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Aaron Hernandez arraigned on murder charges, live coverage and reaction

Jun 26, 2013|

We talk about Aaron Hernandez' arrest and go live to the coverage of his arraignment in Attleboro District Court.

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We are waiting for Aaron Hernandez is arraignment to begin he's already been. In the police cruiser transported over. To the courthouse. -- carry that for you live as it happens -- -- that's -- we'll find out exactly what the charges will be but Michael and he just turned loose and -- is a great point. This is the only guy who. They've arrested as far as we know it's a group of guys that were all together maybe it was 41 of the guys obviously has has now I do. Or been murdered and the other two don't seem to have been arrested so you're. And Aaron -- and this guy. This is this is not going your weight and. Yeah and it's good point that he's. So far he's the longer rest and we're not sure. What the charges are but but think about -- figure it this way. It was. There was there was a gap between. When we first heard about the incidents. And today's arrest there and allow people to. I think that the police didn't have any staying in it allow people if they did Eric Hernandez. Will it was just -- a person of interest and it wasn't going to be arrested it out loud his attorney unbelievably. To release a statement on Monday night. What the attorney is on the offensive talking about the media and the rumors and innuendo. And he's calling out Sports Illustrated. An ABC for throwing out. False information so. The point is he's the only guy right now. But these things can happen so quickly. That it -- Aaron Hernandez this morning at nine. By the end of the day he may not be the only person that we're talking about who. Who has who has gotten to the point where the -- the authorities felt like they have some. And we are down at Fenway Park today John Ferrell usually joins us at 230 on Wednesdays will join us at 3 o'clock today so just about 3 o'clock we'll talk to John Farrell. If you work for everything else going on the Red Sox game last night might have been interest in when he hits. And it out as the Red Sox win on re opening night against Colorado they play them again this afternoon. -- thought we could've been talking about the Bruins and the news coming out of their -- camp today is crazy. Andrew Ference army or younger both say they're gone. Nathan important Peter surely says he wants five to six years in the Bruins want to keep them Patrice Bergeron just just brace yourself have you heard that yet. Plead for that game not only with deeper with the broken rib but also with a hole in his long he's been in the hospital scenes. He they froze up the long he still -- -- -- -- rather he still hit somebody's already broke shall. I think about oak trees -- -- when it's unbelievable Chara playing to hit winners -- -- complained there were injuries well. Those are things that we would've been talking about the -- step back. And look at the Aaron Hernandez thanks for second just think about how crazy this is. Right I mean this is mrs. -- is not a little story this is not a guy who. Made a mistake potentially mean you're you're now is who wait for the actual arraignment which would give us. The detailed charges I don't know what they're going to say yet but at this point would you be shocked if they only included obstruction of justice yeah. I mean that yeah right the charges -- you would have to assume. You don't include the word murder in it that doesn't mean it it's going to be charge of murder -- all the conspiracy to commit. Accessory to. Aiding and abetting mean there's any number of other charges that are in between obstruction of justice and murder. I don't imagine that that it's going to be in the head that middle area in between in the. Yeah you do you think about the depth of sadness with this story mean number one. There is a a young man who lost his life at the age 27. So he's a victim that you think about. Those who those who knew him those who loved him his family and the sadness that they're dealing with -- and then you go down the list. A little further. And it and it's it's much further down the list but it's something that is the reason we're talking about the story is Aaron Hernandez enormous number 81 -- -- as. Part of a dynamic duo that at tight end for the New England Patriots you think about watching a professional athlete at the age of 23. Being led from a gorgeous mansion in North Attleboro a mansion that. Even if he turned into a just a mediocre football player for the next four or five years a mansion that he had the ability to buy. If he wanted to take care of his family for a long time the ability to run from some of the demons or some of the some of the things in his past. That he has openly. Some spoken about. -- he had an opportunity this is an an opportunity to change his life around turn his life around and I guy being led away from that mansion. And being arrested on some charge that we're still not aware of -- -- -- its CA and then maybe released then they released by the New England Patriots. It's if it is shocking. It is. On a much lower level. In the murder. Clearly. It is it is a sad story about wasted opera. Just to give you an update of what's going on Hernandez is already in the courtroom no one else has been allowed in yet so the reporters etc. everyone else is going to be there the cameras and we will carry -- for alive. -- he has been allowed in there. To the courtroom no one else has yet. So that's where we are soon as a as soon as the arraignment begins. We will we will have a four and they just keep showing the shot of him. With the T shirt pulled on over him not the arms or even through the T shirt. Is handcuffed behind his back. This this is this is not an obstruction of justice it. I don't know if I don't what is going to be I'm not and I just I I'm not there I'm not gonna speculate. At this point -- -- we move will have information. Very soon we may have information in the next couple minutes. I'm just talking about the the association. At at the very least his association. With people. Who may have who may have information who may have. I've been involved with the homicide or it could've been him I I don't know but just that the the fact that we -- Here today talking about former. Former New England patriot. Aaron Hernandez released very quickly. After the arrest is amazing to me and host on your earlier -- off the year you think about the talent. That that Aaron Hernandez has wasted remember his first game you guys remembered to patriots -- -- operatives against Cincinnati. In 2010. And it may have been on the first series of the game. Tom Brady hits Aaron Hernandez with a pass. And he must've gone about 45 yards with it made five or six guys in this. At any any look like itty. It it looked like a small receiver doing some of these things that you couldn't believe that. His position was actually tied it in and I remember doing an event had to let that same year they may have been six or seven games into his rookie year. And somebody asked me who Aaron Hernandez reminded me -- football perspective and I said. I got a torn up here telling Winslow. Not you're not not not to -- to. Don't let the old man the hall of Famer. -- that much ability. And the fact that he was drafted in the fourth round he did yeah athletic director of Florida can say whatever he wants about how the NFL. Has -- information. He was drafted in the fourth round for reasons half the -- -- off the board. He squandered millions of dollars coming out of college. And I was too young and too unaware to to understand. How he cost himself and then when he got a second opportunity. With the New England Patriots getting a forty million dollar contract with twelve and a half million dollars guaranteed a payment still do. To him three and a half million dollar payment due to him in March 2014. But he's probably not gonna get because the patriots will. I'll likely take in the court before pain that that three that -- dollar payment. Evil we got that second opportunity he still. Didn't know what to do with the I mean just normally. Story it is and I think you summon up very well -- we continue to wait for the arraignment to begin -- we will carry that for life here on WEEI. You bring up I think a lot of the personal. Ryan it will who -- is as a person and what this does -- -- personal standpoint there's so many different parts of enemy in the will be the legal thing which will get into here just a few minutes. There will be the patriots on field ramifications. Including its cap hit which now actually goes up for this year right according to -- a chapter it raises his 2013. Cap hit for them by about a million dollars. And next year will still be on the -- seven and a half million dollars so you know it it does not help them from any from the top. Perspective as they did it just add to that as well you know part of his contract. You know he already got the guy told you got about nine and -- a million of its of these. A bonus of proponents. Then the patriots to something unusual here with Aaron Hernandez they guarantee. His base salary not just for 2013. But for 2014 as well. Those are huge numbers but it's. He's guaranteed a 2.4 million dollars. 2.4 six from the patriots. And there's nothing they can do legally they can't go back and get that money he's got to. But what they what they can't fight is that bonus payment that he's due in march of next year. In the meantime they stepped up rabbinate they'd they'd -- took a look at this situation and maybe they know more about what he's going to be charged with them we do at this point we're still speculating. On maybe they have a sense maybe they've heard from the district attorneys or no. A little bit more about the story than we do and they said we know where this thing is going we really want to be a member of our team by the time he gets a -- rock and wait for that. We wanna get out ahead of the story. They'd they'd just cut bait now and I saw a tweet and I forget who is from earlier but I thought it was a great way of looking at it. A lot of teams around the NFL. Have fans that they clamor for stuff like this and teens take a patient a you know we're gonna stand by illegal -- Delaware right out of play out basically they're afraid to make that the gutsy move. Can't say that about the patriots today and we can go back and we will. I talked about the mistakes that were made that led them to this point with Aaron Hernandez should -- taken a risk -- draft him in the fourth round should they have put more -- good guys use that -- quotes that they can -- a lot of different things but more -- guys in their core. Around him to make sure that date it. I -- who was in this position was not a part of their core may be should they have known more about him before they ended up giving him a large extension August. Sure maybe. And I think you got to give them credit for stepping up today in saint this is well beyond football we don't want any part of this organization and and and that's a credit. Well I don't know how bad I guess but on the flip side. You know Mike. Don't the law showed up. The law has been camping out -- as has been aware of him for a long time now. Some days. If the New England Patriots know something is going on it was Aaron Hernandez and they know beyond. What we know in what we know. We don't have the inside information that they do what we know it's pretty bad. So why they didn't have a choice right -- have to do this they had to do. Thank you say some organizations do it that is for. Maybe you DUI. Maybe that is four and I'm not minimizing any of these things are very serious thing. Maybe as for as you know player accused of you know and a domestic violence incident. At his home or don't know. Some incident with the mother of this child and we've heard many many of these things in teams. Just go on as if nothing happened they hope it will go away. In this case -- got an active NFL player. Involved with the homicide. In homicide investigation. Now he's been arrested. -- don't know why he's been arrest but you've been arrested. I mean. There is some level probably -- but I don't wanna -- -- Lewis exactly it's not the same thing by. They did stand by Ray Lewis throughout that process in -- and remove them from the team as it turns out he ended up leading to obstruction of justice instead of he's in worse charges than that and so they stuck by him in and we don't know how this is gonna play out with an and is as I said my guess is that this this. Arraignment is gonna include charges that go beyond obstruction. But even if they did and you could yet pleading down and getting down to level ever served jail time we don't know -- yeah I guess the pictures that we're not gonna wait to find out we wanna be out ahead of it we're not going to allow this to bring down our team and get her to bring down our image. Forget we have got -- my ideas what -- not erect -- -- all -- know you're not are not not trying to -- -- that's -- different but I incorporated that as well to not giving them credit rather give them credit and say they appear to be doing the right thing. An F I think it is the right thing but in in the case of of ray Lewis and look at it this Hernandez situation. We know as much. About Ray Lewis it was it was very murky this this is what happened. That there was some blood in the limo and then there's a whole white suit with ray Lewis and whatever happened to the white suit they were some questions there. With this one. Erin -- a mile from his house as a ball a mile from his house and he knows the guy and he's seen on video with the guys in the destroyed. Home security system and cellphone in pieces and there's so many things we talked about it. If this were a movie. You'll walk out the movie you walk out of it -- I know how to do that I don't believe this I don't it. Am not a realistic. So this is. All the evidence it and we don't know what's gonna happen who it was -- Biden's. -- Hernandez is in the courtroom so we're gonna try to figure out some information -- -- some information. All the evidence says. And he'd he'd had a he had something to do what he gets up and do -- this and we just don't know to the degree that he did. Sad day. I mean it absolutely and -- again and I'm trying to. Trying to look at the big picture wall -- all the same time focusing on the small picture of who was Aaron Hernandez what did he do what is the effect on the patriots what is the effect going to be on this season and and going forward what does that say about the organization. But it it's -- it it is a sad story and not just because a man lost his life that part is very clearly sat. And it always says. But also the the the his apartment. You know you have a story of a guy and and it can go one of two ways. It can either be the story. A troubled kid who had some issues in his life. Who ended up making good got the big payday lived life the right way. Broke free of some some bad circumstances in his life and turned out to be a big -- we can all root for. That was the story that could mean that was the script that that was being written. About Aaron Hernandez. Has been written it's been written a number of times to me just. I know we're not gonna get into some. You know socio economic. A discussion here that not deeply uneasy or. I'm pretty sure enough don't -- play politics today we could probably yeah. I hope we don't but if just to be clear this is not is not a usual for. A risky -- a column that. But a risky player. Whether it's his background. The people he's been around or some of the things he's done is not a usual for those guys to. To. To be acquired by a successful. Sports organization. And then turn their lives around and then they go on Google and that. The lecture circuit there -- tell people is their hatred that you can think of who who has that storm even around the team now for awhile very closely. Is there a guy that comes to mind that it. Navy had been a bit of character risk and I know that can get nebulous term that by the time he leaves Foxboro do you think of him as one of the good guys instead of one of the bad guys in the league. They're got to comes to mind. Immediately know. But but I'll think about it and I think about it during -- break I'm -- as somebody who. Who who jumps out to you guys and and and maybe I'm dismiss them right now. What is it happened many times in sports where guys are saying. You know I was raised and hang on -- tough neighborhood or. And I had to raise my head had to raise my Brothers and sisters and all of these things you hear some of these stories name it. Pretty tough circumstances like at Torrey Smith for Baltimore's is a perfect example. And it turned that this story had as it is sad story but it has -- positive ending. Worry it's not an Indy but it says it presently has positive story. It's happened many times so I wouldn't say. I won't I won't go that route -- Aaron Hernandez couldn't couldn't help himself look it would look look where he was raised a liquidity had no idea. Am I think you what's sad is that the story goes the other way instead of being. The happy ending story -- Eric this guy who came from something that was difficult managed to turn his life into the right direction it. And and -- -- -- -- -- for more confirmation for a read this but it a couple of things coming out as as potential rumors about Aaron Hernandez and keep it here I do wanna wait tool. Either multiple sources the report yesterday I think that's -- war until we actually hear the arena in itself but. Starting to see starting to see some tweets out there with different. -- suggestions as to what it is Hernandez will be charged with cell. Again I want away I apologize oppression of reacted but continuing to you pay your way over that information. Your radio show host I guess and I'm we're not -- man this is not the newsroom. Dodge -- through it's really better two distinct cautious approach. Than that to be first and then and an accurate. And we've seen enough of that in the news lately but. Yeah I mean I'd say it's it's a sad story and it's a it's a sad story on many levels and end. For you guys out there as patriots fans thinking. You know what did you do for this team up with the team and -- pretty good -- These are counting on two guys. Your offense has really built around the hole. The uniqueness of your offense is built around to tidy. Two players yet -- -- able to do and you get into -- -- ability to block and and to run down the field and catch the football is there are other tight ends who can do it but he's about as good of both of those things. As anybody you're gonna find and and Hernandez. But you brought up the first catch and and how we reminded you cal Winslow senior. Probably in the playoff game when you just want the guy up as a running back -- -- nothing no big deal. He's perfectly capable of playing that position because the athleticism he has and he clearly this is a this is a big -- Changed the Patriots offense this year he can't look the way it has for the last few years that it already isn't gonna look the way it did when it was moss and Welker that where the focal points on the outside. It is not going to look the way it did the last couple years when that transition. To being the two amazing tight end to put defense is in such difficult bind. I don't know what it becomes now we'll talk more about it it's not really distort for the seconds before yet and it around and occurs I'll tell you what part of part of that the reason we know Aaron Hernandez is we know who -- is because he plays for the patriots is an excellent tight end and has helped them win a whole lot of football game that we can't pretend that that that thought doesn't cross your mind I don't know I mean I don't know perhaps well of course. I only know him as he relates to Dudley -- Our -- so that's what we're talking about a Sports Radio station right now but if you are the other part of stories you're a member of the New England Patriots today -- feel. I'm not a lot of pages and I know as a patriots fan. You just don't want to hear from anybody else you wanna hear from the -- you don't hear from the giants known here from the Steelers. You don't want to hear what you have to say because what they have to say. Is not going to be flattering is that going to be encouraging in a lot of ways is gonna be true you're not gonna have an answer for. Mean what are your players. Is about to be arrested for something really that something bad happening your player. -- your former players is involved and so but but if you're patriots player Tom Brady didn't. Went on the Tom Brady Jerod Mayo -- wolf how do you. Field today and I would imagine Tom Brady just home kicking awful -- I -- if I -- Tom Brady's Pat's idea responding to an automatic air. I don't need to be kept because this guy is so upset at the shipping. A lot of reason to be incredibly angry if you're Tom Brady is in the way this is gone and as your career is not quite at the twilight but. The remaining years in the -- are dwindling and you only get so many shots that it. And and and this one is going to now be altered. From the way you thought it was gonna go Michael you you understand the patriots organization as well as anybody haven't written a couple books haven't been in the Indian side of what they do. How do you believe they made this decision to to release him -- -- question how does that how does that conversation go what's the process like in the patriots in the -- In their headquarters. That's a great question Mike and I think. Just looking at a year horrendous as this is speculation but it. Look at this way. Oh when he went to the stadium and Aaron Hernandez. Initially to the stadium and -- helicopters we're we're following him. Bill Belichick wasn't there Bill Belichick was out of the country. Bill Belichick's a couple of his assistance of his right hand man his right hand man. Wasn't there at the stadium. Just to give you quick update people now than let into the courtroom as well also some of the reporters other members of the media have now been -- into the courtroom television -- -- feed now. From in the courtroom I got to imagine this is gonna take place in the next couple minutes -- so the moment. It does we will not turn it over and give you the live feed of what's happening inside decorum -- Aaron Hernandez who was arrested today also released. By the patriots if you just tuning in a semi. Guys -- to -- -- -- you had to do today until it loses more important anything else so. And basically. When you think about the New England Patriots who can make decisions. If you really figured they'd like three people this Bill Belichick. Robert Kraft Jonathan Kraft. And he would this stadium Bill Belichick is not the air and he needs to talk about this. I I just guess and -- that one of two things happen either he went in and told. The -- the truth. Of what really happened. Or. He went in. And told them capture. About his involvement who. And -- when that happens. They say a lot of things about Robert Kraft. Blood when he is dealing with a lot of these players these very close to whether it's. I don't Drew Bledsoe whether it's you know Rodney Harrison Tom Brady. Tedy Bruschi really feels like a connection to them he feels like whether you're on the way the on the patriot to not feel like. We can talk -- -- men and when -- at that point if you tell him something. He tell you something that's not true. That really is. That really will cause him to you that really will cause him to. Act pretty swiftly. As I'm guessing that if it if Aaron Hernandez went in there and didn't -- the complete truth. And then this news came across today. I think it was a craft moved to crest -- all right moves that -- -- we can't be honest with each other he gets over the troop ceiling. Here's are gonna do take a real quick break while we wait for the arraignment. Are they about to go in the pocket at just about to -- so I thought we could come back from it if need be -- will keep it here as we wait you can see the I'm just looking on TV here. On now on on watch in life feed. Victim and the victim's. Family in the first two rows. We know the judge does not appear to be yet in his seat. That is still empty but. Aaron Hernandez. Is is in so. Is gonna come down and just the next couple -- Yeah and so I mandate this today and I know that the patriots like to talk about the collaboration with the collaboration is is pretty much. You know three people. -- secreted in and I'll I'll make it even simpler -- that is the Kraft family. And -- -- when you when you get to this level. You have a crime like this when your players involved. It's not Robert Kraft acting acting on his own completely is not Bill Belichick jacket and Bill Belichick actually you know on his own. There's a collaboration and. I think with the information that they have faith they decided there was no other way to go. Yeah while we'll see whether or not they have more information and I would imagine they do in the patriots there. Are right on top -- you saw you Rappaport tweeting earlier that this may very well. Come from the patriots director of security who's incredibly -- sure wrapped in a -- -- going. On them at an NFL security to we have a lot of people who are amid this is not. This is just not this is not some amateur hour with with any of those securities of people who have. It has some pretty high profile positions have worked at the highest level of government so. They had they have so especially if they're from here. So you have that experience. Of national security experience bird. How Long Will it. Local sources. Local contacts. Yet and I'm sure I'm sure they they know a lot more than it has been out in the mainstream media. Salt and -- here on WEEI as we. Gonna take it live the moment the moment to the actual arraignment begins for Aaron Hernandez. And the reason you know this is becomes such a big deal is is were gonna find out what the actual charges are. For Hernandez whether or not it is the obstruction charge that I think everybody believed to have. Out right from the start or whether or not it is going to be more serious than that and there's a range of possibilities from what I understand talking to people. Lawyers like Mike Florio who joined the show on Friday. Charges could go anywhere from here. The route from obstruction. Two. Accessory to conspiracy. To aiding and abetting and then all the way up to being the V8 a -- -- -- A murder arraignments and murder charge you know as we wait here and look at something happens -- outposts on up and we'll get we'll get to the news. I I hear a lot of things like about them patriot way people keep talking about the patriot way when it means when it is no longer exist it was a media creation. And yes it was a media creation if you choose to look at it in a fairy tales sort of way so the fairy tale lives. That the patriots only brought in guys. Who have. Impeccable records. Guys who are just. Outstanding citizens all of them could run for office in the it would be -- -- singles scandal. Not anything can hold over any of their heads and that's what you believe that the -- tell that joke. The other part of the fairy tale recipes. My aircraft that part of him a fairy tales of my aircraft. Would go into the draft room word or preside over free agency meetings and say yes no yes no maybe. That's also the fairy tale. And if they were trying to put that out there was shame on them to me. To me the patriot way had nothing to do with that let's make -- keep it up for politics and this -- a football with the football story it is not easy. Oh what a great man great husband great father a great American citizen. And I think it's very simple. You have the right attitude. In -- unselfish. When it comes to. Building a football team. In winning games. That's a patriot way -- that you're not going to be you know gonna be the sideshow. There's not gonna be TO out of his driveway lifting weights in an in holding a press conference. There's not going to be ironically Chad Ochocinco. Putting on a hall of fame jacket on the sideline there's not going to be more irony Randy Moss. Doing his thing saying I play when I want a plane doing all these things the core members of the New England Patriots it's the patriot way the court members of the New England Patriots. Are gonna come into the office. And punch a clock we gonna get it done and not gonna care about how they're perceived or other portrayed in the media. They'll be aware of it and then on Sunday. They will go out and prove to people all we're better than you think we are that. Was the patriot way Mike Vrabel. Toward brown Tedy Bruschi Willie McGinest Tom Brady. Patriot way it was never some of the stuff that is being that is being portrayed today where we're talking about all thought they were all great guys. Had never I never thought it was. A great human beings who you what is your neighbors and who you want to -- who -- -- socialize with the regular watcher kids and all that stuff was all about football to me. I think bit. While you're right there was a perception that it went beyond. You don't mean I think you're right I mean I think you that that's probably what the patriot way meant to them. And I agree with you especially when it comes to the differentiates -- between the guys at the core and the guys who were -- complementary pieces are on the periphery. But I think there was still a perception that they were doing better cleaner and the that the guys on that team were right maybe they weren't saints maybe they weren't perfect. But for the most part they were guys you can take home to your parents and and and have dinner with them I don't know and it wouldn't I think there was a percent -- mania -- got exaggerated -- opponent right have been on the founded. But I still think that there was a belief among especially patriots fans but that's what it meant at least at the beginning and and Tom Brady as the awe shucks kid with a backpack slung over shoulder. Was was the great symbol of this -- mean in. Bringing it in your book I remember reading teacher -- in this image of Tom Brady bringing together -- locker room by by bringing together guys to different races etc. he goes some place Domino's right recognizable. And and Pat Toomey was it was a really pat that's the most powerful thing I took out of -- pitcher in a -- we've ever talked about it but when I think of the book you wrote. That's the first thing that I think of that -- Tom Brady bringing together an entire locker room with the sheer force of his personality in the willingness. To -- kind of cross over and and and the. Up a bit about that does that mean. In the locker room right right so doing in the locker room with those guys. As opposed to. Take him thinking that that is not transferable relatable to. Everyday society. Yeah I'm not sure about I guess I guess I never really thought of it that way. I think that's the difference between being done being a reporter being in the media being around it and and sort of just watching it from a far. I think when you're watching her from afar you you hear that story Tom Brady when -- grow you know what -- mention Israel in that situation and you say all right. That's what this team -- sport they stand for something special and they -- at the in the Myra Kraft factor in everything that she believed in and was important -- And and I wasn't Bill Belichick certainly but going back to the Christian -- situation. A belief that the crops and the patriots and and transferring down your -- check. Whether I always got the sense that -- again maybe this is total. -- but. From the -- perspective. It was about doing the right thing -- and from Belichick's perspective it -- to any way as if it was about guys who do the right thing are going to end up. Also doing the right thing on the football field. Yeah I think with him and -- -- decision maker yeah yeah I think with -- with with -- with -- Bill -- -- about the patriots in the early days. What was it it. All the things that we talk about it. Is there is this sweatshirt. It is. You know not really caring about. That their marketing aspect of a football. It's the press conferences where he's not gonna give he's not trying to entertain you during press conferences what he really wants to talk about is. If you ask him a question about play action passes or if you asking a question about how formation existed in the 1970s you don't see much of it today. Who go on and on -- universe for that kind of step to stripping away all the other. No place. That that really makes up the National Football League that makes it exciting for a lot of people would -- particular -- year -- year. It's football also bring -- -- we won't necessarily. -- lead the league in. Contract and -- signing bonuses. Won't necessarily go after the big name guys that the rest you guys go after. This is what we want we just want football players because this is how we doing here. I think that was a part of it is well the patriot way it was more like. And I -- obviously uses this is a fantasy that. Part of it was all you do you get the scent to Bill Belichick would do this or he would do this of -- -- fifteen people sitting in the stands and there's one camera. Cameron -- and really care about that he just wants as a football. And that's what salt -- edited and clearly it clearly it's beyond that. Is beyond that now. -- can only here on WEEI WEEI dot com as well as a -- we are waiting for Aaron Hernandez's arraignment now scheduled for two obviously now to 35. And so no sign yet of of it but of course we will have a four yet. I don't live as it is happening at that point we will find out what he's been charged with. We sort of all have followed now the facts of the case early this morning he was a race he was actually yeah arrested at. And and it must've gone down pretty quickly I mean they didn't given the opportunity to surrender himself. They came into his house couple big state cops. He was arrested shortlist and and they threw a T shirt on over him. -- once the costs were already on they didn't allow him to get dressed put on the cops and come out and they didn't allow him to turn himself in the nor did they allow any any deal be telling apparently before they have the cops on cell. I don't know how dangerous they consider him -- picture seems to be a pretty good indication. That day either eight considered him dangerous or being wanted to make a -- of the fact that they were resting him and not just asking him to come down to turn himself. Yeah and that's why I know we talked about this earlier and it may be disproving that saved that's what makes this. Americans write -- the ability to discuss and disagree. -- -- I have a real problem with his attorney had a real problem. With that statement on Monday night. -- his attorney one of his attorneys. Just comes out firing. And everybody. You know my client. His name has been thrown around here and he has been the subject of rumors and innuendo in. Of this this report supposedly this so called report that he's about to be arrested while -- that report has been exposed is untrue. We have enough of that we have enough. I don't stop the spin now. How is that helping anybody that helping us. With ideas -- it is it helping your client. Where you're you're you're gonna make the case that he's a victim somehow. He's a victim guy he's a he's a victim of. Reckless reporting. He's no victim. Is one victim. Here's one victim in this case he's on the witness. I just thought it was your response. I'm torn on that because obviously I I agree with you from the perspective of of being in the public and not wanting to be -- to. On the other hand defense attorneys live with sort of a strange existence to -- -- is that his job. I don't know exact I don't know how did a better job of defense I think your job is to what I don't know how to do what you I don't either but I just. Yes and I'm guessing I don't know I'm guessing -- job is to is your job to make sure your your client it's a fair fair trial. -- your job is to make sure -- your client is seen in the best possible light right so if you come out on that on Monday night. And you're going on the offensive and everybody else is wrong and in Europe for a client has just had to deal with this nonsense and on Wednesday morning. He's being taken away in about to be charged with something have you done right by your client. I don't know whether he's done wrong by and the -- he's he's he's doing what he gets paid to do and that's to defend his his clients sic me. It's sick -- it I don't know like I know that I know doesn't -- and defense attorneys say with they say -- I got a guy that's their job hey my head is -- in the sand right I'd know I have a degree in journalism and I know how how many people in America -- -- probably in the same light as defense attorneys -- politicians equipment but the but I at and there are times yeah -- Arab and my profession makes me sick at times through. But -- that was just I don't sounds I guess what I would say is I didn't go to law school become a defense attorney for a reason it's not what I would have wanted to do with my life but. That is their job and our our legal system allows for everybody to have a defense attorney and that defense attorney sticks up for their rights when they get into what they say the media. I'll probably more of a gray area but yeah I think you know I don't know -- the what the best way to -- defense attorney is made the best thing to do is to -- jury pools and maybe that's the most effective defense force is quite nail bed -- what he was doing I don't know it maybe that was a -- that's why I usually try to stay away from trying to. To -- the defense attorneys for saying what they say because I don't I don't really understand what the best way is to do their job. I'm assuming he's Aaron Hernandez is turning he's pretty good and it knows what he's doing he's doing what he thinks is best for client. Certainly doesn't help the public perception in the long term not at all not at all and unless he's ultimately going to be. Exonerated of charges of latency certainly don't even know yet what the charges are. Or about forty minutes behind schedule we expected the charges. Right at 2 o'clock. And we haven't yet received and so his lawyers are now in the in the courtroom. According to people on Twitter that should make this thing happen now I would think just in the next couple minutes still seeing a lot of movement there on the on the stream. Of exactly what is happening and I apologize we really thought that we would be getting this information. Quite -- quite some time ago I think we thought we haven't. A twenty minutes thirty minutes ago we can open up your -- certainly guys -- over the phone and if something happens -- locally we're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cut -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- move on to the news -- know that the Hernandez. Arraignment is coming -- could be coming in any moment and rather -- Los Angeles to -- Banter back and forth and try to fill time will let you both phones banter back and forth and that kills time here as well Kevin is in Boston I can't. I guess -- in the words of the immortal Joseph Biden in America you have a right to be stupid. And this is a perfect example look like. He's turned into anytime somebody that's something crime a lot now we appetite Reeves. EV do this sheet what happened let's example like this one person to blame and one person -- -- Kevin are we doing that who's doing what he's talking about. Who's doing. Good to you you could talk about big trouble that's how we dropped in the drop in the -- should pick them up a deeper. Couple. The people around within our -- Having got to go -- we -- to go not a lot of got -- about point graduate and Gaza because as you said -- -- -- stupid I don't think it's going to -- just. -- Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. -- Okay. You. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. Okay. CN. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yes. -- Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. -- Okay. The yeah. Okay. Okay. -- -- Really want. Okay. Good. Okay. Okay. Here okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. -- -- Here. Okay. Okay. Here it is. Okay. Me. Yes. Here. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. -- Okay. Turn me. Okay. All news. Yeah. -- Okay. Okay. -- Here. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. You're listening to WEEI. 93 point seven -- and second -- for stations to identify themselves and right back to the continuing arraignment and Aaron Hernandez. I turned and shot. Disease on the ground and defended its competitors do over -- delivered -- to fatal shots he actually was still alive because. Just trying to cover one. The defendant. He disposed of the gun. The next day you change cars. You disconnected or bad. He allowed others insisted -- by giving the other people to clean. The defendant and yet his children and -- motivated me the opportunity. For -- on. He works very different from the beginning took steps to conceal destroy evidence and prevent -- speaking to what at least he deems important. There's strong evidence -- It's. Going to be held without bail pending his trial. Commonwealth business -- were designed to fail the first degree murder. The defendant should be held without being released on. The strength of the case. The likelihood it means that the defendant has to sleep. In. These efforts are already back -- in -- We just girlfriend. The evidence surveillance. -- Sears good providing medicine. Complete jurisdiction. I just wanted to clarify apparently I'm miserable. Its Treo seven was. -- the sister straight down from the stumbling to his sister. I -- I think. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. -- here all. President. OK okay. Yeah. -- Okay. Determine that. Okay. Wow. And a lot of okay. -- Okay. Yeah. It's. Okay. -- Okay this -- recognize the state. Better anyway. It's the reason. Decided. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Thank you. It is necessary. -- yeah. It all. -- -- -- Oh yeah. -- -- It's. -- -- -- -- The -- it's. Okay. Okay. Okay. Trial process. It plays out. We were down. Water that we. And he wouldn't fall and in this case it's their press and media. Quarterly it's great. All day. It's. Like. Okay. Are there you go that was the arraignment of Aaron Hernandez if you couldn't hear any of that apology is the microphone in the courtroom and everybody was using unfortunately not as clear as it could be -- here in the -- -- or at least some of the most important -- salt and -- WEEI. But number one the first charge against him was murder in the first degree premeditated charge of murder and then there were five possession of firearms charges. That comprise the rest of the charges against Aaron Hernandez. They went through a very long and detailed discussion. I'd timeline explaining everything that happened on the night I'll go through here in a second at least what we did what we could determine that. And at the end of -- the defense attorney for Hernandez. I tried to make the case very briefly that all of the evidence was circumstantial at best it was not a strong case he asked for bail but was denied by the judge so no -- Aaron Hernandez being held. Without bail. On one charge of murder in the first degree and then five charges gun related. Am -- the judge Judd didn't agree with him right when he said very idyllic not a strong case and he was making his case. War for bail for Eric Hernandez because he's a homeowner. In North Attleboro Massachusetts -- He's there with his fiancee. And his young baby and he doesn't have any criminal record. Therefore. He should be able to go back and and into this process plays out and and clearly the judge says. I don't see it that way also -- just just for the record and it's different in every every state. And the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Maximum penalty. For first degree murder. Is the life in prison with no parole. Just just so we know. What that that is the worst case there scenario for Aaron Hernandez we don't know. If they will be it would if the prosecution will be able to prove its case the way he wants to this plays out. -- if you wanna talk about the match from the worst that it happened that it. While trying to follow the story line it and they have a lot of information of what happened that night of the murder. Very confusing it as a lot of text messages back and forth it seem to stem from. Something that the victim had said to some other people at the club and a rumor. Which Fernandez is upset about that you couldn't trust people anymore and they got into -- cute little I don't want to think they did not seem to stay in the long story of what happened was any. Firsthand eyewitness account or proof that -- and has pulled the trigger. That is the one thing that I certainly did not hear. But man a whole lot of other evidence connecting. The two together pictures of him with the government video video of this house that got text messages back and -- organizer in this -- -- a red to Red Sox baseball dads don't know 4 o'clock pregame show to come right now -- back very powerful one -- you'll be all discussed tomorrow starting at 2 o'clock documents about. Okay. -- Chamber's board pregame show on the WEI. Red Sox radio network. --

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