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Dale Arnold still likes the Bruins to take the Cup

Jun 24, 2013|

Dale joined the show to help the guys preview Game 6 of the Cup finals tonight. Dale remains optimistic about the chances of the black and gold.

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Our conversation with the alarm was brought you by Andersen windows and Norfolk power equipment deal -- joins us on the AT&T hotline good according dale how aria. Today with a slight injury psychic injury. What not audience I yes yes -- you wanna the other -- Barry Melrose sets. The Bruins beat the Blackhawks two games in a row without Patrice Bergeron -- great. What the overstatement or app cannot of course they is it likely they'll beat the Blackhawks to gain to grow without Bergeron probably not likely. But can make sure. If both though you if both Bergeron and Toews do not play is that an even Stephen obstacle for these two teams. -- -- into -- and I talked about the on the post in shall be nice if it was just those two guys the same property even even. Well unfortunately in the pro in case you -- I can't Gregory Campbell into real well another you know -- importance that are on this team. So Bergeron and Campbell and they are not offset by the losses Jonathan -- -- what do you hear in delegate insight for us because I've never heard. More mysterious injury never heard. Or seen a team any sporting club in the patriot circle the wagons like these guys have around a Bergeron what's the word dale. -- do not have no idea. What they've met with -- BOT the when he when he says it was a spleen injury. While -- plenty like thinking. -- -- Go to guy for information like this said that the body part not the name and we -- -- was named by your Korea us. It just didn't seem like a spleen injury I was watching -- guys are watching. Did you -- all think it looked like he is back yes I think. I don't know why go to the hospital and ambulance if you tweak your backbone that -- -- them the mystery of all time. If I'm -- actually get. You know 8 o'clock in the morning twelve hours before -- -- -- get into double play and my guess is if they can get to a game 78 plays one. You guessing he doesn't skate this morning either or -- -- -- and Toews either. I shot it is in. I important shot Bergeron skates and he won't be around for people to see your ought to. It will be very patriot like it'll be like clear you can see right -- -- you -- -- I don't think he'll be around people octopus one. You see the same things that we are with charred -- it just seems like he's kind of hit a wall here the last couple games. Yet and I didn't and I bought -- what was good about Kirk you know cheeky ads and on the numbers are the number has gone on for eight goals in the last two games. That's closed set it to me this -- -- and then. You back the first goal scored the other night you know the one where it heightened -- without snapped a shot. That it deflected off to prevent and end up on the stick came along the goal line he pushes into the net. Aren't doing exactly we're supposed to do on the other side of the net he can hit guy out of -- play -- -- -- look at. Think you can look goal being scored yet know all the ultimate goal being scored but numbers are the numbers he's gone from minus. I -- think that. -- -- and -- are back together again tonight eight post certain equipment problems with a combination of -- and Seidenberg I think that's why you -- close split them up in the third period in game five might also you'll see them split up again tonight. We hear so much about the chemistry in that fourth line how how difficult of -- -- is episode -- -- to somehow. Assimilate himself onto this team and effectively you know play with the other two guys. The matter -- yet to play with a ball that much you know he he ended up playing fair amount of minutes because of the entry to Bergeron. It Bergeron had not been hurt. He about the fourth line. That would have met about five or six in the period I'll say -- I thought or line looked better in game five than at any point. Sent the -- Campbell. Certainly better than the times when Dawkins was there and lack of minutes of the fourth line. Was probably more attributable to talk and then either have earlier or it looked better with Soderbergh and a -- with -- and let's say virtual on in play tonight. Let's say Soderbergh on the fourth line. I think you'll see them in a creep above that 89 minute mark the game again depending on game situation -- by goal. You know second third period connect received at all although you may see document slot and once in awhile that line. Since the at 2010 post season the Blackhawks are six and one when they can close out the series and their component can not in other words. Non game sevens this from -- sometimes in their twenties and six in games four through seven overall. They get better as the stakes get higher rights mark Lazarus in the in the Chicago sun times. Is there something to that dale I mean we know what the Bruins did Vancouver two years ago. This is just a tougher more resilient team is it not. Absolutely there's no doubt that they are up for more resilient and I got better team in the Vancouver Canucks were. -- in -- you see the difference to Gerri you're seeing a drug courts -- the series. April and respect Chicago Blackhawks in the -- respect for the Vancouver at all. They don't hate in the Blackhawks the way they flat out hated the Vancouver and I. I mean -- than the normal -- -- goes on as the series goes on in the pushing shoving. Dixon in the midsection and all that up the -- respect is seen. They are good they are the Blackhawks which is the good hockey team that won the cup. Three years ago that you were just a flat out good hockey teams that are good hockey team this year. Everybody throughout the course of the regular season says that the team to beat the Stanley Cup finals and that's exactly what they've proven they. A -- is one of the biggest things the Blackhawks have going for them now at this point in the series is they finally believe once and for all the Tuukka -- can be beaten that they know they can get some pucks past him -- sure that early on -- think. Yeah I mean today. He's certainly given -- -- in this series then you know -- -- -- about six in the gain or loss. It would come about who again you know -- in game five it's not exactly like. Other than the one game where they scored six and I think -- took -- one of the six. Ironically became order that was going back all -- copy it. I I don't think there's an -- well now we now. In the same way when the broad look at Corey Crawford and especially the old glove side I -- -- and all that stuff. Equivalent steal it they can get a shot in the area they wanna shoot it. If they can put a shot toward the net in the area they want they look pretty competent -- beat this guy. I'm not sure there's a book by the Blackhawks right now OK we do it right we'll -- took a -- The Bruins at oh on Crawford. I understand he's the only one is always that by the mean it has been exactly I think a month since -- -- -- scores last goal he scored one in this post season he's a minus 321. Games. Pretty decent sample size now it's a fourth of the season. I was a fair to be disappointed in his efforts so far performance in this in this postseason run. I'm glad corrected it effort no I think it -- and fun. Performance absolutely yes. And in the same way in this final series have been disappointed in the performance of Bret -- White picket at not giving it given you what you wanna see out of him offensively. Jack sure the protests and guys who they'd like he'd get more out of -- a Turkish government got a little pocket and at some point to during these play out it's not happened yet. But specifically about -- His efforts there. -- -- no bloody literally and figuratively the other night in game five. I think he'd gone to some of the areas that I'm not sure he necessarily comfortable going to -- at least is going better now. But yeah actually exceed the puck in the net once -- awhile ought to stick. Dale I know you're in the distance I gonna ask you would made do you think that there was a parachute nickel and his pants because. Or do you think that Nikola a main discovery was gonna risk having this guy splat that the bottom of the -- for animals children and his wife and his parents. Sorry there was nothing it was -- a bill or shoot it and there was -- there there was no other there was no net. I don't know how do you know why do you otherwise I'll just guess and that's all I just told the discovery and risk Gary heaven and not pick up or should it. The big enough to save his life than -- games behind. Yes but you'll -- they have the technology that some likes -- he would have to be a backpack okay to use overseas like exactly what was under his shirt on his back could have been like it. Sure maybe that microphone would transform the Arab and tennis at this suckers you fall for you think that he was actually gonna fall to his death. I was I was brooding fort yeah I was hoping that would happen but you like you like Manhattan that we open -- -- -- dale direct message me privately -- correct when I'm hoping he does as well and you hope that that camera down below we actually sees splat right. My gut would and I'm not these are all Michael I wouldn't watch it. And then when I learned during the day that they have the 102 -- so that. If he did that it happened literally see it I wouldn't see it when I don't wanna see it so I ended up watching it anyway. And even knowing that all of a sudden at the screen goes black gets what they'll -- there but at least I don't -- -- watch -- go walk the line. If it was it was something to watch court bench and watching it at all. Wasn't that apparatus different that what he normally does speak -- a -- had a rope that went around his shoulders around his neck to the bar that he was holding in the past he's just -- -- -- each end of that stick at a parish all I see some B two parachutes. Out. Just brought back. Actually. In my kept it did not do much to do with the fact that they knew it was going to be much windier. But it was going overnight for all you know once much windier and you didn't want it to be a what they didn't want them all water can't go anywhere on or. And magnets in the shoes so meg yeah I would mostly for it on the on the on the blind charity saint. Might my issues are a freedom won't. Why did you find it strange that was wearing jeans. That was weird I'm like they were True Religion jeans and which I understand completely. It may be onto something to go to the pregnant genes of the classic comfortable. The mom but yeah yeah yeah with a little Billy maybe. They didn't look like aren't just all seven dale. Yeah yeah -- whether Bergeron played or not and I think it goes up and I think the Bruins find a way to get it done tonight in game six even if Bergeron can't play. After winning game seven without Bergeron in Chicago but I just had a feeling you might imply it to get to a game. Our conversation -- dale is brought you by Andersen windows and Norfolk power equipment they'll joins us on the AT&T hotline good adopted delve into the right. -- --

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