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Dan Wetzel on the Hernandez charges

Jun 27, 2013|

Dan Wetzel joined the show to discuss the charges levied against former Patriot Aaron Hernandez. Dan does not think the trial will go well for Aaron.

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You know it's a big story of Dan Wetzel Yahoo! Sports is covering it and covered he did a great piece on Yahoo! Sports he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- nice job -- would you take away. From the court proceedings yesterday what two or three things struck you as impact full. Well odd because the couple I thought the reaction of Fernandez the -- but mostly devoid of emotion on a -- -- to sit there saying look at all caught. Whether it was relief going back in the pressure -- yet he did do that very good didn't I knowing it going to be a problem. There will be elected but that the lack of emotion a lot of time to -- stopping. -- breakdown in some way -- Saturday showed some anger that none of that. Would it would it attorney micro manage his client to the point where he would say listen the camera's going to be on you for the next twenty minutes when we walk inside this courtroom I want to look a certain way in at the answer to that is yes Dan -- do you think. Feet instructed him to look defiant and and smog like that. Was -- a good look for them. What definitely yes but I don't think he did I don't think you're good luck -- -- It necessarily matter it doesn't matter is is going to be on the evidence but. I don't I don't -- -- -- what they're gone for I try would have shown a little bit from different I mean look at if nothing else. It's -- one of the foreign debt -- if you didn't do it. You would think you -- you'd feel for the ball that's the point you would see your -- your wife your fiance and get that about it how might that. Problem that is very human emotion -- -- got a parable that got out I didn't do it. But didn't have very emotional deal I don't think any element in the courtroom but I imagine anybody in there watching -- -- run out or. In your -- -- What would happen so motion the other thing on this is the -- Which eat the prosecution meters as -- -- concocted or that is literally one of the stupidest -- ever -- When you have a guy. Of this means in this age. -- 23 year professional for many years. -- -- literally decided to do it execution style murder because. One of his friends was talking to the wrong people. Like this at the seventh grade. I either can't believe that motive. -- or this is even beyond it to sell it does it ought to pay a horrible murder and evil murder. She's pure stupidity. That you would be Mac. In the -- that you would plot out of murder. Based on the back kind of mode so that was the other thing that that I took from the. What what baffles you the most trusted -- that I mean what questions do you come away with that she's in need an answer to. Well what out of the prosecution. I mean I think that that but he didn't say they don't -- -- Alter cremation rate. They're giving -- much to tell the judge. We do have a case here and let's keep -- in without bail he did back obviously find out later there's there's a guy in Connecticut. Associated with the case could put away what does he say he's talking. We didn't. You know they they imply. Obviously they have a very good commodity -- with peace with the camera. -- -- Put the car with Hernandez with -- The scene of the gap from 3238. Re 27 in the morning art and industrial park every bit as. Incredibly incriminating stop what happens in their -- -- picture that. Obviously you have a long way to try to fight back and say -- we outlawed there. -- what else would have it and that there say while Woodley and as a one shot lead in Erie. Right. There's no proof but now that. We know he was the triggerman. He wasn't just there are obviously either -- and how to trouble -- the -- of that murder. Bought it it has changed. The plumber wants a terrorist -- you know again structure accessory or whatever it. We we Estes we asked this this morning Dan and I still haven't answered do you see one moment one. Example here where -- and it has tried to -- tracks or used these brain at all on him. I understand he's a dummy but. Even dummies at some point though that the composites say. I better be careful here I mean what did he do to. That to help himself or helps. I'd. I'd buy Macs in the cellphone ads run cold like that they're really dumb thing to -- not a commodity you -- on the cellphone in my optic. I mean you know might be the Smart thing to do it appeared to try to get word murder ought. I think yeah -- you not think he did it not we -- war many didn't charge of obstruction yesterday. Which. Potentially cut that it will add all the option arrangement they did board the killer Raymond and easily yeah I think Dallas on purpose so while it. Clearly. They were able to get stopped off of the off with a home security. And off of the off the cellphone. So whatever he was trying to do it didn't work. Koppel we don't know what other disputing it may have been very good at. It would close or or different things that the Angel Clark -- gone yeah that's a big -- no one -- about it so he -- some stuff like yet. -- -- -- turning -- an attorney got a guess yet named Harvey Steinberg believes in his heart that they have the other two and when you think about it it make sense Dan -- because they have texts going to these guys in Bristol says it get your ass -- soon as you -- where they have. A surveillance video of these two guys we assume that the two guys who left there were taken out of the house at some point. Would would you be shocked that they didn't already have these guys if not idea arrested. What they have -- I believe have harper you're gonna break in the glow red carpet current on the charts right. Yet in their their could be there could be they might have a -- and one in the different you know we don't know music could be anywhere. I've no doubt they know who their offices and and obviously they're gonna lean on note I look these three guys presumably there's only one future government. There might be too far gone but I think they thought it was all one -- rightfully that in a picture lot of guys -- pull the trigger. And whoever the true law. You go to them and say you'd get life without parole -- for a year -- a year whatever it. And held true you can pull the trigger your sector I mean it -- either way it's a very bleak future but a lot and -- better -- -- of alcohol. Do you oh I'm sorry go at our model -- Arabic and do you have any theory as to why -- beyond just plain old stupidity. You would leave a car two part question. Next the body that registered in your name and by the way that car was seen on surveillance footage going into the industrial park. But there's no mention of another car so the second part of the question Dan is how to they get from the industrial park having left the Nissan behind. Back a mile to Hernandez house in four minutes is that it sprint run it. But they they are driving our current and -- back alone right. As the seat pulling into it into his driveway -- separate car. In a separate car while I think the -- car in the Arctic air I don't know. The second car on surveillance when it's hot. Yeah but there's yet there was not there was not mention that that that I recall home. You know really help -- see the transcript from a. That they you know like clockwork but. Now that I think that. That's the question on that I don't know how to quite got bad on it they don't have to try to get the right and -- and they tell and the defensive and have any chance. The compact yet so we don't know all the evidence and whatever evidence they have now they can get -- and it's trial local or you know. I would assume almost the and -- you can get a lot more like aren't gone -- -- -- a Ford but I saw those guys. I was driving down that street one of the things that struck beyond Hernandez in the -- into the modern way of the world has. I mean it's it's really hard it's really hard to get away with -- more meaning of the number if I -- search every camera. It's the same orbit with a -- They get a -- they get all the cameras and find it go anywhere in the country about the fighting it I don't know why -- an edit argued the only guy out of the securities. Because. Player he's walking that the economy had a lot of stop them getting help if it -- this -- video. That particular video. That kind of -- that they're talking about and it's going to be are very powerful. Is his own video camera showed him. Showing up at a -- at 330. -- minutes after the murder with a weapon in his hand believed to be the murder weapon. A -- and and and and they have been the and then they have other video putting an -- you know look I am not yet got bought out. Yeah I don't want to know why they brought more credit the prosecution probably fell again be over killed include every ounce of evidence they had enough to hold him without bail was not a quote from somebody about something he said in the car which would indicate one the other two guys is talking to cops about -- Hernandez sit in the car. Yet that that was an ample and yet there's an indication that we have we have -- -- they are obviously lord Ted Fernandez talking belt. Somebody gave them back and again they make that Al electoral that out. So the other. Hernandez here that -- about a third person here at. And beg off solid so somebody's somebody's polling our role first you know someone's gonna get caught up our. You -- to the Michael Vick dog trial every single person lol I'm Michael. Michael Vick get a pick all the -- and they did the same -- they offered up and the other like five guys you'll look for all rolled up Michael Beckett into the -- Ivins was. It's whoever makes that whoever makes -- he'll get laps of last time. And now those are short prison sentences comparative analysis that they and that but you'll even get going this you know couple years hasn't. The leader -- talk about like some of the. I I was just say the Jerry Reynolds recourse speculation what does that devastating psychological moment. Get somebody who had it all like Aaron Hernandez as he sits on his clot in his cell and says this. Possibly is my life for the rest of my life. In April via what makes go to about -- door yesterday morning. That look and say. That they weren't here again evident. I think it's I think it hit again I wonder about the pressure and also the guy. What would you do it and let's presume that -- -- state cases back here -- How do you live last week. No you can't go anywhere right now they're gonna get it coming after you know when you're gonna find. And I might have been released but attic at this point you'd have to know -- -- if he's Limbaugh and all that that they expect. You have to know facing very very long block it that much. Not. Away I have a feeling this is something it's going to look maintain your attention for quite sometime down. -- Daria I think I rader well there will be our inaugurating Yahoo! sports' Dan -- thinks the time always always a pleasure Dan. I cracked it -- debacle joins us the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT eat little less than an hour from now -- -- in joins us between now and then your phone calls.

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