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SI's Chris Mannix says the Celtics will rebuild around Rondo

Jun 28, 2013|

The first question that arose after the trade of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett was, "what happens to Rondo?" Some think he should stay and be the centerpiece of the team, others say send him out of town, too. Either way, Chris Mannix believes the Celtics are looking to rebuild around Rondo.

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Our friend Chris Maddux is going to have to get a bigger business card there's SI there's SI dot com now there's SI TV I don't know if you still do and NBC does -- and up boxing we talked about -- What are you find time to sleep -- medics. You try not Q when you put up a sign saying you know will work for money so they do whatever you can't. It's working it's certainly working. What I wanna start Celtics for the draft let's tells us against the draft Celtics what do you think of the deal Chris. Well I mean I like it in the sense that Boston -- -- probably the most that it possibly get for all these players to -- looked. There wasn't a team in the league got out of Brooklyn who was out of their minds when it comes the salary if they don't care. About how much money they absorb that would have taken on a couple Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and understand that. That that depicts the -- are giving them probably gonna wind up on the back into the first round but the Celtics got some flexibility they've now gotten more first round -- The combination of Doc Rivers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. And I'll be honest guy that much -- -- could've gotten better all of them I'm not sure there's no team out there. That would have absorbed one or both of those players and given the Celtics more in return now to tough pill to swallow look at in the short term. You don't -- you don't get a whole heck of a lot. Some of the players they got back. But -- that I I would say -- to I don't expect the operative played for the team and you know that the Charlotte Bobcats Robinson Humphrey for a lot of reported it last night. The net the -- the bobcats last season but Humphrey took Ben Gordon swapped and I think that it would deal. That could be on the table but the Celtics scored make up thirteen million dollars next year in the last -- -- comparable to twelve million dollars. That's how Brees makes you can get to a player or players swapped and stuff to get to god -- probably more useful for them they Chris Humphries who I just can't envision in the same locker room. With Rajon Rondo so I think that's another shoot it at all. In the next done a couple of weeks about what Humphries but never -- that they they're they get me opposite measurably worse. In the short term but again I don't know that they could've gotten more war for those players in terms of draft compensation and they did. -- I get back Toronto in just a second but the money aside it nuclear of the Brooklyn managers to Brooklyn is spending in a sense could not make the argument Chris -- the Brooklyn might be taking a bigger risk having to win like right now. And hoping that KG and Paul Pierce are viable next year. -- it it then inform the stress. I'm like ten different levels I mean apple over the timing out contemplating moving out of New York not happy that this is going to be just fanned out. The cover every single day down there I mean you've got KG playing with Kate Peters playing with -- terribly and in -- quote de -- Williams. I in the mixed your job there as well -- mean -- is just not enough shot to go around in my opinion that it's going to be able to a piece. All of these players on the fact that I have no idea how Jason Kidd. Is going to be able to coach he's got I mean honestly you know -- say -- happened yet but I'm not expecting Kate and get to resign -- -- and and activate itself. The coaching -- responsibilities. Over to launch frankly and get one more ring as a player as a backup I mean it's just a bizarre. Situation out there and looked at a mobster risky edge of the Brooklyn now pierce. If he can walk his early next -- single play for the clippers. How -- the Southern California played for Doc Rivers next year AG's just like the retired next season. As if anything else I mean that. You know that today a very very short term proposition in the net to throwing. All the -- in this one seat in and hoping that they can find a way to get the chemistry to come together and challenge for a championship if they don't. And there isn't very good chance of backfire in their bases. Hey Chris if the two old Celtics stay healthy and missing goes fairly well for them do you think they are now the second best team -- -- you have Indiana and or Chicago's still ahead of him. No I think they're probably it's like is that if everything goes well he got in like they -- they're probably the second best team in the east and looked. You know the thing they lack last year they addressed with pierce and Garnett number one Garnett -- the obvious hole. That they had our -- -- -- fill the hole looked up no heart mean this was just take a completely heartless. Passion was seen last year and there was no further no further evidence that needed. And the way to listless play the way they played at the end of that that Chicago first round series meant there was no sense of -- see him in that locker room. There was no leadership and that law locker room in terms of vocal leadership it was just a whole bunch of apathy -- out that all those games. In Apple's series in which shocked me a little passion. That he seemed to have Garnett can address that mean he's gonna bring the fire in that locker mate with pierce. Yeah I'm a little worried about how many shot if you look at how happy you'll be. Getting those -- -- shot the job loss for the disaster. In the put in the last season and he was critically important really advocates could know what his role what -- that he definitely keep that in. What that scene in the back in the seat -- into all the things. That Gerald Wallace cannot now you have five guys in that starting lineup. That can score at a high level and Brook Lopez the most -- has been more one of the more under rate setters. I in the NBA value of Kevin Garnett played more natural position. -- or -- -- only -- they need to get back up. At the center position I mean I just think this -- team. -- all the peace to find a way to assimilate properly their mortality and a team of in Miami -- opera. Back to the Celtics Chris Chris do you think Rondo will be traded Danny says though the built around them I don't believe Danny I think he has to wait. See -- Rondo plays. When he helped the obvious is coming off the UCL. But he can't be part of the solution here candy. Now look I disagree I mean I think that the way they drafted on draft night not going for a point guard. When there were several still on the board -- I think that spoke volumes about how they -- they consideration on run and I know they're I'd tell you -- it actually in my lap mark trap -- drafting. What Ron as a reaction at all this you know how we can handle being the focal point of the team it probably gonna be really bad next year. But you know all the said the same truism that surround Rondo still apply in the -- still. You know largely under paper a -- point guard position. Is nothing he can be it was an unbelievable playmaker means that don't believe they can't try to build around Rondo. Over the next couple years and see what happens if it turns out he's not capable of doing it. If it turns out not working out you can always put him at the trade deadline -- started next you know the following season. Opera stumping up better in return but right now I think Rondo is going to be the man they try to rebuild around. Is an -- coach the Celtics Chris going to be guide the general public has never heard of a Larranaga type or -- -- in San Diego and getting in the name guy who's going to be next. I'll be out with a -- it could be Jay Larranaga and -- that there really isn't. A lot of high profile names up there I mean get your question I don't think they're gonna go get George Karl I don't think we got Carolina on -- -- -- -- -- -- Then Stan Van Gundy. Can't thank god he's very it is that they -- and more enemies that there have been no commenting the stuff will become the stuff that I work with Dan over NBC Sports Radio he's been very. Close but that about the double the opportunity and that's in the past about other jobs I -- -- -- Brooklyn after that job opened up every job we got fired. You respond to me in about 32 thing -- zero interest that bit about the clippers job. You know back -- -- able to -- growth he blocked the clippers are Donald Sterling but the -- trade on the growth. It has been very tight lipped about the epic opportunity so yes I think it could be a potential candidate -- look. If you get -- got beat back the homefront stands as one of the best. Developers of young town but I think it's out there in the coaching ranks mean Dwight Howard. If approved of the way it was terrible but Dwight Howard -- thank -- -- have got to ask for a better coached. But Dan thank -- he was instrumental in the development of Dwight Howard over the last couple of the -- almost of his career I would Yolanda magic I think big men and -- -- Feature some of these young players because he tells them what they do not want -- year he's always telling -- What they don't wanna hear what they need to hear and I think for young team like that that could be an excellent choice brake coach. And next year's draft Andrew Wiggins is the big prize that's the name we here at the next whatever superstar franchise guy. You of the belief that is a very deep draft and their are a handful of other guys that could be franchised players and and the Celtics are likely to get their hands on one. I don't -- likely to get their hands on one inning having Rondo and assuming he's healthy for the start of the season. In that guarantees -- that in keeping that that scenery yeah I don't think that. I just don't think you know at Celtic team with Rondo you know tumbles that far off the map they wanted to candidate. But the top overall they know that being said. It's not get into wigand's that that -- high end upcoming draft to -- Parker he comes out. Market Smart you know you -- the third overall pick in this draft yet explicitly opt in. The state Oklahoma State and he could be right there at the top of the trap again next year. The typical what you Kentucky this year between Aaron Harrison and hander had a simple guard to point guard. If you guard you know I did this story on them you know a couple of months ago and there's no question -- to -- coming out after their freshman in those two franchise changing guard. At those respective positions there are a lot of guys in the upcoming draft that I think could be franchise changer may not necessarily protect players. That you build around that the vote LeBron James but certainly guys that are you know almost hit me all stars of the public you wind up. In the top six just a pick they absolutely get leveled at the difference makers I -- have major concerns that a Rondo is back and -- they can wind up in that range. Now Chris you know me -- -- good one stupid question per interviews let's say defer last -- NBA rules prevent the nets from turning around and trading KG and Paul Pierce to Doc Rivers the clippers. Yeah I got that a double check that I was I was thinking about that last night that that the couple people but you know nobody was paying any attention in the after the perhaps was right. But I think you can let a guy in a one for one deal -- double check if I'm pretty sure that's what Humphries. And the -- and the Ben Gordon Deal which was being talked about me could you can put them. If it's just a 11 deal after their being traded I don't think you can package them in a deal that would that go to the clippers and you know all that being said. The net that no intention of trading it one of the guys right -- building around them this season like we said the top they're putting all their chips on the table. Opera there's one year they're -- if they can win a championship with all these guys that these. Nobody is as connected or as informed as charismatic SI SI dot com SI TV NBC radio that you worked out the donut shop on the weekends as well to earn some extra money -- thanks for the information always pleasure. Chris management doesn't -- -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT something's hanging out rabbit and -- Stewart did -- that it -- -- up he's like he's the -- man and a basketball writers yet I am and I. I believe. I agree you guys that there's the Brooklyn nets have sold their -- for this one year Iran. Which is unlikely and open with tight you're right I mean there's -- -- Peter still pretty good. Best case scenario -- the second best team in the east and I guess best best case is LeBron rules make sure titles frame. And then -- you know lose to Oklahoma City year right or of the clippers but. Next year at this time's going to be real. Bleak. Hearing -- for the yes yes when these guys when they pay the piper. And the south it's just the opposite Celtics you know if you if you remove all emotion and or will love KG and -- and is going to be capable. -- numbers will be retired bowl will be honored members of differences. Celtic history for -- and all all put if you remove emotion got to -- pick up stuff for the yet to. And a couple days ago talking about BY. Percent rate of five million books and and and -- it. Retire and I disagree with mimics on this team with Rondo sellinger agreement that team -- -- -- directly at 161718. Right Rondo is a distributor tested distribute to someone who -- or Garnett no more appears that team could. Run -- misses some time that he went to the fascinating case study will be to watch Rondo not only on the court off the court seem psychologically see how we interact he would kind of does it take the mantle of leadership a bomber still become you know Rondo being Rondo and this is not without that -- -- kind of trivial but is he the captain. He's the captain -- -- topic of the catastrophe they wanted it if you had a -- would if he wants to. Then you have the American captain Tony why is that he'll be part he'll probably be mad if you don't like compare -- dissenting Iraqis go to the world knows the captain of the show that and he -- to see Agassi who says I'm not the captain and -- amok and even try. 61777. On 7937. Phone calls -- of the NC.

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