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Fred the angry vet mad at Gerry

Jun 26, 2013|

Fred from New Hampshire wants to kick Gerry's ass because he is not mad at Doc Rivers.

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To try to spread in New Hampshire Fred good morning. Good morning good thank you stated Michael best. I just wanted to say that. You know the dark side the paper. With the contract. Into. Kevin Garnett signed his contract thinking in the -- was -- to be here. It's so dark it's really just dumped on Kevin and left in the thing I -- to say that. -- if you sign something if you sign a contract with something like this year -- -- -- sort fuel were. Doesn't mean it's saying you have no on it. You I'll tell you what he'll say to that and that amid angry ethnic not just Garnett a Manhattan and the whole roster. -- your -- Jeff Greenfield Jeff Green settle long term deal. Think -- it -- one you know I've won many thought yeah you would go to have to rebuild. He knew little boat brought to a -- coach Rundle long enough so he knew what he was getting into. City has. No oil and I respected doctor it was a big dark. -- And I have no respect for that they have it all anymore he's just a mercenary. And the other thing illustrate Jerry. Use that you do the same day or European without order. You have no -- In that thing is I told in during the Pittsburgh. Series. Restarted both the states where the Pittsburgh went to a dispute in the back a little. Ending -- stuff like that I was going to make a point because I sit. I played in Europe. It after I hung up after the -- company up. You sit -- here Bodine but when they -- in the I mean you're reading this. I wanna tell you something. I didn't -- Putin's special forces on the 65 year old disabled that -- have you done to this country who -- And I wanted to -- them -- I was 34 years old instead it was 65 year old disabled that lady. I would come down here and stock might hit the yet they. That's. Still disaster that I I I didn't -- to ask you where I I think he's good at doing TV you have no children. You don't have a -- -- -- that I would do you Europe and -- a lot of debts written here on the radio. -- on TV and I produce the stuff to other people. In everything that you weren't you met the biggest. School -- this -- Would it wouldn't work on that on the GI bill looked at night and that I work with digital equipment corporation. Would put. Systems. Into -- Lotus -- and didn't ask these programs to -- worked assistant to put us based program. Into space and I serve my country would you do. You sit there when you mark and I'd forgotten more about Iraqis in the eleven though. Yeah act as you played in Europe. No that's right I played in Europe I played nice -- played in college. And spend more time when he faced then you're having your drink -- Cologne. If you think that that FF I I didn't know his disability before I agree to this boat yeah what is your disability. My disability is so -- Permanent -- the image in my back in my little guys who have Syracuse and special forces. -- your hands in your arms and your fists your hands in your arms and your -- -- right -- and I still couldn't get out of whip Roy. We need to do this for the Jimmy opted for a -- in the fifth of Jack the brick. Getting what what's -- coming through Jimmy Fund I -- to erupt -- say I wouldn't let him talk -- reload cock and Doug yeah. Pretzels and -- just broke my call screener.

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