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Boomer Esiasion talks everything under the Boston sports sun with D&C

Jun 25, 2013|

Friend of the show Boomer Esiason joined John, Gerry and Kirk on location in Nashua. Since he's a big hockey fan, Boomer opened up expressing his condolences over the Bruins' Stanley Cup Final loss. They also touched on Doc Rivers, Aaron Hernandez and Tim Tebow.

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After we're at the Bruins are gonna start doing just about today that's playing golf where it's gotten out of country called Nashua, New Hampshire DC you get the nonprofit charitable foundation DC you'd digital federal credit union. Well it's fourteenth annual charity golf tournament to benefit the Boomer Esiason foundation according to my math they raised nearly 400000. Dollars last year while -- a million dollars was donated to the -- a -- and foundation the man himself over a sighs and joins us here at the broadcasts like hello hello. Good morning guys and -- -- -- -- I'm sorry -- I -- your pain man up -- watch that game last night and they're gonna okay were finally had to get a game seven does not elect a Stanley Cup game seven as everybody knows and watch in the way that game and didn't unfolded it was just it was unbelievable it's one of those things that you may -- never recover from psychologically as an athlete in the seven wonders that right well we lost our server also want to put. All I can tell you is that you know as a hockey fan yet. What a great series and you know you guys had happened do you what happened to us when we played against you obviously you guys don't ranger fan. We've lost three or four key guys and all of a sudden you know it's a war of attrition at the end of the season I think that's what happened you and all you have to do is see what Patrice Bergeron did last you understand the mentality of hockey player yeah why we have hockey fans. Or so into the sport and so on to the players play the sport. They're they're -- like any other athletes and I'm telling you he took him I think he took a numbing shot last night the play. Obviously could not get anything done but he was on the ice and excuse me. And I just you know acrobat V cast do you think hockey players -- for the football I'd I'd do I'd do they have to play more depth -- more games. They have to skate in almost unnatural to do that every other night for months on end Dallas and if you -- your play thirty minutes and it's ridiculous right so if you're you know -- -- -- guy maybe you're getting fifteen or seventeen minutes maybe it's not quite as intense as it is. When you get to the playoffs during the regular season but the fact of the matter is is that I have nothing but major respect for all of the guys on both sides that this matter if it's a ranger player. You know it's a Bruins player -- all black -- players they have -- truly special -- Andrew -- reminds -- of Boomer -- immensely and -- he knocked out today -- finish this year after I've finished his shift and actually got up -- -- to work the next morning and -- obviously do you do down in new York and that was not -- get through that one here's -- Theory about how this game in the last night when they tied it two. The Bruins had the psychological adrenaline let don't think I am now we got to go to overtime to win this thing and and the Blackhawks got lifted up with their adrenaline because they said. We have a chance to win this now I think the Bruins let down just think and it's gonna go to overtime and black are more ready to concede that I. Are you say that this morning I couldn't agree with you more I mean it's exactly what happens the natural right in the way things right oh you don't you -- it happen in football all the time you know team scores late touchdown ties the game and goes on the one in overtime. So it's it's all about the natural instincts of human being and how you play him the ups and downs. But again it was a it was a tremendous series I mean it really wasn't as I was don't you guys off the air you know rock is is a bounce here a bounce -- right. I mean you know fifth at the -- get a couple bounces -- yarder in front of the net the other night buries it like he normally would crunchy last night at look at all camp put it on the stick around until they -- the replay we don't want like punk and luckily it right I had all of -- net. Do you think. Obviously we have thinks happened random crazy things. Did the better team win yeah you know I series I think is I think so in the long run you know there were the best teams starting out the season they played they had a great sees me -- to short season -- by the way right. And they they got off to a great start. Yeah I think overall the two best teams played there's that there's no question about it the two healthiest teams play going into the Stanley Cup final and of course you guys. Dealt with some injuries or loss Campbell on the fourth line and all that other stuff but. You know it's just it's it's it's it's a shame it's over manhunt one of the kids haven't ever violate I really want of the game sell and then yeah when Campbell went down we said that's why the Rangers are gone that's what they're done because you can't do that all year you -- -- and and -- -- insisted these guys doing all year. It takes its goal and they were -- that -- they're tough. Writer you guys are tough to just couldn't -- go we'll -- and have the -- gifted players like Patrick Kane and -- and the Jonathan Toews had talent that Duncan Keith and sharp that a loaded team by Chicago does but. Let's and I was a corner off than us -- still -- Toro fan and only a case study now on the NHL. Because you have to coaches shifting teams want from Vancouver coming to New York you know and then you have toward -- drawn out debate -- -- this is really going to be fun to watch over the next year but. Are you guys have so much going on Iraq. I mean it. From losing Doc Rivers -- which is good for us next -- fans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you when you scrub your house you scrub -- surveillance system and you destroy your cellphone so I'll probably have answers you have answers that people want you know of their of their questions and -- -- you know I'm sure you -- -- -- I'm -- before new security whispers about the stuff I had I was in you know we we knew why he -- in the draft right and everybody said -- there were character issues. -- I would like -- just mostly smoke and possibly we ought to. I don't doubt that the patriot I think a lot of thought there was also associations night or associations friends people gang members and things of that nature of that or all of rumored. And and you like to think OK -- yet some success you know he's he's gonna he's with a great organizations and a great systems got a hall of fame quarterback hall of fame coach a great owner. I mean what more could you ask for and in the put yourself and the franchise through this right now. It is just really when you think about his mind boggling you can't come up with any answers -- that he's got to feel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On top of that sheriff Goodell gonna have something to say about it. I did have something to say about it and it's one of the reasons why and over the last. Five years I've been such a big supporter of Roger Goodell he knows what he's the only opinion though he knows he's got. A group of players in the NFL that don't think straight that 11 given a lot of money in and and having the group of people that are around them. You're you're creating a an environment for nothing but trouble -- where he sits right now and that's why. I believe you know he has come down hard amnesty Sean Payton gets a full season for for a -- -- -- what does somebody -- for obstructing a murder investigation well let's admit -- -- if you know the authorities wanna go after him make -- make -- real little did -- -- -- but I know that they're they're going after -- -- and -- they're they're trying to use every -- of leverage -- -- -- yet has -- -- the talk and say what exactly went on here. I. And I see him play in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- not he's right now I do not see him -- New England patriot uniform this year I think yeah again and every uniform I -- are starting tight -- guys hasn't played a lot of tight -- and Tim -- and wherever and good luck with Alan and I -- oh yes yes -- did you think you know him as well as -- -- can catch the ball. It nowadays a couple times at the back Bill Lester looked completely you know -- -- -- -- Yeah look foreign films so he wants the -- quarterback and I and I even said this when he finally signed with you guys. I thought it was a good sign maybe why because he's gonna do it all fame quarterback there's no pressure to take. Brady off the field but replace it with Tim Tebow and and he'll be an afterthought here he's not going to be a tight -- I just don't see it I mean what they give a chance if they if they're desperate I guess they would but. I eat it I just don't say could easily just be -- just easily be cut bill that as a result guaranteed -- is no risk that's and that's why it's a good sign him by the patriots gonna -- gonna bring amenity and do a favor for Urban Meyer you can do a favor for Josh McDaniels who obviously drafted him and then ultimately -- part because that a draft. I guess that's all fine and dandy but you know he's not a he's not a significant. Situation or or play in this what else -- do besides quarterback. He didn't. I guess -- can -- check back upon. You know guys he's a quarterback has -- -- -- quarterback. I don't think you realize that. From when he was ten years old to where he is that he thinks of himself was courtroom I have a lot of respect for that right I mean I I don't I don't see him being. What do these these running quarterbacks in college coming into the NFL on the becoming something else I just don't -- it out with and have the physical -- still. Are you aware of the NFL's star player designation of -- players I was unaware of the -- recently and it designated him a person designating it as brilliant they'll while you're only other media you -- elements are available with the media but -- the jets -- -- house and the senate still learning from the -- stakes -- what they practiced one. You're right but I I just think that you know that ship really has sailed down -- your -- trying to get as far ways they can from it. And they take their new general manager in my estimation -- doing a good job of trying to distance himself. From my -- amounts of regional decisions and the original general manager but. I think the patriots have huge problems right now they've -- this is a major major hit yet they still will win the division by like I don't know you know I -- -- you say that at all and I love value success I don't know well I don't know Hillary's and I say that is because I do think Miami will -- Pose a little bit and really don't I don't I don't think the jets will pose that much of a threat and I don't think obviously. But -- -- they go with a rookie quarterback is gonna pose a much of a threat. But you look what's going all the patriots right now how many how many catches have they lost. From last we added a module is funny -- out of the moral for at least two point you touched -- -- right now writer I mean and you missing gronkowski right -- -- -- he's -- correct you know as much as you know and I was a big Wes -- fan of the it was a terrific terrific. You know football player person that -- around. All those guys are gone and you don't know what -- -- dole is gonna do you don't know who you're tight ends of -- -- -- about what's gonna let. Garrett at the whole thing the patriots side give ninety million dollars to these two tight ends. -- can't stay on the field Hernandez -- you won't be on the field and yet Wes Welker at cheap dole who stays on the field and does nothing but catch passes is caught Brady's going to be I would really well. I would love to know exactly Tom's thinking generally I have no idea what he's thinking he has not indicated anything he's going to be a loyal soldier right he's gonna you won't you won't fit she's got to be good to the franchise could say all the right things but I got to believe. You know he gets on that field and. Remember going on the field with untested players in and not know one how how they're it's gonna play out and whether or not they're gonna be what -- you know you hope that they're going to be. Eyes that it could be a very frustrating year for -- -- Ballard -- the second most important and I think right now it's amazing but I that's why city you got guys this this whole Hernandez thing is a huge it's a huge -- I noticed you guys here. But in the landscape the NFL -- those of us who covered that you know that the league and watch these teams and everything else. This is a huge deal. Over -- -- picked apart from this tight end offense because they aren't sure when -- custody backer Burnett has ever go to more running attack early -- -- -- items and can you continue to do with it did last year well here's what an. You got a hall of fame quarterback he got studs at running back OK and you do have a very good offensive lines that you still have that portion yeah team that's going to be very good. The big question as you know this -- always been a quick strike team it's now on the field it's hurry up let's get the line of scrimmage snapped the ball. You know you're you're trying to work and a new -- -- Dolan who should be if he's healthy. Athletically should be a little bit more gifted than younger than now Wes Welker but after that I know who they throw the ball -- Where it goes to the question Wes Welker is greatest that it was toughness in all the toughness who got on the we think. We'd be surprised to be does that make a hundred catches in Denver. -- -- -- Yep -- don't they have they have they have three great which helps certain. Yes it helps and maybe not a hundred and we talked we talked to -- about a hair -- the other day and we definitely did -- get and he would not he would not -- that's how they're not ready to say anything I know what that I do not every airport there you need here I not left and let you know that the big about him making that decision go to Denver is brilliant. As it goes from dolphin quarterback yet another you'll be able to extend his career another two to three years. And right now. In the AFC Denver's got to be one of maybe three teams that has to -- the odds on favorite again to the super ball. Is there any data in your mind that Manning and Welker will be more productive than Brady -- -- I mean close it's a landslide I would say I -- said that had gronkowski and and has been around -- yeah. Now all of us that -- at the dynamic change and -- to feature right in and -- I think about the patriots that there's a team that can adjust. I'm innocent mcdaniels and Brady and Belichick will figure something out yet it's still going to be a force to be reckoned with. Just when your message to your best players to your most productive players and menus and and you lost your your most productive wide receiver. And in now Wes -- now so you can understand -- all of -- -- can always -- Ochocinco back -- -- and catches last year while one is well you know peace deal with -- time -- definitely -- -- just. It's and that's why Roger Goodell has to be the way he is yeah I mean I I I don't I know it as a wanna be the sheriff. You know but he has asked if he asked that they go to -- come down and then just before he got. No probably not so good he gets arrested right he doesn't have to get convicted. Right I I think the moment he gets arrested then all of a sudden absence of those illegal at a year goalie looked almost a year you've got to handle your legal stop -- in your -- yeah I would imagine going to be suspended for certain whether it be after its prison sentence to probably -- you looking outdoors before that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you have all sorts of you know obstruction of justice hiding of evidence. Hi this is not good -- -- and I don't want Padilla pipe -- a -- person a -- like one of these guys because -- -- or with the local police there. I am just that he's come wouldn't agree that the biggest problem of one of the biggest problems is guys who won't leave the past behind them make the money to buy a mansion. And while the cuts and that same friend is on the same guys -- just it's it's too bad that Antonio Marty wasn't it was speaker and and as when he was or a rookie at the rookies imposed -- -- -- that don't know how I'm not the good guys. Had a a legal expert on they said this is no doubt in his mind that this defense low cost Aaron Hernandez seven figures well over a million bucks. And by the way ethically sixteen is guaranteed over the forty write so well well bonus was well there's not -- there's. Nothing guaranteed believe you made if if he goes to jail -- somewhat but the team will be coming after it -- pro rate the -- yeah after TV take -- -- -- 100% -- they'll just like if -- retire you know we have number one Barry Sanders retired from. The Detroit lion yet relatively -- -- look you know we want portion of those bonus brought back to us. Because you don't we pro rated over the life of the contract so if he gets arrested and is suspended and no longer plays football. Believe you me they'll come after the money is no question -- about the golf tournament this is the ninth year. That it's benefiting the Boomer Esiason foundation but it's the fourteenth year overall with the digital federal credit union people -- -- -- -- -- up here and their original CEO Carlo brought us up here about nine years ago. Jim Regan is you know stayed steadfastly stood behind us I think to a large sport to this little segment that you and I think that we do on now Monday mornings during the football season. They've been great to us -- our foundation just raised over a hundred million dollars well we just passed a hundred million dollar mark and yeah got to just graduated from Boston College in which is the right thing and I have one more there for one more year gonna miss it I've had a great for your hunger caucus and I just had a better time what that might hit that bad and -- run in the streets of Boston but. It's been great and TCU has been so good to us and like I said you know we just continue to try to do what we're doing and the interesting thing is guys you saw on the news the last couple weeks that this is little girl down Philadelphia's right. I -- -- tweeting about right and her mom and her move mountains to get on the adult organ. Our recipient list and it just goes highlight everything that I've been talking about for twenty years that there's just not enough people. War organ donors in this country in and that's why pediatric patients like Sarah Ball a lot of times don't make it to a transplant because. They're passed over but -- got her lung transplant. She's resting in Philadelphia's Children's Hospital right now. We don't know the long term prognosis for her just yet it's Obama take a couple weeks before we have any indication whether or not she's gonna come out of this but. It's the fight that we fight every single day we have a small patient population. How great the hospitals here in Boston that we support a Massachusetts general Boston Children's Hospital to name a couple. And it's just the fight that we're gonna continue to do it until we two week. A hundred million dollars -- regulations that's a nice round number -- really is like -- doesn't enjoy the -- out of the -- always thank you so much for coming out and and it was a big day for you guys and everything back -- the -- so it's our guys are excellent an article about dogs that don't golf but right exactly just like the Rangers are doing right now goodness it was -- broadcasting -- Scotland a country club Nashua, New Hampshire DC you for kids annual golf tournaments. It is to -- benefiting the Boomer Esiason foundation. Up more your phone calls at 61777979837. When we come back Barry Petersen will join us in the 9 o'clock hour to -- up over last night people grew at a loss.

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