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Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck on Doc leaving the Celtics

Jun 26, 2013|

Wyc joined the show to discuss Doc's departure from Boston. Wyc said that Doc was great for the team for nine years and is looking forward.

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As promised the owner of the Boston Celtics were prospect joins us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTC good morning mr. -- how are you. West collapse caught on I guess what I took away wick. From -- press conference yesterday despite the reports that -- McMullen and Steve -- -- Put out there that doc is leaving and it was the Celtics idea was not the Celtics idea at all. You're not pleased with his departure I assume. Well I I would say little disappointment I've I've I'm where Kenny was. Clearly expressed that. Which is we thought we'd be here for this five year term. And he was. As Andy said he thought the dark about staying and being and having longevity. And -- here's a long time yet no question. But that twelve years of bunker and so we're planning for the long term would start because we think he's one of those foundational guys. It was a good run a couple of finals appearances. But it was not -- idea. Here's what makes no sense to me and I'm not sure if doc is going to trot this rationale out today. But he's upset with the way things are the lack of loyalty to certain coaches -- George Karl. In the NBA I'm not sure Rick how that applies to him you have been nothing if not loyal to him when they lost eighteen in a row when he wasn't a great. Not considered a great basketball coach and by the way and that a fighter contract. -- not strip although that John really I didn't mean to tighten up -- -- -- the question you might need to restate the question but I will say this is. It you know I I thought seductive that they estimate were all square. You give an -- -- for nine years we've given you a lot of work I feel great about it and I took some real money on the golf course but he the raucous it. I don't I don't feel he owes us more I don't feel he owes us an -- years. I think he's entitled particular -- the next three years. And you left in a way and on terms that got us some benefit back. So I mean I don't feel. Good news or. Or that you know if we're not even I think we're even. I just -- been willing to go or was -- -- we're not we're going actually it's energizing and he's Friday. With coaching candidates for for not just today but he's so -- I got a new last spring in his step in the energized him recently built which is what -- said. Where was this a bolt out of the blue to you when you first heard dock and you know better than we do and although we talked them all the time and we use surprised shocked that he wanted to bail out of Boston and go to LA. Know what happens every year with -- was the real talent. It happens every year. Which some of these guys and particularly with it's the way he's approached that he put a lot into it. As we all have seen it put a lot into it and let me put more into it and Bill Belichick and I don't know about politics. Debate with himself every year is gonna come back maybe -- police figures well let's hope. But. I know what god you put everything into it -- takes -- to decompress and when we -- these scientists feel we didn't know he signed the deal. It's not a poll out of the blue it's an ongoing discussion and finally got to the point where he says. Maybe it's time and we over a period of time ended up agreeing with. Did you did you feel like you over twelve to him two years ago or overpaid him because you value and so much weather was rebuilding. Or are contending. I mean this guy what's the best in your mind and you pay them like he was the best. Well that's -- is that we do the Celtics are owed to where we came and I think. I don't feel in any way we. We weren't. It's pouring over problems with money I don't think that I think we've made it feel to move forward. Continue his high level of involvement and continue running the seed in the first class way it is it makes sense everybody's time it's still it was good run. The seven years before their contract which figures on their contract -- I'm happy with all of them you know I'm. Happier with some years and others but I am glad he was -- -- for nine years -- look back on it. It was a net huge debt that -- they have -- Q nine years and and he'll be missed. Is it time to rebuild now -- when you look at the fifth if you know if you're Danny do you do you say this is it for pierce does is it for Garnett at this may be the -- the Santa wrote doc going it's time to start over. Well it doesn't I'm looking to get in the individual players. A lot of decisions will be made today and tomorrow and between now and July 10. Is the busiest time of the year every year. We have we have kept the court together since. -- it was seven when we put the court together. We kept. Really nice run. The times I remember of 408. Are the proper time and actually building things is why we're here we're not here just. Enjoy the years when everything goes right is it what you when -- overseas. When you're asked to do is have the right over and be proud of it when it goes well and so we've got building do and if we start now. That doesn't mean everybody -- It means we're looking at what we have. And look at our and figuring out who's gonna vote Siemens plans for the team but this is actually the fun part and if you. If you look at any in here any. He's pretty fired up about it without a good thing going here with its own. -- leaving aside specifics of KG and Paul Pierce and with considerations being sponsors and endorsements ends season ticket holders. And your fans. I will say this the Red Sox hate the term. Bridge here are the Celtics. About willing to admit or RUS the -- willing to admit that the rebuilding starts now and there may be some down. Times here before things get better. We've admitted that as we don't have a problem saying whether or not we I don't believe we have problems and weather that we were on the -- for the championship we've been there. Before -- been close before two years ago we -- came away from the final and so. We loaded up last -- we added veterans we try to do everything we could because we felt we could contend last year. Others coming here with a new coach and potentially new players. May have seen. We're not making no promises what what were promising the people we've done this and so do their promises to do everything we possibly can look at fighters. They get there when we started you know do we we inherited the team -- audit team and -- just made a layup firm run but and -- may have been treated Rodney Rogers in baker. And it just -- like and the team that would coincide with and that's probably why it was for sale. My sense is that perhaps and I don't know this for a fact. One of the reasons daddy bought in two allowing this to happen and by extension you bought it allowing this to happen meaning -- going to clippers. Is that youth but KG could possibly be traded and get some assets back. Where you and Denny aware. Ahead of time that the NBA it was not going to allow a player trade to take place because it looked bad on the NBA rules and would you have done this if you knew that -- was not going to be allowed to be traded for DR Andre Jordan or anybody else. Well we have done that separate transaction so that at least -- your question. Is easy and we made this transaction. It's quite the old joke that the two traders are going in the Wall Street on the train when I -- I was here. As we can only got a dog to my wife and I simply could trade. Group that's got to Pittsburgh dark. And that's the trade and we've made we don't have any other comment on the legislative -- that has not. A -- did talk to dark. The other day did you try to talk them out of this where. No doubt at all this has been a process for three or four weeks it started with it's not server. And as we also approved were trying to do what first and foremost that for the Celtics really are. That's first Vermont and I'm talking about when you come into the -- you look back at red who was around when we came in. And we brought back and thank goodness he was there. And -- would check in Russell and everybody's bird. So those guys -- first and foremost they built this we're not we're trying to add to that in some way. Certainly get respect the people involved with you know giving you nine years. And that is people like pierce and Garnett and and rivers and so we're dark. Made this suggestion requests -- two overtime we. Agreed to try to get done then took an extra week to get it done because it was difficult negotiation. All right so we've done now and move forward. In the globe this morning Baxter home sites a source familiar with the inner workings of the Celtics organization any quotes that source of as saying the Celtics owners. Want to quote or someone. Presidential. For the it could dish it I'm not sure. What's that maybe you know. Let's I would like that. Or Obama. Coming that's not be quite a theory. What does that mean you're mine where commitments and it did use the guy that's even true but would that mean hire a guy who's. I don't know where that I don't know where that for all I just reached out and -- -- what I do. But. I don't know worries worries that -- that we want somebody who's with a code that it does. Team forward so I've been coached in the past. College athlete as many many years that was sort of thirtieth reunion. Long time ago but I know what it means in my mind. Have a winning coach and I've spent time with some of the other coaches and talent. Here. In the other team and you know you know when you see it or not it is presidential doesn't have anything to do with it doesn't it doesn't have to -- age as you have to -- Particular background quote it has to do leadership and haven't guys want to followed you. You know into hell and back what -- essence of the coaches that the essence of what brought. It's not all about it is and those it was good it's about him. -- -- it would go we're doing this together and work as hard as you can do this other leadership. Which do you suspect he will be in place before the draft or not. Forward. -- happened -- at the military -- -- tomorrow night. We're gonna hire a coach next hour when it for sure Danny has -- talk to people yeah sure there's -- you know I've gone over -- list -- it will not be. -- these could be someone we've never. I don't have permanent. Are they ask you this it is Rondo part of the solution and not part of the problem ever under torture don't know I don't know I know I just it's like to a being the leader on your basketball team and okay -- I think brother could be. It's is -- part of the solution going forward and not part of the problem going forward. It everybody on our team at the moment has -- -- solution going forward. But I do believe Rondo has leadership qualities he has both killed at least we have him. Active on the roster not injured I think we might be the next -- only the first round going get ahead of ourselves right. We believe run those part of the Celtics and and the gas. When Danny says yesterday he was asked he said you know that he felt talk express to him there was a concern he might be losing the locker potentially I think a lot of people I didn't -- took that to mean Rondo did you understand and it was a shared report about the near fight did you understand it there was a a bad relationship between those two dot -- and Rondell. Either I don't unbelievably good in the best stuff I don't think. You know I'd never. Merely -- start but I've been inordinately dark in the past. Our public yesterday. I think that the. But be you know what I came in and I prisoners towards Red -- about how you literally punched out in order back in you know 58. You know things happen among people there's a lot of stuff because of -- room there's not report. And anything to do with Rondo -- -- is just one of many instances happened in the years we've been here. Ultimately. I am belittling it I guess but. There it is a little. I don't think there's as much it was a certain one it is coach the clippers roster and have a better chance near term of the -- I don't think -- once -- without. They wanted to make his win loss record you know. Better and and that's what it is what coaches their talent they're not -- as coaches are held there basically. Players who have retired and currently -- is is players who retired as a player in coaching these very conscious. Right here and now work as any and we look into the future Georgia. It's funny you should say that about the coaching record 416. And 305 in nine years with the Boston Celtics and I said this about an hour ago. May be there is this bigger picture he's looking down the road. At his hall of fame credentials and be part of this rebuild that 416305. It's a lot closer like 416 and 416. Was that a factor do you think in his mind -- Seven I think we're gonna have a decent team in the near future I think we have a very very good general manager can get us back there. They register say it again I'd -- I I think -- that we are even I think those nine years if you were told me this is 79 years we're gonna go yeah we sign him I would have been. Thrilled and I'm very happy with Oakland and and we're even. -- -- thanks for much of the time we appreciate you coming on on a rather tumultuous day in -- in -- plan. If this is what we -- -- this is why we're here we like this. Thanks for double talk to down the road -- joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLD. Agassi -- minutes we got to request for arts. Them iron and one stand mango and or don't want it and we've asked him when he said earlier we're talking and talking -- -- to individual coaching candidates yeah. But as a favor to us hope that they would put stand at least at a couple of sure. I'm not sure stands -- going to be great interviews and grumpier and grumpier but there's there's going to be grumpy we elect grumpy grumpy Belichick cropping and get some of that company like Kim Porter -- grow big it is. I think I don't think -- the grumpy Levy's did as you think you might be as one. Do you think he's had for a race yet a geeky minutes it be great I'd rather you know doc is great choice yes yes Hoosier and I'm Jeff. Jeff I like him he's not -- and a I think it was pretty clear we talked on the other that we and there's. It is that he's not interested he's got a great gig yeah I think he can be more particular more. Sure it discerning when it comes to easily bill power couple years old power back if he's Jon Gruden. His brother another word is probably he told us Brothers Workman TV will look at each of ago what TV he has. I mean he doesn't have a straight BC network -- not make -- two million now TV Jeff -- the war in the world looking for needy. Stand justice CD is little more needy like who wouldn't be -- you -- that -- just today it's terrible there's nobody. Have brought some of society are gonna hire a guy that you. General public is never I agree I I think that quote that -- that's accurate they would like some presidential stupid quote doesn't mean it makes no sense I don't that's not. Did that the term is. I grab a it's a credibility in -- if they hired. People running doing all right for time -- Larranaga. Again. They -- gambling that will will be the reaction this team needs a little bit of a one -- who. And they say they hire -- says WB one story. Is a stink will be one based -- excited one based on the value it is who's Lebanese. Keep pushing Richard I'd I'd I'd just think he has fought out in very high regard in this organization. So much so that doc wants to take him to Los Angeles but if -- Kevin Eastman. We -- to -- -- assistant for another five years with the clippers. Course the Boston Celtics are using it fired power I think Jim what more -- a longer adds up salute you talk Copeland got his ball. Petrol Longo is sexier than -- baseman Kevin Eastman might be the guy your phone calls next.

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