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An end of an era: Mut and Merloni pay their respects to Pierce and KG

Jun 28, 2013|

A montage of sound and highlights throughout the years of the KG and Paul Pierce era. -Produced by Joe Zarbano

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Tremendous. So the whole organization okay. We always talk of terrorism. Who's -- -- you know they are on sale out there. They've always been hassled about this team. -- -- -- I think has been very obviously you haven't done you already have all fallen -- -- that obviously makes trivia. Exciting bit for all of. It's never gonna driving -- Gasol intimate -- knicks beat rolls around a ramp it fits perfectly my my. I'm not -- to acknowledge the -- yeah yeah. All of them up here I've been totally different animals the free throw line -- hangs in the -- like Jack. And the ballot Bob -- can give the Celtics the lead but by. What it was I don't know. You know my gardeners who -- got -- -- There who. Can today. Is that we use your -- his own men used to. Bruce has 31. Can hope and opportunity. 45 seconds. It goes -- down a -- that blow up not down yeah. 42 for the captain and game one is going to a Celtics. Here's again with the track drive right down the middle -- to the left hand out the window and -- They stifled them all night in game six back Travis pierce is two of them up there in game seven. Kevin Garnett Paul but the volume was riding curves adjustment back foot right let's get back its stores not going to. Local book. Couldn't -- -- but they don't do. But the Boston because really you know you know we love we all grip hold great ball grim balls Lou escorted there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Championship. New -- but the thing. The floor. -- -- -- It is the very definition of full circle it is -- a 78. All the guys there dynamic in the NBA finals quite thought you're brought them in the NBA finals Celtics just based on what we did a year ago. Then -- it obvious alternates and I got to play eleven. Paul wanted to. Well quickly things turned ugly green to do that. So to develop its eyes -- us. Are you talking. It's hard. Cousy but let me come out of this out. -- -- stand up and put them on -- side. Yeah. Well my guess it just made people a little bit emotional there nice job -- Obama our producer. -- -- -- San Paul Pierce I it was a little -- sat with some of that that's amazing run for those guys amaze you run for this franchise has. Danny put it together and they changed the change a culture and made the Celtics relevant again in this town. -- -- -- This in those guys and what what they brought the city I mean you know this these are. These two great players that gave you this city so much -- the organizations to watch that. It's very rare in this town that went. Players like that leave they leave on good terms. I don't think anybody wishes it will all right KG launched a percent and have you ruled for the -- idea heard Bush's idea you know it's. Ray -- left OK when a championship meant you know it's just things that respect. For those two individuals -- -- you well -- -- and what they meant to the franchise and -- people texting in just kind of cried. Believe it is depressing. Also Celtics tribute Tex -- Rolen a nice job Joey ITT tech slide 379 -- 37.

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