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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Sox clubhouse similar to '04

Jun 28, 2013|

Kevin Millar joins Mut and Merloni fresh off a visit to Boston and discusses what he saw from the Red Sox clubhouse.

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Got me. -- -- -- While. Is that that shortstop from Toronto get all fired up there. Our our league are you ruling in nor our -- -- -- -- I get this out of the way now why are -- voting ratio. Why that you're racist once again today is the 747. Consecutive time -- and all of -- promoting the show on Twitter that's number one. Number two where are you this week we're just spend Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. And I would just spent Tuesday Wednesday Thursday what city. Being found out from Massachusetts. My part by Atlanta would be my four kids my life. My mom I would loader which. I beat Bradley director yelled yeah I got a response. Lawyer -- lady called -- -- -- -- -- good shoddy kind of talking up and down the roster of great took turns kind of sit next you there and you're in owners' seats. Apology on the order now with the might -- -- to see some results of this home run derby that hurt so much about the guys before that tonight. On the show we actually an -- -- -- -- 12 o'clock I went straight every shadow I had Brian Abraham was -- a little BP report ready palace all lather up. I wish ready -- halt and start porno Randy all the -- I don't took it Kate got and we went -- all based all ball. Because in a -- stop in the Red Sox ready to -- out and supported me why don't you do the strength during got. I got pregnant at Purdue I know could -- not get beat by 41 year old what -- back. So you gonna do a home run derby ought to feel -- Jonny -- how about a block from your real mean even swinging the bat lately. Well I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd shall be -- we hit back -- up I was in O'Leary in the clubhouse everywhere great. My hardest job I realize it's soft spot that I got a -- primary role on the -- EE it's amazing how quick you get old and your bat speed was like a pipe girl. It up -- I was like that my funny your plane but that's OK. I don't know what you felt like six I know how I had a I had the -- it let me ask you about the Sox here now because. No offense etiquette that a season's got to kind of mesh together -- of the successful teams so whether it's. Buckles elastic carrying you through the first six weeks of the season. But now you -- Dempster and Lackey in -- brought even now. Covering up for for Lester struggling and buckled struggling it's about meshing together those guys -- cool off buckles Lester comes back and I think that's one of the reasons why you seen -- team. Still on top here in American League east. Put out there up immediately. John Lackey he's back. I'm watching him pitch on on Wednesday there's a lot that 94 -- 95. He's got the eye of the tiger -- and I just want to get back out he was injured when he was -- -- that rock here that has surgery. Now you're looking at a healthy now Lackey that's it's huge. Q -- addition because you have journal actor you have buckle your way -- -- -- dumpster you've got a -- The brought now you go out and you got Lackey as GO lacking. This is -- gonna keep the game going the other -- grant made it would get closer issues great. Maybe go out an -- -- -- for maybe not add another power arm somewhere somehow but they're starting pitching it's gonna keep them about the water. -- would also helps is that for the league leading Kevin eighth time this year the Red Sox offense. Chase to starting pitcher within the first three innings basically -- they play half the season 10% of the time. They chase a starter within the third inning of game and and you would you were part of an offense. That was very patient your part of that offense that would work pitchers over and over again I just feel like this group. They get -- your boy Jonny Gomes of them play every day but he gets it it's about grinding guys out and try to get an apple -- as soon as possible. Production amid a bit that big number in this game now is number pictures hundred pitch mark so you get that are throwing -- yeah. You're tactics and strike you got peculiar governmental what you know what. By that time that script any rolls around you try to get into the ballpark every came -- all the -- -- and the Red Sox took great job. Obscene -- -- -- pitches and there are things that it could pitch Dustin Pedroia hit good pitching. It would Ortiz -- -- pitching held Barry so you need guys to be a good pitching not make it -- that he brought Teradata refs -- a great job of grinding out a beach. Other -- of my restore -- that this team early on a year what to expect this guy surprised that -- surprise and and I look at Dustin Pedroia and the double play last night one of my thought was meaning -- look like he's in there wasn't very difficult play come from shortstop and turning it but. I actually think -- this this is probably all around as best best years ever had this career always point. Been around him just being around in the last couple days you know out -- are choosing wondering like Al player of the about the locker room watching. He this guy is everything you want in a baseball player. He prepared these drastic 530. On the bench at 6 o'clock there's no will be actor -- I watched he chairs. To get player here in this generation with all the big contracts are big money. Financial -- attorneys and online I'm older restaurant and all these endorsement. Dustin Pedroia cares about the wind and the losses in actual. They're not a whole lot that he yeah about five foot seven he can't do a whole lot of things right pretty quarterback player lately great all he's got orbit tiger. And the preparation this group the preparation that -- look at all these guys died a mock mock rock. It's a very similar club out like we had a bunch of baseball players long -- they're gamers and that care about feature cropped up here right now -- Dustin Pedroia. The preparation. I'm note to date I would just around you know like I figured you look on TV show. But could be Iran and be apart these guys it was pretty cool a lot because I like they are like that -- still at the white in their eyes they got data tiger. One of the guys you can get a chance to see I don't think was will little Brooks -- and get sent back down AAA the three of us spent a lot of time talking about a -- goes down and tries to. To work on his game worker has confidence what what do you tell a kid who had such a good year before -- get her last year so much expected government. -- third base job to a shortstop and Jose goalie -- This happens I mean this is -- to make improper does -- make him stronger you have to go through adversity in that game rarely get called up at the prospect and that's going to be. There at third base river next year's Grammy party part thirty hallmark -- blah blah blah. -- look at -- virtually. Out some this year he looked -- you -- guy he had nobody at third base. He was a guy correct in an articulate young little holiday -- that one out offseason. Now look stronger he's not swinging about a write anymore he gets them off that he's not just the guy with a tremendous hands. Watching him you start in the games bowed out. And an abrupt ghost is struggle the Red Sox rout them out but -- equate it or just way to play. Or as late into a -- it's -- -- every day herb -- right now he has brought in July yet ultimately going to be in the middle. But that's forced me -- -- a Red Sox. It is a big each other hand and meadowbrook ultimately. Sit down tomorrow eight. Out how we handle this adversity go down there with a good attitude. Bigger your Poulter -- this is work hard he'll be back up but right now you got to really get practical English whose forced his way you -- starting player. I wondered the only people we've talked to about him because you know we've sent a pass thought forget it and twenty years -- eight to 85 in double play. And maybe -- rushed through maybe to start to catch up to him now -- He'd be obvious he's not gonna force seventeen wanted to talk what do you thirty to forty what I see now is a guy and approaching. At least some selection in the middle of an at -- he might not walk a lot because is not much pop up. He's laying out the pitches he should he looks more in Munich a guy that can maintain NBA guy 275 to 84. There what are numbers are we don't know what he's gonna get we don't know how he's gonna get back -- what he's -- great little approach. -- worked hard occasion everyday he's out there he's got an idea that play. He's not -- -- on the ball things are going to play offense late in your right that it won't and the one thing -- -- it. If you never met anybody like that -- and soaking in America are. Eat correctly even produce struggled offensively when -- come. What are they he's actually a nice little get back in that lineup you've got to carry out that our job but he is going to get cut back it -- based. And we put a big board a couple of Rodman. Give me head on Toronto because there are so far back to begin the year they fought their way back in the mix -- least everybody's or five tournaments played well today. -- dig themselves too big of a -- Kevin or can they make some noise in terms of playoff spot the American League. They'll make some noise I mean there -- good ballclub bigger vehicle cigarette -- it got -- back again -- big east -- There are good ballclub that they got a couple to a start pitching. You know they pitched so well in this market you know and -- -- it was great they were getting their -- and everything that I got an eleven and -- Our copyright how they got ourselves back in the mix because. They were behind the ball based start up Babbitt -- yelling you know he had strike out there are -- Rick your marital situation they're part pieced together got struck they go back down -- This is that the globe ballclub enact a bit big east. Every team that pretty darn good even the Yankees even raised memorial might be the best. He caught in that division. -- -- started pick you probably keeps them from being a back -- but athletically they're pretty darn well what purple print. So I'd like to -- number I think the blue jays are going to be a prologue they've been a great job back in the back. You were based at the halfway point of the Red Sox are they get a lot more games in most when you look at the American League not just the east. I almost feel like Detroit still sort of poignant with the AL central -- on maybe they make a move for closer who knows but. They still the class in your rise or you think they can swing at the strait trade deadline of may be acquisitions. I think an American League towards the press club -- -- you look at the starting pitching one point five and authentically that this. They're there's -- -- -- club they got all open like that it be good no offense. Offensively to get by -- you know they only looking at me haven't figured out a tribunal great about our situation Beckett worked out of ergonomic remote abruptly bush will make remote. Backed Olympic club it's like what they didn't actually -- -- a little little bit let the White Sox and around the -- you know they -- not. There -- -- closer again I think the Detroit Tigers are. Probably -- Q can I don't want -- count. The other Rangers how hundred count the Oakland case. You know in in America regular walker -- -- but I don't want to I'd probably their strongest starting pitching and he got Miguel Cabrera and failure lap racer out there. And these were -- quickest to meet you the most surprising team the American League. Actually led the Houston I carried -- I can't believe -- thirty wins right now Kevin I don't know how many there are gonna win right now how the hell they doing. -- -- Porter I started spring trying to wait to have a number name on the back -- -- you know you Leo. It's going to be along year you know like every man on your real hot dogs from the nationally at the back while boarding American League as a young well. And I are looking out at least spirit -- some aliens don't work from behind and at least they're compete and what you work at club like that but tomorrow and Mike Redmond. You know it's very long year argue that guide to focus stay in and day out and -- truly miserable lot streaks but the Marlins and the Astro. They're going out there and they're playing the game hard. Sure analyze they're behind. But you know what they're competing and they're gonna irksome because we're gonna went from game to more not. Sketch out on this did you think did Brian -- overreacted a little bit when he told A-Rod shut the bleep up when he jumped on -- the other day. Pilgrim reports could take it back he wouldn't get the ball accurately bra like it refreshing because it's refreshing my -- and that you have been based. EEU government money templates on our -- out shut the bleep up. But I love Brian Cashman what he's had a deal look over the years not right I -- the great you know. And you know what he apologize your straight big rock scene turned into a bigger deal because out front -- all -- -- alt but. Let's that we now mistakes it was repression in my opinion. It's always refreshing to talk to Kevin especially when he doesn't promote denies appearances on twittered and and say hello does not call not a stopped by an -- and county took over the Red Sox Twitter account for a couple days. To hear from Kevin when you're -- reason talent not join us tonight -- you refresh everybody's well out here on. It reminds me today he got here I can't get a whole load on my double riff -- and Aetna -- your right. We'll plan that next time Kevin great stopwatch -- intentional talk. And docking Greg did you beat Jonny Gomes and in -- in baseball golf anyway. Well he beat her on beat me like people would -- strictly stronger and -- better. It's not to. Hello my yet. Gaza thank you Kevin I meant -- -- that's the real 15 Campbell are joining us on the AT&T hotline -- Kevin joins us he's brought to you by a vote tractor corporation. By commonwealth mortgage and by. -- -- -- 61777979837. AT&T text line 37937. Alex and Charlie let's come back with some of the Red Sox issues because. We net -- -- -- show yesterday we -- about to get into middle Brooks and ugliest suits and -- and and guess what the nets did. That's jumped in the Red Sox -- expected. Big story -- next five -- the next five minutes or so that they'll be some story that will allow us not to talk about meadowbrook and Iglesias wash your socks goals computer.

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