -- -- you know -- was citizen became a standalone video. As it had to to get past the league. You know the clippers reassess the price for -- by himself with the of getting cabin right off the November. And took three days before they pulled one back on the table and almost lose the deal because doc who's ticked off to -- and you know as of Saturday you know news to tell everybody you know this is over -- you know. I've taken myself out of that Paloma -- interest -- anymore. And so you know it was kind of little -- little I would diary thing -- camera. So. And as for Paul Pierce have so how likely do you think it is that he ultimately ends up on the clippers disease traded him. -- -- Again I mean that would be illegal in that would be entirely legal if the Celtics bought him. And they and the which are likely -- -- hours. And the clippers were to sign him. I'm not sure if that violates the transaction. Announcement in -- The bowl teams signed on to. Reaching entry every year. But I was told by -- -- I was told Miley guys this is the same as Kevin is the -- Garnett thing. But it. And there's and it is not the -- is in Beijing officials fighting. My guys didn't think it was happening out there. -- -- And that's insisting. Do you remit -- call Paul Pierce when he was in high school in the ninety's in. And -- I know. Advocates and leaders guys who follow our satellite built the the -- remember it first annual fall -- -- it was a Kansas. And I know what I guess -- you -- -- I heard -- there was here you know dimly aware of who the top prospects every school class -- And here there was a guy from me would -- with the car. Went to went to chances. I -- he came to Kansas is kind of a question mode. -- -- -- which of course reflected on draft my over the Celtics have believed it was a and sixers I think we've and it's -- I think it's a really use in low light. Eight teams you know we got lost and that -- The really good player to. Everybody missed on him it was a guy you did this on because. You know it's like yeah -- harder now you know. People were saying the same kinds of things -- has a lot of game not real athletic. You know hadn't had brought the -- You know -- Kansas. On the other hand you know that was one of those teams were people played together you know but it seems that games in Carolina. And so was it was kind of hard to figure out exactly -- -- -- was. -- And -- -- KG still spend their off seasons there is how tied to in are -- to that community and -- does that play into what. To them wanting to play there is a whole -- to darker. I would think -- I would think you would mean nothing you know having -- over his only thing you know a few years back you know it was definitely. He definitely -- like a fish out of water from way back there. Let me in years later it was all well and -- only Dodgers -- around you know solutions law. Who carry defiantly hanging onto that part of -- A very -- he really became a senator. Kyra. I mean every road it was altered. KG I think Malibu that's just mr. refuge for him. You know. He came he's so that you do. -- and so Chris Sheridan reported that. You know the feud between Rondo and rivers how much do you know about that and it. I mean I wouldn't use of words viewed. I mean you know this heat of the moment kind of thing so yeah this is -- New development we've known for years seniors and leaders -- in. Rondo is beyond high maintenance. Stories. But he's hot tempered -- had a little guy. You know which is why they're -- offered him and trades and so whatever they like him. Is there and he's been shot. Really. Just about a long period atom. And you know they keep trying to get great players for Chris Paul and whomever. And nobody's gonna give them goes I mean you know these city is looking to force unto himself. You know these different because you know he's not part of it should like like a good point guard hazard and the shooting range. But he is truly dynamic players. I think to me he's the best player of overseeing ship just put. And you're also a bit that he is an exploding I though we know there was plenty of stuff going on it was -- stuff going on between. I'm going to. And Rondo and Ray Allen. And you know that's that's a big reason that -- is in Miami yeah. You know this stuff tends to come out afterwards or you know attempt to get knowledge from the value of the others -- -- -- -- people tell the story. Yeah go into every part of it and also knew that the doctor kind of got over that home run over by his person in recent years. So this does that didn't have any effects on this situation. You know. And you said that -- KG in Rondo who. Have had their feuds are your muscles or whatever. So there -- to the wrong war but. Friction friction that there was friction between Rondell at all you know in the beginning yeah. He was little he was a little young for enterprise since. The kind of like nurtured. -- -- You're in the 2008 finals and they were essentially. Holding him up and just you know just hoping he could do is part. Remember you know being back in Boston for those games you know they're doing all this run -- stuff on the scoreboard. -- -- -- -- You know half half of the starting player priority became a lot more very quickly I was there for that car of the year that they opened with Miami. 2000 and and he was the best player on the floor and he. No one moment he was kind of like their little pain in the butt buddy. And the next moment you know like. He -- he was the best player and they were tied for second third fourth. You know we just completely the you know -- used in the lane all the time news is -- the -- that the defense. You know while. You know fixing on which freed up everybody else in the -- so much easier -- Him. And speaking of pain in the -- where do you think Dwight Howard ends up this summer. -- Well Chris Broussard from his fair and just wrote today that. According to according to -- is so it is unlikely that he returns lakers. You know the -- completely unpredictable but that certainly you know it's certainly not be on the payroll of imagination. -- is -- world. And so if it's going to be lakers going to be used. Yeah and -- What does that mean for Kobe you IDC is the rest of his kind of future playing out of. Well you know I mean you know you can't call that because of the injury but I mean I expect him to make good recovery. Courses he won't be explosive he was. As you exit and he was in this explosive obviously it's the war. You know was he was 48. But I expect it to be a good player and if he makes the proper. Adjustment mentally because Kobe has almost try to do things that. No man to do that hill. And you know he's definitely -- the hardest shots. It was an attempted. Basketball. Nobody's ever taken so many because personal nobody could ever stay on the floor. Oscars with future. Either. So but I you know it's if he plays Smart. You know I could see him at MJ level. You know like when MJ was 3233. You know especially championships and he basically just went down those there. The clippers the lakers basically. Their plan is. Unless somebody offers them something spectacular for quite they're not a good sign and trade building this team back. And -- amazing thing is which nobody would believe what you we've seen it that Iran might be in Torre's office about the light to what was the problem. Well you know because he couldn't run -- couldn't -- -- -- these next. Despite all these guys in order -- couples assisted him. And so you have Alabama there would be an okay team with him but the big thing is everybody's contract comes off after next season. And the clippers were going to 2014. With 55 million dollars and. Them. And that in terms of -- worker at where do you put him on guys that you've seen and covered in terms of talent and. Well his persona and I don't think. Big guys and everybody knows it has to -- big guys is just in the world and so you know. And I didn't like big guys. Well. People somebody in -- might like this and so bills might not like you know my favorite McDonald's I was Bill Walton. But you know who obviously didn't come close to passing the you know the -- of time sound all the time. If I had them if I could I had to pick one -- play one game and and there was going to be healthy. I would take the -- -- is because you have the whole practice from offense defense passing. Effort you know it was just it was beautiful to watch him you know it's just. It was a clinic I mean everything he differently called for the ball you know his fingers -- just completely. Split -- was -- To do the right thing. But as for this for for -- players you know my magic five by big fighters Michael. Colby Bryant magic bird. I think Michael as the best player that I ever saw. I think Coby has. Had spurts. And moments that go beyond anything anybody ever had. But he doesn't have my post judgment is that grounded like Michael. Notes that a coincidence is he's like 45%. Career shooter where Michael was just under fifty pushed him. Believe that because it's yours in Washington. And then -- start but then you talked about it and doubles. If I was gonna start -- game you know knowing you know what magic rings. And what Larry Bird brain you know they're you know. Because those guys. They were better than what they were individually and they were great and they were individually. You know very you know they're they're they're magic just spread -- with -- team you know I think the same thing holds true. Colby and Michael but not the same extent. I've got LeBron and -- but I have to say you know I was very disappointed in the bronze finals. One thing he doesn't have is they hope the Mike. Style post game he should have been able to go into the hole. And just kill them as opposed to you know staying out of the middle of making plays. Everybody else and needing to make jump shots to where you I love LeBron and you know I think if -- think it's. Criticize -- too much. I mean you know it's been -- -- you know he's the first superstar of the Twitter here. For good or bad you know it means it when you're good you really get lionized. Killed. But I think you know this isn't the first thing this first time I ever saw anything -- LeBron. That made him not the equal of Michael and. My mom and -- And but I guess one less thing on dark. -- burdensome. Rumors about. I guess -- call a tussle between Chris Paul and Blake Griffin what is the is that. -- -- -- right tussle would be too much it would be too much but there's no doubt. You know Blake -- you know really it's really you know. Really. I'm Irish government and you know group with -- but you know he was really spoiled by -- -- Coming -- and you know it which was for being so spectacular. You know I mean. Even in LA -- especially you know it is like he. You know there's a lot of thought that you know he's just hype. Because exposed so spectacular they missed the fact he's really very hardworking. Is made a lot of progress has a lot of game and will be really good. There's no doubt that you know he was spoiled by all the attention and it's hard for him to be the second fiddle. So you know they've you know in -- have talked about it before the good thing about it dark -- dark -- well these guys. Yeah he's great with. You you know you need you know not many coaches. Can do that you know not many of the -- coaches and players -- allow that kind of cash generator in order whatever. But doctors -- so I think you know I think that will be addressed. Yeah perhaps Louis and that they. You always hear that. You know -- kind of made knicks Celtics and now on the clippers at a more attractive destination I'm always. I've always thought that you know and has like KG and Chris Paul make it the attractive place and then you know dark. And it helps in that respect but. -- will be. Helpful -- -- don't have money and these. Players free agency. Doctors Alvin Gentry as a war and assistance. And turned out much like the ability. You know -- is former head coach you know who's -- those you know came down that you know two guys -- really close to him but he goes to clippers. Many showed him a 750000. Dollars to which is you know quite a bit -- -- for the clippers in this. Probably more than album was late in his head coaches when he when he was a. How -- distinct. Well the couple things I was want to ask you Kenneth before I let you go -- down. You kind of referenced it earlier but how do you feel about the way the NBA is covered now verses. You know how it was covered in the they condensed. So much about the NBA it's about how everything is everything else and in the way we think about it is you know like it's it's screwing. You know it's it's wonderful that is terrible. The truth of that's a great way to this. Nobody. It's really really hard to separate. Responsible. You know stuff that's reality based and so it's fanciful. You know it's kind of like. You know Twitter you know especially -- anonymous. Contributions. To me -- to. -- to reality. As to journalism what road -- -- to reality. It -- it that the and. -- But you know. You know what the way I think about it you know it's all the -- -- a spotlight you know. You know 2030 years ago. You know it'll act rules and -- most sports is all about rooting for your team and and you know me and everybody else you know. You know and and you know you -- Dennis Rodman you know for 25 you know what that's it for ten years and it comes and you know plays for -- -- -- problem. And that's that's what it is and the scary thing is you know the same thing as a that's going on sports writing is going on all journalism. You know it's not surprise is not surprising to me. You know that our politics are completely adversarial. I think the -- as a huge part of and I mean good. Now now. And so you but I'm sure you've seen your share of Celtics lakers games and Celtics 76ers what are your favorite. Or most memorable moments I guess and and cover and those those rivalries. From a guy who covers a lot of -- care -- and some insisted 5050. You know game seven and 2010 that was really. That was interesting because really from the lakers from lake is standpoint perspective. You know it was like their whole it was like the whole rivalry with Boston. Was swinging in the balance you know of course -- him and for all those years of the Celtics won the first government. Eight. So 3COM. And you know it wasn't rivalry and on the lakers won two of the last -- in the eighty's yeah. And that kind of you know like -- -- -- apparently it's what it shut down for a long time and it -- Wearing throughout the last three you know kind of gave the lakers something and you know civil. Now. If the lakers have lost in 2010 that would have meant you know that the rivalry came in table I could you know walk up again in 2008. And the Celtics. You know who were big Republican vote. You know it would have meant that they have won both of them you know and that would have made you know maybe years to see Laker. Victories in the eighties it would have made it just kind of like a little blip now that we have been you know it would have been piece Celtics rivalry. You know it would have been the Celtics. Owned the lakers. You know over time. The fact of the lakers won. You know kind of preserves that little. Thing about you know. After 1984 they played him. One more than in terms. Now that was playing at the same time and meanwhile Europe because it's fought side of. Hit exactly. I was. I think it was following -- and it was Sweden. And you go about an -- And you know I've met Dole's. Had to say that need to go for the east and a lot about it. -- took it like a professional. He understood. I was doing what I was doing which is not only conceded -- You you know bill was like yeah that's sort of -- greens because. You know it -- something like Celtics lakers you always want something personifies. What Boston and thanking him. And you know really kind of like being naked did you know. -- would be would do anything for Boston and bill absolutely represented and so it was a -- I reproduce stuff afterwards -- So we. Went from -- thirteen in the third. It was like the -- watching. -- Boston was. Ordered held. For. -- I know is it's a shame in 2009 when KG got injured Tuesday it though we would have. You know 33. Battles there. Guess that's the way in the cookie crumbles. But. Thank you so much market really appreciate you taking -- time mrs. And great talkative. Appeared. And my putter absolutely and take care what you do.

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