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Aaron Hernandez may be connected to double murder in July 2012

Jun 27, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the former Patriots TE as yet another bombshell allegation drops on #81.

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Back -- model -- not a 37 WEEI after yesterday. After being charged with -- murder. After being brought into a courtroom in shackles after spending. The overnight in seven by -- -- ten by seven cell. Which will be in for 23 hours today at least through the weekend according to mr. Hodgson. -- Bristol county sheriff I heard today with the DNC after all of that after. -- the worst days your life sure. It's possible effort to get worse for Aaron Hernandez today. I -- -- not convicted yet right now is found guilty the court law. I guess that's when wake reviewers. But what if there was all the sudden tied into a another murder that would be trouble that might make any -- day for Aaron Hernandez here's the story in the last couple of minutes from fox. 25 news and Ted Daniels a reporter. Fox 45 as -- exclusively that investigators -- looking into Aaron Hernandez as a possible suspect. It made double murder that happened on July 16 2012. In downtown Boston. According to a Boston Police blog from that date. Officers responded to the intersected Shawmut Avant -- street just after QA AM. When they arrived they found three people had been shot to fatally as they sat -- traffic -- Men identified as a superhero for title and Daniel a brew. The fox 45 source said the men who worked -- -- cleaning company in Dorchester. Had just left a ball art in the area. For title and a -- we're sitting in the front seat of the vehicle witnesses said the occupants of a gray or silver. SUV with Rhode Island plates opened fire around. The surviving victim was in the backseat investigators believed to others in the car fled the scene. The source said the investigators were looking and -- and its connection to the killing on Wednesday Hernandez of course was charged with murder. 27 year old man Oden would torture that we have we have no. No idea what about the connection was he wanted to people who fled was -- shooters we have no clue how it's connected to date someone at this -- the cleaning crew. That the use that a year later and -- almost later and helped clean outs globe but it worked for cleaning -- torture there was cleaning crew that came to Hernandez's house last week right we go this time. -- eight days ago or so bad dude. Forget about you know what the wrong crowd we don't know he is the wrong -- the bad due in August and again you try to figure from that store at all fox has -- -- -- website were cutting it to sound here soon as possible but they post the story. -- up there in myfoxboston.com. The you you try to figure out Q what would lead them to believe Hernandez was involved well. You know they they say it was a gray or silver SUV Ryland plates you know they going back and they finding out that was erected. Rhode Island plates carton and and trying to find out who that was. In a rented -- were people in the car now somehow tied to this investigation it's it's not well known. But you've got fox my side saying a source is telling them. They're trying to see if Fernandez and how Hernandez was potentially involved. In the killing of these two man. Last July. A full year before. Last August very are full month before. He gave those great quotes about how it was a changed man and now ten months later he's charged with murder. Yesterday -- -- -- -- out on yesterday wow you know we kept saying go for hours in this before now for five hours since he's been arrested wise -- been arrested did -- they have their guy. So -- mind you think and this could actually be a murder charge. But when you sit and -- we were yesterday after the show and watching the whole thing go down when you hear the charges murder. And a new five other charges firearms. We -- here. It is its home regardless with the -- prepared for -- with European Union was. Obviously we felt that it was more than obstruction of justice I thought that deal with dogs and everything else I thought that there was. Going to be drugs involved maybe financing is big drug thing going on in the area. The question was you how much involvement PD have is that they would only figured maybe this is murder -- here. National level right at it again in the east can you separate the -- towards shock and surprise because I thought you. Sniff this out detector Maloney during the day yesterday. It was going to be -- just was it was going to be so I wasn't a surprise but there is that shock and you imagine the shock of seeing and hearing it the shock for me was. The shackles it shackles on his -- B Aaron Hernandez who a year ago was part of the best tight and crew and in the National Football League. Is being let -- not only handcuffs but you know leg shackles. And right pace at holy crap. This is this Israel this is going to be. Something pretty strong here when they levied down these charges and eventually did Hernandez and white T shirt tattoos. Everywhere. Up and down his arms handcuffs and shackles. Always charge we reported during the show it's reported by others that it was going to be one major. Charge and in five minor charges. The murder charge of the major one obviously life without parole or life for the possibility of parole. A grand jury decides whether to charge Hernandez with first or second degree murder that will come later. He was charges carry a firearm without a license eighteen months to five years. So pretty good to a penalty there as well and then additionally four charges of illegal possession of firearm. And ammunition. Both -- between two and a half years in ten years so. When -- put them all together you know he he's looking at a you know if found guilty he's looking at life certainly for murder and and for the other charges involved there's looking at a lot of years. So you're surprised and shocked by the old murder right in your surprised and shocked by how we look like. Did you get more surprised and shocked as the DA William -- -- gave you the deet tails like piece by piece like it was some sort of the again puzzled that they put together here and sordid detail from the night of June 16 at 902. To the morning of you sat June 17 at 323. This this network of this guy looks like they got a lot of evidence against him. And it looks like you were talking about a guy that was in baldness and some way shape perform yeah I think unknowable. Yet to be a lot of people wondering why is as things got done already are special treatment arrest a week ago saying that it's a little bit time wrecked bookcase together. And have to hear any assistant DA will call you don't you think that it did take some time with the -- -- that he had they crossed every Indian dotted every I was that we truly was amazing to me sit near the being you know it because the -- -- no number I don't know. How many people screaming at the TV because it always seemed like it was a critical moment you'd like. It would cut out and come back and -- -- what you missed. But the DTL. When you start hearing quotes come. Certain things Aaron Hernandez being upset. And I can't trust anyone anymore before it jumped in the car. -- this that the tiny detail and all of it right away yet -- think OK well. One of his boys told one of his boys talked a -- whatever it is comes back in and screams I can't trust anyone anymore how many people heard. How many people here to here to air it and this is quotes -- to pit stop before they left to go get old little old Lloyd. You to write to me and so we hiding in the bush but I mean it is a surveillance camera have audio as well I don't I don't think so I've heard that want. So somebody rolled on tonight's are talking about you know given eyewitness. This entire thing. The entire thing. You did he was the guy standing over and they gave the two final kill shots at the end. In industrial park. Can be sure to get out of the car mean that's another thing immediately start a decent through you they start the night before 902. Hernandez texting one of his friends ask him to come to Connecticut in three minutes later text Deloitte. Tell me wanted to stop by and pick them up later as Hernandez waited he becomes impatient. But he 902 then again at 935 get your ass up here that again at 1023. -- arrests up. Passport 1:12 AM Hernandez and his friend a part of North Attleboro McCauley said to ten. Video footage. Gas stations stop. Hernandez stops and purchases a pack a black and mild with -- describes a brand of many cigars often a stripped of their tobacco use is rolling papers marijuana. And a pack of bubble Cisco which becomes the theme throughout the entire McCauley breakdown. 2:32 AM the car pulls up and -- Lloyd's home. Fernandez -- and let's and always there it's -- these text messages that they're using with the technology to piece together minute by minute how this happened. It's unclear where they drove an expert prosecutors say -- had a series of text to his sister. At 323. Surveillance camera short rented Nissan Altima with Hernandez at the wheel pulling into the entrance of the industrial park and a half mile from missile McCauley said four minutes later. The same camera shows the vehicle quickly. Exiting the parking here's where -- he's quoted. In the end term people who are working the overnight sure -- heard gunshots one woman described five did gunshots. Prosecutors alleged Lloyd was shot three times he tried to exit the car Whipple woods and arm forearm and back he leading ground in the pain. And prosecutors allege someone stood over Lloyd and delivered to X accused in style kill shots to his chest. The -- said it was Hernandez who orchestrated index Q shouldn't that's when it was -- XQ should. Video then for Fernandez is -- shows him in two other men arriving at 330. Print as seen in the video caring what weapon which police believe is the murder weapon while the other man is seeing Kerry and other weapon calling said. Up the matter see walking around the house down in the basement at which point Hernandez's video cameras were shut off. The text that he sent you when I I said that you know there's text that we're sent by the victim old Lloyd. Both -- at 307 AM Sydney -- one width. NFL. Just so you know. Those are three text messages sent -- 7322. And 323. -- Lloyd to his sister. Acknowledging who he was with and through this video surveillance that call or yesterday AJ and Al -- Alerted us to -- -- said metal -- companies got surveillance guess they quoted yesterday metal war. So between those cameras there cameras at his house stopping for bubble late shifts. And eventually surveillance ever or else text messages as well. They pieced together assuming. They're right beginning to end what happen when go to Lloyd and to me whether he's a shooter or not I don't know. Pretty clear he was there are pretty clear he was at the X acute and style death the ball. Well and regular programming negated somewhat steep Tim and you have to wonder in L what do they stating for the hearing off. Immediately -- it up to give everybody that a justice trying to plead their case for bail and let them know and everything else right I -- one of the same for the hearing if you're old Beloit. And you detects that nines lately and it's meet up later on you probably taken like 1030 left and I think in 230. Would come pick you up to thirty. Sunday night and moment in early -- I try to avoid those myself I I don't like you I think it's bad news picked up your house at 230. With the text that he sent to his sister she's -- a -- going and who you wit and whatever might be. Did you see it on the left jump in the car NFL. He didn't jump in the car knowing what was about the happen. You gotta think he feels like he did sending a text that he did you see who went NFL just so you know you gotta you gotta think he did I mean you see -- and an -- that relationship with name known now. Talk about a for for for about a year Republican party's cut his two boys from Connecticut. Maybe he knew with the boys wore AB team before maybe been out with them before Bibi knows the deal is who these guys are but -- think they'll -- to -- in -- call. The Q thirty with a pretty good idea what's about to happen. Now with that set to the brains in this whole thing. Let's pick you up and I'm -- I'm gonna actually drive yep but half a mile from my house -- in the you're right there which shells everywhere. It's just with it well listen not one and that's it azalea listen when I created my. Murder but I mean you've got to -- just say it's the Thomas B -- it is the public job that's not a murder I've ever seen you could say it adult figure -- We can it's OK to say when he read it and you hear it and you follow the story beginning to end it is the dumbest. Murder I've ever heard of my entire life. Like we haven't even gotten to the part where Hernandez. Tells cops he's got a surveillance system and that's why they eventually get a -- what happened in the first time McCain. First thought they show up at his house this is in the globe story today it's a nice job by the in the globe has a great breakdown today. Give them credit arsenal -- it's it's the must read today for me. The first time they come to his house the show up the question Hernandez he doesn't respond. Hour or two glittery comes to the door of -- police that he knows who they -- he knows who they are and osu they were knows they -- outside. Because you've been watching them -- security camera system. That admission prosecutor said is what led police to acquire search warned -- security cameras. So they don't know technically he's got these cameras. They show up the question about for the first time about this thing he does an answer he comes out brazenly says I know you guys are here. Much Gemma security. What do they say OK now did a search warrant for the its security. So that's pretty stupid. The following day. Hernandez returns the Nissan -- to the rental car outlet. And a rented Chrysler 300. Which -- two other men now use to leave Massachusetts. The rental company employee who cleans out the ultimate told police she found a shell casing any chewed piece of wait for. Bubble issues gun. Under the driver's seat. After seizing a dumpster police located the gum and the shell case which they say matched the others at the scene of the slang. So not only -- is all this stuff on video and text. He told police he had cameras and he said the rental car back. And Casey and it can't publish is gone. This is that the movie tower heist that terrible will be our -- Ben Stiller. Those guys did a better job planning their high east then did did did Hernandez in his group. This is the dumbest murder and execution. In the history of -- The guy up and it basically drive my backyard. And I'm gonna shoot him and leave them there. I mean out your voice from Connecticut. I don't know finally quiet spot from -- Connecticut. You know dumping bodies in water get rid of I mean. It's just it's unbelievable. You couldn't make it -- said he returned to call it a case -- -- case -- in the rental car -- Lloyd had a car keys in his pocket that -- -- dead victim here in this case. He had rental car keys in his pocket to watt. And Aaron Hernandez Clark and he led by requisite etiquette that the tail again lately he's yeah he's got a keys in the car what car. These leave the house hunt with a spare set of keys in just. Walked into the that are rent a car today that you drive. -- -- -- Keep an eye on -- now he's driving. Get out of the car turned the car officer returned the car up but the keys and really get much detail there but if this guy was -- in the backseat. And find the bodies get written -- he's in his pocket that early front. What does this Texas and Texas. Oh god Lou it's so common to find showcasing at the rental place these thrown away and on the next one that is true. The rental car person did throw away the gun shell -- in this case didn't -- boss right now no big deal just big gun shell casing and rental car at. Throw away what they had to go through this a body in the truck -- every. Parent's Garth has happened on the track it's an errant car. It gets me tickets. So -- your your question the fairway you left a lot of questions because they didn't -- killer your big tornado he'll have to. Again that was -- that's the tip of the iceberg. What the hell Yeltsin they have anti you're playing it's pretty clear they had they have somebody talking Andy they snuck in a couple of details. What was said during -- car ride what was that for the got a card period Hernandez's home. Things it only somebody in that -- -- known -- in that group. They got what they flipped one of his boys I think big big draw that out there to kind of forgot Hernandez Stacey. We got what are your guys here. We're gonna get you. So that's sure -- yesterday and and now today. The entire thing has got a new layer to it because myfoxboston.com. Is reporting -- saying they have learned exclusively that investigators are looking into Aaron Hernandez as the apostle Sus suspect. In a double murder that happened on July 16 2012 and clearly. This is not the only outlet that has the least and thinking about this nominal -- tweet from. By Tommy current -- the fox story was posted. He said Mott a Connie -- tweeted mind boggling rumors I've placed little stock in over the weekend. Being reported now by Ted Daniel Fox25. Regarding Hernandez. So clearly there's a story going around involving Hernandez and this July 12 to -- 62012. Murder. And somebody's telling fox now is the story. We're gonna see if there's a link between Hernandez and those deaths the -- the two people. At the corner of -- at street. There on July 16 2012 so not only facing one murder charge in his hammer with that charge yesterday. Is very chance. That he's linked to this murder somehow was well and that's a fox when he five reporting. And -- we will we will keep an eye on this thing as best we can misses that's all we know right now. And I you retreated Ted Daniel we wanna file for the story we'll certainly have it as it goes on today but if it's possible to get worse. And he got worse today for Aaron Hernandez. 61777979837. The phone number AT&T -- line. 37937. Gonna talk to a former assistant Middlesex County DA just after 11 o'clock get his take on where this thing goes from here. And we are a lot of things yesterday the IK you felt pretty good about lot of stuff you heard. Did. I even media you know you'd there was a there's lot of concrete -- there are some backing to well you had Michael Michael feet. The defense attorney for Hernandez tell you that a lot of stuff was circumstantial. Leoni may have talked about the Mota was the motive that we got yesterday. Was that enough time to make you believe Hernandez was -- part of this that he would go this far over. Disputed a bar. We'll talk about that with your calls next. I turned and shot back. Disease on the ground and defended its competitors do over can deliver the two fatal shots he actually was still alive because. The defendant. He disposed of the -- The next day you change cars. -- disconnected or bad. He allowed others insisted -- by giving the other vehicle to clean. The defendant innocent children and instead it motivated me the opportunity. For -- -- -- -- very different from the beginning took steps you can steal and destroy evidence and prevent these speaking to what -- at least eighteen and what we're. There's strong evidence again. It's. Going to be held without bail pending his trial. The commonwealth business -- -- resumption fail the first degree murder. The defendant should be held without being released on. The strength of the case. The likelihood it means that the defendant has to sleep. In. The effort already that he's engaged in. Here is providing medicine. Complete jurisdiction. Conflict you wish to make an opening statement. It would -- -- I can say is bull. Thank you your objection your honor counsel and trial opening statement -- art. Objection -- sustained. The entire opening statement with the exception of thank you. Will be stricken from the record. Tell Michael -- said yesterday. Pretty much basically right after you heard. All the details. Right there William Pauley gave view painful details. And then they go to Michael being sick circumstantial. Case is -- strong. He's -- that angle. And there was a lot of detail. That sound bite back in his talk about you know the kill shot -- -- now each even at the end. You'll only put his arm appeal begging right for his life when the final show was main. You commute dealt with the arm was so like you look at a dead body. Mean like the positioning of the arm the arm was up or are we talking about an eyewitness. -- yet this is exactly what happened. Right that's a good point you know -- of the body was did did part of the arm. Catch part of the bullet before it got him or did somebody see -- don't know yeah. We don't know but when you start -- Mike we're gonna find out Michael V. Come out and say that's that long of a case circumstantial we don't we don't have the murder weapon. We've heard down numerous different attorneys it's not exactly necessary it's not like. You know you murder somebody in just you were the weapon -- get off each and every time we know that's that's not the case but the motive is the interesting -- You know because to me. When you heard why aired and -- was so upset old Lloyd Wright Friday night the next couple nights before watcher that rumor -- -- -- The people you talked he wasn't happy with some of the people he would talk to. And that got him upset. Kind of unbelievable right meant to say president as a as a -- -- really mean that that's why you gonna kill somebody. Did you elect who they talk to right maybe this -- ties who knows that that's what's gonna lead you to killing a man. And it's kind of hard to believe this guy what was likely for that that -- the difference would use that. The motive is what to do it because it's got it like to restock that to my client killed the -- -- -- May be we find out that old -- was. Opposite people and maybe a connection with the the -- a year ago. Maybe use talking to -- don't trust about it would happen a year ago was ordered as being investigated according to Fox25 this morning yeah. -- enjoy it murder he's only using is that what was discussed on Friday night with a truck and -- a mouse and that's why now there's a connection we don't know that as well but. You do have a strong motive. When you that your read. I think defense consistency. There's just elect we talked to is that well I tell you it wasn't just that it was. To meet its allies sought. It was they had him getting into cars that you can't trust anybody anymore right they have been saying that going getting into his car going there. The other guy that -- like a get a ID. I don't want to take. I'll take the text messages here is as. A tight into what you're asking you when you say you can you have that short a -- temper. He Texas buddies to come up from Connecticut in the -- and 902. He Texas friend to come up from Connecticut there -- Bristol the trying to get North Attleboro -- the couple of hours right. So at 935. He -- and says get your ass up here. Then at 1023. Per year wraps up this kind of an impatient do you -- Nicholas he knows how long it takes and then a 23 minutes after his first text. He's like hey get your asset appear to be 33 minutes that they get dressed up here. So I don't know that that's. I'm plain stupid you detective here but the guy with a short fuse anyway. And when you say motive like I I took yesterday as we're gonna give you only enough to prove that this guy shouldn't get pale. And that they may know what exactly they were talking about date they might already know through their investigation to talk to witnesses that rumor from talking to maybe the eyewitness. Who's apparently helping -- -- along the way. They already know why Hernandez was -- And felt like not giving that information up yesterday at its face it just to be just looked at that said if that's only an eagle on. I guess a little bit shaky to me I just expect that is part of a much bigger picture they will lay out once this thing gets a trial. If it you know if it goes to trial. 617779. 793 sevens the phone number John is -- beat Tommy some province kick it up with him on 937. WEEI Tommy good morning. -- -- -- -- I wish including all the time I never -- line yesterday -- -- pay the cameraman and there's thing right I keep gallery today amid a few mistakes in my life -- and in the hands. Adult thing. I can get in any one thing. -- And illegal and AP medical. I. Or. A couple. Please pre -- the content. Corporate group. -- a lot reply. Ultraviolet -- and it's also correct. Yeah that was in combating violent and the respect in marble block. And they amenities there. In most appropriate. And include. Our policies or wife -- I think is somewhere in there yeah -- -- will ultimately -- wallet behind that the -- -- my blog is like I'm real estate equity Clinton met William has actually walks. He wants Obama embodies. -- -- -- I figured they got to get real underbrush to go on the type Obama Obama gave the hawks who knows. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he's going to get them are going to be the ball is welcome rickety. We'll. Put more floors and -- Since you were on one nobody -- -- -- the only dating proportionate to what you wanna be your. Going to be buying. All we how he gets as a football player got a lot of these guys who watched on TV you know who we is how how old he be treated you think. Any differently. Now like the old days of red and people are calm after Herman beat not you try to lynched or. Martin who won't can't and often the most like they don't work well and collecting -- they don't block. -- connections of the -- He didn't they -- So. Probably not gonna -- -- took -- -- unity and protect it costs and he administering -- They must include -- seem. Appropriate to play well. -- -- -- actually took it took us just because they're so Robert -- -- what many celebrities and San Juan. But he -- the former Haitian relation what is this big salute this. -- -- To -- 188 you won't say to you combat can kill two to one actual combat can want. He might go quite limited in how we -- obese are all -- -- probably you. People. They give them it was well that's worked well it is your bank imprisoned I'm almost -- is also I don't know that -- Yeah -- or gonna find out their Tommy thanks for your call today thanks for your insight in terms of what. Hernandez's face and I heard I heard guys you know like Tommy -- he's been out of jail for ten years and OP stay -- -- those guys called DNC today all morning explaining what. What it's going to be like and I heard share pots and point out that he at least the weekend he's -- a seven by 1023 hours a day it's an hour come out take a shower -- of the -- walk -- -- 23 hours a day in itself collect connect. I like him to alarm on my side on a lovely -- on my side morning as well right down to about. Latin came -- when he gets in there and and in how we gonna be treated and what's gonna be expected of him and people didn't challenge him and you know it's it's not pretty -- this morning we -- a picture. Well what his life is like now. 61777979837. AT&T -- line 37937. John and John and all your phone calls coming apple talk to a former. Middlesex County has since assistant DA just after 11 o'clock in an idea for what is next to keep denying. On -- stories today one of mr. Jose Ortiz and another vote -- point five report Carlos Ortiz excuse me fox 35 reporting Hernandez potentially being linked to a murdered 2012. -- -- back after these.

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