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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston: Celts and Doc mutually agreed to part ways

Jun 24, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show to discuss the Doc Rivers trade to the Clippers and what went on behind the scenes on getting this deal done.

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That tells you that they got a lot of possession that is a huge a great point and Eric Chase and left and right. Let's do this doctor buddy -- McGwire he joins on the AT&T hotline Pierre has brought you buy nor -- power equipment -- smoke shop. And by Kelly automotive group he's back in Boston -- to to win. To get back to Chicago Pierre -- Lou good morning. Senator -- hello little below their year. I started off how big of a loss -- Bergeron and his team come back from. Finally come back from a it's a big lost the big comeback from a disloyal the most resilient teams such you know a -- seven years in the NHL I mean they're unbelievably resilient. Artillery they can overcome and I mean it won't be easy. Think everybody knows but I could see -- more coming and I think that's where. You're leadership core leadership steps of this were Dennis Seidenberg and and Zdeno Chara. You know on the cheat so those guys stick it to another level and everybody else -- Part of the replace you guys showed -- look like a one point licked its back kind of locked up when you go to the hospital -- game. That that's when the rumors -- second of internal right spleen who knows any word at all what you saw many. Follow all the good news lose that he got an aircraft yesterday if you have a punctured long -- you. -- -- explain if you got any kind of internal this from popular doctor I'm not a doctor but I talked about a bug you any kind of internal entry like that. Or the potential for punctured long. -- they -- -- on an aircraft as a student angers the fact that you didn't get on an aircraft and fly back home I think that's positive more than -- He did not -- this morning and didn't hear it reached early this morning has not created shell. I am glad that doesn't mean you won't play but obviously the good news -- -- there's not a lot better probably now a lot of internal diameter -- a little a model plane yesterday. Is where is your under the debenture for that year and you're watching -- trying to guys did a great job of playing got to play those two ships forty -- second second period and in. He wasn't gonna come back in -- -- you kind of get an idea is Ian -- I mean is it something that they knew wasn't gonna go back in how did that go about during the game Saturday night. He's still on the bench until the and in the period with the rest of the team in order to address and Brittany. He did look comfortable again -- what he talked in -- getting any attention from the adult may go by. He wouldn't talk and very much and you looked very comfortable like and that's all I can take a -- at all. He'll view of talking about Tuukka Tucker look char and Steinberg and earlier were discussed yet to arrest looks outstanding when his defense play strong front of them clears the popular defense looks outstanding when the the Fords -- back checking -- at different layers at the Bruins defensively bring. And that's what we're not seeing more -- team effort and individual. And airport before -- Lou you -- -- point -- Kmart and I want recommend it for academic it's a very valid point and it's something I was talking about another radio shows in different cities. Is the puck possession time in the Chicago being able to manage the puck a lot better. In games four and five on that -- 32 -- did manage the -- better they force. -- and to defend rather than attack and that's where the replay she reached used that number coming out of game five. You you couldn't be more Bangkok and saw her for Boston tonight a real important thing is to make sure they are -- possession. They do a better job on -- out like they did in game number three where they just -- Chicago already helped. Two big reason why they want to not seeing it very. Apart possessions in a matter a -- results are gonna matter a lot that it total matter because you saw the damage Carol she got -- chance to see the video montage that presented. Of the hit on Jonathan Toews also spit on darkened KG other languages of which are meeting between. They're hard they're vicious but that's part of the old football teachings are trained to try to win a cup. Are you speak of the -- we're talking appear -- of NBC sports -- the whole launch -- you know Toews came out I thought very respectfully. So we're not to let char intimidate us review we have the we're gonna go afterward chip denies it is and we're gonna attack and that way do you think that is warn -- down and as a follow up via the plus minus stat PR how much you focus on that because char an Alley minus five last couple days been on the ice for a lot of black goggles. Well it was obviously Robert -- you know -- -- were not very good in game number four I think everybody knows any game why it was a little bit of that locked in which the partnerships up for the third period. We plan that -- -- boy chuck would chair that put Seidenberg would -- But this morning when they skated they were back the other Seidenberg chair Borchardt contreras. Will sit out translate that and I. -- that he planned on computers -- -- this bird back on again much like what -- vote puck possession matters. You wanna make a bigger person go back and get the puck you want to physical pressure on you wanna get him out of that comfort zone and they archer a lot of -- -- -- -- Tony can dominating game. So Chicago's burglary and by attacking him good -- probably the biggest effort and that number identical. In all that again inching. Series. Adjustments. By Chicago and you'll opening -- case together but also putting nickel on the outlining creating additional also excellent big -- Go around our doll and Bruins players. But again it and everybody's written on the Brenda I'm not like psychologically everybody wanted to rip. Pittsburgh. Are simply great. I think Chicago in two -- here -- in game four and played really well I really do I think it played very well. They overcame terrible bullpen performance in game four by Corey Crawford and -- it was getting in game number five. So that this thing could go either way bought a point everybody can be joked about Chicago back sort this then too great integral element. That's our cyber ago worked together in the morning skate needed split those guys up in the third but tapes wasn't out there on the ice was that the reason -- you think if there's other reasons why. That he would switch it up in what are you expecting game six. They were trawler try to insulate you because ought to be -- -- well -- that mean there's a lot that goes into that they're probably trying to create more -- urged all cooped. Get more chart and -- because ball and it shall cheap pot will give them more. Involved so I mean there there's a lot it probably went introduction decision making from quote Julian -- step but I. You know -- biggest incorporated -- Bolt played from behind play with a lead whether it was bought -- juggle an optional much them employment believe very opposite. And I think that's counterproductive firm may need to play with the -- not try to get police. I'm gonna try to follow up you questions of why is everyone you know -- asked the Bruins -- gets everyone but they're down three to -- start to say. -- how to we get to this point and I think which stands out to me is that as a series has gone on their strength. Which is defense of players you've -- studio and told us more more about these players and how they shut down Chicago. Those layers don't exist right now you know you look at that second goal Chicago got the use speed they went right around Seidenberg -- would get a break -- eventually -- -- pumping up for a second goal of the game and and the question is not. You know why the Bruins sucking its wars at defensive presence golf wire Chara Seidenberg -- something they're doing or Chicago just. -- out playing Al game planning with the Bruins like today. I don't think it's -- game planning producers are getting people and that's what Margaret some spots in the transcript trying to their strength which is their speed you've probably heard the actual Wendell what is playing fast. Mean -- to the Chicago Blackhawks. Anti colonial times our transition units are stretched are you about in -- -- domination in the neutral on the at least all the Russians towards and a so much of -- -- it's more about her true. That. How can look it again -- -- the fence around -- part of this is the by far the ball resort finders and are not Chicago had a little bird as well Bob bought and relies so much on the top four guys are in -- And you break down at some point you just do it now for Chicago city because he's -- a lot a lot of times Ebert liked a lot aren't. Lady hasn't been logging a lot of are similar you know they play it -- and right. It actually -- but fatigue factor in Berkshire for both defenses in the surgery. Don't get your thoughts and possible lying changes to -- this discussion keep first at their line together you don't want. Mess around too many maybe keeps Soderbergh their -- But rather may bring a guy like dog events in which activate go seventy -- -- taos ski and just kind of role and and move -- up and down face offs and they thought a little bit. Well it should be -- match and -- partner -- me get a lot of facetime so again you've got to. If you're gonna go seven would be better that defenseman back and play well for -- the sense because this is going to be. Now we're into that position in this series Lou and not where it's now become. The series battle of attrition for both teams -- -- you know it seems our players don't like it can't finish in top. Because they've been just sort ravaged by yet. So I would be really conscious while playing seventy probably stick with you know the regular setup was sharks and fall and go from there. Well those who listen -- our show already knew where Carl Soderberg play at political -- which he told us written -- -- -- jumping excuse me months ago but he gave that knowledge. On Saturday night what did you think of BS Swedes played fourteen minutes -- Followed solid for first time ever played in a playoff game and not knowing her body was solid and you could -- District positioning it did he wants the puck on the stick he's not intimidated by getting. I think he'll just keep getting better and better knowledge morning. -- scare anybody but the more and eat it lipped. Yarder and -- and on the outlying replete playing a little -- or not what you electronically to regain type of this morning at the march is fine girl -- We received from Brad Marchand and he talked about -- guys a cordon and guys that pollution to physical style. Then the way to Chicago teams comes out -- with speed and defense and he's not exactly getting his space got to find other areas what what you see difference in effectiveness. I've not seen her get a pocket I'm Martina I'm going to talk to -- usually those procedures you really aggressively. Congress -- uproar right now and again the stretch it's been. It's been an arduous physical -- -- -- -- -- -- a little -- years maybe not but. He's clearly not the guy that's been dominant in terms of chasing pucks out and really on hard and that. In terms of the bruins' offense not just -- but as a team -- you feel like they got enough shots on Crawford Saturday night. Didn't -- the glove enough they that they were nice guys -- that up too many shots that they do you let the clock will be forward inaudible from. Not getting enough shut up put enough pressure on crocodile a degree. Especially your -- the box thinking that a little sloppy beginning part of a game number five again I don't at all that's because they were between a ball that's because. They were worried about stripping Chicago and I couldn't tell you -- but they looked a little sloppy they started a real and that they got people. But it was too little too late the one thing I didn't horse like Internet -- went down. The game became a lot easier for David -- David -- -- was a much better player when Jonathan -- was playing in the character you expectant. -- -- -- -- That's that's really great question. Just because she's such a game competitors such a ferocious leader. Again cardinal missed QQ what the -- -- bears and Minnesota and herbal Minnesota. And bought and through two world juniors walk through the Olympic watcher in the points and Stanley Cup I mean I can and -- coming into our broadcast. This is one of the best leader you can ever be around so he is not risking future all issues. I got to believe he'll play but if -- any kind of head trauma. Which a lot of people think it might be there are also -- Yes yes I think though respectable those guys these are drawn a lot of people you have if they need one if one of those guys don't suit up -- you know what series is new to Munich could be out there. I get -- to -- -- a Toews the boy chuck can't that put him face first on the ice the league says no discipline they get that right here. I think so I personally think -- -- -- over a -- lot of people pick and that it was delivered a shot to. An unsuspecting player there's not a player that plays mostly. That doesn't know when they go into that area B I talk a mistake that there's a potential to get blasted. There's -- -- -- doesn't all that -- just that's why they call the danger involved but why they call the dirty area. Johnny knows that confrontational. I mean listeners and Chicago edited just like that yet it's one of those things. I thought the Seidenberg it was a lot harder historical truth that's why we showed it. There were 33. Really hurt it on -- the a lot of it but really really hard on and I think maybe -- sign birds if there's much damages -- circuit. Up in the building tonight chance for Chicago to winner of the Bruins who extend to a game seven NBC has appear McGuire will be there between the -- -- thank you we'll talk to you at some point later on this week. I love listening we generally excellent have a good night everybody -- game number six. Game six of the Garland got tickets. To game six on listening between 123130. Right here on 93 point seven WEEI Pierre is always brought -- well by our friends at Mercedes your Boston area. Mercedes-Benz. Dealer he brought you on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LTE. Speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible 617779. 7937. Match your phone a break TT tech slide at 379. B 37 Jackie McMullen next hour. What apple with this help the trade is there more than meets the eyes the white dot is headed to LA more your thoughts. On all things Bruins in game six tonight next.

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