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Patriots Fan Reaction to Aaron Hernandez

Jun 26, 2013|

Mikey takes calls and gathers reaction from Patriots fans regarding Aaron Hernandez being charged with murder and speculate as to why someone would throw a life and career away in that manner.

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We're talking about Aaron Hernandez and other things anything you want really 6177797937. We have from. And I see here though. Not suggesting anyone with ink is a criminal. But doesn't present this inordinate number of tattoos give insight into gang life. Wide and we connected dot. Well there -- other -- need to be connected I think in a bigger way. Another earlier text her alluded to this in fact I'll read that text to you because it was concise. If -- I was accused of shooting the previous guidance now suing him he would have been arrested for the shooting in this murder might never have bid. I think that's a valid point. Where were all of the follow up activities in the helicopters in the police in the investigations going on when it came to light. Roughly the same time. It this happened I mean and obviously it was good reasons and come the later earlier was -- the guy who was shot in the face. We've been had people call described as a real bad ass I didn't tell the police who did it for awhile. You know and then then said it was an accident or whatever I don't there was money changing hands temperature. Berries out in California or not never does anything like this ever happened right -- Oh yeah I've known south central involved -- would you like a -- not what you're talking -- -- -- large time -- chocolate yes but you know I'm just sit here wondering I mean what was the reason I mean I thought this guy. Wasn't Hernandez in this polling guy a lawyer guy. Bodies or something. Yes they're supposed to be there that's that's what they've been quoted as being the whole story throughout. So I mean you know I gonna be getting bits and pieces -- I'm just kind of wondered what. Something must -- -- down I know why he is. -- gas and and this is just. Your sentence or something yes whatever it or not Hernandez is sister Hernandez's fiance says right. Yeah right if there were all -- did -- sister in laws. Sisters in law all thing -- out I mean it's not outside Salt Lake its north -- well that's why I mentioned earlier on and nobody's really come -- much on it but. This thing smells to me and Vegas is my period smells to me. Like the women. Had some kind of emotional stake in all of the jazz are on and on would be on them I'm really really believe that he couldn't every money. Now because it -- and has had all the money. Right it wasn't about you know was I can't have I mean that the semi pro football night joined sister how's he gonna end now -- whether -- make -- -- -- -- sort of needs you scrape that off your list is there one else's you know if there was a gang vengeance Marino won some kind of a revenge thing of some kind of gripe and only you know carried out and macho who's got bigger balls. Yeah as a Yankee type -- -- then there's no explaining those either I think it's multiple things then. Just avoids talking to. You know people that he doesn't want him to talk to nobody around at a nightclub in Boston and tonight I think that's just you know kind of an excuse yeah corrected that because -- act this violence now involved but our welders are vulnerable and anybody you know and and it -- had an effect on we don't know about and obviously all Lester -- gonna come up very Britain meantime. The lawsuit. Was an incident happened in February. Yeah add up at least -- A strip club in Miami OK so just take -- guy gets shot after he argues -- Hernandez. At a strip club in Miami no charges okay now. This is this what comes around and the Hernandez investigation leads officers to Providence strip club. I mean it's all just so filthy there's nothing clean about any well you know editing. The patriots clearly didn't know about the February it's him because -- game is bonus money in March so they wouldn't it would have done that if they'd known about that incident. That I'm wondering how in the ten -- no doubt you know any any polite. Because it got insanity just finally saw filed -- lawsuit out and whoever is going on haven't lately they have private investigators long when he goes down the Miami anyway how would they don't take you would assume this -- had a track directed by the senate given this guy what he. He got a sixteen million dollar. Sign a bonus and sign up bonus while the other four you know. I've talked to people provenance Berry who says they always saw Hernandez's strip clubs and -- always have heard that too but that's not that's our daughter that's hearsay and a I think everybody night in -- it's not illegal to go into those and know it's indicative of something -- well there's plenty of. Fascinates you. History of bad guys that it kind of followed them around. It's like. All these guys you wait there's a lot more history gonna come out won't know the full story on all the acquaintances believe me now he's been. Jailed on a murder charges have become another -- work would stories about the -- sure Barry thanks for the call buddy all right guys they capped by him Georges in -- not that -- in Cambridge Georgia need to mr. George go ahead. Me on my theory on Hernandez is is he's probably the only Latino player on the team right okay. And he probably was isolated on the team you got white players than black players. They're helping each other and the guy some tension between the red flag. Wanted with them and help them out 'cause the. Years you don't read about George does that mean all right Anthony Munoz who -- all of Famer brightness metaplayer -- -- steel and San Diego has spent it and it was as tight end Anthony Gonzales -- -- I don't -- and the -- theory though George and white wedding Jackie Robinson until some people when he was the only black guy in the entirely. And that well this is not the issue the issue is that -- it and I'll pick the patriots didn't not. The call this guy out invested forty million. Wait a minute to hold I gonna stop you. If you -- forty million dollars okay you're living in North Attleboro -- one point three million dollar home your professional football player were contracts for endorsements. And even played football your whole life. How much adjustment do you meet. Well he's only one he was only 21 they drafted me very very young and I only 23 and here he has. You know young is not an excuse for stupid or murderous. It is or is or news is back -- The patriot players probably -- his problems. There was the story where he was wearing your Wes Welker as a rookie. Because welcome wouldn't help -- -- as a as a rookie with the equipment I mean the players knew what was going on going help this guy. Don't help. Again what kind of help be asked to wait and by the way where the resources. That you have every resource the world disposal it's unconscionable it's inexcusable to defend this guy. It sounds so you're. And I'm not defending imam saying that the long before there's a patriot. Shouldn't -- have. -- there was red flags George you know there was reports that teams. Did not even have -- their draft for enemy he would have been a first round pick but he slipped to the fourth round and that's where the investigation into summons prior. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In his friend at a guy and who knows. But all these things have to. Be taken into consideration when you're gonna spend forty million dollars investment. On a guy who's really not just a risk as a player. But based on the fact he's a risk as a human being. Well you're accurate it would mean them because not saying the same thing. They. The best that -- personally would this guy because he knew he has its. And now an enemy how much can you do that we -- hold his hand you know we wanted to do Polamalu when he when he leaves the stadium after his work I don't have sympathy for these guys who have been had their hand held through college and gotten through scrapes and incidents. With help. That -- their own screw ups but people guided them through old guy did not cause they're good athletes all we're gonna bend over backwards you don't. While this whole Hernandez things going on six people in Dorchester get shot. I'm here but damn thing about any of them. You know I mean I understand is a high profile thing and we like talking to mark its interest because we're know all of the guy in the Roth following the story. But let's get to the bottom of some of these other stories. With kids get shot in bad neighborhoods you won't hear about it because they're not high profile. Well maybe they should become higher profile based on on all of this because it's still people dying we don't know you know what what's -- guy's name -- Old what's his name the -- murder victim mode Lloyd Lloyd Wright I. We don't kind of guy he was at it and some cases people might say well in the end maybe he's a bad guy -- and maybe you know whatever. There's a vigilante isn't here. You can't just kill somebody. And but my point is people get killed on a regular basis -- here. And people should be looking to that just destroyed in my opinion this is -- Mohamed in New Hampshire hello Obama. Okay turn your radio down no problem of children and your children. Connecticut and I don't -- parents -- from he's from Bristol Connecticut the it. -- he's Hispanic I don't know him my whole I don't know what is what is -- grip back -- This. Guy as your name Mohamed really. -- -- I -- to remember there was a whole bunch of people limo and on the flow. But this -- -- get a -- I take a hike. Bill in Malden bill how -- -- Hey guys so that this is a cease. All I can tell. I case that is every takes every kind of people it. Point point there might use the secure -- -- -- I felt like the coverage on this was you know it's sensationalism obviously. But. Now as a patriot season ticket holder I am very. You know there was depict that this patriot way talk but that's really no patriot way -- individuals. Yeah absolutely bill this page fairways debuts Tuesday it's a -- -- you know it's it's what it is as it was nice the -- it's at right now it's a good attempt bad at achieving some kind of standard of behavior I understand that it's okay to have that. But let's not pretend it's it's exclusive. Of of bad -- I've always thought this was ridiculous right. There was so many great character guys yes Tedy Bruschi Troy Brown -- center you can go down the list. But. You don't think that you know maybe there's a bag of players wherever that there was guys doing drugs doing other things that some of the NFL teams every single NFL team and a couple of bad guys on -- this this Ochocinco is in jail why. He had invited his wife the boil it out he's a -- head to head -- his wife and then. He's all about the putts he these -- -- -- a couple of watch you -- to go to the bathroom moment to remember. And it gets in a court his lawyer just good jobs respects him on the spot and the judge gets mad I beat it from every little minor infraction every little TV deal that goes on. I would patriots players or anybody. It any professor I mean look if amid this sounds awful but if you were to form a list of you know a couple players this could possibly happen to on the patriots Hernandez would be on that list to keep to believe about Alfonzo -- and I mean there's some guys good guys -- -- flaws but you can find that on every single track -- -- of police it's you know activity. I -- it's it's the athlete -- and it has nothing to do with the yeah. Streets aren't you you know I think -- deserves. Some of the credit far. He's trying to do the right thing but we don't have the control over these individuals you know and yet its -- now it comes back to bite -- -- That would -- -- would. Would you be opposed if a good deal came along and said look if you evidences and -- convicted of any felony. -- Would you be against that. -- I wouldn't be against that because immunity if you're convicted not accused not arrested or convicted of a felony which means you did it -- it in the eyes of the court and America. And it in the rule as you can't come back. Now I am on. Again I mean it's to me it's it's very. I'd love that that talked when they said it was the patriots way to demean the four when I was -- patriots fan it would balloon does Little League we have -- seek Moet and everything. And I fell for that -- talk tool but it's the person. In all. And I I -- that's -- I mean look now. -- Corey Dylan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But if you if you said the -- look you're signing a contradictions as you can play but the NFL rules which means if you have. Proven -- at -- a band guys from baseball writer for having affiliations -- the casino. And this is after the stop playing ball Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays were hired for big money big readers at casinos. And they in the Major League Baseball banned them. Because of that association now again casinos would or could have won here masters or three as there everywhere now no one thinks of the same way. But can you present at the time it did they have enough power to be able -- these guys big stars from the game for that and we got guys -- Ronald got felony convictions. You know at NP protests and arrests. I mean could you say that there is. Bruins' way we needed guys like Bergeron. The -- -- this is ridiculous though bill I know your big time fan but did I'm sorry to say every single professional sports team has some great guys on and some bad guys to him. Now it's like -- -- high school bill have a great night OK you know one. Disappoint what who has who is and discussed a dip in a lot of ways bio lists. Because you know here's the thing in this is the irony irony of that. How far could forty million dollars ago. In educating. Potential at risk crime. Criminal types future criminal types in the regular community. In other words. Much sovereign education. Funding for apps for jobs atomic keeping people out of trouble as long as you possibly -- how far does forty million dollars -- Well forty million dollars -- Aaron Hernandez. And he allegedly. Still pulled the trigger. On a murder victim five times with forty million dollars at an honest kitchen table. But examples this. The matter what you deal or no matter what you do and they have all these seminars to guys about violence and in their money and you know staying out of trouble. It is some guys just bad guys -- to be Baghdad's no matter what's your. A stroke and and what we watched a video today. We see Aaron Hernandez standing there looking every bit the part of that bad guy with -- his alleged crimes.

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