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Jayme Parker talks about Aaron Hernandez's roots

Jun 26, 2013|

Mikey talks with Jayme, who is a native of Bristol, CT. Just like the former Patriots TE.

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-- always a good friend of mine who can maybe shed some light on this whole thing a little bit. Is Jamie Parker of -- and fame. Who of course as many of us know. Is -- Bristol Connecticut native. Jamie. Are you there. Hi Jamie my high writers here would be too high event. I'd write her name -- UW. -- -- and -- not -- department that the story that blows my mind because. 17 kids drop and that's an etiquette. And I play you I mean -- I am. Actually older than mr. Hernandez. By probably a good amount like 1015 years yes ever I have a lot of younger siblings and we -- up homes and vs Connecticut it did not a gun toting gang -- -- it really is not. I never perceived that way you know I'm from Connecticut to -- you know. I never looked at it that way -- -- That's how people aren't taking it like well it's because of where he corolla. It's not a bad parent of Anna yeah many families they're -- Is there an element terror is there an element there of of I don't know me out I didn't know how to judge. Aaron Hernandez based on this guy maybe I know some of the reasons. Have to have guns or whatever it is there's you know there's punk criminals and every child. Exactly that's I think it third usually you talk about you go with the people who are not from the bad track you know I mean they're the bad. Area to Bristol that one little -- Action it's probably at the little. Of course you'll have a -- street. One in the street but you know that up bars on the windows closed up one little section one teeny little accent. But Bristol is so big with three high schools that it. It's amazing that it's getting blown out of proportion saying at some gang riddled you know gun toting you know. I mean most you have been there at all and certainly the corporate headquarters of ESPN stands alone as -- campus that you know it's the satellite dish have been a haven of the world. But what is Bristol all the other -- -- for a while normal people like you guys. This is not a terribly jumps up -- I want to bicycle at -- Hernandez Adrian well with a nasty. Dot org. Also want to -- -- Connecticut you know the center hi as well and all went to the same bicycle. Is it very very eight on. That he found the bad crowd or he or he wasn't the leader about you know without lap but yet beyond new ultimate parent. Good people very good people were into -- to reach out to let their you know their kids through. College right. Help out and -- him you know get into the -- old. -- Jamie as so would have a unique perspective on this in the world in the world of sports is well let's let's compare all three does what what happened today and I obviously there's a court case to come and these -- all alleged alleged situations because we know. But did doesn't he put a black guy. Or black mark on Bristol on University of Florida aren't on the New England Patriots. Mean North Attleboro where bear the brunt of some others -- -- right. You know unfortunately might yet that that situation which is why I felt so inclined to call you my friend because. I wanted to clear my name Herbert a Connecticut I mean I'm my parents still live there -- couple of my siblings out of all of us are lived there as well yet. As a matter fact my brother Lyle would I don't want it that people flooding in the phone -- -- police in -- in that she hopefully yeah. And and I mean it just it really. It's not a it's now Gary area it's not it's hot town it's been very very very meek and mild -- Not that never comes to that count it's very very very safe at all ESPN people Kelly are not well I don't live at Bristol but. It is very -- questions that the great placed greater family you know. I heard -- the biggest crime has. Are the biggest crime ever and Bristol ever on record prior you know attitude to having Fernandez feels there is. Chris Berman breaking wind in them in a revolving door. -- certainly not well in the game. Plan. I honestly I mean blaming Bristol Connecticut -- -- -- -- -- and I know it's Bryant but to me it's ridiculous I mean. The NFL as a black -- -- and of course -- -- -- as saying that there's people laugh make you grow up in these so called leafy communities that drive twenty minutes old way. To some rough neighborhood and get involved in the or and over it and is just this punks and thugs and in every time. I as you are huge huge your past that you got to listen deeply to hang out with each unit and the direction you like don't let. I certainly chose a different direction ago when I chose my friends -- quite well. Easily I mean there's certain third there bar and an aunt and I wonder who's decent and -- at the. Allen he's our school's president has no real up more details I was coming up but Jamie just see you know any and in my view any -- to produce someone is sweet and wonderful as you can't be all bad. Are all -- if we thought I Ali thanks for ticketed Jamie. All right stated there Jamie Parker from NASA chicken -- Bristol native.

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