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Ryan Dempster postgame press conference

Jun 26, 2013|

Ryan Dempster spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Rockies tonight at Fenway 11-4.

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Now. Wears you out anyway and where's. -- -- -- Him. Dallas is a good win for us you know we just came off a really tough series in Detroit were. We could -- three or four we didn't we lost reform we bouncer back Manning is really good team. Huge performance by our offensive has really got involved so. -- -- -- -- -- -- score -- and well with Martin winning tomorrow could tell -- her first -- it would probably Q. Yeah offers and so we wanna do have runners on -- -- and you know -- ruin it. Think a dire but just try to make some pitches and was able -- double play ball. You know the most -- It will actually pitched and I. I don't. You know it's. -- moments but no it was. You know we have an incredible and. Just cause -- we're we're doing your job and you know it's just making pitches and execute pitches and you know the wins -- as a team as an individual but. You know that sort there was of course are we went in -- get a chance when the game and that's my marital problems. Yeah I mean it's been really impressive what he's done. You know. Whether it's you know there's been times -- people so it's just soft 400 these -- sort of thing try to figure that out -- or thirties hit and driving the ball to him and then on -- all the hitting and that's all great forty dollars closes. It is whether you play third and short or second or center field I don't know we've just -- this amazing book is really good job. You know it's it's good to see the success he has. This. Kind of ride it for as long as well. Yeah I think so. I mean I always had solo home runs don't be I wish the ones that many I've given up. But you know especially a situation like tonight who were put up front and trying to attack the strike zone and know some it's an -- anyone else so. -- expectant couples down keep the ball ballpark for the same time if you're gonna get monster mile from the women's. Com golf -- -- sequestered so I think it puts a lot more home. And have them -- quite an achievement over. Q it. Don't think so and see it. Neither car on the turnpike probably. That happens. I think it's to the wind was blowing and you know I just think it does help you know I'm not. I'm not sure why that was happening maybe. It is scoreboard operators to your favor that and if it. I feel good I feel strong arm Favre feels really get I don't worry about velocity it's nice when you. When you wonder are racking and throw fastball. Analysts conviction under the you can have but it -- -- I was great. That's been really good and you. Baghdad think. Tom about his marker giving your team a chance winnable game. You know obviously you're trying to do you go as a starter goes 67. If this course north course possible so you know it's something that I.

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