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Media vs Coach Catfight: Bill Simmons vs Doc Rivers, who you got?

Jun 28, 2013|

The ever thin-skinned Bill Simmons has worn his vendetta against Doc Rivers on his sleeve for years, and Doc had finally had enough during live coverage on draft night, and let Simmons know it. We go inside the feud and take sides too.

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Reported to openoffice read the theatrics -- and drop -- around let loose -- before it off the ground. I was with the group Tampa across to a Catholic I stolen car loaded up the federal. At the stepped up to detail and quiet time. That is the fat man's life Theo -- -- you know hopefully. I'm out there. I'll say this the other nice thing about the way. Pierce and Garnett exit town. Nobody's gonna hate him for that nor animosity none zero -- there never filed with the organization didn't ask their way out to shoot their way out. You have to leave as a free agent both were traded at and actually did right by the Celtics aren't where I -- when I say goodbye -- It's hard to get a straight answer. -- what exactly happened. The Doc Rivers situations target a straight answer out of both sides okay Celtics are really. -- or give you chapter and -- of what happened doctors are really give you chapter verse or is it that through three different birds love it. But knowing. That they had they had designs on trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Knowing that does it change the Doc Rivers exit at all for you know. So -- -- with if if he trades if doctor's excuse me if pierce is gonna Garnett has gone you still what dock here. I'm and I still feel like it's not that I want dock here and I still feel as if he'd be handled this the right way Europe but that doesn't make me feel okay with -- Does that make sense and I'm glad that it works out well for the Celtics and I think it does. But I still think talking. Didn't handle it the right way for himself in terms of the way he will be thought of here. I think the problem is here I think it in a way I think both sides this is why I think everything is so they can murky and I agree it is absolutely day. I think both sides in their own way are trying to protect each other. So they try to protect each other but they're also. Roberts very solid role passive aggressive. Digs at each other. Like they can't decide whether they still like each other -- yet they say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- together have better than it -- zinger like on the second -- I don't actually want you know I don't wanna hear details of your life right order one wanna give you that he tells of -- are you happy doing -- -- are you happy you're not happy with these nobody. Rosary in my eyes and nose broke up. Roster now happy very you'll look for. But it was terrible that's the -- Was awful Portland. Awful lot -- his grip on what not quite different for different -- The -- you bring up in the questions about Doc Rivers. -- -- or exchange last he has vehicles and the former Boston sports of course. Is part of the broadcast entities. If you did it. You know that he was very critical thought Europe the broadcast on whether ultimately led to this exchange between doc -- Bill Simmons denies that he thought you quit on the thought -- was your response I would like to call -- it is but I'm too classy for that so army that's justice. You really needs though the whole truth which goes right in fact -- it. -- -- -- had to say. What's your reaction to them the truth keeps changing. I mean he's given different quotes about this he did now he did he kind of knew he wanted to trade that and he was coming back he needed -- -- When he sticks to the story -- -- that your. Fact of the matter -- time left on his contract one point you know it's it's hard. We use you want it got to be able to pursue what he thinks is best for him professionally just don't it just admit it it. UAE the writing was on the -- you what the south it's flattery you know you don't wanna be part of it. You wanted to the clippers and it happens like just only if it. Michael were watching tennis -- Euro over on the bar here Durham. -- -- After that abstinence. He won that exchange so we want -- as. I'm gonna pretend to be classy and not being classic. Idiot. Doesn't really exactly why Simmons lays out thing after all he said this and in this in this just. Oldest I give him credit for what is the exchange they had actually had an -- why -- why they do it that. I don't know why I don't play together get better quality have you okay you have. Shellee Smith interviewing docket she seemed a little comfortable with how uncomfortable with an okay. So -- those of us that as -- tonight. What's your response doctor's OK -- -- own -- -- -- it was possible to open the governor if if if that's what you wanna do what -- doctor agrees to do it. Let -- have a little bit of a back and forth. And see if Bill Simmons will say to him to his face so to speak digitally. It's your quitter -- out doc response to it the fact that we don't we really don't know that we don't know what happened I have. I can take a Billick I have a sense of it within that that I don't have a sense that would understand. I would understand any OK -- if he said I needed time off. I would understand that I don't understand going to clippers because I would I would never work for Donald Sterling as -- championship organization. But wanting to not wanted to go to that rebuilding process again. The Geron said I just don't wanna do that some of the subject hello -- I won't say I just don't wanna -- he won't. Say that and because I think he knows it makes them look that it makes them look like a mercenary so he doesn't wanna say that's -- what do I think it would -- I think he's a -- you know again that's fine but just own it -- but you don't know a 100% with some of them if if not I don't know about that I. I'm on some of them have either he won that exchange now -- fired back today talk on with The Dan Patrick Show earlier today said this about the exchange. -- -- serious problem. Is qualified to be in the NBA what we can debate that'll pay the bill there. Economic effect Matt and I'm not a friend of mine -- there and never have. And I just you know -- -- you respond you know I don't to a burial. And this governor had enough of that than and I thought that the try to -- -- brought up last night after the chip and so it's almost like yen agenda. And you know armed this student are. -- -- -- -- -- But that doesn't mean I mean. Plenty of journalists are fans because that's how they got into being sports journalist to begin with he's giving you the fan's perspective he stepped up his rise to -- -- well nobody thinks Bill Simmons played the game for twenty years and then afterwards became an idea where he was writing anything are waterlogged who became -- -- -- -- -- -- Please go to art for the fan but -- didn't go there he did he didn't say if anybody ever play the game. It's that not all that okay so. But he is a fan and I was not a play well well what I heard him say. This is probably the crux of the issue when I heard of says that he edited gender. He's not a fan of mine and he never has been which is true -- anybody who has read Bill Simmons for a long time right host. That he has been like giving Doc Rivers well. Kids the eighteen game losing streak days talking about his rotations. So that's what it what it comes down to and I've got to get into like well they'll seventh -- however that doc one that was. Whenever I -- what the hell. I don't mind I don't out of my way in the all the gossip magazine guy a little bit there's a part of me that that says aren't I wanna hear the truth but I did talk receiver very comfortable with the way he left I would not nice to hear somebody in a public forum like that say so and then get a reaction from -- who's clearly upset. About -- those things if you were so upset about it. Clarify not. Accused ups of the cattle which is upset with data that he's upset with the god they don't like each other right and you you're missing -- -- the major point rate to four days. These are -- enemies. And they're going addicts I don't think doc is saying. I hate the people of Boston are saying this -- hates is coming from Bill Simmons and Bill Simmons has an opportunity to Digg -- because he's. I like to apply but I also think -- -- -- are saying is that doesn't says solve our but he knows what I would if if if if I were giving Doc Rivers advice. That'd be device to give anybody else. Never assume that you know what the spin is going to be so if you wanted to say if you wanted to say all right I don't wanna rebuild anymore. I don't wanna beat their I don't wanna be at a rebuilding situation. If that's what you wanna say go ahead and say it and then. May -- may be some people want to hear it will be pissed off because there are a lot of Boston's sports fans feel like if you don't leave. It if you leave on your own terms. We can't stand. When we want you to leave when we're ready for you right up okay. -- -- That's not that's not something -- did it -- this equipment but in this case he not only put us too presumptuous. I do think that is the majority of people or that it 75% of people obviously knows maybe it's 55%. And maybe 45% of got to -- I don't know maybe it's fifty barbs and people still understand that you won a championship and you hear there's a dark days you don't wanna do it again. Great but don't they don't wash trying to do it again I think that's what's Village People object to -- the signing to do it again because you don't know that you're going to you don't you don't realize. How bad it's going to be now when you do at the time. When he signed his contract. It's just like you. Or anybody else you sign a contract during the good times and somebody says -- In a few years can be pretty bad they'll get whatever today I've signed this contract and looked pretty good to be there when you get to that point that moment of truth. What it written when with the reality of does this hockey this we'll have brought you listen. Absolutely I'm not so sure about it and and then he has the right to try to leave but you know what else comes with that. -- criticism he's got the right to do it I would say he didn't but with that's gonna come criticism from a fan base they really liked him by the way -- -- -- You gotta tell you my agenda -- -- tell you -- I'm gonna be real OK I'd -- I'd be real here for several that I want you to I don't you know but I want to. I'm gonna put doctor okay my agenda is that. I'm pissed -- -- sentence. For coming on our air. On Saturday during the celtics' summer cooler show yeah what a -- got there it wouldn't do it. OK I'm this -- have -- come over here on the Celtics. Saturday show. It taking a shot at our station. And nobody did anything about it so I can't see it clearly -- -- at least I would tell you upfront we're outcome for. Okay I'm mad about it so I can't I -- what you -- advised him that I am right aren't yes I'm. -- six point 77797. Victories at what you guys get involved here weigh in on the tree itself on the Bill Simmons Doc Rivers. Fiasco last night the the battle between them in the battle of wits and words but also this that you want to jump in via the -- -- -- -- The open -- but the bottom W media line app on your iPhone android device whenever. What -- -- two classic. Soccer results of classical bills -- -- -- what to classic status but he maybe -- maybe Simmons at me maybe -- in our producers maybe somebody else I would like -- it is but I'm too classy for that -- what would you like to say that you're just a little too classy for you guys -- -- -- them very classic -- brought -- you. By AT&T -- wireless provider of the Boston Bruins the most forgy coverage. In the New England your calls -- salt Ali W.

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