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Aaron Hernandez charged with first degree murder

Jun 27, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the charges against Aaron Hernandez. They agreed that the road ahead looks very bleak for the former Patriots tight end.

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Also this Eric Hernandez. Gets Doc Rivers off the hook this week I think. With that as an opening statement let me say this think about this picture this in mind right about now with the sun coming up. Aaron Hernandez should -- should be realizing. That this is the first of what will seem like a million morning's. Where he wakes up. In a ten by seven foot. Box and about this I guarantee you his mansion in North Attleboro has walk in closets twice that size and this is where he is going to spend. Possibly the rest of his life. You know -- look at the the dark side says he's not up yet he's not up yet. May be destined for -- homeless sleep yet -- he doesn't have to wake up at 4 in the morning. What that -- up -- there have been -- I guarantee it's not 4 AM so he he's got to get more sleep -- your her -- him more of them in his sleep all the screaming and moaning and hollering I wish -- background I would never ever sleep before him -- laxative in a year or two and maybe get some sleep but. Even a stone cold killer like Aaron Hernandez. And they allegedly. Even even he is going to be land it look at the ceiling speakers. It's not that it is wrestling with the evil in his soul it's that he was so stupid that he didn't put some thought into this and -- still thinks. -- Lloyd had to go but he couldn't put a little. And we we could spend much of this morning reviewing what happened yesterday but anybody who cares knows what happened watched the beat the proceedings in in court. Read the papers or read the of the blogs online watched the video all that sort of stuff. I'd like to advance -- a little further. And and and pose some questions. That came up in my mind again and again and again yesterday that I would really like answered sooner rather than later in the first and foremost one of course is the biggest one and that is why. Now we are led to believe that he got mad at old Lloyd because -- and clocked some guys. At the club rumor that would give an -- some trouble three or four days before. I don't buy that I mean I've -- -- got mad at them. But are you kidding me. Because I talk to somebody that you didn't like unit to evolve that gave Aaron Hernandez reason and costs and desire to shoot his future brother -- Orchestrate an execution based on the right that's the best term whole hearing yesterday orchestrated an X acute shouldn't. I'm pretty sure that's a felony in most jurisdictions. Orchestrating an excuse that's were goes. Beyond yes OJ Simpson beat on whatever. Crime that no one would deal with. I don't remember anybody orchestrating an XQB -- wrote the orchestrated the next -- little more thought into it he can actually do at least OJ can claim it was a crime of -- -- I believe what's a -- yes right Watson and which is -- -- -- like Cuba and got it but. I I think that would be my first question if if I could get an answer one question would be that. Who were the guys -- moment to talk to and what were they talking about is it simple matter of them in them being rival gang. That that they GA annually bloods and crips and we now know which one if it is a case bloods and -- we know which one Hernandez's ritzy apartment -- tattoos -- said -- On him but he does have blogs. A red flag literally. If you the patriots or any Kenya and he has blogs. Tattooed. On his hand. Whom would you ask. What's the significance of that maybe there's so many tattoos it's -- gibberish. On his when gibberish. What does that all mean is -- meaning. -- -- -- Just post things look like bird put -- it all up and down his arms of those people know what they what are those -- duke Amazon right now wouldn't attend city. Well -- see what -- you see when you seal that mess. Nice the see some way it looks like a -- like a -- -- clouds. And -- looks like something just dropped on his arms like you you know it's like just in -- sorted that won't they just to repair -- do you think he knows what that'll mean -- sure Tulsa and -- us -- jet -- don't cover my whole arm but. If it's a simple matter bloods and crips and his guy -- supposed to be blood was talk in the crypt now maybe -- different names. Maybe the difference street gang can name and it's like. Westside story yes via. Sharks -- the just and the jets. But that was a rival gang you don't talk to them you talk to them you have ago. Here are the parameters of that incident and -- mention those two incidents it was. June 14. At the Boston nightclub rumor not been there a thousand times but never seen her and don't -- right -- that that they say you've always stayed neutral. Yes yes that's a lot of hikers are what are not a -- your life you're very political -- and and apparently Lloyd was speaking to people to Hernandez did not want him talking to miss I think it's extremely incriminating. Nights later -- laying this out in court yesterday that Aaron Hernandez sent text messages. To two out of state friends telling him to get to his home as soon as possible. Hernandez and those two friends. Then picked up Lloyd in Dorchester and drove him to be industrial this isn't this a few days later yes so took a couple days to get it was that. I mean when he saw him talk to the rival gang wasn't. Did you set them off on this in this -- no city comic right to think about right maybe do some research on what they talked about. Maybe Oden was they can go all the outside yet. -- and and I said this the other day. In and then you said yeah but look Chris Aaron did a secure and Arizona -- Seattle. Different deal you get him away from them that the thugs and -- hometown. And needs to get Christian parents friends -- and yet they did you make it more difficult and you don't if you efficient Seattle and it repeat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And speaking of his pals and we're always looking for new kind of information here an attorney that works for ESP NS name is Harvey Steinberg. Turns his attention to these two guys and I thought what he said it was fascinating take a listen. What I'm worried about -- defense attorney. Is in nobody's talking about it you heard that there were two other people they were referred to as the confederate it's and they said we have them on surveillance going to the scene of we have them on surveillance coming back we have them. On surveillance with the god. Where are those two right now. Trust me they wouldn't have just arrested Hernandez. And kept these guys off the less they already had those two in custody. And I'm assuming that the way this will play out is they're gonna look to see who is the person that's fired. The shots into the chest of this poor guy that. Led to his demise. They're gonna go after that guys and they're gonna flip or try to give deals. The to the other individuals were not involved in the actual to use that term execution on quote. Now that's ESPN attorney Harvey Steinberg and Alan and I find it fascinating that he is convinced that they are you know the other two incarcerated and think about this if they in well. -- Hernandez sent text to these two guys in Bristol signature wraps up to my house as soon as possible then they also have their phone numbers to. And at the Heather -- numbers they've identified these guys and they have these guys on surveillance tape he would not be upset if they didn't have these -- They must have those guys falls is Aaron broke it is yeah yet I don't know we texted but no they don't hit texted Evans and get up there and just can't look at obviously -- -- obviously he's a moron thought that it breakers phone on the couldn't -- released next big pot. There was so much detail here 88. It was almost disappointing in a way so I thought we were in for a fascinating trial yes we are not -- not them dead to rights. Does the dumbest criminal in in US history. Of Florida should be shamed the patriots should be ashamed of this. More on plug alleged killer. It. And tell me this what what made him he's -- -- the question just. Fascinates me. -- figure in the first cut but no he thinks that the stop snitching that was gonna snitch. But is it that. It's the timeline for this more. He's got -- -- has -- old -- is texting his sister says I'm with the NFL just so you know -- -- Aaron Hernandez four minutes later. Gunshots rang out at this industrial park and people and the Mason allowed the stanza and then what -- five minutes later. Surveillance video has some walking into his house with these other guys and they don't and they got god. Mile -- -- Roger that just circumstantial too weak case a circumstantial doesn't mean bat. That's the thing we can put on an argument in but the circumstantial. Doesn't mean it's not good solid evidence which it is every time we talked about this and we said could be the -- -- pulled the -- we said there's no way he's that come in every time I said whoever the dumbest criminal in the world as I do apologize that yeah that guy is -- income you cannot be used to border. He's amid a note several stores ago as Robin banks and leaving their technically it's -- and leave their idea on the counter horse -- like -- -- use their real name. We always have these idiots. This is the biggest. When you consider what he gave up. We consider what had Goldman's -- predicts it it it all the whole thing in carpet. This is the single dumbest criminal in US history Aaron Hernandez. It will find out in court if he's convicted and we can stop column alleged killer. He's not -- more -- he is an absolute moron I can't believe it's the guy I've heard -- -- obscene and interviewed he can put a sentence together. We played the interview when he talked about the new deal that he signed your craft and donated the Myers charity and all that. That guy. Is dumber than. And then. There would be. Many remembers he's dumber than me and I thought -- was the dumbest closest. -- Twitter yesterday it's amazing the drop is the smarter of the two dead -- and by far. Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports will join us oh win at 7 o'clock hour. Wrote it this way interesting paragraph -- middle was piece on Yahoo! Sports take a look at. This was not a crime of passion this was not an instant decision or an accidental shooting. This was cold and calculated a grown man and a 41 point one million dollar contract. Trying to settle some juvenile sign of disrespect in the most pathetic way of the street imaginable. Now does the fact that. He is the stupidest guy that we can possibly imagine answer my second question why would you leave a car. Registered to you. At the site of the murder that you'd just commit I guess the answer is maybe they were trying to really outsmart cops make it seem like. It was a drug deal gone bad and somebody shot him there and and and left and the second part of the question is how the -- to get. A mile home. In in for five minutes after that on that without being seen because there are now I now know there -- security cameras everywhere in the world of -- -- bathroom stall so I don't know how they go home without without being yes. Seen by hole it's 330 surveillance or else they saw surveillance camera into the -- obviously these surveillance cameras saw. The car the Nissan silver Nissan going into the industrial park -- it. The good news is that guy is right that he has -- lawyer big a deal to do they got held one or the other two. Maybe bowl but they -- what I'll do them they took away -- cup cars. On the day they went yes this is house -- these guys. And I mean these are quality human beings -- on the user gang guys these bugs these -- guys. Are facing serious charges I don't even think and and again and we talked hairy men and and other areas but this. There's a mean of Eric and Aaron Hernandez's lawyer. Went to the DA today that we wanna make a deal will give -- discuss this at this could drop the second degree. The -- the DNC's. Lost now and we got you we got you the second degree not good enough. In fact life in prison is not good enough and I know you know this is not significant today but -- should be going of the death he should be going. On death for this -- should be -- you have death penalty for people like Aaron and as he should be excluded that's what the people of Massachusetts one. Tyrants like a bloody -- Texas Finneran would allow it in on the in this state we voted for we wanted to we don't have that. This is if he's in Texas to be playing for the cowboys of the Texans. He's going to -- Row and the image of Hernandez. Shooting him three times and then standing over him and popping two more into his chest. That's what to do and it's not just Chile sending a message -- are yet to be good definitely -- -- this is what you do. -- -- -- -- You know it's and you hope against -- -- yet if you always do that he'll be gone sideways and you say stuff to -- -- -- in my -- For all players scarface he listened he gets an eight month old -- here's a daughter -- in the message the -- in the guys who. Talk behind his domestic front right. The course and this is way we we we weighed down on my list but did his party. Suggest to him. The debt smog defiant look at 25 minutes was the way to go yeah don't you think basically they -- you talk let's listen you're standing there will be cameras on you. And you think he advised him to say you know people in the -- stand up straight like you didn't do anything to be defiant -- -- -- rather had -- lower resides lowered his head and look contrite look worried -- -- to work on that course was and tries to -- if you're facing and we have a million questions. But if you were facing this possibilities that come get you. To the door without -- sure didn't know. Regional they haven't. -- yes -- just kill the -- -- -- cold blooded well first 789 -- worlds is expecting you to get arrested any minute now at the summit on first of all I -- a guy it's. I had Mosher and on the academic environment Obama who knows that I ran shirt on and nature and and it was some guys sell console power. Solid in solar and it's just one should I mean one bit. -- Amador sure mark myself twice exodus later on to get over it. Can't imagine answering the door for anyone when you're facing this possibility. Sure you're assuming he was awake at 845. And welcome opposite you -- grab -- shirt again he's stupid. -- this but beyond that it's arrogant he's and to me it is not doesn't do it to those historically August or whatever are likely to stoop to quickly and moron and obviously this -- premeditated -- told as always to get it from Bristol that took a couple of days and on the plan this thing and went to a place in Dorchester and they went somewhere ultimately drove along receive all along that rim and then wait -- he grabbed this kind of said you don't know who we can trust and yes. If if if you're handed a script along ordered what's that Dick Wolf yes -- -- a few some mystery illness my god you don't know who you can trust and he grabs the gun. And it's August -- Surveillance camera as he leaves to go kill -- -- I wonder how high how drunk in what state of mind. Beyond normal. Was he when he did this they were they were it was 3 point 6 the morning. Gently dropped about Richard you've had a few three point 6 in the morning. You think this happened as a result of him just getting more and more pissed off more and more he drank or smoked Purdue but every I don't know I don't know whether smoked lately like. Product back in the day yet didn't make me wanna go kill people but it didn't turn on cartoons and something that equipment. Argue with that Domino's number you know I mean they deliver I want to unlock a lot of -- I think Peter -- you know. Cumberland farms for Susie Q yeah that's that's what I I told that before those hostess apple pies cherry point you about the will be. On nine and you know what's most -- heating up short stories. About oh what was your thing. And I used marijuana. That was a big gesture Merrill one. A deal with the other way. Biloxi cannot make us -- yeah. The onions Armenia onions yes that's a good fun -- that's the way there is exists is going to happen. You know and I have told the sport college. Was lucky charms and you think of -- -- don't know it's a late night snack Michael -- but yeah the guy I knew when he did we get. Two pieces of white bred puppies are both sides of the millions Pringles in there. Just goes in intimate knowledge sick what a tribute to. When he -- I don't have lunch yesterday at its chief enabler and Pringles yeah -- I was I was -- -- both as a lawyer now about it was a premeditated -- guy I premeditated if we -- -- Friday night that we make Hamburger -- earlier in the day. Then -- some hamburger properly that you know that was two kinds of craving was sweet and -- and an epidemic right. Of them BO that's like Camille like -- sustenance right -- of the desert. Will want to finished -- Hamburger Helper that was probably for a little room understand what I disagree with FT ice -- and it has fired up another bong hit it. But at our sixth on seventh grade 779797. We got a million questions we pineapple. And as a pineapple. Typically -- No he just -- publish else. Yeah that's a good point what point and gates who's accused stoked for the published news release -- publisher is being -- toy. Just no question global issues and maybe even mention rolling papers in court Whittle that down sized -- big trucks took people really choose team you can. All right 6177797937. AT&T text line is 37937. Dan Wetzel Yahoo! Sports was in the courtroom yesterday you'll -- -- at 725 -- man Harry -- and an hour later at 825 mark Jeremy kneel on the rest of the callers we see you will get to you next.

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