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Linda calls in to describe the scene on Dexter St. in Watertown, MA

Apr 19, 2013|

Linda explains how the shootout transpired in Watertown, MA during the early morning hours. She saw the first suspect mortally wounded and police beginning the manhunt for the second suspect.

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-- for a nineteen year old Russian champion name so car Sarnoff. His older brother he's nineteen. Is older brother bloody. Dead pronounced dead at Beth Israel hospital out of that happened a shoot out on Dexter street joining us on the AT&T hotline a friend of the Dennis and Callahan program. Her name is Linda leave it at that the morning Linda are you John Jerry Kirk with you. Our alumni. Are better it has you live on Dexter street correct. My boyfriend. So I mean OK and tell us what happened give us -- timeline what you saw. I'm don't know I mean -- and -- 19111130. On my boyfriend was not that I was out watching the news in the country. And -- -- officer. And all the -- I heard the very last week. I never heard a gunshot support -- -- it immediately again a they're getting louder and louder and closer. -- 38 year explosion and at that point I realized something wrong. I woke my boyfriend is. If that featured as being you know over cautious very you know even the past week and then they continue to get louder and louder and closer and closer and I I. Grateful that something was wrong. We rushed to the front of island. And how it that the intently -- and important let me. Where we the the first. Hi. It will be that he would be and then after he would -- and shot multiple. The leader in ambulances arrived. The back into the ambulance and then. I'll put in all the we were surrounded by are bought -- clean -- currently image will be. And it it it is it that are important to me that no matter how big point. -- what is it. I don't really -- -- com. Ticker time. And I know it's been a very difficult evening for you. How many explosions did you hear -- you said and and -- also sounded like you said it was almost like a moving gun fight as it got closer and closer to the front door of your house. I. Think probably to Barry there may have been very. And remove it. And yeah it could start an album me I don't work and you know -- credit here. Yeah that is the situation happening -- and that that was probably very unlikely. -- and I heard it closer and closer. I did yeah. -- -- And it is something that and and of course the fractionally. You know what with the police officer and at that point it was it was easy to disseminate it scenario. Ended -- say they use the suspect was hit by a police issue -- other words a vehicle hit him first. And -- -- and don't know they live they live there you know either of them or both of them live near you or near your boyfriend. I don't remember too from what -- that it is important saying they. I think there is some confusion against the U. Link in the Watertown area that I can't over but we're taking over the United States it was in Turkey and but I think I can get you into it. Under the conclusion that I think they're trying to figure out anti insulation together. He you know I I can also say. Yes from play -- what we -- early this morning. I'd be hard pressed it to you actually pronounced dead at the hospital and me. From their injuries that he heard. In the street I would say he -- it probably it would be put -- Now after he was hit by the suvs. The -- if you if you don't mind describe the scene again how many police officers was he in the middle the streak was he up against the house was -- behind a -- what was it look like. Street -- Q. He was close to the driveway. Well -- not -- -- it. Crews there again it was it was happening so how. -- I'm assuming that the leader was it -- potentially border to but with -- moment. You know the seeing it done insider. You know -- -- -- and you know -- police say they came. Melinda did he have a weapon was he firing back with a pistol or some sort of a weapon at the police. Well. And we've gotten tired -- and even -- he -- in me a year. You know gotten higher credit where it's important done but toward the -- here. Multiple rounds which found in the conference in Latin. -- yeah it. Yeah I did not see him I -- I remember him. I just remember the index shot multiple times. You know I -- its presence of what I remember from what I hear I believe that he ended that his son. Oddly the county earned it and I can personally he. Are there are some footage that all of us have seen a number of times of a man lying face down on the pavement in the middle the street. In front of the big draw Asian funeral home is this where you are or was this some other person that that this has nothing to do with what you're -- Didn't hit it into the corner Dexter and -- are allowed to assure laurel okay. I'm Linda well stay inside the he's still. One columnist. We've been told by by the police that where we're not eating today. I'm -- reject and a bunker earn enough in -- eight in the within a local authorities been to China China who thought this tragedy. You haven't heard any gunfire explosions lately correct has been a while we. We have not on their reports on a -- eating that you know that they were going. -- -- -- You know potential. High bombs that they weren't going to -- any I personally haven't heard any explaining. I can tell you there are aren't you aren't there at the box and I'm orange -- and well as he -- yeah police department's special orchestra and front now. Wow that definitely taking precaution but I haven't heard it all out and Bettany. Linda thank you very much from stay safe we really appreciate Europe eyewitness account of what happened today you very significant day in the in Boston we appreciate. Be sharing with us what you saw this morning. No real quick -- John -- -- these guys are Brothers and one of them you know Jerry -- to jump on Twitter here this one guy apparently that's the biggest coincidence of all time this is our cores -- an opposite directions or so cars aren't. Was he came mergers in Latin student and 12500 dollar scholarship from Cambridge in 2000 left and was ace. All six student of the month the nice to among all state wrestler wrestler 2000. We're gonna go to ABC news for an update right now we will be right back.

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