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Sports Sunday with Dale Arnold and DJ Bean - Do or Die for the Bruins

Jun 23, 2013|

The Bruins are down 3-2 in the Stanley Cup Finals and that means it is now Do or Die. Dale and DJ discuss what it is going to take for the Bruins to win the final two games. Injuries plague the B's and players need to step up. Listen here for the lastest on Bruins Nation.

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Our number two -- Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold here Vijay being in Chicago. Well that would it to about 1215 that's when we will get to the pregame show for Red Sox baseball. As the Sox finish up their weekend series in Detroit against the tigers. The phone number he'd like to join us to talk about well at the moment we're talking about the problems but will let other things in as the morning goes along with it like. 6177797937. The AT&T text line is 37937. In answer to the texture from 617. Who says our games six and seven on NBC yes they are all of the games the rest of the -- if there is a game seven. -- on NBC any of the so called clinching games game from game four on. No war NBC sports which I know some people don't you button is caused the problem for folks although they've had for them massive ratings. But yes all of the games. Game 45. And now 67. If it's necessary we'll all be on on the big network -- NBC which everybody gets. And at least I think pretty much everybody itself. -- and answered your question yes you'll be able to watch the game no matter what 6177797937. Again I'd I'd just give you this little brief update from Bob McKenzie who I think hits the nail on the head here he said if I'm guessing today's story lines. -- say outside of Bergeron tase updates. I would say Chicago outrage. If no suspension. And Boston outrage over the non call on crew. You agree that DJ. Yeah I mean -- Chicago doesn't have a -- Aaron Hernandez situation. Happening thankfully I think what he's talking about this is -- right media -- tell the story lines from this but right I mean. Look. I there's been surprisingly pleasantly surprisingly little talk of the whole Chara situation of the Blackhawks quote unquote getting to Chara which dale we haven't talked about yet I absolutely loved what Jonathan Toews said. After. Team four and I loved that he came up the next day and said it again I thought that that but I was talking mobile for public Blackhawks are an easy team to lake. That's great proof of it -- their captain who's a classy guys seen in much in the same light as Gallic trees Bergeron. Comes -- and writes a huge check for his team to cash. And really. Kind of sets the bar high high for them and stay in gives the -- a -- order that thus far they've been able to live up to. Well I I didn't think it was quite the the slight that some people portray tell you it wasn't it wasn't an honest assessment of of you know the way they wanted to play against. Chara Seidenberg who since been broken apart at least for the third period last night. But but I'll also say that. I do think there is something to the the idea of them and I'll steal Jack's catch phrase here poking the bear. I thought the Bruins were the more physical of the two teams last night NBC showed a number of huge hits thrown last night almost all of them where the Bruins throwing them on Toews. I'm not saying that that's why Toews couldn't play in the third period but they certainly seem to be targeting him a little bit. Raul I mean that there's -- there's certainly a price to be paid for that but. I didn't read into those comments as him saying. We're better than Zdeno Chara screws in which -- the question to them anyways it was asked to Kane and Toews they're both the podium. And the question was pretty much there Porter said. I don't wanna put words -- -- also say this however. You you feel it is but this game seemed like a screw you to Zdeno Chara. In -- of all people didn't answer the question he kind of tiptoed around and said oh -- she's great char is great to have a lot of great players. In Toews said that so. Yes there's kind of a physical price to be paid with. Not necessarily calling out but. Saying do you feel you're capable of exposing a player the caliber Zdeno Chara. In your plane gets a physical Bruins team. That's gonna happen I almost lost my mind during the first period -- my petroleum whose covering other series with me here to Congo. Pointed out that the Bruins had been out hitting the Blackhawks fourteen to five because. At the end of the day that's not somebody gets get a win you games but yes they certainly came a more physical and in a lot of those hits were on -- 6177797937. Brendan is up in New Hampshire good morning Brendan. And other young guys what a series there has been great to watch. I I certainly don't -- take anything away from Chicago because that -- you know anyone that knows hockey had a right to be getting better each team play a hundred times. They're probably is split deal if if if the it does seem like Chicago and a whole lot of luck in this series so. Wither in the broken stick -- thunderbird in a last night on the shot it has furcal taking. Right they're open net as it is still spectacular play together that -- and put it in the weight did. But you know it's you know what conference's eight you know. You know get back in the game in game wind it's you know a double ricochet. -- just feel like you know the Bruins keep playing their game they've they've certainly -- -- -- take these last few games status. You know -- finally a little bit about middle of this blocked a -- catch up for them. Will they were -- they were certainly get in the bounces in the -- recover -- finals and I don't think anybody including the birth. We're five games into this series and have seen over six games worth of hockey so. As a series gets this deep -- the luck part kind of gets diluted a bit in new duty to be the better team to. To win but I I I agree with you from watching to see this series has been an absolute pleasure. To watch and I do think that you have to play a hundred times than you figure you've probably seen quite even split. I'll -- leopard on -- -- state by the same thing outback with the lead pulled up and just end it standing you know basically straight up that he tried to get to that that's. I work I work in the medical field and looks very very reminiscent of the committee back injury that's seen. Well -- and and then you know some people have asked me on on the text line AT&T text line you know why would you go to the hospital for a back injury well. I would assume you wanna have some sort of assessment. It was there a disk injury is that you know is it just. Like everybody has done a one time or another just a tweaked back. My guess is even for a back injury you'd wanna know exactly what was going on there. And and my guess is that for instance if you wanted to an MRI done -- go to the hospital to do that right. -- you think DJ. I'm sorry but you're talking with a caller now who as far more expertise in back injuries that I do. Yes I would I I would think I mean that's what Julian said after the game and who knows that sort of stuff when they say oh yeah they're taken to a hospital for valuations. You think you have good. When you when you think ambulance you think of something more urgent. But at the end of the day we don't know and big the good thing is. We can start to rule out the spleen stuff if what Bob McKenzie says is true. I didn't see in the might take -- wasn't back as strongly as it was for you in for the caller. For lots of -- to be seeing the same thing including one guy with with medical experience. That's encouraging because really anything but spleen at this point 6177797937. -- and hang them pay -- I don't. They would go on -- let's not yet let down I did want talk about the fact I well it's quite soft tissue the reason they took him in an ambulance. Because it does have some had a bad this forum speaking he can't become paralyzed. That's what they were worried about you know. I I I don't think that was the case at all because they let him walk to the ambulance right they had a they had a stretcher of waiting he he didn't wanna use that he walked. I don't want to overstate this. Thing I've had bid city is in my buddy Ed -- and Mumbai. And we did all that it would block that stuff like that with. Look here here's the bottom line it is the second intermission. You wanna get him checked out as quickly CK and my guess is the ambulances gonna get to the hospital a whole lot quicker than a trainer driving imminent car it's gonna get there -- -- or taking a cab -- I don't know how you even get there at that point. -- it was it was just much more efficient to stick him in the back in the ambulance and go. You know they gave the possible that there have been a big part of you that nobody wanna call we -- this trip he I. He's supposed to -- isn't that his guys. That -- there's not he is guy. Those being on what let me ask you this you you what you saw the first goal that -- scored tell me what -- she could have done. It with a he was he if he was there did you seek. How the shot broke Dennis Seidenberg stick deflected off that. Deflected off to cut gathered in by -- and tucked in basically from behind the goal line -- this thing. You know the Blackhawks had not scored goals because David -- she's on the ice I understand your point. And then see these guys out that doesn't -- So what what what I'm trying to -- is gonna bring you up acute attention. Get a -- at -- east quartet. The yet -- keep picking up approach. But I Murkowski yet he's got to have a Fiat. How does that solve it we either of -- guys. Who who exactly do you wanted to replace. -- -- You're picky either side there are -- can you want. -- -- isn't easy to all this that you're listening to right side defenseman is in its in Matt Archos you -- left side. I look I I appreciate -- call and everything but I I don't think sticking Matt part -- -- for Dennis Seidenberg. Is necessarily the kind of move that close -- looking for. Op with -- did so -- that works can you give the Conn -- to coach because that'll be some some balls the stuff right there. Try to pass 6177797937. Builds up in Vermont good morning bill. Regarding. After being ignored the urgent work -- the -- here's what happened occurred around that character work. Yeah well the lower. -- -- left. They have buried the date. And dateline. At the -- look cute and it brought. If they get it but a public debt that they've got beat it beat out in our. Work ethic. City in the little bit further. Attitude but he injury absolutely. -- -- sobering -- like that Padilla ever let why we've been here. The equivalent of a mile like late Thursday. And to raise a -- play. Just relieved that a plane and a lot. To like really -- there thank you. I and so it's a -- bottom line here is in your opinion because they let him fly on the plane back with a Bruins this morning. A kind of rules out the spleen injury free. Never let anybody go out to. It's not like it's a girl homer in the at U nations in. Most recent -- Will be like -- like but I do that -- Very. And it has that break down. Over. It great and to all the volatile. I don't vote that the water. And that in recent record in the raptors but the peril over the typical percent -- at that swelling occurs. -- built picture that urged that it. Our -- the end. You can edit that quote I'm injury. And they would never let why. What I'm saying I thought I'd I'd bet a lot of college it is not a -- entry that would simulate that the eighth -- below every day string. Bill we appreciate -- the information thank you and and look what I. I go back to the point MacKenzie made -- was taking kind of a little underhanded shot at nick kept Prius to be honest with him. When he Wendy's and -- to Prius works for the competition. When he said you know nobody has guessed the body part yet we'll the only body part that's been really -- -- -- Rios in the spleen. And and what MacKenzie was saying is that based on his sources. It ain't that. And and the doctor kind of backs it up the fact that he got on an airplane this morning with his teammates. And again those are the reports I should I should preface it by saying those of the reports that he flew back to Boston with a steam today. Kind of ruled out the spleen for me to not not from a medical perspective like bill just had just from a common sense of perspective. If he had a spleen injury my guess is that would require more than. You know a twelve hour stay in the hospital to check him out. Right. We're -- we've we've been saying that this this whole time that. And I I know that to this the show started with you saying he kind of doubted the -- thing. I said that I didn't know -- proves that all. And since we've now brought in multiple. Medical experts into the mix adding it together that he wouldn't be able to be on the plane. Is highly highly highly encouraging. But a rib injury can be painful to play through his -- -- I mean I didn't mind I -- possible play throw. What was it. -- last year rate Bergeron had the rib injury late in the lead in the first round against capitals. Yeah -- I don't think it was a rib but it was. That that I'm trying to think of was offside there via. But I mean. Back to -- tough thing to play through as well. But the key word there would be play. And that's not a word that would be in play with with the spleen injury I I wonder how many fans who were watching this series even remember his. Our back is two years ago. And two years ago the Bruins after dominating in home in their two home games went to Vancouver. Got shot out by Roberta along the one to nothing. Had to face the fact that they had to winning game six at home to even force a game seven in Vancouver not only won the game six at home. Then went to Vancouver and shut out the Canucks four to nothing to whites think that these are the exact same situations of course they're not they're two different teams I understand that. But the idea that they are done like dinner here because they lost game five in Chicago I just thinks a little short -- it. Right well -- is that denying. 922. They outscored them that the connects in the final two games that series something out. Is it inconceivable that they could do that against the Blackhawks here. I think at the nine thing probably is an inconceivable because I know that right now you're probably looking at. Either Keener Crawford. There is is Conn smythe should the Blackhawks win which I mean as far as -- goes that that's that's crazy when you think about where he's been at points of this post season. Crawford hasn't shown me. This he's elite goaltender. Goaltender so if the Bruins can get to them. Ends you know people say is that the Bruins swear there were reading way too much into this glove side -- thing. Worded -- score last night. Well I'd I'd also be honest not a goaltender on the planet was stopping that writer -- that was good that was a rocket but I mean. They know where to beat him in early on in the game especially they they weren't going glove side on -- a lot which. And which kind of baffled me and you know we all of the conversation in the days leading up to. In the days leading up to game five that -- now -- Crawford knows that the Bruins are going glove side on them. Is back and be the Bruins had no they get a go stick side more often in this and that. Is they know that they can beat Corey Crawford glove side it doesn't matter what he thinks just keep going glove side because it works. -- it is now it has now been confirmed by the Bruins what ran out -- of law a reported earlier the Bruins have tweeted out. Patrice Bergeron was discharge from the hospital Saturday night. And will be flying home with the team this morning. -- the Bruins have to have put that out so. You know what rain all of walk reported earlier has now been confirmed he didn't even spend the night in the hospital. I went to the hospital in the ambulance was discharged last night. And will be flying home with the team this morning and to the texture from Maine who says any chance it's a head injury slash concussion knowing his history may be hit earlier in the game. Absolutely not. Because given his history given what he's gone through in the past he would not have been on that bench there is no chance he'd been on the ice there's no chance even sit on the bench for the entire second period. Right done that would have been highly highly irresponsible. On the Bruins part they even with the stakes as high as they are right now they would never put like I said tinge to their best players. Career. In jeopardy. When you look at the concussion history that he has by putting him out there. In game it's gonna be rough and tumble because like I said the stakes are ties they're going to be there's no way the Bruins who do that. 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. Dale Arnold -- -- live in Chicago right back to your call Sports Radio W media. I'll ask you one thing out of the way right off the bat. As first reported by daring Prager and subsequently reported by Bob MacKenzie MacKenzie says quote as expected. No supplemental discipline for Boston's boy -- I didn't think there would be then as they said we broke it down about four different times last night on the -- and post game show. -- directly didn't think there would be either. So no discipline for boy -- he will be playing tomorrow night. Like I'm well unless he's replaced by -- map part cow ski. That's what that they'll be playing tomorrow night in game six. Couple of text here now first went from six month sentence has TJ gray stop. Great -- listen to someone on -- WEEI that knows hockey I've been listening to EEI for all years and they've never had someone who knows hockey. Ouch that must kill you can't don't quote. -- -- for -- carried away with yourself but subsequent text says I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be more in articulate -- rob Bradford. But BJ takes the prize. B as in boy tortured a listen to domestic you know we build you up and then we break you back down. Well it's it it's the haters I live by three words. -- I I love haters. So. What whatever ya find cool. So again prevent the bigger the bigger deal here is no discipline for boy -- I didn't think there would be I think you thought it was possible right yeah I -- I I thought it was highly unlikely. I will say that that MacKenzie. He's used the two most obnoxious words. In sports media which are just behind told me. As expected. As expected it you know use that for any news -- means you know as. I you obviously thought was the case which which MacKenzie did say going into today but you ought to think there was at least the possibility. And but -- the Bruins have dodged a major bullet because like I said. If five -- comes out of line up you're not talking about losing a left shot defenseman what you saw a drop like flies in the first round against Toronto. In its you have to put in guys like Kruger in our coast keep you do lose your right shot defenseman and you be talking about having put Doug Hamilton and after a long layoff. 6177797937. I callous and Quincy hey cal I don't. The water in those. They don't have a 10 o'clock yeah I don't know what the -- -- ten years said they finally got somebody on the station you can talk cocky dammit. Yeah no doubt say that's awful lot of what the -- -- say you're not you're left out the last series news not merely propped up. They talk about the shuffle them around. You know they look at might be a situation we can do this and bring it to help realize. You want to be got your music since he's he's the most common occurrence and we have been in the system. So it and then -- we got some sweet I mean PP -- -- -- -- -- the pocket and that will. Well here's here's what they are missing on Sagan though generally Sagan was not good in the -- eleven playoffs he had yet. To get three good games I think he doesn't get credit and he doesn't get enough credit. For his game three against Tampa worry is playing a lot more confident keeping the puck on the stick awhile longer but generally. In that post season he was not -- he didn't play until these are -- finals against that he got a good start but. People look back on that -- -- member Sagan stepped in and dominated no he didn't he stepped in played very well for for three games but. On the whole he was. Ineffective. I've not heard -- it is it's. What was that lately the reason -- caught is because of pilots statement and -- -- -- like the spirit really nonexistent in the in the -- And not have been a great place -- report just. I mean I'm sure a couple of putts at -- let's -- let's stop OK you know I mean like -- here we have all worked out the world. They're young players are seniors. -- with the choice of these to stand up pretty neat trick in the in the -- from Sweden where don't know enough about them but it could now. You know I know and the senate but it's just couldn't sit up to shot. That gives they did say they are my last night because he replaced car a -- stock of Lindsay he played last night Brett are I didn't get -- sixteen minutes a lot what you need even more. I'm arguably say give the kid a shot you are referring to say get on the second line -- you're saying Soderbergh. Norton -- would know that that that's where they played and they played him between Marchand. In younger and for the most part like I said. I thought he was actually fine he was relatively strong on the puck early on he did -- that what was it in dale on the neutral zone was -- stalled berg. That stripped from him relatively easily. But I mean Hughes playing with -- in the school he was up early that he looked pick off a bloody past sins by the way. For all the talk about let me be -- future Norris trophy winner. He -- he and now a hug and Aggies had a tough series -- right yeah a few guys who who haven't had a necessarily great -- -- get the empty netter -- last night but. He's a guy that. It points the Bruins have been able to take advantage of in the series but to your point caller. I think it's sort of -- was was fine I think that -- and it's just a tough situation man because. He. He plays well. When he -- -- going handled that such a cliche and -- that we probably over hyped but it's true. You watch Sega and if he scores a goal gets coupled assistant dating game or something. It's ninety days suddenly he's aggressive suddenly he's looking to make plays suddenly he -- and terrified of contact. And even -- Sagan is just afraid of contact but to step in the right direction because. When you're not willing to take contact and he was you bloodied last -- when you're not willing to take contact. You remove yourself from so many potential scoring opportunities from so many potential plays that you can make. And every -- look at the impact that -- is having right now for the for the Blackhawks I said earlier that Toews is their Bergeron. -- Ers Sagan is supposed to be Boston's -- and he hasn't done enough for include -- to trust him in the top six in yeah you can say -- coach doesn't trust say he doesn't like the younger guys. I think the people beat that trouble too hard -- -- -- enough on Sagan. 6177797937. -- up a New Hampshire good morning -- Good morning guys a -- hi Fred good. With an athletic guy never heard any talk hockey walk with -- expert. First and that doesn't help to treat the DJ don't let -- -- it -- he'll stay there -- I would get yourself -- Chicago -- this is going seven. Give -- -- -- I've had like 8000 of those things. -- di Marco and EL EV. All okay see I wasn't you know you're the you're going -- -- the sport peppers are insane. They. No team wanted history is that what Stanley Cup went fifteen games this is not well. And it is time -- and the step up. Sagan is an armada is coming from province that -- We've seen say we know what you get in the big money next year it is it's his time this is is he has chances in this series. Any he's done. Some good things I mean that guy. Has had its chances. It has more -- -- it I think him to tickle the -- -- can't what and I -- at. I'm not saying met somebody that fit into that kind of a -- we have seen him take over me so it's it's it's. And it it CN NHL Stanley Cup final this this is what he's he's made to do. Fred I'd rather see something out of Brad Marchand and Tyler Sagan right now because Brad Marchand has been pretty quiet in the series right in. -- it was an adventure time with Brad Marchand early on that game two I was talking with some of some of the giveaways and in how soft some somber and guys are playing. -- -- he got his chances at points when we as the game progressed but. It's like I said it it's pretty much been adventure time with with Brad Marchand and we talked to early in the show even regarding the Bruins defensive pairings how. -- this point of the season. In -- Girardi was who's making a great point on this sudden last couple days. Yeah -- it's great to see illegals the bottom six of scored for each team but you need your best players to take over games. The Blackhawks have seen out of -- with the -- line and with how wealth. The team has played a quick side note. Should we do we praise Quenneville for putting these guys back together or is it kind of had -- that he separated them after the only series. They way they're getting production out of their top six were the Bruins are -- right now and yeah I was good to see it in game two in game three that. The bruins' third line of Kelly appliance -- were somewhat difference makers. They need their top six guys to be difference makers in that couldn't be truer now in -- his case with Bergeron potentially. 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. Text -- theirs is now. Stop stepping on the hockey experts -- let him speak I'll do that when we come back in just a minute. -- the hockey expert DJ being liven Chicago Sports Radio WE yeah yikes.

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