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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 06/24/13

Jun 24, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched upon today... including Bill Parcells' one lament, tight roping a canyon, partying with the enemy and more....

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Now and it's melancholy score. -- -- roller board or the four. Fun to me. Green card. Well we solved it -- On Sports Radio WB yeah. In an interview with USA today Bill Parcells stated that he regrets leaving New England he was too headstrong and Bob Kraft was too headstrong so. Do you regret Bill Parcells leaving -- and. I want you to cook the dinner. Please don't let yourself to some of the groceries. Well OK got to go back to what he -- -- guy that's only relevant that the only way you regretted -- it. You take yourself back. January February 1997. How did you feel way and you know we'll McDonough write this story ourselves to leave New England. And he's got to go to the jets they're gonna bring in another coach and I you're little you're bummed out about it so much fun. And if they could've worked it out I would have been happy but don't want what we know now knowing how it turned out that -- beautiful and say oh yeah. And it's optional was -- -- thought that question no kidding at -- time you want him to sit and everybody and their mother wanted to my state my question is do you regret it. Now I obviously. -- with -- obviously it's an easy answer if you think now you'll be stupid to say yes I've regretted based on what. The only way it's an interesting question. Is it to go back to back to -- -- otherwise let everybody know and if everybody wanted to let them call us at what it's ever already won but that is not it is not a debate it but relatively. This was my last coaching job. This -- coaching job. OK or get our regret that the I regret three championships in four years I regret the body the I would rather than I regret five super. The only way the debate if if you take it back to -- Bob and everybody felt the same way at the time -- but it wanted to stay and you're right everybody now can't possibly that you would rather pat ourselves the question is could you had well. And that and that the way you have to that you regretted its -- you have that vote could have had Parcells stick around New England for a couple of years instead of Pete Carroll and then transition smoothly. From Parcells to Bill Belichick and maybe then instead of winning three titles annoyance in -- and if you would won one more you can do you know -- -- you there. The same reasons New. York to talk all all he wants about -- ownership. Tired of being under the -- -- a built ourselves so he's in that situation what's. That makes them uncomfortable. And it may read this that -- is happening somewhere what you have to do today is no like I don't -- credit because departs after the all that happened and instead Belichick had resigned of the H the of the you think it is knee and it gone off to the NY shape for the next ten years and -- to rebels there that would have been devastating that was batted it felt that the. Time the only thing now all of a -- Michael question that the victim compensation from the jets for Parcells it was a relief workers more. Well they are -- like that that's open be mad about is that during -- drafted so poorly was wasted draft. It sure was they had. I was -- -- an engine although all of -- all those guys but you know it one of the good mix I think. I don't Kevin Paul was second rounder I don't know if he was -- around here because the Parcells or if Iran during that time that was one of the greater good. In that -- they'd be they've wasted a lot of draft -- I think Robert Edwards was the one. With compensation in the what happened he would get it let. Not -- -- it with good judgment. That -- on the beach volleyball beats like little -- Today. You ought to love me. After the people in the NBA finals they silver but it would have likely been brought up 100000. Dollar bar tab. During the celebrations and it took the spurs guard Danny green's over. Them by here and it's. Your greens teammate what would you say to him. -- -- -- Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep. Up are you kidding me are you kidding that was Antonio spurt -- we hear -- Now I don't with sportsmanship me -- -- -- -- Did yeah exactly right here I don't Mike Reid said it was a great display of workmanship. -- Gregg Popovich went up to Erik Spoelstra whole coaching staff would rod. It would have to wait wait it was very gracious I think that particular I think it would too far it's great today all right good luck to you guys and congratulations. Experience. He secretly -- He seemed a little too curious too happy for a guy who lost games of the series so yeah I would have a problem with a -- -- my teammates. Living it up with the Miami -- monitored. I would absolutely had a problem when it but it it doesn't surprise them margin in one of the things. -- -- in his brother game and -- were told me Damon who played with the patriots won a couple of super doubles with them. The one thing he told me is that you'd be surprised at how many guys even at the end of the season as colonel wanted to end. Yeah that they just they they play football for a living but it doesn't mean an eight relieved laugh and I -- you know that aren't Super Bowl so many. Sometimes guys just want -- And in name names he wasn't on the which -- -- by no means that -- it with every guy but he did you'd be surprised at how many guys just don't while football. And they do for a living that's what they do they don't -- it. They don't love it and so I'm not shocked to find allies Brock -- no I don't know I don't know that -- right basketball that's not the case but you do wonder you know. For a lot of these guys by the end of the year it's been a long year you would love to believe that winning that title is the single most important thing to them but often it's not. When those are your best players that's when you've got a problem. You can usually handle I think a couple of role players on your -- didn't drink and get away with it but Tim Duncan that's exactly right. But anecdotally Tony Parker with wind any green only need to do -- commanding carry a couple of three -- that people didn't play game six. They play the it's -- where are the it I don't know I really played himself I don't know. Don't get rid of first arcade title at -- -- that we're really make a shot so again I I think it stinks and I hate seeing stuff like this and I don't know why guys are foolish enough to get caught over and over again. Partying right after their team loses all you do with that and the fans. But I don't know how many people they actually think -- Victory. So we talked earlier in the show about Rondo in doc in the reported physical altercation in the locker room. If they were to actually fight and I'm talking a street fight. But he got. -- To stop hears it what it boils down to -- this question. Does -- coupled minster. If the old enough what he's in his early fifties -- -- is not really that whole. If the old enough to have acquired all men stress because he's definitely bigger than Rondo. 41 of those got the speed factor but he. I don't see him as a -- stuff like strong physical type of player right I mean he's a little bit more. Finance. Terms of the way he plays the game. So and I kind of and that's why would seriously -- stop -- Rondo is tough tough but that was great play played with they who dislocated elbow and almost OK that's great. I'm going to Iowa or minster is bigger -- It's always 64. To 61. The son of a cop. From Chicago. Got some toughness some crazy this tour. Yet and a coach a coach who wants to go after a player Bryant who you know -- a a former professional athlete. -- -- -- what -- here's what you -- question though is that mr. at a mental state when they actually were to get there so it has been here dot yell at them over and over and over again for what five years ago are now it's constantly been -- and he finally snaps now right he's bonafide. The flip side is doc has been frustrated by everything's cute does like 121000 times and he just won't -- the question is which is more frustrating. And I think it's more frustrating for doc. That it is for -- Yeah I think also I don't -- and a crazy back I don't run that was the frustrate. That will be -- What exactly is it to -- about so let me that helped me you know they realize that if I had the possibility. Of being crazy if they. It's an authority figure telling you to do something that you don't want. Which not realizing that there's a 100% money on -- I don't forget Michael of that -- -- maxim is sort. -- don't. Well we're a couple critical problem. That. Privacy doc doesn't want that little -- and -- treatment. It and what the political office I talk probably -- appears. It did it and he didn't go through it through my thoughts about hole. -- hold up and. -- AT&T question of the last night on Discovery Channel -- man walked the tight rope across the rain could you do compliment world let. -- And a man and woman were left in the while the coast in for when he -- days which would rather do -- I broke over the green canyon. We're being naked in our Michael you -- you've got an easy it is of course the -- We'll make -- an athlete. If they want kids today. You know why you know why it's fiction they. There's the camera crew there and not all are older if all the lower in the wild -- -- -- -- three weeks -- it in afraid and alone. -- that's one thing. But if I got producers. Trying to tell me -- this is interest in television. This is what you guys to do what you guys to have an argument I want this to happen. -- -- Kruger if they think. TV show -- what ultimately you with the actual reality of faith. Stevie Wonder are actually partying naked and dropped off any coast of ridicule jungle for three weeks or a year -- on the cell phone call the and -- -- your -- I -- think that's why are born naked and alone you have no shot -- How hot is she was the most in doing chick and the that is not usual standard that you not to. -- you aren't given those are the only thing -- brought with a reserve note of but journal for three weeks was not good but they want to but -- well are to what are you aren't heated up or you're gonna get down in the jungle or without with with scorpions. And -- -- make their that was so. Do they think that that the executive producer yet to go to that their poison control center rob that it with. I. Are you don't think you'd have a smile on your face as you were fallen off the I don't know why go. I mean there's no way I could take the high wire there's just not -- not physically capable of doing now -- -- Michael I don't know that I. If you're gonna die. Good and I don't want to die instantly by falling and not feeling and you wanna die with scorpions. You know I'd rather -- -- sex and remember that even McRoberts and nobody's got a lot of elements attracts like a little like dying now thought about that opened -- -- die while having sex is an opportune moment that the way to go out I've never ever thought that I try to concentrate on what under the current trying not to concentrate like a bill marked as well as a group or so of course. -- a private moment trying to concentrate on something maybe I should start thinking about that home with evidence that I need to know to make you laugh blogger reveals that. Did you you what happened last night baseball statistics. If you want to think about baseball I'm gonna start thinking about about the flying -- the -- obediently opened yes slugging percentage -- you need to tell Mike Adams the pitch out of those. He literally went through the entire roster. Nineteen. 66. Or 68 Detroit Tigers. Thank you lord can't remember where he puts his cellphone that's exactly right but he went right -- he -- efforts -- player but I do their number of the tigers. Mean -- dude it is sure it was a 67. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was no work out to you ought to think last -- yes could you turn away. I don't and I and I should've been able to assure -- they would turn away outside. Each -- is highly trained for about that the highway data source guess -- -- Highly trained professionally done this many to what what what to do watch a guy. Fall to his -- you think that was gonna happen. I think if -- -- -- he would have a much bigger things fix -- that he wasn't gonna fall -- when Saturday Jennifer Callahan this morning and they thought the whole thing with being with -- there's no way I thought it was was -- that would be in the when he missing ever goes excusable Linda. But that's what they do they had to be started that item and that's it would have it that's my point right right so. You know this is this is the profession right so what was really what was gonna happen. I mean look at -- -- it helps that -- on train you saw. It's on the training facility in Sarasota. As he was getting blown around by huge wind -- and stuff to your right. Maybe it wasn't that nerve wracking but it was still pretty cool what it would have happened to him. If they told OK if the not uninteresting question had to take that away from. So that is that it you know I can get a crop a manager Martin novel. You're not allowed to mention Jesus yet Nancy thank you Jesus thank you look like that's what the next guy's gonna have to do is -- look I know he walked across already but I'm gonna do it without mentioning Jesus. So what happens there are -- -- we have made it across two things one. I don't know that he would've. Because it felt almost as if it was a calming mechanism for him. You -- -- I mean I'm not saying that he is not religious I'm sure he has that your means quite a bit to him but it felt like he would say it almost as a calming mechanism to himself. Like the way athletes you know. Imagine things at a time a real teachers in the bottle at the age old argument is his batting gloves and -- Mica a crutch he had that would constant help and concentrates and -- balance and all but the thing and Donald you felt the same -- watch and it. Given that the the preacher was there the pastor is there Jules Austin Austin -- been. Almost -- did the whole things seem a little bit like a commercial for -- church. Did you get the sense that there was maybe. A commercial element to what I consider that advertising on this tour. Orchestra that he's got one of those he's one of those mega church got right out of down at a -- out of Texas -- Harvard Purdue sixty minutes it's up with money. Three or four years ago. And he got he got a rapidly growing area extremely popular congregation it did one. He did once -- in what used to be the summit. Where they've where the rockets used to play back that day or or as -- the compact. Like -- 50000 people at church can imagine yeah so having this is like a big. Of them these periods I didn't rigorous I don't know what kind of money came into his church while that was going on after last night's event -- -- -- significant. Amount of money in any event. It was pretty cool and what an amazing thing on Twitter. 700000. -- use the hash tag 40000 per minute. -- -- -- 40000 tweet from and I only found out about it through Twitter then Hussein in the same thing if it wasn't for Twitter I would not have known that was happening last night instead. I thought it made for just a pretty cool environment all these people sitting around watching. This kind of ridiculous thing that he -- was not all but it was. It was a year thing there's no other sports on to everybody what it normally but not much in the Red Sox the Bruins the NBA whatever was there were all focused. On this one ridiculous of that is pretty cool. Definitely enjoyed it last night aren't Jeff Goodman will join us here in just a moment now obvious BM longtime basketball guy called hoops mostly before from Boston. Says there is no way you can build the team around Raj on Rondo as your leader why did he say that's. Find out salt and -- W media.

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