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Michele McPhee, where does the Hernandez case go from here

Jun 26, 2013|

Mikey talks with Michele McPhee, who has been covering the investigation into former Patriots TE, Aaron Hernandez, about all the evidence that came out in the arraignment today, and what the process for Hernandez will be from here on out.

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You know who's been unbelievable as always on the the crime beat as our good friend Michelle McPhee joins us now Michelle this morning I. I that I. Well it's great to have you back Michelle I you don't -- edge on the other night we were talking about the potential imminent arrest for. All of us thank you well Mario obstruction of justice our wondered because it was taken so long. The big Bob came down today though where were you and what did you think when you heard it. While I knew it and -- -- It was never it cute because they're not get hurt. You and meet the product is police. It in the cart dot you can get the security. Ali. But Ali that you know -- -- -- It out the what is now only be acting in your pocket. And what what the right -- I would expect it I've got more. And let you know. Like a big big money drug dealer or something -- -- -- old Rodgers something just a dispute overnight doesn't make much sense there has to be more you would think. And it went crazy because we you know and there -- -- -- that they've got eighty shop owners like that and treating it out and look at what Aaron and it's. Girlfriend that air right well we thought we had that we heard -- -- -- aren't acting out it and you find out that it has. Well why can't ER 8 o'clock and eat all that that had a problem what brought it back at the net a little higher. And I get EU about a two days and equality that he and laid out my. There aren't good luck at the gotten it yet and I thought -- in law. Meant to do that. A couple of ranked number -- etiquette that area. Are you all are here wrap up here architect back right. That was in about. 101020. In the evening he tells spread to her your ass up. That to somebody coming up obviously somebody knew from his home state to Connecticut right. There's just column. People aren't they do know that there wasn't an hour rain in Connecticut ain't acting -- -- The mother summary there yet realized that I it will be seen wide act -- Kuerten tomorrow in court. Okay of that's it that's -- obviously -- -- development because they're all kinds of things that have. To do this case that first let me ask you this -- you know your years of covering crime. Have you ever seen someone so inept at covering their own tracks. I mean. I want hey yeah -- you ride the prospect anyway but it certainly. It's not happy and any thought that I bought at a -- on the. -- Michelle it seems I mean this is also a case of of some of the violent history just then all of a sudden snapped but also. Of kind of you know that above the law type the censure mole I'll get away with a on the millionaire type of staying in. Is that part of it also I hear that viewers. Some building across from that creek that is heavily security. As heavy security as well and security cameras that might important. Do you. You apply it back at it as. They elected. To let it eat eat eat eat that -- a -- You know the idea that you don't know why I collecting charity. -- -- from Iraq that they. -- did. You know you connected by literally. Beating out what are leaving it without a barrel yeah. You know Y and rock area at eight -- eat it making it back up at a bar that he aching back at work at. Not only did you -- get the video and -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- But you -- it all that hot you don't like I'm -- it is laudable. Michelle let's also I think maybe a blueprint or you know -- received the time the technology constantly changing of really the future of investigating a lot of these where were you win and how and what car with broken -- cameras have these cameras everywhere and we all we know that anyway but he never has that as a piece of -- seemingly been put together in such a complete fashion as far as like NC. Blood that -- -- -- you know like I know that -- what do you Nike and maybe you'll yet if you are out he had destroyed and there aren't that. A little bit what BLU. Recently insult. -- -- all to market a staggering number. Yeah I guess that aren't what what and how it permanently every images as I eat -- can't I'll let it get you know. And that he'd and you know that's -- well. That have been handed investigator to keep these kids he says. And it kicked well you know the -- -- double -- what I expect. It dragged to try to without that and yet they -- -- ease in order like pocket. The vehicle that went right into -- up. Yeah now what made -- -- rental cars since I would ask you this it's also act while the body. -- collection technical. Is there any and I had -- about some -- of commit about this is there any possibility that the original connection between these two of the murder victim and Hernandez. Which has to do with you know girlfriends be Nazis women. That there might be more to the story because to have some goal off the deep end to the point where they're gonna. Kill somebody you would think there's got to be a trigger there -- the cause that it's either an emotional one or financial one or grudge. Up oh -- in that maybe there's something going none. Between somebody and I'm just suggesting a possible scenario -- and Aronson I learned his fiancee. I think it you know we're a county district attorney and batter. Made it abundantly clear that -- that aren't now and yeah. And I I think get any wind and our eyes and speculate yeah I'd like to speculate I do I admit that it might eat in the little. It might eat some additional issues. But yeah. -- -- dressing I think of the -- did the kind of reaction that apparently -- he was obviously mad enough to stool over situation for a couple days and then plan a murder based on his -- well. I could -- he's very. -- poorly Michelle now at the helicopter treatment it is you know and all the stuff today. What would did you know it was coming down this morning. I had the I did not note coming on the morning and I kept it aren't in aren't that I'd let it but I I had no idea right in that day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- to -- really appreciate. The idea that errant daughter treated their individual like anybody out. Still no deal -- -- should he act and rained a little bit -- sports attorney. Saying at all. We had offered. -- -- -- -- Barack and it went obviously would have been herbal and having -- -- regular Anders. I got it out with a teacher overt. And he can't I think that he. Yeah that was actually my next question I was wondered about that the actual arrest I mean how much she was resisting arrest -- in turn himself in on his on you have that image in. As well about the attorney the other night coming out would that. Now ripping the media essentially. -- hiking everything that immediate report it yeah how hot. But I can't think back that I would have brought it didn't like. Yup that's been pretty impressive and I gotta I gotta say in -- they -- Michelle I think the most damning thing about the timeline that was released and in accordance with this thing today. Went at 323. He's texting his sister Lloyd is the victim. Say hello you know while we're at home mom you don't just say you know NFL oh and then it's four minutes later is when the people working in the industrial park heard gunshots. 3274. Minutes later. The silver are Nissan Altima is viewed coming out of the same gravel road where the body was -- -- how stupid can somebody be to not. Understands his going to be things automatically he's just as -- At the end of the doctor felt on and it could be even my act in a way I wouldn't say I'm forty -- -- and it could be a volley you want to do. He turned into you know I elated and doctor apart they want me on Hernandez without the ball a little lead -- quite -- -- the law right right right. And you know pumping but itself almost locked him articulate -- back and leader acquire. Any real -- -- dogged detective work to figure out and that's before. -- and and five shots. Indicates -- The only today and you got way behind what are breaking it as -- killed were related to the family they aren't -- bond had to -- hit it out by a victim advocate. Because you know they talked about how the first look at the -- the wind up until -- our and annual side YE. You know that says. Yeah while you're there to check out a little more valid political flat and elect Clinton shot back. Let light almost an app but why let somebody that -- -- with a -- act period Arianna -- out. Aria and missed an off parliament while the story's going to be as -- it's obviously been going I'm gonna go on for real long long time it doesn't have. You know quite the Hollywood lore of an OJ Simpson situation but it's got a lot of from -- similarities to Michelle because of the occupation of the yeah. You know of Aaron Hernandez. And the -- all the details surrounding it people people like following these kinds of cases. The delegate like that Internet clearly that he was washed up in the sky six in the time it carrier yeah he's a Q 23 really stupid -- the alleged murderer did. Mean -- -- an -- and -- had to deal apple now. 840 million dollar contract and then on. Nevermind that the money he could've gotten out of bubble which is if they'd known. You know and I asked Michelle I want to thank you for coming on again we love talking to -- and again I keep up the fine work. Anything you. Michelle McPhee everybody on the planet Mikey show.

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