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Shawn Thornton on game 6

Jun 24, 2013|

Shawn joined the show to help preview game six at The Garden tonight. Shawn told the guys that the teams experience in these situations can do nothing but help.

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Our conversation was sharp or has brought you by Andersen windows and -- your Boston area Mercedes-Benz -- Sean joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE good morning to -- are you on game day. It. We're fine -- a sense of urgency that comes with an elimination game change anything that happens on the ice on intensity effort whatever the case may be. Yeah it -- I think human nature of the that you don't. Survival instinct etiquette. But he noticed that are not clear out there I think. Give a little bit more let Ellis says that last game opposite. -- but -- insight for us. If neither Bergeron -- Toews plays tonight is that an even Steven swap. In our mind. A bit -- pretty similar player. -- the I -- almost pertinent to our team I'm not in their restaurant so. -- know what it means that I would assume that you are it was saying yes. -- -- -- -- I haven't yet opening as well -- Almost everyone else. That he's he's doing better than. To a couple days go by and others. He ought ought let. We saw you talking them on the bench. Did you. Did narrow it down to a product and your expert prognosis at that point diagnose. -- -- Many years of medical school out here and there are. -- -- -- relative we're you. The regulatory. -- -- -- -- -- -- At what what is the dynamic in a in hockey but dressing room because in the NFL if -- guy is out in cannot play. Bill Parcells said the bill at check -- check this -- it's almost like they're dead to me if you can't play from -- practice you're not gonna be in the game. We have very little to do with you we week even -- ignore the facts. That your presence it you know is around -- work that way in a Bruin locker room. Not at all but we sixty somewhat people dressed in my career. River 25. -- -- actual capacity as well. There it is an quite a little bit different here at him -- the you know all the rosy outlook under certain public right. An important important players that don't but the regular police say yes -- -- date but. Your partner partner in. Very -- certain players' outlook. There in the room before the game sometimes. You know we've seen around so -- got a lot or ski attribute that on the meetings just sit there are but but. A little bit differently now. Have difficulty sometimes they're out this matters or not you guys have been in this spot before down 32 in the same situation does that even matter is that something you guys talk about can you do anything from a egregious don't play hockey game tonight. All of the default. We. Know that. Or so. Experience. But politics -- on. And that update well what we did or does it really. Where matter. -- -- -- on site so. We. Barry Melrose says bad -- Favors the Boston Bruins because they are predicated more on speed and you -- agreed Melrose. I know -- it -- me here or who looked like it. I thought it out. It's funny when you get into the opposite me at the same for both teams and yet funny bounces that baton. You never know he. All results are out there you go to get that out. It's a no hitter always so. Eight more transition. Team probably. But that is several more days. Try to -- -- open -- -- little puck possession team or governor appeared here that I offered on all this about here also. You you guys obviously playing with a sense of desperation in the third period the other night and we've seen it often on all throughout the policies in the third period of game seven against Iran would be. The one that stands out the most. Why not tonight stock the game with that sense of desperation. I completely agree. -- I'll. Oh in the Nokia -- -- Chicago -- accurate let the first. I'll admit it and that -- can even belt but I -- but a lot -- I continued on that. But you know what -- urgency that result. Don't dominate but it like that sixty minutes is out of here that's for sure. Upload before an elimination game does he change his approach in the Dresser -- prior to the game or does he remain the same old clothes just give you information. And tells you what he wants done as opposed being philosophical and and somehow inspirational that you know this -- -- lifted weights all that sort of stuff. But also not sure -- so little. The little bit more than just actually knows -- I don't know yet I mean. Our curriculum -- these but I think the Sylvia. Well below their charity. You shouldn't have to do that. At this stage in the playoffs you know audience you can't motivate yourself up for -- six elimination game and dealt the final figure in the wrong business. Out -- how strict is the the head injury protocol these days the NHL -- -- can you -- the doctor when he's given you that. -- -- asking the questions given you his. Check up and and and if if you know you might have a mild concussion can he get away with and get back on the ice. Oh yeah. And -- -- it if -- could for instance Jonathan Toews. It was. And if that smile that would figures can't get through but the and so are the model. Have a little bit of a headache and I might assert the protocol it more as I don't think it used to be seventy and I don't think it has an unfortunate that you. -- China split and how he'll -- also. I didn't I thought that it I didn't -- -- it. -- critical water out but. But it -- -- -- upper -- of all of our culture. Do you expect more from Sagan and one goal and a minus three in 21 playoff games. Of course it will make Atlantic at least a shot. For a player. Caliber of back up and every. Every that are shot well. And how much of that is luck is it is just a lot of that locker now. An element of -- we'll. You know earlier in the first -- get into the dirty areas but I think he's. On. They've got outlined held it is you'd get an -- that do work in. On the political news help and Obama domestic. On -- What we need. But the question will the -- desperation. We -- day. From the Blackhawks who know they have two games to win just want tonight. -- -- well although we. I don't approach -- he's got to win one game. What is so -- I just focus public but I imagine what it's against seventh incident. All the ballparks all or focus on just went and I went one game. Thanks for the time Sean good luck tonight. It -- -- Dennis and Callahan he has a conversation is brought Cuba Andersen windows and buy your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE for the final hour DNC straight ahead.

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