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Salk and Holley discuss the state of Boston Sports

Jun 25, 2013|

With the Bruins losing and Doc Rivers leaving for LA. The Patriots are in a state of chaos because of Hernandez.

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And our apologies to anybody who usually listens via the Internet stream -- on the mobile lap we are backed up and running that's an Internet issues today. To 2013 as death my hot. Do -- -- without the Internet is near impossible we -- back up and running. On our Internet site at WEEI dot com I'm app for live map. -- that open Mike -- open Mike but there don't forget on the apple and android mobile device click the open Mike button on the bottom right corner leave your message for some ten seconds or less. We could use it on the show is brought to -- -- fish wireless provider of Boston bruins' most forgy coverage in new England and may be a good starting point there is. How would you have stayed last night and cheered let's go Bruins after the team lost would you. Did you feel more disappointment did you feel more anger were taken a lot of Bruins calls today really phone lines open throughout the show. Quick note and I just saw this Michael because today's reopening day off a toe do its reopening day for the Red Sox know that they're reopening so if you didn't if you didn't pay attention for the first couple months here if you were mostly watching the Bruins to re opening day for the Red Sox have a closer problem that we just found out about it throughout spring training in the early parts of the season it didn't really exist. A little -- problem and Jayson stark of Philadelphia originally reporting the Phillies are indeed talking to both the Red Sox in the tigers'. About Jonathan palpable. That's nice that's nice news right. Well if you don't watch commander but Billy you're watching some of the problems they've had in their pen yeah I'd say it's pretty good. God or at least interest that is I don't know if the Red -- display in the game there. Trying to trying to figure out what the prices for Jonathan Papelbon and opinion Papelbon. Needs somebody maybe he's not -- not quite the fit. What they're looking for -- in terms of stuff. And and payroll. But there's no question they're going to be making some moves some vote multiple open blues. Before the. I like the idea of them starting there and start a palpable on figure out what the market is figure what you would need to give up and benefits too much. You can then start to have some of those conversations about lesser guys whether it's K a broader. -- Jesse Crain or some of the other you know other relievers that could be out they're just a quick note there on the Red Sox lineup is out as well. Victor Reno playing once again so he's back in their after. After a little injury scare Ellsbury victory and a Pedroia Ortiz Napoli now but Saltalamacchia drew a -- CS with Dempster on the -- Bruins of course the focus. Not talking as much for its content but many still sort of coming down the devastated by what we all watch. Last night and I I would say you know we talk about the red excuse me to -- the Bruins whether it's anger or disappointment there's another. Word in there and that's shock. Beverages shocked that there's and there's not going to be a game seven shell shocked me you eat you started thinking about early cited -- edit. Two minutes to play are you start thinking about game seven what that means in this is an impressive win for the Bruins. And then when they scored. Tied up you start thinking on overtime. Rather than they the Blackhawks won before when they wanted to when he -- and they won in overtime in Philadelphia. And and and is this a repeat of that war the Bruins pull this off in overtime. And in forcing game seven but when that second goal came with two goals and seventeen seconds just. Not really sure that this this what happened at that happened how to -- up. And that's a kind of makes it different from some of the other devastating losses that you can remember. The eighty -- both 86 and 03 for the Red Sox those kind of happened in slow motion. Right I mean because it'll it's it's like watching a bad movie that you can't stop it right what does it is that the battle -- attempt and being worth the with that carriage that go downstairs it's always mimicked in movies and you're seeing this carrot baby -- go downstairs -- and -- -- cables that while I think it happened before that right in the start with battleship -- is not like the original I don't know but I remember the scene in the untouchables were attached at the right and I think that that's it's whatever. It kind of feels like that knocked -- knocked movies right. Just stop it wanna stop it and it just keeps going and going Grady won't take him out in the game keeps going and eventually. By the time to hit the home run you were shocked because but it new. At that point that they were probably -- -- ailing right 07 with the patriots. Was awful but it wasn't so sudden right. I mean you did have that higher marched down the field there were few times he thought the patriots would win but it was like frustrating moment after frustrating moment. What was so crazy about last night is it just happen instantly. It was everything was fine and then bam it wasn't that. Yeah you're in control of the game but not in control of the theories and and in other cases you were in control of those theories. And it in the final game or what you thought would be in the case of the Red Sox what you thought would be the final game and in. It blows a poignant while for them for the Red Sox and yankees get to game seven moment in your about that come out of this thing win and win game seven. He felt betrayed. Felt like it was an inside job -- whose gritty work -- -- he's dirty who pay them off. This is this is unforgivable and you don't feel like that -- last -- solid right now now last night down January. You that you're playing with a sense of desperation because you were just trying to extend the series. And you thought you at least done that. And then it just happened so fast and into blanks there right there with the lead. -- -- bottle of the producer for the month Maloney shows as he went downstairs Susan and I'd sure like you were -- -- -- and -- -- went downstairs to. Start doing some interviews with two to one. When he got on the elevator -- got up the elevator if he was treated and stuff. But this which are little more terrible 61777979837. Go to Jonathan and -- long that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cute Bruins fan. I guess my comment is just about sort of something that I see happening over and over again throughout see him and that is the Bruins changed their minds that once they get a lead. For some reason they playback and -- spent at that point where they back their zone and let other operatives. -- -- -- And in the back of defense and it's kind of ruin them to be opposite you can usually they're pressuring pressuring checkered. And you know they control the game at doing that so when they score in Italy they need to keep doing as opposed to OK we cannot believe the whole -- you know they got to keep pressure. Well I'm sure. And and and maybe the maybe the Blackhawks do it to a degree as well. I'm sure they play a little differently when they have believed. I hear you vertical load the beginning of the season and beginning of the series excuse me say. How important was or or what an advantage it is to score first. You you don't you don't throw that out -- for no reason that strategically. You're doing something different when you have the -- side of a short right well especially early in the scanning that they're defensemen were coming up the boards I mean they're how many times did you notice. Early in that game especially in the first period. Boy -- parents even Chara all the way even be on the other goal line I mean and -- couple plays we're -- was even knocked to the ice. On the other side of the Chicago net like man I hope nothing bad happens and really none of those pitches ended up hurting them last night but I -- -- They were incredibly aggressive early. Took a lot of that away lay all of that being said. They still have a chance to extend their lead with a wide open net the creature couldn't get to. And it wasn't until it was six on five for the final moments of the game the final one minute twenty. Until Chicago ended up scoring so they're free -- defense so to speak didn't really burn them. Well and the one thing excuse that they almost kind of referred to -- -- New Jersey doubles style defense after the get a lead where they're trying to just capitalize Leon they are the other team and you know I mean that much of their treatment is really good -- and republic -- seems to me that you know. Actually kind of a -- the -- -- a little straighten themselves in regards to offense at that point and and instead of like leaking those -- pensions and and keeping the park county and the other end. You know they pack up and in the backing up actually. Give breaks to the other team and I've seen it you know during the regular season it will play out. -- you know I think they just keep there one mindset moving sort of trying to you know keep a deep in the ground and and really check the forward in the defense of the other team. You know will be more successful but of action of the elites like for the switch and kind of backing up. Yeah I'm -- it's a fair point your part but. You know code has been here for a number of seasons and that's the approach that the system I don't think. I don't think it certainly wasn't gonna change last night -- I don't think it's gonna change going forward either enemies is gonna do. Well what he does but here's the exciting thing -- if you think about it one of our callers mentioned earlier I want extended. Note talking about. That the development of -- recruit him and part -- -- And who knows -- maybe they'll. The they'll be topped both from -- top six defenseman but maybe your your fifth and sixth defenseman and maybe that's the top end of of who they are. But if you look at this team going forward you're right about the window for Chara. And you know you can't expect him nick continue to play at this level if he does play at this level you -- expected for. 125 to thirty minutes a game made yet expect for for 1520. Or -- 125. But they have a couple of guys -- in 22 of them jump out to me -- May -- will determine where they go in the next two to three years. That the development. Of Tyler -- -- This offseason and the development of Doug Hamilton which got about Doug Hamilton during the playoffs. But think about how public that dodgy at the beginning of the season coming up. Jump to stage. You know you have a -- out and and really weren't sure if there was going to be a season at all. And win when they returned here Stuckey Hamilton and he sticking. They're not sending them anywhere there is he's he's on the team he's not going anywhere any played. He played much better. That a lot of people expected him to expect him to play any kind of fell off a bit and and became somewhat of an -- afterthought in the post season. Can they take another step. And become the consistent player for a full season. Next year and then Tyler say it. This is the time I -- going into year four. I think is very reasonable. This is a huge -- put it together yet. But it again I think out a lot of the people who have preached patience with Tyler clay and now and myself and that list Klesko it's gonna go lay next year next year is not I mean. It's not instead and it not it's like I need him to next you'll be the best player in hockey but but I need to see some significant improvement next year and I've been as Sagan defender -- do preach patience with him he's really young he he clearly -- a long way to go. I need to see now mean next year becomes a make or break but definitely watershed right without giving doesn't get it next year he's never gonna get it. But I think my next year you'd sure want to see it -- it's -- man you're four you've grown into your body you've gotten a little older man's strength you turned into an actual man you've seen it for the last few years. And and I I think I heard brick sale last night. Nobody's looking for him to go into the corners and knock everyone over come up with a puck the way -- did last night he does not need to do that that is not the expectation. For who he is is a player. We love to see him develop some toughness to be able to keep the pocket. He'd like to see him develop some ability to win those battles the Wacey creature does you'd like to see. A few more capitalizations on scoring chances and setting up more like he did last night the setup to Chris Kelly a great way to carelessness of what he passed. You wanna see that more consist. -- and -- obstacle. Army -- what does -- -- -- capitalization have mail look at the setup is great in -- in. And maybe he start to find themselves in this series in that and that and that play making category pinkie started from those things but now. And I you look at you look at the entire post season. In the number of goals Tyler Satan scored during this post season run and he's got to be honest it's not if that's not get an outright. Forehand. Hey there's no shootouts in the post season man I mean he he's dynamic on the shoot outs and there's no shootouts in the postseason the good news is. You saw a guy like Cassell who started off being more of a shoot -- specialist and has developed into more of a complete player. He still has is issues he still would be better off from the circular rink without any corners -- But he certainly gotten better score remedy he's taken that ability to scored -- always turned it into an ability score really throughout the entire game he cannot that's what they can always six or 777979. 37 gave up. Is actually in Chicago high -- Let's update. Under court order that. I want I want you -- a -- I. -- -- I am. At a little amateur. -- -- all. -- -- There -- -- hundred people. Out there and or UN earlier disappointment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet day you know in it in Chicago let me get the sense at least from the players in the series and never and never get that moment and never got that. Long ago moment where. No he says about Tim Thomas yet you know in the pop my tires this year he's war in here and -- get the face watched. That that their march on put on this it now whether this is deemed in the in the playoffs but there was never. Was never really that moment with the Chicago player reason I hate this guy and I hate this team. But where the fans like that greeted. A lot of Blackhawks fans in the Reno last night and any -- pretty respectful in Baghdad we really know incident not like it's a fan base that you really -- that the Bruins fan. Are respectful the -- cheering and and and many many stayed while they presented the compliment it was. He usually is and once those gains and especially in a hockey series ring of the unbelievable moment or. Now they come rushing out the Bruins very classy and -- and gave their salute to the crowd of -- That's how hockey goes you -- the handshake line and that sets the tone for everything doesn't accept an ankle right. It didn't I don't know why book is there a -- when he pitches mostly -- as it was is that amenable blocking pitches pretty simple. And and neither of these two teams are Chicago's not deal like that neither of Boston Vancouver was whiny bitches. Very simple. Right well I think I think with these teams. You get to the window. I think they're going to be around for a while on -- it. In years or anything like that but it wouldn't be surprised the next. Me got to look at it realistically Chicago. In this cup yet again eight. An eight holdovers from 2010. So there's some changes they made changes when the last and they want it they'll probably make some more changes that I would say. In the next three years. And I got to see. That the Blackhawks will be seen as -- consistent. Favorite -- strong contender in the west. And the Bruins are right there maybe look at that they look at right now where they stand today. On the Pittsburgh Penguins are coming back Balkans got a huge contract. Across he's going to be back and -- is back as a coach. The pay when you look at the Bruins. It was a contender and a OK I mean they're contender for the cup now every year. And I guess that's why am surprised by some of the calls that are just saying hey I'm just proud of them they didn't they gave good for them in Chicago is the better team. That would that when it. -- so much a better -- -- game if you went six the first game was decided to -- overtime Chicago's not be vastly superior team right and if they played a hundred times if you don't think Chicago that we set out of the what I but I don't think you're you're at that point when you're talking about I don't think. The league's. Where the conference's. I guess I was going back to the eighties and thinking about the Celtics and lakers right where for the most part to what they meet twice a year during the regular season -- and every year you -- that there is -- decent chance they were gonna battle for the champion right. Every time you lose to the lakers it's frustrating right I mean it's anger it's it's furious now some of it is because there was. A long term rivalry between the two teams the Boston and Chicago don't count and hockey. But isn't some of but the disappointment of he got an opportunity to win during what you always knows gonna be limited Europe before your best players and moving on were being hurt or something happens. And you squandered one every year that the Celtics didn't beat the lakers is a squander. This year -- even if the lakers might have the better team. And I think you could look. The Bruins -- the same but I guess if you look at it like that and and this is it. Mean we know now with hindsight we -- going to be like that every year. If you look at it like if the if the Blackhawks and the Bruins are Celtics lakers that your pretty good shape because our. Celtics when an 84. Lakers when an 85. -- -- -- -- Lakers -- an 87 and 88 so yeah I mean you're around him in there you've got to be in the final part of it is. Getting to that it is hard. That closing the deal right and it is they're so if it didn't seem that hard for the Celtics and lakers to get back to that point and that's one of the -- items as well -- we'll see you next year because these two teams are automatically don't tell championship if you're telling me actually now. Are generally disappointing -- upset but the point going to be there next year. -- be -- wreck that's why I'm but I think that's why it affects me some time. They're gonna be their next -- hockey seasons and especially the playoffs you don't know when you're gonna run into a break hold the and then next thing you know you're -- done in seven games you just don't know 61777979237. -- your calls plus. Is this part of the larger picture. Here in this city today at salt -- on W media.

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