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Is Doc a traitor?

Jun 26, 2013|

The guys debate Doc's departure from Boston. Gerry thinks Doc is in the right, John and Kirk disagree.

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So we won't Hal's. A new Celtics head basketball coach before the draft we made that break I think -- got a pretty definitive answer on that yet you know not but what direct threat -- as the I think Danny's a little busy preparing for a tomorrow night's draft. And advocate the sixteenth pick and interviewing coaches and probably even do and now. Would you guess it just delay that and a possible that the enemies into Walt Walt draft this is an important thing yeah. And rebuilding team and by the way if the reports are right he's -- and to teams about peers and maybe even Garnett a minute. If if Jason Kidd is trying to convince. Jason Kidd is interest in this deal -- New York Daily News radio -- The DS Arctic and at first I got an honest agreed to Betty as productive change. And and -- and I'm busy. Decent it is just that the chip. And maybe he does off for the first round pick for Garnett and maybe he'd -- he's got that on his plate yeah yeah and may -- Cleveland. Comes around on their offer of 22 rounder and says will upped that to 211 late brought up which they have -- the first pick in the draft. And have a late first they'd offered that appears. How many first round as does any one. Right you know that's exactly as many as seeking its how you rebuilt. I mean could you once -- doesn't work that way but could take too late first and move up in the person we'd probably a personal spots. On about it when he won or did he have a draft next year's debate draft yet this 2014 draft there was things have passed since the. Carmelo bright -- when I've not followed that completely but I don't know that I've heard talk that it is this year is likely to be one of fifteen different guys and nobody is that nobody is a franchise builder maker create change her game changer right now right here noticed is that what you're saying -- -- Goodyear tank. To bring Garnett back in -- back in when 44 the only reason I bring them back that they think they can get more form at the deadline of and they can -- couldn't do that it's almost too -- -- -- diligently to break their leg in what now it happened you're gonna be -- conductor -- YouTube or for currently pay you mentioned Jason Kidd. Want to choices unmitigated disaster as a head coach Horry raving success. A raving success I go the other way. -- Dubya -- it depends on. He's a sat out of work I didn't say that how it works or may not your choice so what are the other older -- unmitigated disaster or just an unrivaled success I don't think you'll be either one to stay -- I don't you know how did you know we don't -- just black and white -- don't like Jay gray area got -- get the job. One -- Mark Jackson. Mark yes. Yeah Mark Jackson and they said we want the next Mark Jackson he became the trendy area. He was good on the court off the court -- you know with the media and rejuvenate the -- they said we need that and Jason -- and -- her a minute ago when he was not very not very dynamic kill an -- 9% of you met the arteries that Russia cavs went to limit the all star game and I've not met him so. Today prophylactic via the media the owner of the knoller and anger brazile who's the -- Lawrence Frank great he's going to be. Cisco brings me to veterans got little Larry -- little area. That's what you need to guy's been around sit next to like bird so they hired. A new coach without the owner ever meeting the guy talking to. His hands off guy. He doesn't like want to from your eyes got so much money doesn't like -- firemen after a month and up until -- -- -- feel Great Britain back BJ palace tomorrow. I have a basement I'm telling you what this is the guy is based on him yes Otis yes. Yeah -- -- strength of one. But if I talk to this -- Yes he's a smaller yes no no no no just opposite the just the opposite -- -- know his his his. To presidential. Yeah yes yes he is presidential if your idea of presidents Gerald Ford. A disc his looks belie here is. Countenance dobbs that is a state like his looks belie his energy and his ability to lead a -- and by the way. You know where he coached in college. At present though I item Credo I don't. At University of Richmond and Virginia commonwealth. Very good schools. Basketball wise and he cut his teeth and basketball schools this yourself that you're selling me but this -- he's -- five seasons as the head coach at Washington State University who could forget those before he spent four seasons at the University of North Carolina. Willing and unfortunately. And he was an assistant coach at the University of Tulsa. Served as the head coach and athletic director at Belmont Abbey College from 86 to 89 so there you go -- that those tickets there's a guy. It's been content size and -- -- and Virginia commonwealth and we have the show all right we have beat Kevin at least -- got wall yeah. Weeks at his own monarch. Boston that's just we sit at the winner Kumble is assumption is on the line spots. If you set that is it possible that somebody we haven't heard of now I -- from -- did a lot of people have not will not have. He face as they see him on the bench you know. You know they want a cross between you know they want ideally you know Danny wants the next Tom Thibodeau that's -- ones and in the probably six. They wish they could turn back the clock and keep -- -- our. Also on -- and dock for for -- -- on this team knew what he does slimy. That's where do you want us to use critically sees selfish soleil hypocrite not realize -- -- but are people I've hit right they've vial. Wrong selfish hypocritical and slimy. Those four words. I assume you can say the same thing a -- On. Oh of course of course -- we did the other was not under a five year contracts don't say -- yes he did. Of course you did he was under contract Toronto he bailed on them -- a team division is the one difference -- the -- small difference now what you're saying it's true stop it from -- amount they didn't want him. -- I didn't want it did on another sign a -- contract is in one fire that -- yeah I'm not spending that's okay you you it's -- you can say the pitching staff was -- as you think -- is slimy -- you know I do not -- well I'm -- did you know doctors you don't call the bulk of the same thing -- know they did not bailed on their teams in the middle contract strict. -- a contract he bailed. Do you think they give them my can be Lewis. They gave -- can be the difference is that it's huge minutes and hit it on the -- the rough is not it's not what you many not true it is true that is not a lot of fire they said he was a bad manager he ran them and it's so many Al Leiter pitching staff went backwards and that is not true -- did you -- of the owners say that the GM says that it be the GM says something interest in his item to a caught a -- -- wanted to believe but I wanted to keep them. They didn't fire in the group by it and they didn't. Now those three words slimy scum the bat is coming wells the -- selfish hypocritical on slimy question number two years since you think those all -- but these -- just like they applied -- Doctor -- did the same banks stop. Those words those adjectives closed its terms yeah they'll play a Bill Belichick to right. It was critical projects shore Dino he's you come up with these words you play this game you have to come up with your own adjective. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hypocritical. That Bill Belichick is a boon to our loyalty I -- Israeli. That's not what the quotes quote the same thing Doc Rivers said factory signs extension in 2011. Coaches talk about loyalty and team all the time. I just thought it was time to show wit and -- well let's go back to whatever year was in New York agency of the YJ -- heard -- before that as he took a million dollar bonus to stay in new York and be the successor to Bill Parcells at that point he looked whoever -- Leon -- in the -- that I'm with -- -- -- of course he did he signed the agreement he broken -- this team had to give up late. Wait wait wait a first round pick major Adam major difference he was under the sweaty shadow of Bill Parcells picked as John does it matter how strict the Elvis. I don't know what your talking about his breaking your work no I'm broke now is talking -- -- I know you're you're trying to do that to reduce some little -- not I'm talking about the big picture and everything around doc was in -- -- -- that -- don't. Well the point guard was asked this very point guard. Better than Chris ball don't Panetta -- granted he made a great deal upgraded to point guard that's up for superfluous parcels of purpose you know it's not -- it was huge. Didn't. -- -- and why didn't Bill Belichick break his word yes. Did John -- break his word no they didn't wanna talk of that they saw him. -- the one of the fire. Odd because it wanted to -- He was under contract contract they signed a two to keep him to manage a team he broke his -- to check and John -- to my. Knowledge never stood opposite it's all about loyalty it's all -- -- to all of us together he is all. Outside dealers -- for personal Jason can be great coach from the jump. Real like the wealthy don't want it a disaster for either way unmitigated. I obviously obviously his court -- you're right the big differences obviously. We knew -- boat -- we felt removed more about doctor -- -- -- Belichick -- the time. Were brought to double barrel emotionally it's a difference that you does -- -- a different person and build up the check you of course -- -- yes but they did the same thing. That say the same thing broke a contract and the team that one of them had to give up my worst problem. Who Signet two IG has done and I just said Contra I said -- -- you like -- and -- check slime just. I like Doc Rivers on now on the do another way defending -- not run as -- -- -- ever taught your pocket and hey. Yes I'm like gosh I'm not a big. And of Bill Belichick the person I don't call I don't own slimy John -- slimy you never call Bill Belichick doesn't really just like you know well I thought -- slimy. But the decision yet they both have to be slimy coordinator is slide the difference is doc turned his back on this team -- everything was constructed for him that I know and that is -- which day was what I was. Over backwards and kissed his butt and gave him his contract instead we're together you wish your part of the solution not the problem now which part of the -- which team was in better shape which team was in close of the contention the New York Jets under bill -- Bill Belichick. Or the Boston Celtics and a Doc Rivers which teams close to a championship. That would be the New York Jets Belichick got a better team effect might have a better team there and she. Doc Rivers left here because it's a rebuilding thing. And he wants to -- and he wants to win but here's Larry this place and that's slimy Bill Belichick and federal data is not right correct poet was -- like. Bob if they did vetoes this one was box. One column slimy audience I -- I'm mask would judge the hypocrite disingenuous -- of course -- -- engine was they had contact you know what he did the exact same things Belichick you can't admit -- I've admitted because doc. -- up preached this kind of unity thing Belichick did not -- We'll check that we all knew what Belichick was I'll go here at all coach connected if I can get out from under the shadow the large general Bill Parcells. I understand that he had a reason he wanted to go get now don't the shuttle robber John I'm John Rondo that's not a reason all it's what -- -- LS player wants the fight to do you. Think if doc said that Danny. Or docks at DeWitt I can't work with this guy I will not live up to -- five years in my contract if you make me coach for John Rondell. -- -- Rondo be here next year I. So yes he -- I don't write about it he would -- -- call the shots and I wish I don't know why don't you can't trade him now like you just admit they all three coaches here. Did the same thing the only -- the same thing I did the same thing but yeah I'm a critical -- hypocritical don't -- do you think like what you think Bill Belichick told Leon has I'm here I'm -- guy and took his money. Look at -- at a million dollar -- is that here's one difference though the Red Sox went after fair. The patriots went after Belichick. Dot dot when you put the -- I'll tell you don't think the clippers called doc -- job opening dark side -- decree has talked about your arrested in the right. Right -- I don't know about us -- don't would you guys on that but the putting and -- corporate and called docket this year and and you know what Belichick initiated. Ugly lot in order to be true but I don't docket it's only what they did the same thing Bob Ralph Pam Mike and Greg we see you your next with the -- -- all the way the red dog is gonna join us at nine point five.

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