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Andy Brickley, NESN: This is hard to accept

Jun 25, 2013|

Andy Brickley joins Mut and Merloni in studio to discuss the Bruins devastating Game 6 loss and to talk about what went wrong.

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-- -- -- You all and probably. Okay. Our Joseph Butler not to 37 WEB I would continue. To take your phone calls. -- -- game six -- the Stanley Cup finalist bruins' season. And you look at it. Barry Petersen said today with the voice thirteen weeks until they start this thing up again it's going to be a very short off season. It's a pretty significant questions for the Bruins and also come a time to joining us here live studio. Andy brick we have -- and who was over there at the guard last night who sought for stand and Alou and I were saying if -- -- see it might not believe that brick that we have a lead like that two goal my goal lead in your building and you think it worse case and -- made it goes to overtime and all the sudden. That's season ends pretty quickly added that rips your heart out if you're hockey for and the -- is quickly second and that's sport. No doubt about it and Whittier area and -- -- fear and casual fans. It earlier in the TV business media mentally it is you do. You still have a connection with this team and especially his team could it likable group that -- -- core group that connection with -- fan base and to witness what happened last night really disheartening. Disappointing. If you don't know it because you had control game at each school in the field apparently -- It felt like you know OK get ready it's going to be great game seven in Chicago because Boston put this game point. You know was against -- angles and -- situation you can you can understand you can see. Gold the school situation but then give up the third -- don't think anybody -- act and certainly not itself. And the way it happened with one's. -- -- -- -- -- It. Boston didn't make plays in big plays with a 21 lead the plea to defensive. They went up its treatment but they just weren't getting to pucks in making plays because. You know when you get in the situation -- -- get a little tight you rely on what you know -- at -- then that's the foundation Boston and then you're standing around. And you have a chance to be the first on the -- And you don't get there you know. If the Bruins were in that situation gets -- by personally. Maybe they're thinking. -- -- -- as opposed vehemently with unbelievable talent players that make big plays at big time that they did the. Do you think -- get defensive after the goal from. Which is cool because I was talking about Adam -- on the power play that -- panel the you know to get defensive now on Mongolian gonna get a lot more aggressive. I do particulates -- of the -- they sort of they were stung like real picketers are gonna go to overtime but you -- -- the Connecticut and Gil -- yeah. Yeah definitely -- it because I've seen. You know that that's kind of it's part of their DNA this year you know -- -- they had a great run to three year run where that they had a two goal lead you know at any point in in in you know and any time they gained during the regular season they put that came away and it was almost a flawless record. This year and not the case they gave away a lot of leads and a I don't like to use that. It's. Data when it comes to the post season I think it's a totally different animal when he in the post season in the way they played against the Rangers in the way they played against the Pittsburgh. But think about game one in the series they had 22 goal -- on I don't know people remember that and and they. You know they let that get away from them -- I mean it was a great game back and forth have been flawless up that you want from a great playoff game between two Boston teams. But he did have 22 goal lead to -- games that they've had to lose you know in triple overtime so. I think it's piloted the team that needs to be corrected. The need to get better in those areas they need to continue to make plays -- -- that first period it was an awesome period by -- they made more plays in that first period. They made the entire game in game five and that's what you wanna see that's the kind of hockey wanna see from the Boston Bruins with -- move to move the puck and attack. Quick ups you know old. Pass pass pass coming out of his own tape to tape people getting open movement speed. All the things that you want from a team the way she likes to play that's the way boss who played the first twenty minutes should add more than one nothing lead but. You know the what's good for the goose is good for the get out and how many times did you arrest in this playoff series at a B two or three occasions let's say three where -- Boston should have been down by two with three goals but he kept him right where they needed to be and Chicago was able to buy their first twenty minutes. They say is part of the name we've seen from this team and we did you know it has been. Whether they get cocky or they just get back on the heels of the tickets already over. You say that's gonna change cars change is Armenia -- the most part core is coming back I mean is this more of the they motivational thing is just more of quote make insurers cut this finger on this team and not let that situation -- it's an attitude shift its. It's it's how you approach those situations. -- when you have a one goal lead late in the game that's a big game with a regular season a post season. -- you have to have that mentality that you're gonna get to the puck first and you have the confidence to make a play that you would make in the first ten minutes of the first period. You know if you go there -- with the mentality I'm gonna get that putt or or should I go get that puck or should I hold my ground than any kind of hesitation is not good. If you do get to that but first have a confidence in yourself and your teammate that he can be and writes why you know at the cost the glass and out you know it. Too many times and you do that there's enough time on the clock they come right back -- You know you gotta have that mentality and make plays and you know if you -- side Bergen sharply from the bread line back they're awesome they really are and I know they get victimized in the last two with three games in this series in they're not above criticism because. What Chicago did to them was impressive you know the adjustments and they made in the game plan change that they made in the fact that they attacked those two guys. And we're successful speaks volumes as to how good Chicago is -- From the Red Line back generally there they're really really good players but strength isn't. Making that first pass that real good pass and jumping into the play. And and what I saw from the young defenseman it's particularly that ranger series and from time to time through Pittsburgh in through Chicago and mostly group zoo's -- one in line up but. I think that's where this team needs to -- the need to have more mobility more in play making skills. Along their blue line and if you fully expect to see -- on a regular basis next year Fuchs expect to see a packed house in a regular basis Hamilton on a regular basis. That's where I think the attitude shift in the and the skill set needs to change a little bit on the back in the Quaid. Really good defended tough kid wanna -- lineup -- -- boy chuck was awesome in the playoffs they are very good defenders. They can hit you know they can they can gap control speaking keep place -- the outside they can clear the front of the net all that stuff is great you need that to be really good team. But they need to add another element to their game in and and I'm pointing at the defenseman because that's really where it's that's getting to pucks -- go get it. Make their first -- no matter where you wire in the course of the hockey game on the -- My follow up on that the last couple minutes -- when you say you you're not trying to make plays is it you're trying to make the defense put up the offense like. Is it a confidence thing did you did you watch the end of that game and say. If they got to have the confidence via the make depth players born effort -- -- -- not qualify as an either or and that's actually I just I I just think it's. The traffic to the best word for -- it's. You know I I'd rather defend than try to go get the puck and take myself out of the structure of what we do defense comfort that's -- comfortable doing just it's attitude it's altitude you know it's is you've got to want the -- in that situation you know and and and not say they have it. I -- I get a defended not be a weak link in you know and do my job defensively -- ready -- to get that puck. And make a play ostensibly because I think that's the better defense in that situation. You know that puck in the corner after the you know the initial rush by -- came through the neutral on it to -- -- -- generation coming at that -- should be denied somewhere in sunrise and I know he's a world class talent guy and he's really good east west and he's elusive and and he was the Conn smythe trophy when he guy's awesome you know okay well all right he's wheeled through -- to put that puck goes to the corner. You know Claude talked about his presser after the after the game he said you know they're gonna be pension we got to move when we got to win the wall battles in those situations. But if you don't get that putt first it looked to make a play -- that it just smothered and up the wall or or just double high off the glass. I'll look at forgot who wants to look at that putt to make a play in maybe I'm asking too much and you know and then. Chicago does the right thing they -- Boston. You know. As a -- if you Horton do you try to protect the point you know the golds next to an extent you know -- teeth and a -- on the Ichi Japan on the week's idea come always back to the top of the -- Saudi kind of hang out the high slot because they have the extra guy. But -- it's came. And then what a great pass by you know I've heard a lot of people talk thought about -- -- panel that little chip test back he doesn't panic has his whistle and at the net. He makes a play download it's -- to create outnumbered situation on the attack -- on to right front yeah almost a three on one really you know and and it's bang bang and an adamant -- -- that's a great play by Chicago. But what I'm looking for his great play by Boston in that situation somehow make a play. But even if you don't sometimes you lose those battles. That's a really good team they tie it up. But I think it's inexcusable what happened on the third gold I just can't happen you -- they allow entry in the zone crew is a first guided apart to the wall. Wide open point me in those things can happen in that situation -- you wanna chalked it up to shock okay I guess that's one explanation by pro league wide open for a redirect on the shot bio duty -- the -- -- -- the postman. Bone -- position you know the passport chip bypass sandwich -- between -- check it ferrets and you know Rask out it's sop of the crease he wants to be aggressive on the initial shot. Now it and then it's just wide open postings just keep it happens you know you've got to get to overtime want to give up to six on five. And I think unfortunately happens -- the team loses the final game you know. You point the players will be rather than looking at what it took to get to that point we've seen -- what was -- doing when he was -- in the boards and Kelly face off the -- the first goal duties. -- -- You know not to get a body on bowl and you know I need these players that of -- you'd miss and and then even those on the on the ball up with Roland. To grass you forget how good they were to get through it in night of people say accurately it was stuck -- showers contract they -- -- half what are got to go. This guy's gotta go that guy's gonna go quick. When you lose. You get exposed for reason he lost for a reason and it's music of that excuse that play but he can't judge what you saw the post season off. One game of the last two -- three. -- and I'm not gonna sit here and rationalized but you know the reality is there's only one team the -- they'll cut a deal -- somebody had to lose in this series. And and hockey was the big winner because the series was phenomenal hockey was great -- you know in Boston imposed there will they -- the better team when your -- imposed their will with a better team. We saw some world class talent but I think that the simple answer is it's. That Chicago's a better team than Boston's you know that it was there year it was their championship to have they were awesome during the regular season they had a great post season -- they get challenged by Detroit. Much like Boston when they get challenged by Toronto in the huge strides that they made and how good they got after they beat the Maple -- the beat the Rangers and penguins the way they did. And to go and of that series against Chicago be in really good the only thing that I wish I had a wish list the one thing that I would wish for. Is to see both teams completely healthy and play against each that would be fun I'm not I know that's fantasy world because you talking about professional athletics and sports and hockey and in in injuries -- -- here it would be it would have been really wrote I mean. -- Gregory Campbell out there that sort of got adept at -- -- talent like heroin you know it was always tell them they have they have their fourth line you know different you know because -- leak in. Kruger in bowl would have their plane together as a pretty darn good fourth -- you know speed and talent. But if they went up against the bruins' fourth line with a hammer and you that hired you know chip and chase and -- in fort jacket and change pace of game and all that stuff. -- been really nice to see him in and push you don't get that but you know the hockey was awesome anyway. It was a great series 6177797937. My wish this would have been a game seven -- outside Chicago gimme that matchup Gary -- building at. -- corn Nielsen doing that National Anthem prior to the game Bryant is a Connecticut we get your phone calls of the great Andy prickly with Scott Bryant. They guys they -- a good. I ya I bought a ticket this game I think in April could wind bicycle seat cup but unfortunately with the wrong and so. Hostile crowd of people -- together. As what -- run something by god to cut. Obviously you know he was phenomenal leading up to this but he is or something to be said if you look at the two series that you lost back started. That's what ended in three games side no of course in 2010 -- before -- side. You know don't what you wish she kind of just steal one there and a couple of goals last night. You're kind of what -- got a body in front of their. I mean it when I was expecting game five to that it shut it down last night that shut down and just well quite there. Well I'm I don't know we greet Victor to those goals earlier Brian thanks -- I stole game two. Personally understand -- -- came out its first period of game two well anytime you lose and lose in the fashion the Boston -- sure you wishing you goalie could just feel it you know total stud and just give up -- -- in stealing games for you but did you know flip it around. In a Chicago did they win this series because Corey Crawford. And I. Both goalies played really well if they're both very good different styles different looks different skill sets but both real good of the numbers bear it out just that -- -- team in Boston in this series and that's the reason had not the dual raskin. Sure you let you know I mean you would like to have. Just think of the the most unbelievable goaltender performance you'd ever seen when watching the NHL and if you. Absolutely that will be on you wish was to write much. That -- put down on their goaltender plays like how many Tim Thomas a couple of years ago yeah big goals what seven games. Against Vancouver I'll take that break in on top of that. Like coming out of the series -- mentioned this view that them many of the -- -- getting your about to go -- about. What the gonna pay him next year and I guess my overall feeling is he did nothing. For me brick watching him play that made me think he's not number one goaltender know there are some goals maybe he wants back but from beginning to end in this playoff run. That's a guy that I thought uncomfortable if they pay him between five and -- and six million dollars as a fan and applicable overpaying him and I believe. That he can be a number one in this league that's what he proved to me over the course of not the regular season how -- played there but then the playoffs. -- he earned here and that rules the number one goal in this league no question about it. In fact I thought he was the top three goalie this year I thought he should have been no one of the finalists for the that's but when you -- talking about money I think. I think TrueCrypt and I think abroad to pretty comfortable. Probably as we sit here right now what the parameters of what a deal will be as far as the money. -- -- a -- that's looking for money that outside of those parameters that I think that both of them pretty comfortable with. Win or lose for that matter. Meaning the Stanley Cup then you got a problem but. I don't foresee a problem here signing this guy mean is the most important position he's one of the best goalies in the league. You know to go back to Brian's point you know what immigrated to go to stolen while most game yeah absolutely would've been great but it didn't happen because Chicago's the better team plain it's simple. -- this -- a world class goalie you know he really is CE emerged this year. I like the entire. Chronology of his development. And I think he's right really needs to be and if you think he can go get a goalie somewhere else for shorter money and have the same results. -- crazy guys did it to me if you've -- at the Bruins in win this series because Tuukka Rask wasn't good enough. I have a hard time saying that -- -- good enough to win the series to the guy's problem and perform an estimate that all the blame off to Dario. Easy to give up the -- they lost it at that some kind of accountability but. The teams. They were -- they were the better team. -- you know and it's really when you think of. Oh what Chicago's done you know you back to this championship in 2010 and then that team had to be dismantled because of the cap. And then to retool. You know identify you core group keep those guys it's always difficult to lose guys like -- and -- for example. Because she can't keep them all because of that cap but they do well retool. Draft developed. Identified veteran players and other teams that you can go and acquire that fit into the and you know the dollars and cents as far as the campus concern applaud them then it. Give them roles and have them except those roles and execute those roles and B&B -- Stanley Cup champion in quick order again. I think is really impressive that's that's a nice job by management Chicago -- you. The first team in this post strike at a new salary cap pair to win two cups in in your right upper we look at the roster and no one thought after that cup they give back this quickly because of the cuts like -- and others these so it can take awhile. And they get back to win in that organization deserves a lot of credit they'll be some similar. Top decisions for the Bruins front office in this offseason when he got votes from the guys that are on restricted. And how they retool this bruins' roster and -- at least here it when you look at the two teams -- the Bruins at seven answers are that it seventeen guys returning -- what. They lost the guy that -- at nine. That teams -- -- -- them brick -- in studio taken all your phone calls -- on the series at a game last night. On and the Bruins season 61777979370. Is the phone number 617. 77979837. AT&T text -- 37. 937 more your calls the -- next. Forever. I mean you're gonna remember forever. You know it's. Your member of winning and I think you remember it was news the movement more. -- -- -- -- Johnny boy check after the game last night he a lot of the Bruins. Took this one tough one -- 937 WEEI Andy Berkeley. Isn't studio taking your calls brick today brought to you by our friends Jeremy sports bar and grill. I'm David crate she very emotional after that game Bergeron Chara. It still sitting in full uniform -- well towards the end of you the media session this one's gonna resonate. For a while with this team and will -- the team looks like. Thirteen weeks. A lot of decisions to be made in. A lot of Kabila roster shuffling in a CB -- get to bile possibilities that gets a young players here brick you mentioned. To begin our conversation today that from a defensive standpoint guys who can make plays like saw a couple -- crew can -- cow -- who. I like -- wanna see more of but that might mean. -- -- it's free agent might not be back here what do you do with McQuay or boy chuck if Kruger park cows he can play year. Is there an odd man out there can certainly see in my opinion a different six defenseman group to start the year 2013. You have to evolve as a team and as an organization if you can stay ahead of the curve where the games going in you know what makes you a better team by. By making these adjustments and improvements. Without losing your identity in what you truly believe allows you to be a champion and it if it's based in defense -- you have to have that element. But the game is you know it's a puck possession puck moving speed -- you know who knows we're all gonna be with fighting now that the advisors are coming in and it. Where's the game going and how how can you stay ahead of that. And how can you make improvements in the short term based on what we saw here in this final against Chicago so. I'm not saying be copycat league OC what the Stanley Cup champions do and believe what you believe in and and I believe it. You know making plays late games you know under pressure. And it's not in your own zone and and I think that's an area Boston can be better. I -- he's on the cape today he joins the conversation 937 W week yard morning German. And I am the only guys that. -- I'd just gone -- to say you know congratulations Chicago with the elbow held a series. You know brought us that they put their heart you know it was a good not that series Boller around I mean. She got a better community and you know. -- this and I I agree you know we've been given them all the praise in the world and still get people say once given -- credit and giving them a bike and give them anymore credit boss with -- -- -- variant. You know I asked as brick before Pittsburgh and all we get a feel about guys like Sidney Crosby and -- after a seven game series while it went for. And we all had our own individual feelings I think you know he can -- thick book that when this one is over. I look at their superstars Toews and -- And in there and their coach. I know respect them they definitely don't put -- in that category to Indonesia thesis done on defense he titled -- place with. He's pretty good then we find out hosts of right at this problems in his -- was numb at times and there was another little jab at Tony among the ethnic afterwards do that but -- this this respect that goes with a huge respect those guys play our. Yeah Patrick Sharp you know it's just their role play his hands and was big for than me Dario Mary talked about pickle and how it help forty was the Toews and Kane that line that combination and Angel clinical put that group back together. The change that they made their game plan to attack Jared Seidenberg and not be afraid of them or back off for. You take it to them I think that was huge in this series in the turning point in this series. You know. To have their goaltender is back we didn't have a good game in the game that they won 65. Their ability to win a triple overtime game when Boston was the better team and over time it. Just so many things to take away from the series how close really these two teams are what you have to admit the better team won they nearly did they were little. Little bit more skilled little bit quicker and little deeper with their roster. I don't know where you -- couple years back on as far as Stanley Cup hangovers ago Bryant made only lose to Washington for round best of seven. -- certainly can just sort of see if there was just something missing in LA in I don't know if losing the cup. It's that that edge that you want as opposed to winning it but in the cup thirteen weeks as things start all over any concerns. Yeah sure sure this concerns because sell -- to do is look at the recent data you know old teams that lost in the final -- they do the following season it was the same thing going into the year after the cup. -- of the Stanley Cup champions do the following year you know did they make the play out gay and if they did how deep Tobago in the and the information wasn't a lot of McCain is such Betsy king did did it did but still lady you know what they got two runs north. 533 rounds -- with three -- out that was impressive you know and in the -- it was. It did help the short season did help them but that being said all the other information does it -- you most teams couldn't get out of first into a second round after they won a Stanley Cup. And it's just as bad as far as the the good news bad news when he double teams and with the Stanley Cup final and lost probably do the phone he has so. That being said you could see it in the Bruins that they weren't willing to do what it takes you know that word -- and they weren't willing to do. What it takes for a long post season runs when we want to place the Washington Capitals but they used that. That foul taste in your mouth when you lose a seven game series to a team that you're better than on home ice in overtime. And they use that this year as motivation to go deep to prove to themselves that they will worthy of a deep playoff round. Now how they react and what all the team look like going forward next September. And end and what what's what lies ahead for them because the core group will be back there will be some changes but the core group will be back. It just a matter of -- how they react long term to what happened to them last night what. We had a caller earlier who was making a similar point to the techsters when he says. AT&T Texas connect -- -- Connecticut says -- Chicago was not the better teams stop saying that the puck bounces. He claims went their way and 65 to 75%. Of the goals. Our team gets me is the Bruins are better and deeper. Called was so coached. You when you hear that after watching the series is there any outs of your view a year of your body that agrees that they got the 6570. Preps and the goals from. Good bounces and they were out coach until they lost the series. Now known as that is does not. Any of them might bodily tissue that would agree with that. Entitled to your opinion certainly -- if that's the way you see it that's what you believe you know -- by all means that your opinion and you know there is a lot of luck involved in in you know. Teams winning when he gets to this point a year especially when -- this closely matched but I'm of the opinion based on the games that I watched in the way it went to and and in -- you're evaluating image I was a little bit better than Boston and again my -- was to see both teams fully healthy play each other maybe my opinion would change at that point. But you know. I'm not gonna sit here and say well they got all the bounces for the first 24 games of the regular success and that's why -- and every loss is a regulation to come -- This is a really really you know well put together Chicago Blackhawks team. They've got big plays from their big players at the right time. -- Erickson a car talk and Bruins and any Berkeley today Erica had. They died I recommend that I think you're great analyst -- -- the great work thank you. -- I want I want specific orders -- be very pleased to meet personally they -- in the minority rights watch gawker. I -- art Bobby did a great job I'll be sure what you all are out. And so is -- child and our group and we had a few bad turnovers. Or I who helped elect -- -- offensive minded. And I are all brought Bobby did a great job -- is. I'm -- injection or the other. A mr. Geithner who actually looked to work. Sure. -- grew gusto with him I actually see and as a regular the Bruins back and own their -- -- next year and you gotta love what he brings. I think his time spent the American Hockey -- was well spent a that you learned a professional team we made the adjustments in his physical training number one to be able to handle the defensive side of it learning leverage in getting stronger. And an offensive skills just -- -- and then to take those lessons learned at a professional level and then. Have the confidence to apply them when you come to the NHL and have the backing of -- coaching staff the single -- plane to worry about making mistakes we're gonna keep -- while there I think speaks volumes to. What lies ahead for him I fully expect him to be really good player for Boston in the future as far as -- -- sure there -- nights when you know you really admired him. I think when I watched him I'm kind of hoping for vintage yarder by you you know the reality is that's not there he means 42 years old and he is what he is. He's an interesting player to be able to still compete and be effective. The majority of the time. You know but he has holes -- his games you know the speed hurts them you know. The pace of the game the things that he used to do where he could -- people one on -- maybe even -- you know one on one and maybe even one on two because of his reach his strength and his ability to bring people to on the and then make a pass around the more beat them with -- -- long reach the strength. You know those skills they disappear with time. In if you don't have them and you don't have the foot speed to play at today's pace you know you're not going to be ineffective players certainly not -- -- -- it was a nice little run from here I thought he was feeling motivated I thought he had the buy in after a little while wasn't -- at first he got the buy in as to what this team was all about in the try to fit in and try to do the best he could. And played it was strikes and be part of a Stanley Cup championship team and I mean team not as an individual and a ring wearer but I teen guy. It won a Stanley -- and kinda hope it may be that get a little that recchi you don't but that's not yard is make up. But as a veteran guide it was motivated -- a Stanley Cup that was the similarity -- -- I don't expect to see him. Certainly don't you Oscar I don't know earlier Saturday monopoly in the NHL next year but not -- -- tough. The defense would be interesting right because Krugman -- show that he said he deserves to be there. I think -- ski show that he can play -- jail and then you know he's still got him -- the -- the situation with him at all. If you can even start divas concert in Providence but the numbers don't add up I mean you've only got six guys out there and I think that you get. In Providence and that might not be a bad idea it's not a negative down -- plain plain regular lots of minutes every situation builders' confidence you -- in the pro game more you know as a player then as a guy and it's kind of fifth sixth guy which is what he was in Boston. He's already shown -- he's got great offensive instincts he's good on the power play he's big he's mobile he he he makes a good first -- -- given time and space good on the power play gets a shot rule. All that stuff is real good those -- the those of the skills that he's god given -- now he's gonna learn how to be a pro and if you have to spend some time an American League which I am very in favor of the most players unless -- an impact guy right away eighteenth. Not a bad idea so that I believe is an option but you're right I'm excited I don't thirteen weeks away but I'm excited about the pace of what you might see from this Bruins team as we talked about evolving. And staying ahead of what's happening in the league he can see how important it is to have defenseman and a mobile. You know broke the get him in the middle of that umbrella on the power play it's -- it's nice -- know that we don't match up blue line. He's got I he's up he's looking for shooting lanes is looking for open people and if you gotta get excited about the quickness in the pace of a power play if he's going to be out there it's you know that's the. It's fun to think about as quick follow up on younger you mentioned his play I thought when he went out that second period. I felt like that talk with a depth being challenged that they sort it they are trying to play catch up the first period he had that they'd be part of a power play it was very effective and had. -- three more of those and they couldn't connect and now you see it out there for by -- them trying to replace him but he got them more fatigue and a second Petersburg did you see that when the arc and give back up there and play. Gas pattern on its that wasn't might take away the fatigue was not when -- What I took from what was happening. I saw Chicago make some adjustments. I saw row a team. In Chicago that said you know. They weren't very good in the first period totally outplayed. It and when you're one of the best teams if not the best team you make those adjustments between periods or. In the course of the period you know coach gets your attention orchard players whether it's taser anyone of the -- is its attention. And today we need to do this we needed to do X and -- -- make adjustments and now Boston needs to counterpunch is sometimes is a little drag when he counterpunch that as things develop. That was more might take them and then fatigue added adding get that from a -- -- studio your calls until -- with him at 61777979837. AT&T text line. Therefore all day at 379. B 37 it's -- and Lou don't go anywhere. Stuff platoon tools. -- books and -- with it was a serious. They -- Chara after the game Butler and ID 37 WEEI any brick please hear normalcy and again so I'll ask a question that -- Bob Holden says it. The correct answer but goalie to a second question hitting eighth and -- back next year yes editor. This Tyler Sagan. Its position on this team go back to where younger is right now do you see him back with -- Rodham -- on that old. -- tag line yes I gather -- don't -- the squad holly firfer let's say and I will say this about Nathan what. Was to -- about five million in Nokia. Was plus twenty something in the playoffs and I don't know where his contract negotiation will goal but. Because the caps going down I think. And it's just an educated guess I think he wants to be here and I'm not so sure how much that number will change in dollars state. On the treatment. But I think he wants to be a Boston so we might you eating. You might you wanna take it below what the market value might be to stay here embossed that you amateur players an educated guess that's not based than any kind of factors. There's been around the team the guys in and you know eventually wanna maximize your billion earned in the only play this game so long -- you've got to think about the work environment. Think you know and quality of -- -- and I think he loves your boss Tyler shaken I don't wanna stadium. Screens across -- right but I just think next year. How big of the year is that this kid you know because the when he won. Shortened season. He still hit eagle and a second team in goals in the post season maybe wasn't there ball down lines. This following year as the -- have to be made. Yes because he flat line this year yet. Throw it in the progression needs to get static and his development needs to accelerate. Dismiss this coming season. And -- certainly that's the expectation. And I think this was a good learning experience for him you know bad in the fact that he didn't perform the way he wanted to. Bad and affected the Bruins were unable to be Stanley Cup champions. But in the long from long run for Tyler say in on a personal basis. I think this was big for him this experience that he went through when the criticism that he took in the the the enlightenment I OP takes from what he went through this postseason and regular season really for that matter. That this is not easy is not easy to be only player in the NHL and and if that is your expectation that your goal but this year should help immigrate to. Words mean about him is that you know I don't know acute personally you know a lot of people come from every day. What worries me is with the Euro are a fourteen year old kid or 190 -- -- when he located at thirty look at that there's something inside view I don't care how old fuel our. I worry that compete. Isn't there. I think it is. And and and and I have the same reaction that you're talking about right now some nights when I watched -- out there in this playoffs you know. Is -- compete really -- but I believe it is and and I'm gonna try to think of a really good example fully if you go back and thanked. There was a guy named Stevie -- who ended up being one of the best captains in the history the NHL that when he was 21 years -- You know and they made him a captain early. In the hopes that would it would accelerate his maturation process because when he was young player it was just all about him -- points all on offense all about scoring. You know in a day when you needed to put a 150 points on the board dubious you know to be high scoring player. And look what he turned into. So. You know is Tyler -- of the same makeup -- dvi and we don't know but I think I think it's a fair comparable to say that. If you have high expectations for Tyler say -- there was player there have been players in the history this game they came in they didn't quite get it. That god and actually. I think that's what's the what's what's popular -- too hard and Tyler -- most of that is because. We see it you know and spurts of -- yeah we have seen it. And it becomes expectations if he wasn't what we thought he wasn't -- -- the potential in him to be a great player. We would not have these discussions about whether he's been disappointment or not we would just let him goal because he's just another guy. But I think it because you think so much of what could be is why people are critical about. Absolutely and and that comes with the territory and and the sooner you realize that and the sooner you make adjustments in your personal lifestyle whatever that may be or how you view what you do for a living. In what it is that you want accomplish as a hockey player rule. -- once you figure that out and really get a stronghold on it and commit yourself to it. Then you see what kind of play can truly be. We've got to its attacks on a couple different issues last night here brick quickly be the enters shop play where he got hit in the face. And they wave did dead and John -- appear to have a break away to a problem with the call the problem the way shot handle himself -- that spot. And I had no problem the call you know the referee at his discretion to blow that played down even if you know Chicago doesn't have puck possession and isn't there is a pending scoring chance happening is still up to the refereed if he feels that players in serious danger with the injuries notable that played -- and you -- -- -- night for all we know when that puck came out that happened so fast it got a minute faced it was instant blood. You know I had no problem the call I really didn't. I didn't like the first -- you know win win. Bruise on -- pile played Crawford got hit up high. You know he actually -- plea pleaded with the -- while the action was going -- Boston -- puck position that he wanted to -- mascot you know that when I had problem. The -- the gold wasn't -- beautiful pass in front to David -- she. One he should have finished a bad ice skate KB creature on the I think it was a really -- and I think it was harder to play the people realize. You know of the best replay is that ice level replay from the corner of the -- awesome move by Marcia by the grameen kind of -- and -- -- that was that's what you -- affordable consistent basis from him. But that being said the puck is on edge. The entire time he has it while he's looking at the goalie trying to freeze profit. Waiting for preaching enough that -- post. The pucks on edge when he releases the past the puck is never flat when it goes across the ice and it's on edge in almost in the air when David creatures try to touch an open net. Real and it's got a lot on it he's zip that puck do so a lot working against David preachy so you know I could see how it that in that situation. Certainly been on the receiving end of all the great play and not finishing it and you're -- you stated that could not talk to sling flat you know late. You know I had a perfect drive right down the middle hot of that ball did a little -- you know that's not part of warrant alleges that the rough is a reckless sixer is deeply that. -- -- every time it was early in the period on -- -- the -- yeah there's a very good point -- -- -- -- going to period and you know -- that both teams that the deal with certain -- but it -- kind of remind -- -- missed opportunity -- -- chances -- you know that that kind of -- kind of jumps in a year in the Ukrainian a little bit when those chances go by the bullet bills in Nashua with a question -- thought for brick type bill. He built. -- a little while their jackets in Rhode Island this morning hey Jack. I got -- doing that. But it's a pleasure to watch what she wanted to. Quick questions and maybe give -- -- -- answer on two questions the first one is. Are -- really exposed Crawford indeed what Robert lopsided. I would hope that you have a lot of problems with those shots and it seems like eating five or six in technical on want to hear him. The times they market outlook sorry can't seem repeatedly and sorted -- app that team in my actual questions real work its. -- -- What you look what you're more. A culmination of -- gauge. In the minutes old -- that -- a lot at play here or what your injury involved in filing would say you know what really. Are concerned meet with him is the only parent that talent. I've really seen a lack of him. Well and to engage physically and I -- -- this team especially. In the play you where you have to endure some sort technicality. I think we'll look at my questions are now well listen experiences. Well first of all even when Boston was beating Crawford blog -- love side IE. You know still of the belief that. When you have the populate the -- -- -- gonna take what he gives you and I think he made an adjustment. You reposition himself and his gloves so when the Bruins had opportunities to shoot the puck. They weren't seeing what they had seen. In the 65. Those are the adjustments you make as quality goaltender and a Quenneville saying he was rock solid in they worked on some things in practice positioning globe positioning in where he is in the -- relative to -- the shooter is so. I think that had a lot to do that -- that not so much the Bruins trying to expose an area. When you look up and it's not even there. So that's number one number two Ciara I think it's all the above I think it's the minutes that he plays. But types of minutes that he can that he plays in the people he has to play against every series I think that took an effect on him. And no question I believe in the next couple of days we'll find out just how injured he was. Not in this post season. And -- our stylists say in goes. Yes I mean there are too many nights when that physical engagement isn't there an -- how many times we have this is nobody's looking for him to go in and run both of people. Just go in there and use your skill set to win battles it can be done we've seen him do it we just don't see him do it anywhere near enough up especially. In the post season when that matters more than it does during the regular season and that's part of that growing. Maturation that I expect to see from him in a learning experience that he's had in this playoff year Patrick wrecking ball. You know I mean he's but he's got the speed in competes and fights yet and I don't like to use the Montreal Canadians for any of my analogies. But I ability to -- in -- flourish saying you know I never put myself in a situation where I'm gonna lose so that being said you know he still had to go in the Cora gets the puck spot he'd do it. You know he'll go over indeed that you don't go in and you know. Separate you know defenseman is bigger than you from the putt. But he comfortable writes I become with quickness. You -- little camouflage and come in this way than you spin off and all of a sudden you get the puck first it will those kinds of things that that Tyler -- it's certainly can do -- do more. Biggest speak for all of -- -- we say thanks for hanging out here throughout the playoffs and joining us throughout the season one of the short offseason so I would take advantage now weather's nice sticks out like that at the Perry set they -- thirteen week 84 days away from training camp opening. Which is humble. Let's that maybe the and it you know it's gonna be great we're gonna have -- NN and 82 games scheduled witches says something I've missed the pre alignments differently won't answer that we gonna play exactly the the balance of -- scheduled to some degree we'd go to every city on the road so. But those of us that like traveling to every NHL city. It's going to be funny. -- thank you enjoy you're summer cup below what thirteen weeks off will talk -- -- -- time my little grocery guy Andy -- of NASA and tremendous coverage throughout the playoffs and of course when it starts back up in the regular season they will have the gains or beat. Taken away by the networks at the game's back on NASA and in just a couple of months. Bill Mike Mike and Tom we a lot of Bruins to get through with you guys at 617779798378. TT text line 37. 937. Right back to your calls Pierre McGuire NBC sports just over an hour from now.

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