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The Doc Rivers era comes to a close: What's in the Boston Celtics future now?

Jun 24, 2013|

We discuss the closing of the Doc Rivers era with the Celtics, and what the future holds for the Celtics who now look to be in rebuilding mode.

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Hello a -- -- and I need to make it nor afraid to name Michael to cry when I watched last night what an intro I am neither naked nor afraid. You -- one or the other I'm not sure which yet. Not make it I'm not afraid but I am depressed. I'm very depressed. And yes and there's not been that can be done to help me nothing there's nothing that can be done. Never got to drink the way I was going to be drink while you're still depressed I am the rest of depressed that thought it was gonna happen it didn't happen in the I have. At that time and collect my thoughts and now this you know just crawling out of that great. And the GA championship at Doral like a week ago that you -- -- depressed about as I am she SA you're. It represented a lot of things that distract from what. I'm not gonna start off the show by talking don't have -- you should have just listen -- and remembered that the best player usually wins in -- with the best player the Celtics no longer have the coach that they thought gave them the edge Doc Rivers. I'm heading to Los Angeles is everybody by now knows and exchange. For a draft and it. I think that. How the Celtics do have a bigger problem. I guess. I guess they held up for the first round pick they once they once they realize the situation was untenable once they realize that. No matter what Doc Rivers has stated the desire to leave at once -- became leaked. There was no way there was no turning back for either side I think the -- with the data this way. All right the clippers -- they want Doc Rivers because the clippers. They need -- to make sure that they can confidently count on Chris Paul return. So they want they need -- more than we do right now. Because the you know. Celtic kept Doc Rivers what do they get it. They have OK to have doc -- -- have very good team and if you believe some of these reports. From Jeff Goodman from Chris Sheridan. Doc Rivers couldn't return because of the Rondo situation and his relationship with Rondo throughout the Celtics held out. For the first round pick and eventually got the first round pick and it is not lottery protected. They took a bad situation they turn and into a piece of. Yeah they got the best they could best the best possible outcome I agree that's OK so you can look forward you can start to think about what you're gonna do with a two -- a maybe by then the clippers will go back to be in the clippers and so maybe -- deal lottery pick her top five pick which can be pretty exciting that's the way. He kind of locked into something great in the NBA which is helpful I got to play prior -- I expect the lottery pick you do you think I wouldn't be bad entity. I I do. Just because. Of the of the injury history of of the guys they're counting -- I haven't rolled up Kevin Garnett. Being a part of the clippers so I would think Garnett is a one year rental for the clippers and he probably retires but does it even if it's two years. Look at Garnett now. Now in his injury history with -- Blake Griffin and his injury history first missed its first year in the league because of an -- right the -- Chris Paul and his injury history. I just think. Based on those guys -- based on the clippers being the clippers sorry. They haven't convinced me yet. That they're that different -- expected to be a high -- Well that would again that's how you rebuild and her you -- locked in this absolutely you have a bad season they have a bad season you end up with two picks in the top fifteen and the next thing you know you have the basis for the back and and you gotta have a all work out for you to that you do in the right year in the guys you get her actual difference makers and not you know Ron Mercer mean you got to make sure that you get it. And pick the right guy could have it be the right year. But that you you set up that you said the Celtics do. That's one question here's the other question how do you feel about it right. How do you feel about OK so get a get a first round pick. A they lose Doc Rivers they're all these stories coming out now what's true. Oh what's fiction is you know doc vs Rondo and it was -- that the report. That. No doctor at bombed Lebanese in the Rondo have -- -- in the locker room what -- -- Alaska's because this causes at the centerpiece on the recall story chaos I feel because they -- material so many things here there's there's the watched. There's the Howell and there's the -- Right but what is is I think we know right doc is going to be on his way out KG probably alongside them. Pierce is probably going to be on -- gonna rebuild maybe get some nights out of the one of the picks that you bring back. We can talk about next coaching options for the meant them -- been spent a lot of money probably shouldn't for an initial rebuilding project I don't agree with that that's the one -- The wife though in terms of how this whole thing came about and why Doc Rivers is walking up the door. Is not simple it is not cotton deride and as you start to look around in place blame on how this thing ends. There's a few places you're gonna go more talk more about -- we can talk about whether or not you think he means is to blame I think he needs looks almost like a hero today knowing that it all the assets he has he may get the most back for Doc Rivers. That he would for Garnett or -- -- or for any the other guys to -- rated. But this from Chris Sheridan. Who was a long time ESPN reporter now run shared in hoops dot com. In New York guys that are on the NFL for the indie route for a long time he writes. One piece of information that is not come out during the allied to -- did clobbered at Celtics clippers trade talks is rivers motivation in one in the lead the Celtics. It isn't just that he doesn't wanna be part of rebuilding situation. It is because he has an intense. Dislike. For point guard raw Rajon Rondo. It source close to were -- close to the Celtics tells Chris Sheridan that Rondo dropped an F bomb on rivers in the locker room during the team meeting. And rivers went after Rondo and tried to fight him -- before the practice was broken up. That comes from Chris Sheridan shared in -- dot com if practice. In the celtics' locker room as Raj on Rondo -- that Doc Rivers and in the two needed to be story. Okay. The fight between the players. To the fight between a player and a coach that's -- used. A coach. And a player player dropping up -- up bomb to a coach in the back in a -- back and -- I don't particular usual at all. What was the coach. Tried to go after a player. I wanna talk about it if it's hard to really break this thing down because. Outlining in detail how dysfunctional that you on the other hand you say. On count out. -- respect dark. A 51 year old guy. Who's bigger than Rondo. And just as crazy -- Rondo would come down to it pretty rugged old school guys say OK you wanna fight let's go. I don't know if it's but ultimately I don't know that's a great situation for team. Where you can -- the the head coach challenging the player to fight and that tells you if that if this story is true -- the biggest if this story is funny Jack. Mac back it up today -- month -- and I and I seen the attacks are sorry I didn't hear we were kind of sitting up for remote. Which is over here Weston johnnies were here today leading up to game six yes we're going to be talking a lot of Bruins today what happened on Saturday night was not good up -- And also we're going to be talking about it from here but. If they if she she backed it up and said apparently that it was couple years ago. Art now if this well a couple of years collections. I don't know that it -- shortcuts ME two years ago if you say if you say Doc Rivers and Rondo got into a fight. Or almost got to a fight in the team meeting two years ago. There and that I I I think it would hold on I think it it would well put it this way like I feel like. The story still significant and it's interesting we're talking about it interest. But I I would I would I would feel differently about it. I was under the assumption that it happened this year than that makes it that happen this year and Doc Rivers has okay KG may retire Paul Pierce may be bought out. I'm going to be left with this jerk I'm not here that I almost went after him in a mark. Well I like to hear that I don't think I think it it still makes perfect sense that you guys can jump in -- 61777979837. The fact that it ever occur but doesn't mean that you can't patch things over well enough to kind of survive the next few years but when you're faced with okay these two guys are leaving the bread and -- -- the leadership my team is here and the next guy that I'm going to be working with most closely is the guy that even two years ago I gonna do when your fist fight with. Still as relevant to right it's not as if it happened two days ago. And I would say generation would do exactly what needs to be -- but at least the best now. I don't think that's what he's saying look I read that report again that first paragraph -- that report gives you the thought right. The thought that they are related. I had written to I see -- -- related but not necessarily need it -- in one piece of information is not come out during the felt the -- trade talks as rivers motivation one believe that it isn't just that he doesn't want to be part of rebuilding situation. It is because he has an intense dislike for point guard rush on Rhonda. And then then it says a source close of the Celtics -- shared and that Rondo dropped an F bomb on rivers and walker during team meetings rivers when -- -- tried to buy them. Got broken up that OK so I'm vacant part gives it an intense dislike for Rondo got to a fight almost got to a fight after team meeting -- Doc Rivers wants to go. Doc Rivers wanted to leave is very current but it's happening right now the explanation is happening was scheduled to happen right about now. This is something that happened two years ago so two years ago we got to a fight with with what almost gone too far with Rondo. And the team with a game seven against if the Miami Heat. Last year during the post season. And it so they were able to get past the fight for two. Here you go in a couple of things look I got people that I've. -- get into this fight but I got into a pretty good fight with a guy went call in any race good friends we all part of the same group and we got into one -- to the point we really stopped being friends. Now it's not like three days later there are -- with intent but a few years later. We wanna be hanging around with -- each other could we hang out in large group when all of our friends were there together. Yeah of course we can get over it because we have to because that was the only way for all of our groups of friends hang out but it -- say hey Mike. I'm gonna take away all of your other friends and now you're remotely without -- I think Allen Anthony. I think now when he crazy I can see the -- in public were cool with each other but I wanna hang out with the guy and I think that's what this article was trying to say is look. Maybe it's not like they fought yesterday they hate each other so intensely that they don't even wanna look at each other -- they got over it and off the spent a couple of years together. We -- pat has a filter of pierce and Garnett and all the other veteran guys that -- wanted it to broker and as fair and humiliate you tell me that that's going to be the leader of my team well I -- thank you no way no how. -- -- where I'm at but it leads and suddenly it's on to a another question. Art that's happened two years ago. And they're they're they're the opportunities for any age. To move Rondo had a Danny Villa in any change in the is that mediator in this relationship. Where she she dot point of view it is to run those when have you had sided with one guy backed -- what one would have -- one of the guys that you're one -- -- -- in the past. Has it been while they take dockside with well Iran don't have the good point -- -- you know that's happening in the eighties remember you you know you do publish a little too much. What is. As hot as any view his right now got he's got no -- you mention. Save some money on a coach. What about intense disagreement it's like I have an intense dislike for that line of thinking. I don't care for not winning games you get the best coach available -- the best teacher available. Whose gonna help the losses they'll get back in the championship organization if it's not that I'm saving a dollar. We're -- that's ridiculous to open up that way. How does he view this organization. Today RE dot gone. This is brought those team and coupled with your doctor get along with them but I know coach who can't get along with Rhonda and their lots of questions here. That they're definitely are in and I'm sure we will find out more the answers over the next few weeks and months and it may be -- -- on -- maybe that's part of the plan here. Maybe he's really blown the whole thing up because he doesn't think the -- the leader I wrote about it today WEEI dot com because I don't. And when I when I read these things when icu you know everything we've seen with -- Rondo and I'm not one of the crazies. Who thought hey. He's out. -- to gonna get better I mean I know you you pretty well -- the people at for good reason that they were wrong. I think rush and run as productive player there's no doubt about it right but all allowed to be -- leader all the other stuff I -- build around them no way Jeff Goodman who I think he's gonna do a little bit later from around here. Covered the Celtic stories around them -- girl for -- -- boxing or that basketball and college draft -- and have a -- I was ESP NI -- at Enron a little quotes the head from ES PNC and that if he's your leader your team is in trouble we tweeted yesterday. I don't wanna see a team built around rush on you know and I did you. What do you feel comfortable building your team in -- rebuilding project around Rondo Rondo. Not at. What's controversial. That's for sure but. I I wondered are are your are your reservations based on something that. That you personally witnessed -- is just all the reports. From Chris Sheridan from Jeff Goodman. That that leads you to feel that. There's no way can be a leader. Ultimately get -- it's everything it's it's it's the weight -- treated him over time it's the report weather related like doctors and -- I am. I haven't been around the team as often that for the last four years let covering the team at the beginning. Ron those. Tenure here we seem strange. Don't you think why I think there's a sense that there was a pensioner absolutely Hollywood trying to turn him into the kind of point out he's sort of food a year and -- just -- it's wrong. That was always the -- Rondo didn't really wanna be coached. And doc really wanted to coach him and especially a point guard. Because he coach's point card number before they -- Similar problems on to the guy was not nearly as good in in now Marcus Banks right always constantly on our job banks your -- who all -- -- I told you start or shall telling -- that I try to make me sick to my stomach. But -- -- up markets breaks out all hold -- -- -- -- got markets -- and obviously I'm not comparing our -- but just the way our the weight -- coach's point guards and that the awkwardness that always seem to exist in the Rondo then you add in some of the things that have happened since then the knowledge that guys around there don't seem to think of him as a leader even though they said it was his team it wasn't really his team. Can feel that -- and -- could make it. They can make it his. I don't think -- It. -- him Garnett all your Doc Rivers there's no way. The old guy. But there's no way the guys. Over -- somebody who. In. Theory that the corporate the in the on. With Ron. It. That you. -- with you. In a positive way. Way. It. Lack of leadership and headstrong turns into on coach a bull or for not some chump coach. It's one thing if you say this coach has -- what you -- talking about why would continue it and by the day it is -- yet you don't want anything innovative he's when things as a coach you it was a very good player you understand point guard play he's gotten guys like pierce and Garnett to body in Ray Allen and you're telling me you can't buy him. And then you have whatever strained relationship between him and Ray Allen who is one of the most beloved NBA athletes and every city now except for your. I mean you know think about you put back out of that entire portfolio. And and try to say okay this is -- -- -- my team around complementary player. Fine you really want to empower him. -- -- -- -- Limit but they already do what I can imagine that you're there already empowered him. Maybe not to the point where he's been number one leader on the team but we don't want Doc Rivers did Doc Rivers gave the ball in in game. Ability to lead the team and call plays and he has he has spoken about this ad nauseam where. -- at a situation late in the game and Rondo look over to the bench and say what the call and -- will sit around don't you got it. It's your call so that there was some empowerment there and and also the difference now at this event. Our you get on the team while empowering him to be the guy in the locker probably isn't power and -- that moment. That -- yes I had to grab on on the court but off the court. You when you really wanna power -- on Rondo you guys jumping or 61777979837. Very quickly to open up the Bruins conversation as well. I I have been as positive about the Bruins as anybody. I have believed that they would win in four. Maybe five team well that didn't happen. I've felt all along and they -- the better team in Chicago play in a better brand -- hockey yet. For the first and even thinking for. As they got beat six to five in overtime here the next -- to look they way they similar. Deep in terms of effort on that but the Bruins made way too many Cingular mistakes right and the Blackhawks took advantage I still think the Bruins to the better team. After watching game five the Bruins were not better TOK art that's our Brad Tina -- -- aren't -- good team game. They weren't getting five look at it now here we are. Game six hours away we saw people we walked regard -- And in hopes to resort they're selling their tickets you know people what kind of buzzing around are still going to -- -- tonight did my site at night for the -- man -- and excited. Who's the better team right. Based on what I've seen most recently it was Chicago but it if you look at it have you. You said before the series deployment of the better -- Are there are they better team -- a better team in the Chicago Blackhawk I thought they were Michael right now I don't know. I don't amount of the prediction business because I I I don't know who's gonna show up again I'll be very excited to be very surprised that they don't show up tonight I sure hope so I'll be surprised if they don't win tonight won't you to rise -- -- -- plot you'll be surprised I. I got to imagine with their back against the wall -- gonna come out one in but I thought that that would happen in game 52 I thought coming off the bad mistakes that they mating game four. They would come out even though they were in Chicago have a huge lift an energy similar to what we've seen from Chicago to beginnings of the last few games. And really put it on take it to them at the beginning didn't do that at all. -- sleep until the first few minutes of the third period. And a lot of that was what Chicago was doing the Bruins were bad Chicago was good it was not a one or the other -- thought that -- Blackhawks put on a ton of pressure made it very hard on the Bruins and I did not think Boston responded well at all Seidenberg has had two terrible games in a row. Losing Bergeron obviously was painful but which each would play so well recently like he fell asleep at the end of that game like three or four plays and right though. That line is just beginning murder. By the by the Toews and Kane line making that they've had none of the ability to it to do what you expect him to -- impose their will. It was a really difficult game for me to watch -- that is not what I. Not tonight you have that you mentioned two days and that line you don't know what's what Toews is going to be able to do tonight I think -- I expect both of the plate -- A two way centers to be out there expect Bergeron -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Upton but how to they play with injuries and how does that affect the rest of the team. That's a big question we won't know that. Until the first round five or ten minutes a game a game six I think we'll know pretty early. How guys are are playing with injuries and you can't fake it no I'm -- he's been played yet. Higher third period you have Bergeron in the same way I goes to the hospital and -- closed on the French media and don't think that he's gonna play yes and and the Chicago guys are all saying that it's okay it's going to be like a fine. I'll tell yeah. The things shaping up to be magnificently tapes edited you don't -- it all along this environments -- -- -- -- is going to be very very special you wanna come. Hang out with Jack Edwards ahead of time we are over at -- -- -- Portland street outside the garden come hang out will be here until 6 o'clock Jack Edwards in for the entire 5 o'clock hour. Your calls on the Bruins game tonight what you saw from game five what it translates to. He did tonight's game and then of course. On not just Doc Rivers but also -- on Rondo. Your place some blame when you're trying to figure out what went wrong why we're in the situation Celtics are in now when you look at it I'm gonna coined a new term. I'm gonna give you the term. You know court -- new term coined a new term it's a scene. What's the scene I've seen I don't -- a female you know that's money I will tell you what a scene though is next and why it relates to Doc Rivers coming up salt and -- W media. So we've -- before so experience. I'll give you all but also it can be done. By the end of the day -- what we did before so I really couldn't -- matter. It is appropriate on. You know until we decided this. Forget -- he's grown. Got -- and to watch them Leo over the weekend while you're watching the only at all on can't help but stop want to release the one. Now it's not quite like what happened to me last night. If I was after I watched the entire sky -- -- yeah fascinating violent week in week in. Digging that. Then I watched all of naked and afraid to people who were sent out to the Costa Rican jungle naked and have to hang out for twenty Wendy's and survive and which of the two people with more reprehensible but the awful awful. And then after all of that. It's going to be with these days and came across the heart which is an immediate socked in for me and I think -- it sound like -- art well well over a 10050. To a hundred I mean they left that yes absolutely no doubt. You know that movie from art department you know we pretty much every single word -- I -- -- price -- a mop like I don't wanna brag or anything in the back. Usually go to wrong but I I don't really really well but at the question. Look at that gives it a hundred under the audience know every single mom and I know just yet I don't. I don't premature prepares you however were did. -- that's a matter. Felt like I was watching a lot less about what it. That would like adamant what I like the best movie that's ever been man I'm enjoying it every single time I watch it last night. I couldn't help but I started like tweeting and it's all the beauty IN. That everybody loved the life and we not a product like that I've lost followers during the course of -- I think that's an indication that everybody. -- of what you're a little bit like what -- what I was may be clogging up some time until what are you gonna do I just have a lot to say about the movie. And I finally have a voice all right I got the let loose so I just wondering you guys committee had its up in the open Mike today is there a is there a movie that when it's on. You would like to live tweet. That you would like to just offering running commentary. On everything going on in this movie what movie would that be what kind of things -- -- today. I just open your WEEI -- app on your apple -- hundred mobile device click on the open Mike button on the bottom right corner. Leave your message fourth in ten seconds or less or you're which they use it on the show opened -- brought you by AT&T official wireless provider of Boston Bruins the most four G coverage. In New England not a question for that by the way -- later for port. Which would you rather do it. Walk across -- firewire or being naked and afraid for 21. Days how did that tonight in the -- Rican jungle. I won't -- what you like this this is the easiest way. What's the report what there's there's no compares it and a dilemma. There's no major debate on a bit of -- but there isn't. Answer part because -- because you have no idea how to walk across the wire work -- that not -- bad -- even -- there -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- what I give your parachute. That's now I want. -- -- -- -- -- -- 61777979. Victories seven. Of course dock on the table Rondo on the table offers are on and might gain. On table looks like you'll play. What is the scene. If you -- use that you're about as you know if you know me know and now what is this casino would be a Celtic in a mole. A Celtic in name only the concept of being -- Celtic right means more than wearing felt that you are right. More probably more than any other teams certainly in basketball the two teams that have real meeting of the Celtics and lakers and it means something to be one of those two. Two routine all right -- -- -- means something to be read socket means something to be -- He needs Jules heralded franchises that means something to be so it just justice OK does that we go out and obviously Larry Bird Bill Russell felt. What Dennis Johnson. Who was not -- it. It's been the first -- with -- -- Johnson. Well that's right and Don Nelson. Acquired without an acquired off the waiver wire on Nelson. Wasn't so that he holds that standard right. Behind the problem on it up -- I mean. Community how would -- obvious. Top apps and come back forever -- -- their partner here and ask you what -- -- OK this guy what is it. -- but. Not a Celtics. Drafted by the -- easily -- the Al Pacino. Celtic in name only relates specifically when weren't there -- see you know what I don't think it's ignorance you know agreed -- You at the new Korea it would it was reports on one thing you know feet. Are at Celtic in name only -- the -- it would definitely I'll let you know the only he's even -- it. But he was at Celtic in name only -- body what it meant and it's obviously history embrace the tradition at one. -- -- -- the Celtics he's a legit now he's a doubt -- out and out occasionally very frustrating Celtics absolutely but it felt that we are debating the other night on Twitter some of the some of the all time Boston players you could think of that were the most frustrating most of our. And -- -- -- so incredibly talented puts all frustrating time on the reason you oh. -- oh OK go right to -- talent occasionally make one but he was definitely a real Celtic through and through and it meant something that meant something here. I think he's. Been around now all the I would take ray -- well now if I didn't he passed on. You know Ireland or you know. You know it's all -- definitely Paul Pierce Celtics roared through right. To dock with his move to -- -- -- -- not part of the rebuilding process I don't wanna do I don't wanna offer money help. To the rest of the team moving forward -- wanted to try to win another championship and be a mercenary. If I was -- is he now he Celtic in name only. Well part. Of their purpose out there now. Itself. But as doc that was you know 6177797983. Then you can add that. The conversation start -- will start with Paula and all of. Hi you guys. Wow I don't know about the female thing it's gonna it's gonna depend on and how people feel a little ways down the road after ducks gone. If you -- -- memory or exit you know this guy just took off when the rebuilding was in the dirt. So check with them. The -- unless you can only she can make a legit argument that he did this to help the Celtics that he. That -- this was always part of the plan Michael to find a way to give them draft picks when he left turned into an asset. And they really did this because he loves the organization. -- -- -- look even. Didn't even manage. For or worked for the team anymore he was still helping them out with Kevin Garnett docks -- and on them. It feels like Celtic in name only not not representative. Of what the Celtics. Doesn't look good it doesn't look good horror and advocate for either party. What is what is things got out. Of the -- accord back and forth with the clippers and you're you're you're engaged in these conversations with the awful loss at those clippers. And I'm not I'm not talking about awful on the court but -- in the way that they do business. And everybody knows it's not a surprise to do it this way because of the guy who owns the team. It Doc Rivers has got to find out even though it looks good on paper what -- for Donald Sterling is very challenging. And you -- message -- -- you'll miss those days regain the opposite of what some type of ownership chaos going on. But it was it would it looked bad. I don't know doc doc is very good with the media I don't know -- this over or not. Right now we just look at the facts. That he had a contract. And decided to fill the rest of his contract terms. If you believe the reports -- terms in Los Angeles that -- being here with the Celtics pretty tough kind of in the kind of -- right I -- does not become a mercenary. And we view I don't first and now -- mercenary it's a little mercenary and they don't I don't look at it that way because -- the clippers in May not give them enough credit. I guess I would look at it this way. Mike if it. If the mind. Or Oklahoma City yeah I think that you know -- and it don't matter. Think it here's the belief that this team is is not quite at that level and I put it in the next level right below it and that they get a chance to challenge. Too cute to feel some of the void at. At the top it will that that advocate. I think and he gets worse and that's -- managed to going to be a mercenary. You might as well go all out. For the top position. It is going to be viewed as a -- scored the clippers brought to you right rabbis or go to first round I go to the fire broke wanted to look at it and or Oklahoma hurt me is in New Hampshire wants talks and these hikers. Hey guys enjoy the show. To tell you is not a Beano and that cursor on parity means everything approach her out. I don't absolutely easier. I don't think he's quiet tonight I don't know if you -- up the channel four shot at him trying to get into his car after the the spot stroke off the team. I mean it looked like he just. He just trying to patent kidney stones or something he could barely get my car down to employ and I think Julian is. -- occur to. Neither -- and kidneys don't you give me flashbacks when -- stays in my life but it those they mean it is is the utmost mean. It could be something like that in which case who knows that could be impacting issue. Mean just don't know I mean they're saying it's not a spleen that they're saying it's not something to with and I agree that it didn't look like -- an injury. Com I don't know -- -- play like -- I think that they shoot these guys up with so much stuff that they get out there and -- even know what hit them and feel we need that you know once or twice. I think they're probably when the chance that with and -- they can get can they need -- Doesn't surprise Jack -- I'd be surprised -- if either guy misses game saves for Chicago. Bergeron for for the Bruins I mean they are. It gave -- exactly the same thing. To their feet and made it's it's ironic that both these guys are questionable for game six because. They kind of make here -- the kind of make their teams go. If you were Dini Angel come back to the Celtics here you had a choice. I would like to move on with either -- or wrong. You could only choose one of the other that you could keep one and let the of ago we say that there really is something to the -- whatever occurred between them. Which one would you rather have movement -- -- is an easy answer for you tell me next 617 out of 7797983. Happens so alcoholic Diana west and -- by the garden. -- W media going to be big. Chance to watch nick Linda. Or in this case listened to -- and as he walks across the great game really was. Pretty crazy to watch last night talking Ali air on WEEI WEEI dot com as well Michael you have said it. They'd -- player is more valuable than a coach in the India always trade -- The coach for whatever you can get back to a player here is that important -- players leading man when your player is Raj on Rondo who comes with a certain amount of polarization factor. Who would you have taken he could've chosen one and the other few regain any change in there really was a rift between them we got. There is a star players please do now that's what makes so what he -- Rondo. We've seen at times he has the ability to be a star he's had long stretches in the playoffs. Where he he has played like a great place not good great. But in the regular season. Had he been he superstar. If you -- superstar player. I would say -- for the superstar player. Most of the time. Guess that its Magic Johnson who you know back and they wanted to coach Al Coates is gone it's LeBron James LeBron James usually before I got to Miami. Wanted to coach up to coach who's gone. But you want it falls throughout the early days of Pat Riley said no you're staying here and so Spoelstra. Told the superstar player you go with the player. The player like Rondo. Got a coach like doc. Go to. If it comes down to Rondo or not. I gotta go out and that interest -- because that's not obviously the direction in which they went they decide and maybe it I don't open ended and I don't even come down out of -- maybe doc never really didn't wanna be here may be were making too much out of the Rondo docs -- you whatever you wanna call it. But. It is interesting that that it Rondo was not a good enough player for -- say I would take him over the coach you don't consider him to a superstar. We're now -- now here's the pro government has yet the ability to do it onshore -- -- the ability to do it but there are some changes. That that you know I've been looking forward in his game. That he has -- he's right now. At times of seventeen footer eighteen footer. There they have some steps -- without the customs that that from the right elbow. That Rajon Rondo. In the when he 1213. So not not the -- to your report you let them be. In Chile from the right -- from like 6070. OK. That's great that's an improvement from his first couple years. But if you don't be a point guard with the ball that much going to the basket that what you got to be able to knock -- free throws. At a at a better than 6263%. Clip. And that's that's an area where he just has not improved enough. I also wonder whether or not Rondo significant want -- to who wants to be treated like one of the real stars in the league. But hasn't actually done enough to get himself in that category 61777979837. Might. Is in Maine I'm Mike. Hey guys -- thereby. Yeah I heard you said that I I think I wonder if if Rondo is maybe. Gonna go down for me as one of the most hated topics covered as if the rumors are all true and I don't know opening -- this is. He got rid of Ray Allen and now he's getting rid of my coach so. Because if I had to pick I would I would keep in October. But -- I guess I would guess that they won't be one of the most hated Celtics never. I'll say a better word is polarizing. Because there there's no in between on Rondo. Referring to them in sitting here and taking calls like -- over the years -- It either. Love Rondo or hate Rondo it's not oh he's okay his fans are really brilliant tool in its detractors. There's not a lot of it. But he -- -- dream -- and -- that primary factor in driving away both Ray Allen and Doc Rivers two guys and -- well respected as they both are around the league. That's not that's not exactly from you want him I thought you by the heat drove away Ray Allen I don't I don't know I don't hate you are a lot better than I don't but the -- of understanding. Forget about. You know inside sources lots of duplicate Ray Allen from afar. The opportunity. You -- I I -- -- I think he left for the optic segment in the mercenary I don't think he has the Ray Allen to sit there. There and if you look back at it with -- Maybe just a coincidence but last year that was such a contested series seven games so that's roughly two. The Brock has game for the -- here Boston in game six in -- losing game seven. They couldn't did of those teams you know KG didn't have a lot of words for LeBron Paul Pierce and LeBron picked -- rivals abroad says that a series -- over. Most of the Celtics walked up walked off the floor at that what I was doing the data is great thing with the Miami Heat. And that was read you a -- and everybody up smiles for everybody congratulations. Now. Why Edwards ago will watch him where to go I cannot -- I don't know why -- opportunism along with saying hey I just can't seem to be around this guy anymore drive me crazy ultimately. He's got a fracture what's going on in the good things that we have in this -- but I think. It may have been that it could have been also the fact that. On the Celtics try to trade up a couple times and you are sensitive to that and like -- -- this in the straight talk. And it losing his starting job Avery Bradley if it was a perfect 60777979837. Sean is in his car -- They had no gun was -- -- That's what sorry about that boat -- you know what he's actually noted an actual so they. -- -- got good seeing -- you know. Oh is that having had somewhat of a bad like -- that make you see in other is that really your potential DSL. Yes I think it probably does not unless you know government there's some other special circumstance and there but I think when I was trying to get that -- is the idea. We hearing your Celtics uniform on the outside vs wearing on the inside that make any sense. Like if you're a Celtic in name only put on managers where it that the team you play. If your true Celtic as Doc Rivers had a chance to be. You we're on the inside you bleed green you it means everything QD organization act color they shamrock that whole saying it. The part K you know means more do you and so much. That you say young -- the rebuilding process yeah I'm gonna find a way to work with this guy because being -- one of the legendary sports organizations. In all of sports. -- -- Okay let me ask you guys just haven't thought about this before it got used to -- out there and see how you feel. So obviously the Boston fans are not going to be a very warm. It just the thought of a Doc Rivers leaving a contract. He's going to another team. How would you have felt if Doc Rivers has done this. It's at which point the rebuilding stage with the -- And I know it's gonna affect -- bottom line of a coach on -- two with game. I won't be able to win a lot of games ago for the next couple years and years added onto my contract become back to -- theater. -- you -- fight yogurt at three years after my contract in two more years. I would respect that you think so yeah. Yeah I think it would. I don't wanna I wanna stay I don't know that he I would have said it out like I don't know I don't know and I don't wanna required it to that idea you can admit to the fact. That date you're not going to win for years and other team can publicly saying that from marketing perspective. But that was what was really don't want to -- what the security. You know immediate go to thought George Karl go to your fired up I saw a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't April inspired. I'm not gonna win -- games not acknowledge this roster not with this -- my point guard -- sure I would respect that quite a bit would you. Yes -- I. I guess that the thought you can only get there you're legitimately getting -- -- you are an athlete that you can immediately that you put that in the hands of the right people find a nice columnists like Michael -- around somewhere how to put that in this on it a little little bit you -- can empathize what he's right -- looked guys doc knows that he's going to be here for five years in the rebuilding and take some time. You could have done that Obama will -- one. About the column writing game having had my home to pick a little bit -- Home pick Clinton ego that been happening. 61777979837. Mom or your calls on doc and Rondo when it's gone wrong here with the Celtics. Up plus lot more bruins' top up next they don't charge numbers really really bad on the -- for what seven. Of the last eight goals and there's one thing most responsible. For that statistic it is not sure himself. Tell you what that is next talking Ali why the west and Johnny -- by the garden on W media.

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