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ESPN's Jeff Goodman: If Rondo is the new Celtics leader, they're in major trouble

Jun 24, 2013|

We check in with Jeff Goodman of ESPN Boston and NBA coverage to get it directly from him: Jeff believes if this is now Rajon Rondo's team, the Celtics are in for a rocky future.

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-- -- we are down at west in -- down by the garden get ready for game six tonight but of course. That is not the only thing going on we -- planning more including. The Doc Rivers deal finally official Michael he will in fact -- -- and approved by the commissioner by the league go to the clippers. In exchange for an unprotected. 2015. It's a huge deal. Did you feel for the clippers. -- nobody's has been able to get it done -- for the pats have pretty good coaches Larry Brown was there. Four while they've had some good players. Some terrific players over the clippers but something always goes wrong it was a good deal for them it's a good deal for the Celtics. They couldn't unprotected first round pick and if the clippers are the clippers you have to think that that somehow someway passed walk -- Internet without hypocrite and so. -- well in the meantime the guy who now becomes the best player and relieve the leader and your team assuming this means the end both pierce and Garnett here. Is Raj on Rondo who is obviously as we've said -- polarizing figure and that's probably been generous Jeff Goodman writes for espn.com. I just made the move over there and excited to have on their Geoff how are you man. I'm good I don't. Right do pretty well tell us about this quote I see this from ESPN today on on. On Raj on -- he's your leader in there. You or in major trouble explain. Well it here's a kid I've -- complacency is an Oak Hill academy. Song played through Kentucky have been in touch with all his coaches and you know most coaches will do directing them accurate come out publicly and slam Rondo. But every step of the way. This is -- which came home. From trying out from the Olympics they sent him home. He's a loner he's not really a team -- although he came which suggests he is because again he's such a good passer. Such a talented player but really the only -- in Boston that he's been able to establish a great relationship with over the years is Kendrick perk that would fit. And I just feel like the moment and they said it before this year. Go into securities said you know Rondo is our best player he's kind of our leader and the moment they said that I think you know what. There are major trouble there -- I -- go to director we -- go to begin the season and it's kind of the de -- Lead guy as KG and -- is -- -- -- up. You know again I wrote a little bit. You know Jeff they said it I don't think they believe that there's no way Rondo is -- lead the team that has Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett just don't buy it but. I would ask you this that you us it's a very good about following him throughout his career -- the -- Oak Hill academy at Kentucky was a bad. Early years with the Celtics. And now without Doc Rivers. What has been -- fame I mean is it. Is that the fact that you don't onerous it is the fact that he doesn't respect toward me what what is is the number one problem. That makes him such a curious choice as a leader. The -- -- opens its one specific thing Michael I think it's it's he's a loner. He challenges authority. He's kind of but now owner you know he's not a positive. I mean you you want him locker you know and it was big job that. Again every time you walked in it almost looked like players didn't wanna be around him didn't want and it's -- can Burris without. And again that date back -- can document Tubby Smith about it high character guy is there is in the college game. And he liked. -- -- So that's that's not been Doc Rivers again another got it within dot Herbert has dealt with Glen Davis a lot they -- Nate Robinson. Stephan Marbury Kenny Anderson. Tony Allen I mean some some bad -- -- Them some -- maintenance guys. And he he really didn't wanna come back Perot and the big part of. Well if there's one difference there though -- talking to Jeff Goodman here of ESPN none of those guys worth the man. Right and all of those guys were complementary pieces which is what Rondo has been maybe it was up until this past year maybe it's not until going forward without probably. Pierce or Garnett. Is it I guess the the initial reaction would be. If he's this bad as a soldier to be even worse is the leader is it possible that some of that changes when he's given. The additional responsibility. Mean you would hope so you would hope premature -- -- Paul Pierce certainly mature work. Want to Antoine Walker left we saw Paul Pierce got to grow up in front of pride and I'll pick anybody thought. You've become what he as far as leadership is is concerned. I just don't see the same thing happened. You know happening would Rondo. It's -- game if you're gonna throw a lot of women -- into the equation which is going to be the case if -- -- on your. Double figure. You know on the Celtics are probably rolled the dice can drop the point guard. You know when the sixteenth pick whether king Larkin buried skater. Did -- throw order. From Germany who's got a little bit Rondo -- military policy and type player. In him. Which makes -- expendable. In -- -- that you don't necessarily have to give a point guard in return. And that to me you honestly you lose a lot of games this year in the 2014 draft is loaded. With a kid named Edgar went into the top who. That could be executed anybody that's come along outside of LeBron and Kevin Durant over the last ten years. Are all of us at about Rondo I don't think that's the reason. -- -- -- -- No no particular reason no he he left -- you. In a year knew he was going to be you know coaching their major rebuilding task and -- can go to the clippers. Think coach Chris Paul Blake Griffin in. Let's face it people wanna play with Chris Paul created wanna pollute Chris Paul they don't want a player would resolve -- And it here's the other question for you give it to the sixteenth pick for the Celtics. I'll whether it's a point guard or someone else who do you think. Could be a good value for them at that at that spot but what I mean by that is somebody who comes in. And can play immediately him and maybe surprise -- a bit with his level of efficiency as a rookie. Many detention slips again I like Clark gave like shorter. Because both those guys there they fit the mold of of kind of what they wanted to point guard maybe Michael Carter Williams slips. Kids from around here from Campbell to -- and he's -- he's got a huge upside you know they could go to -- like can -- Caldwell Pope. We just straight to guard who can really score the basketball from Georgia. And there's a couple foreign gods in the mix who knows I mean this kid surrogate terrorists. I think killed three man who computed who impassive high Q not a great athlete I think he could be in the equation. It just depends and -- move on the make it easily trade down and -- -- I would expect it needs to be busy. I've certainly -- operatives in making shoppers over the course than -- disputed. You think -- changes the the system in general changes the vision for the way the Celtics play of doc was kind of a defense the first guy -- Danny maybe one little bit more often do you think the team changes that work. I think it depends your personnel. You know again when you got a -- like KG anchoring the defense. That that's what you warm when you're at a Gallic Rondo that when he came into the league. What's so good in the defensive end and now to me he's been surpassed clearly by Ebert probably on the defensive end. I think that's what you're -- you know you on your hat on now. Depending menu if it's carried soldiers want your key players. And it starter and I love Garrett. Then then you're not in anger out on defense. I tell you the number one pick in this draft is. Well I think. The local kid -- and no well certainly has the chance to be that I think Alec land. Ukrainian seven footer another big -- eighty -- Merrill last year without a point guard. I think he its Cleveland better if Cleveland already got a couple. -- big guys' interest -- Thompson and Anderson -- out I think out player who is skilled on the offensive end. It's Cleveland increased grant a whole lot better -- general was no.

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