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Buster Olney, ESPN, Lackey in better place to succeed

Jun 27, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni and discussed the tremendous improvement from John Lackey, the never-ending Alex Rodriguez drama in NY, and the latest trade rumors.

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I joining us on the AT&T hotline is buster only who we had to. Get here in the 1 o'clock hour on all things baseball buster how are you. I'm doing good got a much -- deployment no cavity still. Now this history is this what AA lifetime streak you know cavities buster. Yeah I get didn't pay 49 years straight now we're gonna hit ears -- yourself. -- Younger ideological Ripken have nothing on you 49 years general for buster now outs. Ankiel than you might get -- me by the way. OK as you read you're the role model got I have no cavities you guys get OK no more -- talk about. How about something better than cavities and amazed that John Lackey always start last night buster I don't think. As loose anyone expected -- what he's been this year but when you talk to scouts you're talking to guys from baseball. What are they county about John Lackey and and how he's been able to us so quickly. Get back to the forming how with the Angel a couple years ago. Well it didn't have a better chance with a body that's what I mean here from the -- it is indeed a much better place physically. We saw that in first base spring I remember walking in behind him into the red such camp and looking -- -- think he's that Cadillac slot he's that Cadillac did he look like he completely different guy. You know at the flip side of the in the 2011 which you know I can remember. Hearing -- that -- scheduling you know what's going on with a red such pitchers how come they're all that black he's one of those. You know they thought during the course a year to get out of shape and now he's much better shape and and the -- are reaping the benefits of it he just looks like he's just been a better better place to succeed. You know bus ride baseball I think is his patient by nature to slower game and epic its -- season have always had just have that feeling whatever discussed the game. But this Red Sox team this year shows emergency and -- it's interesting because you know you've. Whether it's Jackie Bradley start a year whether it's pales explosion it's no longer and a grandmother title like a savings get money here now it's will metal Brooks. Being shipped out to Pataki because Iglesias has won the job. And just it's a different sense that the Republican passed this emergency here to make -- -- fast. No I really view and I think that. You know we talked about the past couple weeks it anytime you get young players anytime you get players. Who don't have a big contract it has to Mike and Alex Rodriguez. He really comes down to who's playing better and now probably two months ago you were to get troops and the Red Sox are all -- In US and you'd think that the -- -- going to be guys could really help you offensively that what you -- -- that -- -- third baseman it will -- -- -- And -- -- -- a chance but he's -- that he's put himself in the position and on the flip side. I think -- Brooks -- -- that you -- he wasn't hitting and early in the year showing so much anxiousness. At the plate. And I think it absolutely reflects a general. Feeling from the atop the organization down -- last season. To get back to baseball in two you'd get back to try to do you think to win and -- mean everything from hiring John Farrell. To be aggressive strategy of signing in dot did not the top tier guys that that the best in the second tier guys. I think he's really showed devotion victory -- -- -- take back in the -- here really think that in coming off the last -- you're gonna see a bunch of players were excited. About going into spring training and having an opportunity to win I'd I'd bump in the Nick Punto. Few weeks ago when that we saw on the Dodgers and senate baseball. And he talked about that that you know he really relic of the players really geared up to this year after what happened last year. We're talking -- buster only of ESP and what surprised me most buster about the schemes not the pitching but it's the offense as of today. It's got to be the halfway point they lead baseball runs scored they're averaging over five runs per game it's not crazy to think they score. 850 runs this year and and I didn't see it it. I look at this team it's like they're getting back to what made them so tough to face EO in the 2004 throughout 2011 that. They take a lot of pitches they're gonna grind you loud and -- date. They're gonna get your -- prime pretty quickly have you seen that from this team top to bottom this year. Oh yeah note out and when I saw them last in Yankee Stadium Johnny don't talk about that. And he talked about how the players talk about it every day is do we are we grind added that he mentioned you guys remember that game were Cliff Lee. Shut them down he'd talked about how the players after bad name. Talked among themselves that OK we have to remember who we are. That's you know work count dip is starting pitcher of the game I think they felt like in that he would particularly that they weren't able to do that. But that's a huge weapon because I don't think he offenses in the division are goodies we thought they were going to be especially when you talk about the Yankee. And it you know tied it when you look at various teams in the division in the grip and the strengths and weaknesses of each team. That's to me is the reason why the -- that you're gonna wind up fought finishing the playoffs because they do you have the best often numerically. Plus -- all want to ask you what you hear about Miguel offered Gonzales because -- all up you might not know who used book. You show week the Cuban defector and the obviously we know situation there with the Dodgers gave him but this is a 26 year old pitcher. That is now defected now has now eligible. It will not. Dive into the international signing -- restrictions is basically the highest bidder and with the way the draft is right now you would think. This is that the big market teams a veil and a chance to gloat and flexed their muscles a little bit now mortar and that's some that it seems like the Red Sox will be salivating over when you hear. Well. First up IE. I can't tell you exactly which teams are going to be involved I -- situation when there's been no signing her note dollar stretch and we know that -- Texas Rangers. Are always very aggressive. The Chicago Cubs have been interest in the -- I don't think they cut that nearly as much financial flexibility. As we thought that they were gonna apple and the -- Epstein took over the team might think it's different dynamic. You know I would expect the Yankees -- going to be involved and the big question I think everyone has heard -- exactly how much money to the Dodgers have because. When they made that deal with a Red Sox last year it was a perception within your organization. Within baseball that they had essentially a bottomless pit of money. There he is according -- accused in Major League Baseball. Bats coming to an end. That they're starting especially with the Kershaw to deal at some point the probably finish that. They don't necessarily have that on a limited full resource is anymore so I agree that you I think the Red Sox like in the if they decide -- -- worth investing in and it. Other team coming in this weekend to Toronto Blue Jays we -- that out of the gate you know even Red Sox ownership bid you know came on the radio on since he can always spend money Wimbledon. This -- team is winning now buster is that a case of getting healthier it's something. It was -- sort of switched that flipped with this John Gibbons led club this year. I asked John given that yesterday and his answer was the pitching and today and in the market -- There's -- two point force six ERA job not been looked so different RA Dickey had a great out yesterday. When I was around the giants. Two weeks ago. They were all talking about how good Josh Johnson's looks right now -- he's attacking hitters again. But their bullpen has been much better than anybody expected including Vijay and you'd be acknowledged that he didn't spring training it -- real questions about this group. But based on a lot of answers. And I think Brett vehicle. Essentially becoming shut down -- division and when you have someone could bat especially left hander. When you face the Yankees face the Red Sox. You know that's so important I and I think that again assessing the very strength we need to meet steam I think -- -- right now is probably the best in -- division has a lot of great bulk. Bust of the mess the -- on New York between A-Rod Brian Cashman. You know it. A-Rod tweets out this doctor says he's ready to go which brings out an eight shut the bleep up from Brian Cashman and I'll talk to Alex here next. This I'm not a big fan of A-Rod but I'm trying to look at this and I can't help think cash was out of line and that's much is just -- -- easy to pick on. Just I was really taken back when -- heard those comments from. Yeah and I think -- That you that -- -- than yesterday got to remind me one of those marriage you hear that being held together for the sake of the children. It is to -- being held together for the sake of the contract year six of the ten year deal. They can't get out -- need to deal he can't get away from them they really don't like him he doesn't really like them. I think it gives them a lot of that context you know eat at the Twitter account and help people in the Yankees organization -- thinking there cannot be anyone. Less suited to go on Twitter and Alex Rodriguez and it took him that we the edited added doctor was -- -- week. He took him three -- to make your organization upset at. Because he initially immediately tweeted out pictures of himself working on the weight room. And the Yankees of course have rules that photographers are a lot and are sitting -- -- talent. After that -- another one which -- tweet from there worked at facilities -- Tampa which again are not allowed. It is -- now look out he can't tweet out. I'm restricted areas. Out of respect for the other players we can't have that thing happen. And then we give the Yankees organization. Absolutely believe that that tweet from Alex in the -- would debated pat to regret it you know the contacted. You know Monday in New York Daily News reported from one of Alex is people out there have been given declared Nadal. An all day Monday Brian Cashman had to do a lot of damage control it well that's not true. It is surge in the yankees' trainers and doctors all agree he's not ready to -- playing games can still going along and in baseball activity. Tell that story came out on Tuesday and then later he would definitely get the exclamation point from out -- Claire and apply. We yankees are taking it trying to put pressure on them put it back in game and what it prop and. Exploded I agree -- we didn't choose the right word. He acknowledged that but -- -- -- -- -- they're fed up with the drama the that a with a steroid Mikhail apron to go away. But they can't move them out because of the contract. Real quick buster off wrap up in the dailies will Myers has come up and immediately had a big impact there in the middle of the Tampa Bay Rays order is there a thought and eight point that. -- he should it come up earlier and help that team out as they fight in the division that appears wide open with the Red Sox yankees Toronto Baltimore Tampa. You know I think you could definitely make a case. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like the guy who goes a Las Vegas with these rules are playing blackjack. You never deviates in the reason why they don't if they want to make sure when players come up. Their prospects that there in the best possible position hey you know cost efficient yet at the arbitration date. And being that they're ready to produce at the Major League level they captain and the mightily to probably a little bit longer. It's very confident that that's part of how they've been been able to be so patient with young players is by sticking to this system. He's cavity free he has Basra only ABS and joins us on the eighteenth the outline buster appreciate it enjoy the weekend then they'll talk to next week. Now Basra only as always -- buyer friends at Toyota of Nash goes to the boys Bob Draper Rick we'll Parikh. Check out the all new Toyota Nashua megaplex during their ongoing. Spring saving sales event comes see what the buzz is all about and by air arrest restoration specialists we come back and do. One a -- little bit on the Red Sox beacons. Is such a -- that -- too because they're just you can't talk about is their chance we're both right. About Lacey is true like we were we were both right we do with their possibility there but there's other forces that will not allow us to really dive in the -- knocked us that forces bush well some Yellow River. Possible blockbuster deal the major NBA deal brewing we'll talk about that with your phone calls next.

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