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Michele McPhee on the ongoing investigation around Aaron Hernandez

Jun 24, 2013|

Mikey talks with Michele, who gives her thoughts on the investigation regarding Aaron Hernandez.

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Don't know Boston had its share of big sports stories this week including Doc Rivers departure. And of course the amazing. Saga the continuing saga of the Aaron Hernandez and murder case involvement in for that. We go to the lovely and talented have close personal friend of mine. Michelle McPhee who is there's nobody better on the crime beat in this entire New England region Michelle. I -- they have any kind of blacked out ain't got it I don't really want. I'm a guy you get rock. And you know the nationally at the missed being American means more to me I really put the passion into the old star spangled banner Michelle. -- -- -- -- Now I got Lenny Magglio is here with me of the metro west daily news what a lovely Sarah B whose -- techsters this year just all of our -- and Jon Delano Ryder. So world here Michelle and bridge you know I know you've been on this story from the very get go as you always are. But what's the very latest now from North Attleboro is -- of Honduras -- something they're combing through. But today not you I -- yeah. Actually wouldn't look weak -- it was called a clean look for what is obesity electric. Used to execute. Well it well right. Baltimore is regarding the okay modular ground black -- my -- -- you know one point three million dollar off my. Aunt and when the need a lag it questioning. It I and my thought it helped me he would I'm cooperatives. It's right at pac 10 o'clock target to get -- it was great to act. Or. Yeah Brady normal. Now yet at all that's what that it can't be no. Could I just stepped outside for -- -- -- guided by three ball to lightning and maybe that's a reflection of my past like a leg got fired from his house. -- ever got into ordinarily. -- did that play. So here is uncooperative. At the time but the immediate information -- came out of this was that there was a link through there were the rented car was an enterprise vehicle or something. I had it but I can only end Aaron Hernandez had a lead up like -- low impact of our outlets. Economy car that you outlet or -- it and I'm -- right frank LA and they all of those are. Now and the -- it's the parents aren't didn't leave -- -- -- -- are not I hear how are on the bill are you eight. -- you know just recently or. -- the very fact. That that he has a fleet of rental cars and obviously he's not driving all of them and he has a nice expensive was it an Audi SUV or something. Yet in these panic at it and -- hanger on yeah are able to -- these vehicles that are Aaron Hernandez. In well in a -- to exit only at least that -- -- -- -- -- -- act you're body at an annual loss. Now is there's so many things suspicious of a cleaning crew. Tired at his house to -- -- the fleet of rental cars the smashed at that cell phone to smashed up you know recording. Equipment. I mean I don't think that celts are both -- Do you think is at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why I mean have you not that it. But I said this earlier Michelle and let me know what you think it is that there have been about ten things that have piled up on the negative side of this that that point to some kind of guilt or involvement on his part. There hasn't been one thing that's come to my attention anyway. That would give us -- even a shred of hope that he's not somehow involved in the information. Why are you don't we can't -- in particular why it remained very active exactly HL it's been unwilling to meet that. Aaron Hernandez on the basis. Our posts are Michelle whole lot of -- scored -- -- certain. Who got debt Kelly Chris Kelly Chris Kelly did go one up figures he's -- 1241 left in the first period. I looked up partly the -- not what we need to lock box and what's right now we want to rent and you know -- -- -- that I and it can't hit it investigators. Yeah away now you know I -- You about this because the investigators and by the way a day to day everybody keeps waiting and looking we've heard I think it was ABC was reporting. And cut that out yet you were reporting that there was an arrest emitted for obstruction. Yet. Why aren't are wrapped it okay -- allowed -- you know it it's like -- -- -- on mr. Hernandez won't then. Because that are you know he has that you certainly had been mean that he hasn't yeah. Ability it -- you -- right -- -- -- they have of people marched at the term market people aren't in the fact that if you're portable. Everything else holding pattern you know as they continue the investigation now I think you know that was the carpet and it -- -- let -- put up. I would there label won't need it out people why hasn't let -- is actually and potentially get holding water. What's his lawyers telling him right now. That's how do you would you like to be a fly on the wall no weight on the back it certainly I want while a nice -- the media that. You know you and I highlighted and her ally I did find it back Alley that. I don't like it or are or exactly. In hiring and -- Photographs -- can't let it not sold out. I -- on what widely distributed. Hours later. I don't shortly in the -- and yeah -- at our relations. Yeah out right that was pretty quick is that because nobody wants any part of me that negativity. But the you know the the interesting thing that comes along all of a sudden and this is what really makes people. Tend to jump to conclusion that you know a court of law might not be acceptable but certainly in a theater of the mind for normal human being if a guy has. Had an incident in the past where he shot. Somebody in the face weather becomes even you know -- Legal it's a lawsuit or criminal case -- you tend to kind of lump that person and with somebody who might be able to kill somebody else with a gun right. While that didn't want any everybody I think that at the end of Gary and I of that particular case in that bat but they picked him. Are they get you. Operate like that aren't pocket Eric -- I'll hit your area that he and Aaron -- -- -- -- here on all of that is that something authentication and on the way back there on each -- by Alec -- He called northern industrial park -- and -- that cute. I had a patent and dumped the market are they thought it takes us. Wildly erratic and the -- that you can conduct a parked all but what what what it and you know I pocket and they ask well didn't you'll hear it swap. Right well it isn't there is some involvement is shady past who this guy right drew. -- -- that -- drug addiction and I don't mean on me. The lawsuit filed an adult like Armstrong back in Myanmar and -- and on really -- in and it only. He's got a little bit but it acts as well but certainly I mean it raises an eyebrow -- and I didn't and that it acts like a barrel out. Especially we can't -- -- and those who win each and raised an eyebrow anymore terrorized or Seattle that I for that matter you can even see which are raising your eyebrow at. Or -- the ballot quite well you know that the so from a perspective of let's say you know all things being equal uses an outside observer you watch for second your way to another skies are hung around we know he hung around with drug dealers are reputed drug dealers. We don't -- -- has shot some in the face even though it was an accident. -- I can act and it had -- mean we don't know that no they said. Right they say it's an accident or somebody said it was an accident right yeah I mean get your act now you know I need and whatnot. -- that's this is now what what's next here Michelle McPhee what went what do you do anticipate will be the next big breaking news on this would be. And obstruction arrest will be some evidence they find a -- -- odious what do you sniff and here. My pick I you know or worry and that that part of the act are clearly indicate that they are trying to make sure that they had. -- -- they can possibly get it there they'll conduct -- you're due out. Aaron bringing home has been -- multiple act. How did not end all of behind the -- and then Paris. Eight day meet not pop and all -- -- bill -- and I'll errands. The amiga and Barry act and that is it I can't say that you're in the on the evidence that -- the ball. You. You're exactly what a great partner I nagging ailments -- Lloyd in the opinion as a wired together overnight while Black Friday into Saturday morning. We look forward to create. Maybe you know let's play that and that -- -- involved aren't Saturday. On Friday night and doctor with a set up -- they -- it all act the act. And now we want to know what happened Sunday and Monday it let it -- known autopsy showed that old Lloyd was. Shot -- lean 1 AM. On Monday June 17 -- I don't eat today here in into the outlook operate out and -- -- wouldn't -- -- -- he had -- -- -- at at anything. No player important back. I know all day and I don't know that there's no no nobody stepping up and say that you know read down. At Wes Welker -- tell -- -- wanna comment of course the patriots and wanna comment that because that are ongoing investigation and you know it sounds like the Obama administration -- but on the other hand. You know what is -- wait for here is. Did the -- tying in of the whatever surveillance video they -- have all these guys together with the timetable the events because the guy was -- was killed as you said between 1:6 AM. Right. And believe me at the very apparent that it you know -- that we -- proprietary unit eclectic video all of that statement what. They're putting together very that I'm fine yeah well why there is correct it I suspect you'll be a lock solid. I would act became. And the indictment that leveled against what is apple for the -- Well Michelle thank you for -- for checked and it was you the best and I appreciate your input on this and whether -- be more conversations on -- coming down the road here but -- keep up the good work. All -- and I'd like to think Negroponte and the debate. That's -- that's you did for now and it keep it up there all right thanks so bad amaze you later. Michelle makes the Iowa you know I've known for for court -- spears she's she's like the crime beat reporter. Of this marketplace. She has all kinds of connections with the police and that's what she does has done everything she's done well this is a great job on the system. Our writers here he does a great job on all of a nineteen different functions he does here as does Sarah be used got her little butt head going over there. And every -- to follow her on Twitter and get -- it's a thousand followers. You can start by via finding we do get this right okay -- -- act. Texts. Queen -- that's beat ET. I'm good. I'm good when he doesn't tweets -- we have to ask him what his as well be right textiles and and it's a planet Mikey show coming packets.

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