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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jun 26, 2013|

John Farrell spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Rockies tonight at Fenway 11-4.

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John can you talk about the -- afternoon. Outstanding performance at any time between its and it's a very good night but I think we've early on we found some holes was some basis that weren't squared up and then. Combine it with some balls or squared up. PD was some base it's the other way and a couple of RBIs just opened a lot of but thought a very good overall approach against their guys on the mound. Jose once again three base it's continues despite not by force. Nice to get some run support for a -- aspect about them that. I thought the key was in the first inning you know use -- sit there with men first and second nobody out. One of the better hitters in the National League in all of baseball the plate and in the wake of tires went about while -- those two guys command. Red hot and he gets a pop -- to a pitcher and then. The second pitch for round multiple playing it's out of it and while he might not have been his most sharp tonight still six quality innings of work and he had a number runs to work with. Is it and you. See. This. May be on occasion. Not not very often what we're seeing more ones and -- as we get in the middle part of the summer here and regardless of age. Arm strength continues to build. Another wall another day and he got to bolt. That holds up one of those signs and you. It's not that he suffered a gash but if it -- -- post operative of the year. I've kind of lost his footing going after the ball and he said it seems like he's in his final wall on on a daily basis. A -- great years and improvement. Have you think. He made things. Well it's night and day difference Johnny. You know the approach at the plate once again has -- it in the right field on our rights and -- a 21 count. I hit he's get himself in good positions knowledge stay balanced but increased bat speed and but -- -- good breaking ball in from out of you know for the double for the RBI believe that was back in that. -- two hours ago probably in the fifth inning. So. Consistent approach to the plate and seeing the ball very well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Confidence. Belief in himself and as races -- a talk a number of times he's back to an aggressive swing that. He's not trying to steer the ball around the field and hit -- hard where it's pitched. And and -- seen it nightly.

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