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Shane Victorino postgame with Joe and Dave

Jun 26, 2013|

Shane Victorino spoke with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien just after the final out of today's 5-3 Red Sox victory over the Rockies.

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Nice job this shank three more hits for you today in that. How about the first inning it's been so comic you'll -- get out in that disrupt things this starting pitchers 25 to thirty pitches before the end of the first Iraq for enrolling. Well you know that's what it's about you know close you know for me a good team good winning team you know it's has been a good 12 punch and -- fortune enough for you know early on everybody was talking to my house burned was struggling unit. You know what was he doing wrong and nine you know it's just -- to me it was just a matter of time before he came out you know and it was doing now. He's done a great job you know it's coming out and going out there being a leader getting on base you know wreaking Havoc and you know I just try to follow that lead and go out there and try to do the little things you know it get mowers third electorate -- in -- You know try to move Morgan and myself you know is there -- kind of things that you work on and you know I posted it got a good 12 punch at a probable lineup. You know we'll always disrupt things in and get an offense going in you know is you know is definitely winning element. Jane you've done that you've been able to do wherever you have gone good. Are you aware of how different the lineup looks and feels when you're in it and doing all of those things. -- you know you know obviously I think you you know you sit there and you see yourself you know this is you know early on has been one of those frustrating things for me is these injuries and you know bat battling the back and -- in the afternoon at -- in the back again. You know running into these laws and you know people say well -- you take a step back and not play that we play and I -- qualify if I start doing that and Hamas will not go out there for the game so that you know for me going out there and I'm just trying to you know. You know get these things to come to a whole you know get the body feeling good. Going out there and you know yeah that's a compliment you know for you guys say that for things to be set like that about you know when I'm out there much difference it makes but. You know for me it's about going out there you know mostly be part of this winning team and and just being an element that. It makes things goal you know -- go out there having fun I've been doing his most -- Chambers -- playing behind that Cadillac he works quickly throws strikes no walks twelve k's today you know he's pitched well you know Lackey you know Genesis one of those things and you look at what this pitching staff has done it. You know I sit in spring training you know these guys get healthy you know I've played against some of these guys face some of these guys and you know what these guys are the topic game and their LT they're dominant and you know Lackey shown that you know -- the -- He knows you know he's he's back to old -- you know that that was there before these injuries and you know fortunate for us we got back we got back kielty you know -- staying healthy I think that's what's important for all of us is you know -- our help back. You know getting Buchholz back healthy I'm feeling good so you know I think all these things are are part of a winning you know winning team is get everybody healthy get anybody out there I'm playing together. Take the one consistent and the one really consistent thing about this team Shane maybe you'll agree. Is the grind ability I think guys that he -- his grind out pitchers Royals also really good pitcher no one has to tell you that you guys wore him out the first and. Know what Roy has definitely you know we talked a little bit the other -- -- yesterday you know about him coming back and you know the kind of -- wanted to come back how we came back and you know he was feeling good and you know -- and I again he pitched well today you know the inning get the run support that he needed you know we were -- it got out early. You know that's -- you know he fell out you score one you would take the -- name we come right back and we answered that with three and it was just one of those things you know sometimes you stuff but you know I had to match -- would -- pitcher. You know I and that's one of those things that we've done or -- long and we -- -- no matter who it is on that mound you know we're gonna grind we're gonna play 27 -- even if we're down ten runs. You know we're one whatever it may be you know we gonna keep battling and play -- 27 out and and make it as -- we -- if not come back when the game so you know again. As I said you know people always ask yesterday's team reminds me of the 67819. In Philly where you know you're never out of it you know -- -- the great years you know to win the World Series you know and and get it to another but. In this team reminds him and he said the grind than mental toughness you know never been out of a game offensively defense they run the bases you know you look at Napoli today. Tagging up on that that -- you know that ball to center field right if you -- -- staying out of the double play and -- the kind of stuff and you don't expect those things but. You know when he becomes contagious winning and playing the game correctly the grind you know that we're going on becomes the -- and that's what we're being able to do well. And hey you know all we gotta keep going got tough series ahead of us you know Tampa -- actually -- to play very well. They ought to come and try to you know do some things and try to keep that rolling along but they were ready for the challenge and now. -- a -- while -- it's always great to talk to a couple winner right after my defense not go to a good job did not the way I see that. -- say all right guys -- and revenue that is all right. The Red Sox win -- John Lackey private -- tying his career high with twelve strikeouts Shane Victorino with three hits.

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