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4at4 for June 25th

Jun 25, 2013|

An all Bruins 4at4...with one annoying exception

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-- to the Internet Stan again go now or can be popular Internet be blowing out the first question and changing it okay do you as a -- -- okay is there anything in this world more free can frustrating on the Internet is down. Got -- about this yet as there what I mean what's more annoying than -- loss of the Internet and I guess if you don't have -- lose like your access to. Call our. We're talking about actual serious issues like if you get injured if you aren't on our part in any of the things that really like our life changing. We -- hall like when you got flat. Higher. Okay now try to go when nets want to hire is so aggravating especially when it's not a -- it's your fault. Just rush original event of a flat tire in a rush job on. War or act or at rush hour or less or something else that you can relate to. This is show up and as -- I can relate that you're really well this. Let's say you're at someone's house. Engaged once -- -- -- -- -- without access to a car. I did that for awhile right I was brutal -- stuff yeah so now dad got a very your car with yeah borrow their car and you know -- had a if -- you have to tell them more than you wanna tell them as an adult it's. Not nearly as irritating where -- whole Internet. How long you'll be gone I don't one of the most annoying things out there it's a little thing. It is tandem parking. I'll give gravity and are -- based on the roommate. Are you behind me now god can you go move your it's like the most it's the most aggravating little thing. Is -- owning a tandem parking space with somebody. I'll put that right up there but nothing is worse than -- -- -- dishwasher. Where the Internet but OK yeah it can only had to be without one. In her hospital -- -- for two weeks I'll take -- dog -- -- without the dishwasher for two weeks but in terms of like an actual living arrangement where I don't have a dishwasher. Room. A whole lot regardless -- quick. Gyms in April hi -- Good reception. The most annoying thing ever when you change at worse yet at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Totally agree. We have to change your email passer like -- avenue bank account in new password for that -- it's it's almost like my password for the credit card but not like one number on how to build barrier which one -- wedge or -- what did. To Google him and as painful as it was last night especially seeing the Bruins lose on Boston race. When Stanley Cup final concludes that the NHL have the best celebration and. All of sports. The best celebration in all of sports while. Let's just stick with the major sports. Here in the US. Yeah. You have -- about all the elements you have. You have from that you've got this -- the four sportsmanship but that comes off as genuine sportsmanship. And a lot of ways you've got the the greatest trophy. Among our our major sports. You've got the players who are often doing very gracious things or the bruised it last night with a stick salute the fans. I mean you think about the celebration of basketball there's not really a celebration and there's nothing. There's nothing memorable about it. Football. All the confetti and win the Super Bowl. They go talk to the commissioner. You know Drew Brees had a kidney. And they they headphones in the air mouse or whatever and yes often no worries -- have little things like that but nothing really. Part of the tradition that just jumps out at you. The World Series champagne. Talking about I think you pride as I looked at a little bit differently I was looking at that actual moment right when you know time expires. And and it -- ends. He's great because of the way that easy stick strewn all about the ice -- are everywhere and the guys always seem to meet it against the boards. Just act cool like massive humanity crashing into each other against the boards. But I do like the end of -- the end of a basketball win because often throw the ball the ball being thrown in the -- -- such a cool like indication of -- they win -- senator -- -- -- I'm not part you and then you have who was it. Randy Brown was that the guy's name was a wrestling it away from Jordan. -- you're after is abducted out of it Magnum and it was like -- Michael Jordan's biggest championship why is it written around sucker punching him in Steele got the ball well I don't think you can I don't because that's what was up there right now about an -- -- brown I think the where you know Jordan went down I think. EO Randy Brown thought he was just jubilant though and it was actually -- -- -- the hell away from guys that have -- why are you even in the picture right now who are you Randy Brown the only reason I remember him. Is for hogging Jordan's spot I felt -- by the -- wasn't really I don't even remember him as a Celtic I only remember -- you know -- The public any the individual sports. Golf guy tennis you have a cool moments at the end tennis and they like go to their season. Celebration as -- is that in the record the milk that's very well I NASCAR has great. You gotta go account either either the Indy 500 drinking the milk or any of the NASCAR kiss the bricks. NASCAR just as best spin outs and stuff they do in the infield the the burn outs that's pretty cool man I'm Michael NASCAR -- have a masters apply green jacket yeah. You can trying to coordinate all stodgy. The green gentleman just you win and a masterful start like depends on what to where were the I'd like to Graham McDowell moment with his father on now on Father's Day when he won the US open at Pebble Beach that was critical moment that was not. The Hershey and general all right the NASCAR I'm gonna go burnout to spin outs and NASCAR. Now the black Sox have won the Stanley Cup if you could take one player from them. And put them on the Bruins who would -- easy Patrick Kane annoying when the Conn smythe. But that's exactly what we're talking about a guy with that type of speed. That dynamic player but there are times. It looks like OK they've got to him and he gets. Egypt collides through people I mean it's unbelievable so that's if you look at the Bruins in what they're missing. They're missing that -- interest -- anything that element that's what Tyler Sagan you know you hope he is going to be common in if there's any player out there you look for him to emulate. It would be Patrick Kane I know there's a group that would not think it's obvious they would say John games. Another player like version on the idea of having two guys like that on your team will feel like that's what the Bruins need -- mean they have Bergeron already crate -- is. A very good two way player mean both guys clearly playing Kirk did and in the final stages of the Stanley Cup final. I'll take a different answer. For the sake of having a conversation here I'll -- Duncan Keith lustig -- the thirtieth 230 years old. This year he turns thirty next month. And if we're talking about the char era and the -- window and he's 37. How much more time can you. Can you compete with him as your best player in thinking about trying to replace some. Take Duncan Keith for the next five years is beginning to try to can be shut down defensive player and also spark some offense and he is one hell of how hockey player I would not mind having him on my team app. All -- and there isn't a guy on that team that that surprise to me. Or we're disappointed. That I didn't look at a guy and say well he's really overrated -- Or. I thought -- Jonathan Toews is exactly what I thought it was nearly a player that Patrick -- -- now in the first couple games of the series. Wonder what all the hype was about to have he's he's -- he's a player that needs to play with the right guy. But at the end of the series obviously you look at them. He's got a lot of guys it like I'd love -- -- hosts on my team I know you love him and there's a lot of guys. That you would look at say -- they -- pretty good in the bruins' Johnny -- duty is good depth defenseman -- in Seabrook some really good player. The good guys and that's good team that wants -- cup. So the debate has been raging on throughout the playoffs of who is better Rask or Thomas. Did last night change your opinion of that debate. Thought I'd like to say no. I'd like to say -- I worked I really wanna say no all god I wanna say no or not. Tim Thomas is in the better duke harassed rather has been the better goalie he's overthrown in the shadow of Tim Thomas Knoll. Does that make all the spectacular scenes but he's a better positional -- he played with the utmost confidence the route he almost seemed annoyed when the puck came in on them and just tossed it aside. But to rebound control into the corners. And are right they gave away game but he wasn't really fault that either goal so I wanna say. Still still it's it's -- all the way and yet. I myself don't. I can Thomas won the cup and he won the Conn smythe along the way out and just because. There were some really bad moments afterwards it ended badly last season and then everything that occurred -- him leaving it. It's not go to wipe away from me the fact that he came up with a big season absolutely needed them even ones that he didn't. He wasn't expected to make and as great as I think -- is I think he could still win a cup. I can't say that he was better than -- -- yeah. You know what it is no shame in that you're absolutely right I want I'm I'm I'm with you all the way I want it to say that about two chorus all of this to grass I was ready to attack like thirty seconds to go they're actually out. Try -- to we say it. During the run what took a -- did against Pittsburgh is more impressive than anything that Tim Thomas did. At the symbol at a similar point during the run and then in the first three games of the of the Stanley Cup final elected. Thomas' numbers -- took -- numbers -- very similar. Tim Thomas came up with the goods and Thomas delivered the goods and there's no shame in saying that Tuukka Rask fell short of that because of the go back to this time. Electric June 25 2000 -- -- so we already have the parade. And that they're still the glow of the Bruins as Stanley Cup champions for the first time since 1972. And we talked about Tim Thomas in 2011 we stand. There will never be around like it is. I mean what this guy did was unbelievable we won't see this for a long time that was -- he's done and has -- all the cliches about goaltenders. And we almost saw. We almost so so Tuukka Rask was two wins away. From it if they had one I don't care be it games he gave up five goals in the game seven yeah they went eight to five. If they had won this thing took or baskets. Now they didn't and and it is still bottom line business writer and as much as you love everything he did it and I. I'm all taken going forward. If you ask me right now who what I like is my goal going forward. I mean some of its youth and all that -- I'm I'm very comfortable Tuukka Rask as the goalie of the future I don't think he's got. Third period problem I don't think he's got to close it out problem but. He wasn't able to close out he wasn't able to come out with a one more miraculously saved that the team really needed in order to force overtime and and Tim Tim did. Mean you can say that did that you can list all the other factors around them but unfortunately one got or fortunately in this case one guy came up with a boy got a. Right now and that just the way it is now they took some steps it took some steps during this post season run. And in certain certain guys are. Well we'll find out what you guys think -- certain guys are viewed differently. Positively -- where they -- before negatively where they were before. Or about the same -- -- arrest even though. He's not on that Thomas level now and get the in the Conn -- it and deliver it like Tim Thomas did. I think he took it and -- took some giant steps forward. 00 absolutely. Absolutely no way you view to correct it's funny it's funny you bring that up and an -- as a set up for this entire conversation which were gonna have here about you know really looking at some specific guys. And you guys are all over the phone to Tom Bruins calls on hold -- sees -- Red Sox called -- to get to a lot of them. You have to take a lot of out of what he saw on the playoffs but you also don't wanna be overly seduced. But what you saw on the playoffs try to -- Brian -- was sort of -- guy who'll listen that this amazing playoffs and you don't wanna be seduced into thinking that he's necessarily. A standalone. At top. Line -- When he may very well not the -- came alive over short period of time -- -- over a short period time and play with the right guy that's right so you're you're you're always cautious to right now look at Daniel IA as a completely different player than I did a couple of weeks ago. I don't know that I think I think he's important to the team I love what he contributed but to -- -- look at him and say. Wow have to house them even the warmest part of the future because of what that third line -- in the last few games. Where's Chris Kelly who are really believed in for the last few years. Really awful playoffs until the last couple games -- now. Becomes so you know it that I see so much from Kelly that I don't believe in him now going forward I think he's somebody that needs to be replaced. It's tricky because you you know you don't wanna get seduced by what you see but you also don't wanna -- ignore. What you saw. Art so I mean let's let's go over. Let's start going over some of these guys you can start with a coat check. The view of load. Now compared to the start the post season -- because during the post season there were lots of of glowing tributes written about. -- spoken about code. On radio and TV. To really get things about and we've had a conversation the best coach in Boston right now on and on. You look at Claudette is quote the guy. You would do is be you be outraged and shocked in in the in just angry. If if people to Doc Rivers and Kevin because I'm here in a year or two years is quote career coaches like -- -- for a win. He's got to be rolling the identity of the Boston Bruins is with this guy. Yeah on a -- I mean I don't want that again you talk about being overly seduced then and I think I've said over and over again I really pulled 180 on -- over the course of these playoffs. And I do think that he was a couple of minutes away from get. -- nothing -- a few minutes away. From not being the head coach of the Bruins I really think that would have made that changed have they lost to Toronto and maybe surely would've been the GM at apple I don't know. But after what he did every single time you wanted to doubt his decision making process. -- coming back in for the start of the Pittsburgh series. The way he decided to uses defenseman against Pittsburgh and breaking up lines and putting lines back together and his defense system in the use of say one thing after another. You seem to be right on almost every single one of them the guy seems to get his team ready to play for the playoffs. Maybe they flipped the switch would every wanna say they were ready to go. And while he's not perfect coach and there are still I think things that will bother me and other people about -- He's a very good article deserves to be the head coach of the states are. For a little while -- varies a very good coach art so the top but he don't you think -- I do but the company has Belichick. I think I'm back to thinking how best parts -- Belichick -- -- company. We've seen some some -- all the will soon be OK we'll both towns that offense is -- -- tight ends -- that are but to some doubt all their son but you look at that we've seen some championship coaches in this town. And we view them it's not -- at an overweight so stocks not on the top of my list items at that we see dark you know we've seen Tito. -- -- John Ferrell now we don't know you know what that means you know John -- is is more of an incomplete couple quick quote -- now the second how long his tenure had -- from Boston. -- Belichick is the as he reached Beatles fans vote -- it it was beloved here I don't know I don't think so. -- Now if he -- if he -- had this one yes. Yeah if he had had this one yeah I think you would have but he didn't a don't -- again given Tito status Tito and that the curse. 86 years I mean everything you put together now voted in the two. Well drilling on the Bruins version wasn't her long -- it was it was it was amazing 39 years not 86. -- -- like like yes but it's my basics you don't -- in the now and not quite as beloved to steal as I would say but still about -- -- objectivity is here is on the dock level. Yes I think a -- mr. seasons now because doc. I would I would like that that we see a lot of lot of Europe's at a dock or what a true picture I would for a renewal for human error that the Los Angeles Clippers were coming in yes they were flirting as long as I had seen what happened -- like the Rangers series with the Bruins but didn't know what was happening with doc. I think so are used to say back in the day if you like the -- we're talking. We're just -- it. Talk in -- hawking really I mean you know we're what does that really mean what we're doing more than talking and -- we're talking it is like. That's she's almost her girlfriend. You're you're you're you're almost -- what ages this is that 1112 outlook as a sort of like high school not on the -- -- our talk really. You talk and Erica. -- Erica Erica Erika with a K Erica with a six Erika with a K you know to Williams and you strike me as early mechanical items in her sister Lucia from leash -- -- Not short for -- We're just -- Lisa LE ES EJ -- As feature I think computers should remember that not seems like you these the Williams sisters made quite the impression on -- they were a year apart they weren't they were no Venus and and Serena -- that curator -- That could put up the.

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