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Tom E Curran, CSNNE, on the arrest and release of Aaron Hernandez

Jun 26, 2013|

Tom E Curran joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the arrest and release of Aaron Hernandez.

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Well -- not -- 37 WEEI Theo Steve terror we're gonna get to all your phone calls today as we. Make our way ethernet to developing stories in regards to Aaron Hernandez not only was he arrested today at 847. And it's home in North Attleboro with a sin -- cents. Unknown charger waiting on that charge. But he's been released by the patriots. You just after 10 o'clock this morning -- joining us on the eighteenth -- like guys very busy. Covers the patriots for Comcast sports Comcast sports that CSN and -- dot com. Tommy current Tom into your busy guy we we thank you for joining us and I guess off the top. Are you surprised the timeline of the release of Hernandez surprised he's released by the team this morning. Oh well it Lucas I'm not surprised that he has been released about president done here in delinquent. I think to meet mark in the patriots -- acknowledged that this isn't -- going to be. Obstruction of justice and a broken -- called. On both going to be. At some point if -- day when these detractors are revealed. -- -- -- -- -- my that's my suspicion as to why they would immediately. Moved within an hour time most of that. Tom lies are have been done given its nine point 25 million dollars of the signing bonus already. Another 3.2 five -- mark she's got a sellers of the guarantees does not -- failure to practice are -- to perform. Clause in his contract. When the patriots stand now as far as continent and guaranteed money go. I think they'll go after everything they can't. They're they're gonna try to recoup. Everything they ever taken a lead to seven let you know subtract -- interest. In point fourteen probably not gonna get cap relief. Probably. For next here that -- fourteen of course police here. But I think it's great. And heart I believe leader in check he noted the first signing bonus in March when we're in or out of the remaining portion. The detector at that next year Tom is that something that the golf to continue to do to you kept it throughout the like this deal as well. I believe so I believe so now -- in the and they've been so many irons in the fire and sort of -- -- a -- a excellent get booted it it what does this mean financially -- -- implications what kind of trapped were the patriots have to extricate. It's obvious that including contractor that is what actions and waited -- Contract. Which is really only -- little putt correctly to our protections in the air and it contract. Based on that -- you know the cap charge is going to be. For Eric for salaries. That would -- he also be for different signing bonus Laporte I'm very. We're talking a Tommy current Comcast sports. Aaron Hernandez released by the patriots they wanna go back to. Yeah your gut feeling here -- when you say that you. The patriots may know more about what could be coming in this case in your in your history -- the patriots having good relationship did there. PI -- PR people but team executives have a good relationship with the local law enforcement and would they be made aware ahead of a public charge of what. Might be coming down the line is that crazy to think. Well through -- stadium -- 70000 people probably. Quite current year. So like into. Relationships -- state and local police. Investigators -- lives. Every single prayer and particularly go prosecutors are a couple weeks so. I don't think the -- to Americans that while they may not been kept up to date nobody in them both ballistics tests. I would not be the least bit -- to know that. Billionaire owner who eight speak -- for a lot cops. Investigators might be a drop that pretty. -- we can focus a lot on the investigation itself and at times you've got to talk about the impact on the patriots team Brady's going to be thrown a ball you mean mutt. This and in a few weeks here. Brandon -- still out there lamb at what -- out here yet. I think the work on the list of just -- -- -- right now I think. Is that that's but it just say well I mean because if you look at the release -- I love the release of predator Dedrick. And obviously this release -- is a different level there was apparently. I think that try to clear addicts a lot. And I'm not saying the title of -- better. A desperate for a real lack of real effort. All the way through a -- -- lack of compatibility with the game. On they don't write to a -- looking at your day but it acre -- that. I realize opera consistency among the upper level. -- Given all the things that happened in the he's given the -- that it may. I still think that -- reason you're not saying it was super America in the air but he kept. Given that is safe to say that does zero tolerance given the PR that they've taken right now with with guys like Leonard who had to pass the -- to lead the senate passed. I would say more or to reap better because you can. With better. If you go to zero tolerance. You throw on the CBO the fact that he has not had. Suck that bad it. Policemen and outlook in the past so. -- that's. You've got to buckle up every -- it's -- -- car. They'll give him any reason at all that you don't want. I can only imagine what they're gonna we're gonna sound like that auditorium when Bill Belichick -- -- that explains to them the importance to make sure that. Everybody can get by -- they're all. Yeah obviously when that this news broke last week it began this this. We're -- -- stories about Hernandez in the draft you know and this is why teams shied away in nick. In terms of the of the patriots here -- -- year feeling they thought that the contract that he signed. -- he turn the corner you know those quote when he talked about. Reestablish himself in following the patriot way and talked about the patriots and respect and responsibility do they believe that. This is a guy had started to clean up his life in the last year since he signed that contract. Yet clearly clearly it and and I think that that -- Hernandez is Smart enough to -- -- -- it necessary to be. And I think cities -- -- I. For anybody let you Leave It to Beaver a person who can say whatever is necessary put on one front -- be a completely different person. In a different format and I think that our Hernandez has. Returned to ingratiate himself. Into the right thing. And I think the -- but a classic. When you got a guy in a much and I at all. And Aaron Hernandez what are we being somehow involved that there's a lot all that eye socket. Might not be real. Not a lot of conclusions about that that's what. Is the criticism now affair of the team that they've taken too many chances of people -- -- they brought to lead now Hernandez. Tom the date is that a fair criticism after this story comes down Hernandez arrested today. I mean I think meriwether more than that it sure. He had pretty free to criticize whatever context they want. That that. People who criticize what they want pick and second guessing -- patriots. Should step more carefully. Yeah that's a fair criticism might I would criticism of patriotism that saves some -- the -- -- turned out that he thinks. My criticism is. -- stepped carefully. And we talked quote unquote patriot they would say we don't have those kinds of people are legally hire great guys. My character when I went -- like Eric Burke 42 compatible with a lot everybody makes a good fit and wouldn't accept it. The end out there which itself voted. A team that doesn't tolerate our -- and won't help them. The patriots have done that not so -- Bill Belichick marks every guy with the highest rate of football what you have. Over the patriots certainly talked about spirituality. And -- could -- the -- to audit that are inherent in being human. Had the possibility of doing stupid fame. -- secretary. You're asking. Or to blow up it. Well and it'll be interesting and -- anyone thought there was of some big story heading into camp it was going to be guy from Florida but it was going to be Tebow. And not Hernandez and meanwhile Tebow is -- off the radar completely and -- now are you on the chase today -- you go are you courthouse to courthouse Tom following the story. -- It's not like he's gonna say probably. You don't believe me a -- percent. All the other -- did want talk to you would talk I get their act aired at. Eight. Parliament Tom thank you Tommy current Comcast sports net debt Tom.

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