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NESN's Barry Pederson on D&C: Only 13 weeks until the opener

Jun 25, 2013|

You can't keep a good analyst down. NESN's Barry Pederson joined the Dennis and Callahan Show as he has after every Bruins playoff game, and despite the end of this season, he's already got an eye on next year. Barry says it's time to turn to some of the younger guys on the roster, particularly on the blue line.

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Callahan in the home stretch at the DCU for kids annual charity golf tournament Scott medal country club in New Hampshire. Benefiting the Boomer Esiason foundation. Joining us on AT&T hotline. But to appear AT&T -- on our friend Barry -- good and I shouldn't say good morning -- called. Very good morning got a little tired but I -- -- -- now are only thirteen week this season opener so here we go. Wow yeah. McCain are right off the top did you have a devastating signature loss in your career that haven't gotten over yet how did you deal with that you did. World -- dog sure that -- many of them. I picked the play takes about a good weeks. We're so they got to get over these types of losses where you start with the down especially when you're this close. Yeah two it's what we lose the first round like -- Toronto did the when you're able to get to this level where -- only. You know a game or two away from I have the opportunity to win the cup it takes a long time but with that being said. They lost the team that was playing better -- They thought a team that was. As deep and as balanced as they work I think they were a little bit healthier you went to the end -- by saying that -- actually don't want to get me wasting away from Chicago whatsoever because. The bro but but had two crucial elements they're really heard of this series one. That lost the game reportedly was a devastating one I -- as much as last I got that Adam. The opportunity with the ability did not play brutal like hockey turned the puck over too many time national team defense they lost control that's series. And then last night Europe one nothing you've had four straight power plays. And you allowed a good team a great team to kind of hang around and all of a sudden they stole -- late so the Bruins had this thing you know. I had a chance to really take it to game seven what they kill that Kelly -- I thought OK here they go they had Chicago and all the sudden bam bam. I guess that's no revelation but as a player would you rather lost that game last night like five to one instead of the way they lost it. Yeah I think -- but the -- -- -- ball in the sense that you know there was no quit you battled right you know they work there. The butts off the entire time what -- to overcome a lot of adversity not only throughout the season tonight you know a year people populate this season but I don't. Really think the average person truly appreciate how difficult was beaten on the entire organization. And on the -- deficit that was challenged when you're playing as many games as they had the -- guys were injured guys were banged up going into the end of the season playing six games in nine nights with the marathon tragedy and so forth it was very emotional. Draining -- to have them come back with Ronald series it did do what they did against the Rangers. And Pittsburgh was a phenomenal -- They have nothing to hang their hat on their head about -- had a great great season and just give up a little bit short. Better do you think that flowed. Expected too much from Zdeno -- he looked. -- at the end he looked spent could they have used a seventh defenseman could they have used more minutes from their fifth and sixth defenseman in May be less. Time gotten less time on the captain. Well I think every time you look at you know law should try to go back through -- similar -- that. You know when you were followed and so forth with -- at the end of the season that he didn't look at all -- -- back to you know what. Reports getting too much ice time we got to cut back and all the sudden you go in the next season and something negative would happen. With no re on the ice but the first outcry was we got -- out or go out there all the time yeah he's not out their bad things happen the same thing here. That the two things that I would -- to I -- Chara looked tired but I think. That was but also a problem with the -- -- but the Bruins forward turned the puck over a crucial time just over the opposing blue line in the neutral zone. It allowed to Chicago's speed to counterattack outnumber chances when it when they're coming out of -- so much speed. He's not able to stand up that we can't stand it he can't take away their time and space to -- the -- back away arm. I also think too that from Chicago's standpoint. They kind of felt like they had a little bit of an edge on that matchup so they kept throwing up their top players all the time. And you try to match -- to try to match defense pairings with them I think he got caught up a little bit of that. Maybe could've taken off the power play maybe a night like last night. To try to hold on to a but the thing I'm. If I'm gonna lose I lose it with my warriors and guys -- governor I. Who was a disappointment in your mind in the Stanley Cup finals obviously -- marsh and were taken a beating leading up last night but they both seem to me to. And wake up to perform well last night. Who who in the end disappoint you there. -- I think the situation where you you expect more profits for marsh on each showing you at all all along. I thought this big and even though people were disappointed with his effort to let but it it was much better at those compete level got better as the playoffs kind of wore on. But his offense wasn't as good as it needs. Could be. Never leaves -- and it disappeared. The power play it was very disappointing again to me -- times you just need that power play especially at home. You go all the momentum going away -- -- for forty kind of feel momentum and energy being sucked out of the building. For the most part -- by the defense were really solid all along I -- crew was a great surprise. As he starts to build a look forward to. You know made -- kind of toward the end looked like he was banged up as we all know he was. And I think you know the fourth line -- maybe get some offense as much as you would expect from them occasionally but for the most part. When he started criticized abroad I think you're starting to take away any credit to Chicago truly deserves because they took it to the Bruins pretty good. You know you mentioned ray Bork and if you took them off the ice and something bad happened that -- -- criticized for that Turk -- turning our attention to Bergeron broken -- Ripped cartilage damaged a separated shoulder at what percentage would you have to believe if -- close. Bergeron is at before you sit him down and say somebody else will be better even though he's at 506070%. I would biggest player -- -- seven the F percent yep they've -- banged up as he was last night there was a couple of opportunities where he's banging bodies with poster who also. Perked up he's guided and they were just dead bodies draw them you know throw themselves around their recklessly doing what they had to do. He's just a true warrior he's going to be one of those guys and go one year left on his contract. -- have to get him signed up get wrapped recourse reside -- they got a couple really big decisions. To me with the warriors that have been with them for a long time and it may be time from organization to instill some view so. The other big decision with Nathan Horton who is who he had a tremendous playoffs especially early on he could be a restricted free agent. He's got concussion. Histories so you wonder if somebody else is gonna come in -- one of those crazy offers I would doubt -- so there's maybe a chance there. And your parents to me who's been a tremendous warrior one of those guys that you could really. Count on but he played well labels don't -- -- school but he played really well last night and he may be one of those guys you may have to miss you may have to -- heavily. Could you gotta make some room for the young B I think the guys like Kruger Barton -- Hamilton show you that what they could do. And then I think you need that you next year you're going to be starting you know wash. Short break here you right back gather again. And then over the summer you're gonna need to see some improvement physically. From the Sagan the sort of -- was the -- they're gonna have to get themselves in a short period of time. In tremendous shape and stronger because these three kids the -- great talent. -- sure you'd they have a tremendous potential but they need to get stronger so they're true talent and come out. Barry yarder didn't score a goal post season to get the first trumpet former Allen got the Eastern Conference files a conditional first do you view the yarder. Eric you and I mean the cup finals if some moments as a disappointment and you bring him back next year for a year if the prices right. I do not it was a disappointment I was a great deal. -- though I think was better than you can Libya to got to give up nearly as much. To me if you win water you -- you get close to the conference finals and won a couple of around I think most deals you make of the trade deadline to work with you don't give up too much. However I think here this is going to be -- -- -- those situations you play put. Yarder maybe with red Nintendo all full. That it's time for the organization to bring some youth bed and detonated the right price you can get him but I have a feeling that and the other guys that. That may have a little higher bid for him may need him to -- me to put -- some -- in the seat he'll definitely do that from the fan's standpoint. That you're gonna be a great year because of the salary cap tropic. And then you're gonna have a lot of major. Talented players around the league I think a number of them will be getting compliance -- so it's going to be interesting the Bruins. Are in tremendous shape and to me -- of -- the Bruins then that's what gets me excited I think Cameron Peter. About a tremendous job here they have their quarterback he's got great identity. You get -- signed up. You've -- take a look at or Maggette bring him along. And you get -- you. Implemented into your system and into your lineup this is going to be a good team for a long time barring any major injuries. Dave -- do you buy into my a human insights. Theory that the reason the third goal the game winning goal happened in regulation just a few seconds later -- because the second goal happened and the Bruins at all -- god. We're tied at two now we've got to play in overtime. And their adrenaline you know level came down their disappointment level went up. The opposite happened for the Blackhawks their adrenaline level peaked at that point and and and their interest peaked and they won it in in regulation and overtime -- -- Bruins weary looking at -- we're gonna have to deal with this in overtime. BI figures and the Bruins restored I think they're Catholic if there have been on this set. I really felt after they killed off that late penalty. But okay here they are they have control the -- is despite nobody else you want to have that -- there -- David particularly he's played all playoffs long they couldn't get a by them. Chicago's defense again pitched it was a great job. Did -- by key. And they were able to do liberals abroad did not between Ronald all of a sudden that's six man was on the ice -- -- attack became active waves. They would they scored it kind of looked like the Bruins kept their top -- -- there they were a little bit disappointed shell shocked at what it just happened the fourth like a result from Chicago with the energy and just -- him that not lose -- let's go. And they give incredible -- the front of the net to gut you know lucky bounce and it kind of went their way but guess what because you have traffic in front you have that effort. So that intensity they got rewarded and made after that it was just likes to build the -- there really was. -- don't believe Patrice Bergeron had a shot on net and at the old chuck I think -- -- He couldn't immediately could shoot with a rib problem or is it wise to have that guy out their first seventeen minutes who can't shoot because of an injury. Well I think he could you I think he did have an opportunity. And again that's that measurement that the coach in the medical staff -- going through with the player. Where you have to make to John's point earlier look at if you can't beat not a 100%. How close is he worth that where's that fine line like could count on Pete's -- draws. Getting penalties having him on the bench is just that experience around there really calms down a lot of the younger players. And they wait that they would over the best that -- the biggest. Too bad decisions they become public at that time but -- to me I thought he played a good game I thought he was physical ability gets them some good opportunities. Helped set up opportunities Marchand had a couple early. And they missed -- they get to what thought that hurt the Bruins last night was daughter's injuries came around the power play opportunity. You know when you had younger on that power play the Bruins did it look much different throughout the playoffs when he wasn't on the bench. I thought it was noticeably evident on the ice it's a powerful it was not nearly as effective. Barry as we wrap this thing up for the final time -- -- -- behalf of Jerry and Kirk in our entire audience we really enjoyed your insight and your input and your information it was a pleasure working with UN enjoy your summer my parental hopped on the road. Yeah I've really had a great time guys again -- about the stat of the day it's only thirteen weeks to this season opener so enjoy because it'll be over quick. Leave it to you to come up a positive -- thanks very appreciate everything out of it got Gary Peterson with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline time now for this moment and Bruins playoff history. Present -- by the New England veterans' health care system. The Bruins Stanley Cup appearance in 2011. Allowed Boston -- Philadelphia as the only cities to help all four of its professional sports team. Play for a championship since 2000. Joining the patriots in 0103 -- -- the Red Sox you know four and 07 and the Celtics in 08 and 2010. This moment in -- playoff history presented by the -- win the health care system serving those who serve and finding excellence in the 21 century. Buzzer -- next with Dennis and --

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