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Jeff Goodman, ESPN: on the Celtics draft

Jun 28, 2013|

Jeff Goodman joins Mut and Merloni to break down the Celtics first round selection in Kelly Olynyk.

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One of my favorites Jeff Goodman now while with ESP and joining us here on the eighteenth the outlined that. Help us pick now -- -- last night but some of the guys the Celtics drafted to pick one of the first round one of the second round Jeff muck Lou how are you. Wanted to know will need to talk about -- -- -- -- -- breaking this thing down -- I love the trade it's gonna happen but that's sort of brought back right there. You know these the emotion these guys left. -- Libya -- I'm -- -- because they're going to be irrelevant currently your and walked him bureau US irrelevant you want. Next year is is the wind is Robert retreated. What you get form. And what is your our rights in the ping pong ball lottery. You get it got him in Kuwait and it's going to be an a or picnic here. He's a Washington headed to Kansas from Canada and he is the guy. -- you know certainly could be could be stressed that like -- cabin door and it level player down -- Art so let's agree with UN blue agreed to do you see you explain why that's a better route which after the people that have called a Texan and today. Saying now is a time to sign and trade for Josh Smith why not go get out separate scheme it's explain. It -- fashion why they need to bottom out instead of reinvesting any of these resource and players for next year. Yeah I mean the ball. I think you need mr. Rondo because -- -- -- attracts. Pretty it is not that well I mean. He's got a couple you know couple friends in this in this industry but not that many he's not a guy that -- I think you gotta train him at some point interrogate LP. But you bring in guys like Josh Smith and out -- present in all it's gonna do. -- mean you're gonna be mediocre you're strapped in short straw. You need an opportunity to get -- top spot if I mean you've got big time players they came back this year could have one of the drought. And you -- -- an unbelievable -- suppression this year and led by. I -- -- in. Led by like Julius Randall historic Kentucky Aaron Gordon Stewart errands on a two -- Parker on it you're you're all. They'll probably would have been number one this year -- -- competence -- and I think you're -- out the bottom out. Because you need you need tactic you need somebody who really cute next year you'll -- and I think. Next year whatever and a kit for majors in -- important let's say 2325. Is probably accurate it's going to be pretty good next year. It's like -- quilt on a outing twelve or thirteen this year. That's how different the drops are so they get a couple of reporters they can hopefully have a ton of money. Your side topic I appreciate you maybe next year when there's a lot more on the table. And I feel like figure out the bottom out it's historical because if you wouldn't much longer. What appears gets hurt early this year what it is skills erode even more -- and we saw him erode in the playoffs. This past season if you're not feeling it or -- And you're gonna do not thing at least now you get some chips. That any ink is accumulated. For trading dot. KG appear you got four or strap fiction future that you commuter Wheaton in -- or you can deal. Yeah I get it 91 round picks in next five years six in the next in the next three but it is this and it's it's a crapshoot you know -- -- -- said Demi because. Wanna ask you about this kid they get this year -- all clinic because they they trade up. Intimate thirteen and you. Yeah ice and all right players good teammate Smart IQ compliment never be a superstar type in -- say well OK then. This will kind of guys you could get for the next 45 years -- tells the -- -- Total addict is a guy who rate certain that your go to even though it completely out seven feet skilled not a great athlete. A short arms in and I know it's not funny but that's something that -- -- you've -- to go utility reload like. A little surprised he went with a lot of but only dominated this past year after sitting out two years ago again rich hurting. Why can't destroy it and -- -- play a lot years ago you respect -- panicked couple big guys. I mean Roberts accurately Paris and is simply to place on -- And now he's writing until Atlantic will be at peace they'll be like committee. It requires out compared their roles on the team to like soldier is that a good guy who could be really good. You know first big -- out the -- Or college you know. What are these guys -- the harder the never obvious start to like it and he says. But I think he can help unfortunately it gets too many pieces right now. But again this -- -- got its top eleven I think that was the point. Where he future and a lot of figures -- part of -- eleven out of love scene itself which he would opt. Throughout Michael Korda winning local kid from Hamilton mask he's got a ton of upside and that might allow you to trade Rondo. But up my -- -- they couldn't get to eleventh hour really wanted to move thirteen now counter trading partner mentioned. And they jump back in the sector on their reports Jeff that they wanted -- another late first or somewhere along a second round type of pick they do that they get in -- uncle -- -- -- who is a a big guy it's seven feet -- project is anything more than a project in your mind for this team. If you Reba and he's big he's strong. Not still the -- So like -- and it occurred analytic yeah kind of because a little it's not like supply and the perimeter. You know seven B again it's 67 got some thousands that are content like -- on the perimeter cheap basketball. Iverson has the opposite however and of course he trades were for mercy Minnesota. Where you really couldn't beat out guys Ralph Sampson. The planet are also expected for playing on a couple of years ago went to Colorado State had a great year disparities -- you know can help in the ports can help -- -- a lot shot. Probably make the team because frankly. That have a lot to I think you'll probably make the team again. -- solid and then they aren't -- -- Kind of a local kid well you live around here for awhile small point guard should went back to school Missouri. She -- Really can -- about -- -- -- you make the team no question big -- top backup guard in the league. The problem with him why it's not really -- dispatched here. He tended to make mistakes. At the end of games when it was of alliance. You -- take care of the basketball milk by shots. But I actually went into the year small but he won two year navy's. Top forty point guard in the country. Well goody of the -- looks Iverson talk probably stashed in the if any word on his game as far as like where it is -- see this guy developing into India. Is draw in Israel Iran if it takes time and I think -- the hardest thing without -- It is just acclimate himself. You know to assist them. And he's got skills we know that he can really protect the -- He can rebound he can block shots all that. -- -- -- And it can he hit Diop been kind of nuances of the game do you trust them. Planet I still think he's a project is the second contract guy. You know again and you take a risk got a guy like that they -- what was soldier -- it's politics they'd been active on the estate LP. Abnormal. It's a risk I have no idea to be anything more. -- at eleven man or elite player. We're talking Jeff Goodman of ESPN in terms of you said -- like the trading we all like the trade last night you have to to restart. The package they got back is that in your mind Jeff the best. Possible deal they could've gotten a 31 round picks plus. The players which I guest today is not Reggie Evans the Marchand Brooks wanna lose province guys -- back is part of his deal as well. Try at least celebrating immediate durable. Yes I am my good friend is -- -- uniform today than Australia had the guy you'd be voted Brooks Jersey. And put the name on it bought on sell the stock company did you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which they're -- out here are revealed recurring you know maybe he'll put up numbers. On a bad team. -- -- Wallace I'm not a huge -- in particular on the contract but. -- Victor conduct contacting -- -- money. It's cattle watch in that regard. You know record it again if you -- in being if you -- and so beyond its. What you can get those guys so. I think he -- and so you know what I agree or travelers even know whether you know 1416 anything that's important to innate in. I'm gonna take it because otherwise our role the dice and -- -- -- Turk there and not get this second rounder for you know what. You know who you bring your coach and if he's got a lot of play. -- nick thank cute they're playing for knocking at the end of the day I don't know but I think. I think you get more roll the dice and see what happened. Going it -- exceed and he figured I'd -- recourse writers that's pretty good. Yes Jeff vehicle -- picks the right way it's just at small building assets of people want to look at it black and whites in all of their Q -- picks. You can't build -- team to the draft but it's -- combination right with the use a couple picks to move up with the use a particular player to move. To get a free agent we've seen the any kind of do this before Taiwan about it put team together in the first place. Absolutely let's see -- in ops and you're not likely okay you can still attract their a pretty good creator not think. That the picked up a good selection of a coach. Coming up it's going to be important to that to the freeagent -- got hurt you know Jim Larranaga and -- -- you mentioned. So far nobody really knows who DH he's been an assistant. For the -- the last couple years. I think they need to go dissect your knee because. Ultimately what's gonna -- track people right now to the Celtics such a sense that it's not the talent certainly. -- you on another Doc Rivers and -- -- among NBA circles right now but can't you find it it. And it didn't George call you a -- somewhat at a huge name can you get a guy like Turkey RT CK okay. I'm not -- I'd go that route and certainly put a former player you know mark Jack. Paul bought a second are all like Jeff are you advocating the Celtics a higher Antoine Walker and coach -- is that we just said on the show. -- maybe like acie Earl. WB and and yet. Question I probably would do would be young guy who players know who played in the league recently they've -- out of -- police chasing -- yeah. Outweighed me he can help you attract some -- -- -- that guy. But but it you know immediate few days are probably come up with some -- Something that it's like that because I think you've got to return appreciate your Q and better than it's not -- All I'm not a huge fan out a way to spot. -- I like him enough for this team I'll ask question look you've we've you've talked about this a lot with me on different shows -- -- it. You your your Rajon Rondo take when you say they've got a trade Rajon Rondo Jeff just had to get down to the bare bones is it because of the way. He plays in the court and is on the court stuff or is it the off the court demeanor of Rondo where you said the Celtics have got to move on the season. -- far more off the court and on the court I just think he's the last guy you want leading your. To be -- that he just. His personality not such that he can be a leader. You know they send him home computers go the extra mile to in this animal. There -- like you know it's been on the one year. So and we heard it I mean listen arteries and -- last that it -- secular courts -- -- yet. You know. Why -- it's been a god -- every level you talked to coaches -- director. And they're just like hi hi I'm me. Top person out -- he has an exceptional. Exceptional. Top forty point guard only in terms of pure talent. But doesn't bring it every night every possession either the -- used to be it'll lock down defender now you watch him and it's like. When you get after. Yeah it's in the Beatrice is he what they do if he comes back and says. He's healthy and he proves he's healthy they'll move him or build around -- he is Jeff Goodman he's advocating Erick -- trust to coach the Celtics next year. And he joins us here on AT&T now. Regularly. I can do it you we do that they'll Jeff great stuff is always you can get Jeff on Twitter now he changes tees moved companies and ESP ending get a met. Jeff Goodman while pulling up right now Goodman ESPN's Jeff thank you very much we'll talk to you soon. You it's great when it comes so everything draft pick and organizationally he has. Jeff Goodman of ESPN and Goodman ESPN on Twitter and is on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible comeback -- -- -- everything today right it was talked a lot of Celtics. -- Red Sox 48 wins in the first half obviously Aaron Hernandez. All the table for you would 61777979. B 37 any hurt last night it was for earlier. Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons go back and forth in the NBA draft. Doctor has come back today. Another media platform and ripped Simmons again. -- -- can and you'll hear that push your phone calls next.

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