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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 06/24/13

Jun 24, 2013|

You ask us, we answer it. Or you can ask Jack Edwards too.

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To answer the question now. It's time for answers the question your country the question which -- it -- is the big question. So put should be used on entering anything and everything I'll answer that question needs answered the question that. Are we do it every day 37937. When attacked us with a question any question it's so we've brought you by air as a restoration specialists if your property or facilities manager. For insurance broker call -- to injury -- made disaster restoration game and plays. Call 8774611111. Or they are -- her. Dot com jerks would you rather get to all. Or Wes Welker back no questions asked no hard feelings in your situation who would you rather. They won't want to clear. Up what we wanted to be here. Dark it was on the -- So that's his. Bob Welker once he certainly be even more so now. That you watch what happens gronkowski injury thing would happen now Aaron Hernandez or what may happen bit of searching that area for a long time -- as you know. I find anything yet to Aaron Hernandez feet left. After what we've seen with -- he wore -- They've they've there -- -- have a candidate -- laurel and gathering lots and lots of evidence that's -- I don't look edited it division or we don't have anything. All gonna go back. For another three and a half hour run out of -- we'll get some more stuff the statute of limitations on murder never runs out after some of this stuff -- with that Aaron Hernandez. Let's put -- Wes Welker wasn't so bad. No they don't take that seriously and maybe you wanna make fun race I think golf has our. Generics have you ever had the hots for any of your friends mothers. Yes. Well yeah and jerked up right away absolutely. I've never get my name out of that it was. -- yards off the relative I. And we all the courtroom -- -- -- the beginning of my school work you did yes hi mom he acted like Hewlett. On but I got to look at Vermont and -- Bobby Knight is actually very next day. -- -- -- -- Think about what I said and we've been looking up for borrowers will think about that report. Makes sense that -- -- -- the right. The fourteen year old mom of fourteen year old mind. Don't necessarily make them on the going to be hot right I had policy it comes I don't know it's got you to thirty for our chief among them out of a mom of fourteen the world not have a moment where the -- That there could tip for you guys aren't yet. What elected what about that plot. Please see. Yours -- your real. All that eager to find out now that Karzai gave no. Don't -- it now if -- -- -- with Jack I have ever thought it was accurate timely. But -- So there's an expiration date and -- -- -- on the fifth at a huge. I will say -- talking on a -- of different. Things go really but my friends on exactly like on helium. Who was the the -- -- recruits on hard. All -- earlier it was as if it quickly picked -- Among my friends and if I -- -- equitable. Guys. Which movie whose movies do you think are funny Chris -- -- world. Tough question because Chris Rock -- hysterical. In the media have voters are not make good movies on a charge that truth you've never made it like yeah. His movie is like moving product Chris Rock was a boomerang boomerang was funny is that he is moving right his -- -- to put -- stop to it you have to think that you didn't she Californians thought. -- he's good but he did not make Chris Rock -- that respondent about Chris -- probably going great. The data because if I go far. -- what does that. I car makers -- full control now I group following the rock is duty in other people's movies are McGahee -- -- great -- on his move. Always great movie nights leading man is just not a good. That movie you leave that -- tiger Tiger Woods whatever that of that the world where he came back. Terror. -- the war. Concept yeah can you explain where you are in the whole debate that we are happier if you were very impassioned. That you would much rather be out there in the jungle then walking across what if I change it up a little bit. Because you're right the other which is significantly more. I'll give you perish but he's still got to walk across the -- -- or you could be out the jungle when he -- they'd make it. On the TV -- But I think it's supposed to be it Roy yeah -- are all exact. While much accidental that's quite yet but yeah -- completely explain a couple links it personal. Ten hour days on mandatory launches. And cruise travel on their stones. And so -- lie and I mean this is from the -- art sold like greatest friends in the world. Are on the production side. And you know what. They eat if there's no food and I realized I -- -- -- production crew hello. Great doubt troubled life and my wife my wife is is they have producer for a diploma or during the National Football League season. And every single game day she -- to 24 hour Duncan -- and she shows up. She's like the den -- And they -- come. One and out of the woodwork. You know sort of got that you're never gonna start to that this year olds operational roughly here for three weeks is just affairs -- the -- -- -- let's let attribute part of this -- let's make it real. Walk across food. Great -- -- I don't know when I'll give you a book if you pair. You know -- been three weeks actually -- they can loan -- one other person in history. And how about making even more real. While this -- -- that the person you don't get to pick the person you got to do -- the -- wing Jew from last night she was not. The united one. IQ three weeks which you got -- snakes. They had being get poison. You can it because if he sets -- little -- they go by executive produced yet. A suspect. That they -- the guy built with. We're gonna and not that was a pretty soon Jack and what -- think that's pretty -- Track you very much is always been fired about that a good hour with Jack -- has really come out tonight. Jack's gotta run over and -- television will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock until then you are. Enjoy it.

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