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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston: Celts and Doc mutually agreed to part ways

Jun 24, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show to discuss the Doc Rivers trade to the Clippers and what went on behind the scenes on getting this deal done.

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Once dean and that and the celtics' ownership who didn't want to have to pay. Think about a seven million dollars receded to a coach who's going to be in rebuilding mode that -- when an NBA title they probably weren't gonna win the division title for a long long time. Once they came to that decision both -- and front office. I think it became much easier for them. Jackie McMullen on ESPN over the weekend it's not -- 93 point seven. WEEI. The news conference we think at some point today. The talk about the steal the league at as far as -- know is yet to make it official. But it sounds like Doc Rivers to the LA clippers the compensation there would be 20151. Round pick unprotected and joining us. Are on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GA TT rethink possible. -- -- salad this deal is going to be done -- we talked about a month ago when you were convinced that doc will be back against my first question is. What are being changed all last month and is is it that simple is what's happening the last four weeks to trade -- -- Well I think what changed was you know I think look initially. Dot com sent out like he does every I'm not sure I'm gonna recharge bubble -- all the usual stuff the -- said and everybody around them. You know -- -- at the doctor -- this thing. But he'll be back then we get news that the nets have interest in him and they call Danny -- for permission and gaining doesn't give permission. And that's what I'm a doctor he really wouldn't interest in the job anyway. But at that point I think Jimmy Doolittle worked. At all we were rebuilding remember this is what we signed on foreign. You know it's not going to be easy but this is what we agreed on and all that sort of thing. And and -- but you know what I'm just -- wiped out this is a -- season whenever. This week some time I'm not sure and the McClintock come calling and I think initially Danny Ainge had known them to. And and -- like OK that's fine but I'd still of -- much you're. You know what I wanna do and I think what happened was that at some point -- some artwork. -- clearly partisan in this so you know what I'm in rebuilding mode. And that's one of the leaders like -- are probably at the minute so you know what I need assets and who -- my best stuff it's Kevin Garnett obviously. And Doc Rivers as a coach obviously and we see now why the government conditional first round pick from so I think once -- reached that point. And you -- and ownership that -- doc made him the highest paid coach in the league pop makes more but he's got front office. Duty you know they've been very they've done right by doctor resolve on their thinking you know what if we're rebuilding mode. We don't need to -- this guy 21 million dollars over the next three years to get -- whatever thirty wins 35 -- So I think I think the leadership at that point. In a way to look at it and then it became. Something that these guys were -- together -- remember that the driver that came with the clippers all along the clippers wanted Doc Rivers. And then -- Chris -- chimed -- they were they needed animals had to have Doc Rivers. So it all started with the -- You wouldn't usually the sound when he said that every believe that Doc Rivers was pushing for this and you say your sources kind of it was the other way around when he when you played and don't put words in my but it. It kind of it comes off as though you know doc wanted to stay but it's the Celtics that wanted to make this move. -- -- it's not it's not quite like that was that when the clippers asked for permission. To talk to Dockery the initial response is now dark -- we're gonna keep them. And then when did he came to the point where he realize you know what -- carted in in this. I need to rebuild going forward Natick and get a pick for -- you I think he went to -- and I look. Let's let's figure this out together let's -- -- look -- the best thing we camp our team and let's make sure you're gonna be okay to. And and he -- you -- go to New Jersey none of interest to clippers got into the net job so then the clippers. As you know came very strong trying to make this happening and and eventually it did so I think what happened Lou and -- was several times that you guys note these things broke down. And I think by Friday afternoon -- with like you know what I'm done. Screw it I'm coming back to the Celtics and -- get myself mentally ready do that I can do it he you know he it was never like get me out of here it would never like that. And I think he's so I can -- you know I'm gonna I'm gonna just get like the helmets the color press -- I'm ready I'm gonna come back here I can do that let's shift I can't go through this anymore. As you know is -- reputation it's taken a terrible -- at least stayed silent all the way through that. And then I think it was -- -- -- out you know let's wait. But wait I think we can make that happen let's flesh out the clippers and of course the clippers -- saying let's wait we can flesh out the Celtics right. But in the end everybody got what they want it. Is and and the and the Celtics. Because they were the other we're gonna have a coach that wasn't sure he would conduct anyway and docket to go to a young team that had a chance to really do some damage. I think the big question is what happened two years ago when they both set down a civil sign to a five year deal to a it was an assumption that did it doc was realizing that there would be rebuilding process not the right owners would realize that when you say don't wanna pay -- seven million to rebuild. I don't think they would realize that they're gonna be doing that down the road at some point or so. Both sides are now trying to. So -- well we don't want to rebuild paying seven million I don't want to -- rebuilding of two years ago. And they had to have known that right. Your question a little bit well let's put it this way I don't know what you're kind to a contract situation is that WEEI. I guess that you -- many contracts during the course of your young life as have I. And everything went -- I think it's the best. Possible deal. And then sometimes I get a year into one insane man wanted to do that. You know -- didn't exactly what I thought it was going to be while I wish I hadn't done that but -- diet but none that stick with it. And I think being being Canadian given too much credit but I don't think so I think he's pretty Smart. Probably thought you know life. Two years from now -- thinks he thinks he wants if he wants to be Gregg Popovich you want to do this we're gonna try to rebuild on the fly. And you know what if Rondo had directed -- maybe they -- -- -- a bit of success doing that we building a little bit on the flight this past year you know pronto. Could imply that he may be -- -- connection the first -- -- never -- -- -- now but they will try to rebuild on the -- it doesn't work out that way. And you know -- becomes more more temperamental or whatever and you know just the job doesn't look the same to you cannot I would like to think that Danny was Smart enough. When he signed doctor back contact all the years ago thinking in the back it was said you know let. If -- that you can't do that I've got to under contract and I'm gonna get -- before and he did. Where you go back to the initial post. Season whenever was of the same thing Jacqui right that that this is just doc being doc you always wake Teddy don't. I did not believe he was going anywhere I think I think that on your -- You did an indication and I guess my follow up to that would be when you get to a point where OK eventually it's mutual the Celtics -- and we get something for dot if it. If -- come back and said yeah I I I signed the deal. I plan on being here Ernie told Danny he's committed not to show -- to the draft camps but you know really being committed to the job does it ever. Ever get to this point of doc is not wishy washy on what he wants to do next year. You're actually -- no it would never -- to that point no question and you know what -- doctor Dokic talked a lot of people are are surrounding -- His friend fellow coaches lots of people who lost said Dan he really does that he's he's he's he's just tired if you took a lot out of but he. He'll be back he loves to coach you snuck into the broadcast it for one that you are taking a tremendous take you know. Now -- he's going to be back he's going to be back and he didn't you know I know it's just -- -- think the clippers but it was just too delicious and and I think in part because he thought he was gonna get to camp KG go at them. Of course that part doesn't pan out. -- wanna David Stern's role in all of this because his officers talks and anyone back and look at for Bledsoe and picks a combined this whole thing -- doing now about every chicken it was stern because. For some reason he's not only was he young not allow certain things but now KG for the hundred Jordan -- He's trying to step in there won't be the rules that would allow that he would be separate and -- Well it's a good question that -- here's the thing you know the clippers. Again they're the ones that started this right they wanted -- they they wanted to we know -- they wanted Garnett last year. So they come and they they'd make a full court press to try to get both of these guys. They should have notified the league office -- discuss the -- they never did typical clippers if you ask me. You know if they were Smart guy what they would have done. Is gone for -- Gotten -- for whatever price it was gonna cost them. Never even imagined Kevin Garnett deal Andre Jordan. And then a month later who would have found -- a leap of faith for doctors to say you know what I love Kevin Garnett I'd always know what he's about a convince the clippers to acquire him. And then there be no problem. But they didn't do that is why it why -- it -- this blood in violation. Of the rules you cannot I trade a player and a player for coach and that's. When you loved these two. Transaction together that's which he did it will appeal to really believed I know stern stubborn I don't think this can happen now I don't think it'll happen. I don't know what that means for KG and I guess in cases like this Jackie there's so much a sort of picked her win. You've been through this a million times wants a deal is done and that -- and stories start to come out Chris Sheridan. It was better on the NBA for a long time. Is reporting that of an incident between doctor and Danny. A shooting between doc and were -- on Rondo where they got into it an altercation -- -- -- Rondo F bomb them and document back in him in the fight -- -- broken up by players do you believe. At any level -- resistance to wind to come back here is has an NC had to do with Rajon Rondo still being on this team. No I really don't I'm first of all that that incident Chris -- -- reporter that incident. Did happen not quite to the extent that it was reported but he's right. But you know what -- it was two years ago. It was two years ago. So solid you just -- a minute okay think about that for a minute. Is -- run of the reason Doc Rivers wants to get out of Boston absolutely not. Is run John run of the reason that -- that why would I believe -- and I've got Rondo. Now it's somewhere in between. Great truth that affect the Rondo wasn't on the bench there in that final game against the knicks because doc wanted him out there has become a distraction. I don't know anything about that -- -- I don't know about. I will tell you that look Rondo was difficult we know that he's been challenged by -- many times sometimes he's written to that challenge. Sometimes he would not. You know Rondo as a lot like a lot of these other -- -- athletes that have been around and you guys have been around he thinking on everything he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room and you know what. He hasn't. And I'll tell you what he's in for a rude awakening. Because I do think KG at some point gonna -- I don't know where he's gonna go but I think he's gonna go at some point I think Paul Pierce can ago. And then run is gonna be left to realize that you know let. When people loved the Celtics mystique in the banner seventeen Mobutu and all that the other like electron the play. But there are a heck of a lot more interested in the victory and that's just the truth. Now moving forward now for this teams are saying lost -- now he still dictate genius futures who knows with no Doc Rivers would he want to come back maybe as. -- decide whether wants to or not Paul Pierce and this has got to be the first step in in a process let alone a new coach how -- -- -- -- any thoughts and that should look could be. Well I mean your -- you know there's no question in my mind that they've been trying desperately to trade Paul Pierce for a first round pick in advance of the June 30 deadline. If in fact they were able to do that it would already be done. And Paul -- could be gone and an and that's I think people are gonna think well that's heartless it is and I think they're gonna trying to do right by popular in -- two. I'll be shocked if they buy him out on June 30 because I think Paul Pierce -- value. I don't know how much value but I think he still has value he -- value to this team still. I mean it's not like the guy can't play anymore let's be real here he is getting older doesn't have to -- -- all that is true. But he really really good MBA player. So you hang onto them I think and I don't know for a fact that they're planned. But it makes sense to me that when June 30 comes and goes that they aren't able to deal before that they pick up the fifteen point two million they hang onto him. Maybe put poppycock to start the year with -- how to not gonna wanna do that now. And maybe they trade him at the trading deadline when we know that the price of these players. Become higher because everybody's scrambling to make that stretch run for the end of the season and that and the people they look foremost. I've experienced veterans that have championship experience and that would be Paul Pierce. So negative Paul Pierce is going to be around for quite awhile Arcadia the no trade clause so any deal that the Celtics have for him they got to -- it -- they got to run at -- first. Did -- -- -- though about your interest thank you think he'll play here with a Doc Rivers PG. I don't think you'll want to but you've got to walk away from the last big paycheck you're gonna get probably I don't think I don't think he's doing that either. We'll let you get a retired just because Doc Rivers -- -- here I don't see that happening. See it has so many questions because -- -- Paul Allen and KG or are bigger questions than this one who. Who's coaching this team next year Jackie. Well it's a fair question. You know I think you can hear the usual suspects I guess I should say. You know we know Bryant shot out there he was. That teammate of Danny -- for less than half a year any when shall as a rookie getting cut traded at February. Out of Sacramento. He's the -- of the -- right now for the Denver Nuggets shot he could be in the Denver Nuggets coach this afternoon it's down to him Lionel Hollins. I I think they're gonna try to make a decision on that today. I have talked to people and -- shot can't but they've told me that he had not heard from the Boston Celtics. -- for David is still think he's kind of one of those young hot. Assistant coach is the guy from Miami the one that would stand up that you want Howard in and try and do. You know disrupt the shooting motion of a lot of the spurs players member that died at the -- So I think you're gonna hear a lot names like that I don't think it makes sense for them to go out and hire a big name expensive coach. Me George Carlin makes no attention to you know George Karl doesn't wanna rebuild anyway I think they're gonna you know either take a flyer on a younger guy in an assistant. That they think could make it a head coach at the head coach. I'd also floated you know Ellen Miller who works at the globe and I worked at the hockey in the Internet but he had a great idea why didn't do any -- the front -- -- -- -- and. -- -- shot a great idea -- -- said something similar recently I guess the question Jackie when this thing becomes official in the trade goes through its the next step the draft on Thursday how. How will the Celtics position is because at its core they wanna be bad next year right the goal is not accumulate assets in draft picks and but not a championship contender they wanna be basically a lottery contender Howell. Did they sell their fan base on that beginning with whatever press conference they have to announce -- deal. Well I think -- on Rondo be on the cover of everything they're gonna sell Rondo and let's be honest -- -- really entertaining either really really good basketball player. And so I think bill they'll be selling Rondo and a big way and it will be interesting to see if he'll jump on board with that because as we've we've we've we've all noted. He he kind of market to his own drummer -- things is on the way and you know if you want us. If you wanna put people in the seats and sell people he's gonna have to put a smile on his face didn't do a lot of shaking hands and I'm not sure that's kind of an amateur that's his personality. Jacki great stuff is always appreciate take some time and no we continued to follow this story as it develops in the offseason -- talks and thank you Eric I had a great day -- the ball from ESPN Boston joining us on the AT&T hotline at the AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible I don't why I want to coach his team -- OK I that's the second was second person a much -- that what that was not the name populace and a fair. Does that means -- by not writing any more coming on our show will begin to achieve and what will be. -- -- Years you just referenced that terrible NBA movie when Whoopi Goldberg coached the the New York -- While -- do that is out of nowhere that's one of the best and worst reference that you were ever made the exact same time. -- I got a different person in mind here to go to Celtics will talk about that and talk about how the gonna rebuild this thing with your calls next.

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