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Sports Sunday with Dale Arnold and DJ Bean - Bruins Lose Game 5 in Chicago

Jun 23, 2013|

Dale and DJ discuss the Bruins game 5 loss to the Blackhawks last night. The hot topic is the injury to Bruins star Patrice Bergeron. Dale and DJ discuss the possibility of the Bruins playing without Bergy and their chances of winning Game 6 in Boston Monday night.

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How was your Saturday night I have a feeling if you're Bruins -- it probably was pretty crummy and a and I'd like to tell you that I've got some information this morning it's gonna make you feel better but that would be a lot. I don't have anything it's gonna make you feel better today here Boston Bruins lost to the Chicago Blackhawks. One last night at the United Center in Chicago they now trail the best of seven Stanley Cup finals series. Three games to 20. And believe it or not that might be a secondary story of the day is we move forward between now and whenever we get off the air. DJ being from WEEI dot com joins us live from Chicago good morning BJ. Good morning -- Hawaii. Oh well aside from being pretty sick of hearing how rob Bradford is the only person who can give you all the news on Sunday morning. Clearly he's incapable of that so. I mean aside from that alma -- okay. Little better way. -- -- slightly. Let's start with this because it's the biggest story of the day even bigger in my opinion and the loss last night. And that's the situation with Patrice Bergeron I certainly am aware as most people are. Of the report. By DiCaprio is Roger sports net last night when he tweeted out. That his sources eight A Bruins source he said. Reported that Patrice Bergeron may have suffered a spleen injury in last night's game. He is the only person that I know of reporting it every other reports sense then is basically re reporting -- Caprio -- -- Have you heard anything other than what you Prius reported last night no I mean it's just all the -- -- and you ended the US will give did the same sort of feel which is. Well I saw the -- Rios said this and that's kind of what everyone's going off both. To Prius is not wrong ever usually. And that's not actually true but he's got it now a couple months we'll how long haul off and is he wrong -- he has bad or wrong in the past like I can assure you least. He's not quite as infallible as you are but he you know he's up there wolf thank you that that that's and a nice way of turn that around. Basically what I'm saying is I'd I do not dote. -- Prius is report. Why don't doubt that someone said to him it could be that. -- that I am absolutely positive about. I guess my -- is I'm not sure that anybody knew with the point that Patrice Bergeron climbed into the ambulance under its own steam last night what. The problem might be or might not be -- that -- my doubt this little dale here is all. So where -- some not necessarily doubt but concern or confusion arises and doubts with the fact it wouldn't Bergeron leaves the game the first thing you think his. This is something it's pre existing because we saw Bergeron check out for a little bit during game four. In then you search put the pieces together and then when you see Soderbergh go right to second minute think. -- something's wrong with Bergeron that's why -- put -- sort of -- lineup because he needed to senator. An area which the Bruins are now very thin with Gregory Campbell I'm Patrice Bergeron out so he thought this was a preexisting thing. And that's why they had sort Bergen line up sort of as an assurance. But -- when you find notes horribly when you hear it reported at least. It's spleen injury for Bergeron. That's kind of confusing because I was talking -- very -- way out of -- that there's no way yeah world they put Bergeron on the ice with -- exactly spleen and right you usually -- you don't kind of injure your spleen. That's one of those that that's injury that if you suffer and bidders and as a laceration and or anything. Then it's hospital time for a little bit you know. And it's I can't imagine that even with his big gamer. It's Patrice Bergeron is the -- could have been something pre existing coming into the game now Q Prius report that he suffered it. In game five so perhaps Bergeron had something else perhaps -- just want to get that look it's sort of burden lineup but. Well he's entirely possible and to see why -- all too prepared. When he when he did jump on that stat line I haven't read too much into it and where it happened I think we've read too much into it I think it's simple. He had three choices it was -- and all fall it was -- stock -- or it was Carl Soderbergh. Of the three he felt the Soderbergh gave him the most flexibility in the most offensive options. Hot now -- coincidentally as it turned out because Bergeron got hurt. You had a guy who has spent the last four years playing center in the Swedish elite league who could slide into the spot. I don't think he played Soderbergh because he thought that Bergeron. Had an injury and we might have to. Stick human. Right I mean maybe that's me reading into it but that's what I thought I think that he looked at his lineup in the situation and like I said with Campbell load. There's very little flexibility you have release compared to how would you normally have it with a lot of guys who can play center. I mean from -- you to Bergeron to mean to the guys got to play center for the steam to the rich -- release of the world. Sagan really is just the deal to that last resort for include -- that senator as you can tell by him not moving Sagan to senator there I think that. I mean -- unless some completely reading into Bergeron heading off the ice ruled there which was very brief in game four but. That's when those things that you monitor as you consider that all these guys as they say. Are playing banged up in the post season you wonder if that's a reason as to why sort of -- on line up. And I think it has to be I think that just you mentioned the flexibility. That's kind of the biggest pros it's sort of -- had going for him because normally any clue Julian. Takes experience over everything and we saw that when cheap and awful second line up the season a lot longer than you probably shouldn't. A report from. -- Al -- walk from RT yes says Patrice Bergeron will fly with his teammates to Boston this morning. Run all of wise also a superb reporter as is -- Caprio us. This -- even more credence to my idea that this was not a spleen injury. I'm not sure he'd be on a plane going to Boston with his teammates this morning if he had a spleen injury last night. Right like I like I said I mean you toggle pain tolerance and what do gamer these guys are I don't think there is. Anyone on either team and I know that we heard some of the ridiculous Sosa stuff but is any guide on either team who isn't doing everything they can't. -- to be in games to to travel to do -- they can get on the ice but. If this first spleen injury and -- or months just. You know walking gingerly on to the ambulance refusing to stretcher is some report I forget who. Then I mean this guy's not human. -- here's the situation and -- mentioned last night that you know he wasn't gonna go anywhere concerning. Reports of Bergeron injury because he was happy to discuss at all yeah ha ha. Eyes he said because Bergeron may be playing tomorrow night -- name he said Monday night where where. Progressing here tomorrow night. When I saw the replay we showed it about four different times on on the -- and post game show last night are they exactly what I thought as I watched it to back. He pulled up exactly like a guy who tweaked his back in some way or another the fact that he stayed on the bench. Lent further credence that it was a back and he was hoping it would loosen up and he'd get a chance to go back out there. And finally in the in the entire second period when it wouldn't loosen up when he he couldn't get it going. After three tried another shift by the way that's when they decided you know we got to pull the plug on this tonight. I thought it was a back last night I think it was a back today I'm archer he's going to be able to play tomorrow night or not but that's what it looked like to me. Dale I didn't have the benefit of the of the TV cameras and an all those sorts of things -- -- there are a lot of moving parts are in the game. I did not notice did he actually go to the room. When he -- he's -- now getting on the bench so he went right to demand -- right there the entire second period so they tried another shift yeah yeah very short thirteen seconds something like that -- -- -- stayed on the bench the entire second period after that so when I saw him on the bench. By some on the bench. In the second period. Not playing. Well my initial thought was normally when as a guide to sitting on the bench not playing missing it shifts missing the penalty kill how often you see that from Patrice Bergeron. You think that they're kind of waiting for the Mets to take him. But had he not left the bench then it's not then it's it's unlikely that that was the case so. Interesting as to as to what he was doing her or whether or not he thought that he would feel bad either with or without medicine. By the same tell third period on the bench and never got off the bench either there was one point where you -- camera shot. Of him imploring Joel Quenneville just give me one shift and Quenneville did not. -- night he left. Immediately headed back guy out of the dressing room as soon as the game was over didn't talk to anybody. The question I I think it's certainly valid about whether or not he's going to be able to go tomorrow night as well. And and it's ironic in a strange sort of way that the two go -- -- eight without a doubt that who silky trophy finalist from their respective teams may not be available for. What could be a decisive game six -- -- there one another's counterpart depending on. Which one would would -- -- which I'm sure that you did either one woods would gladly compare their games. Tell it to one another Jonathan Toews is Chicago's -- spurs are samples that Bergeron was. Boston's Jonathan Toews I did find it funny after the game that. You know we in the media we regressed -- thing we can get in a lot of people were reporting because. -- down low on whatever Florida's. At the United Center lieutenant. He even after that access to the players there are all kind of walking around is believed that the building in you know you walk by them. And sometimes there and their fans there. That they're talking to where they have friends on there. Ends so you see you see the players and a lot of people saw Jonathan Toews. Been reported. Saw Jonathan Toews and he was smiling. Like. Like that that's any sort of indication he's too. Herder or not he's one win away from winning the Stanley Cup so I don't think that really factors into his injury situation at all with that being said. Quenneville cities. Expected to to play your word at that something like that where oh probably a lot more promising than the Julian did which was he's a possibility so. I think that going forward you think of its -- to it's it's Toews. There would be in before Bergeron but. Look and I wrote this this morning and stay if I was awake and up and it's legible than go check it out and read it. Even without Patrice Bergeron. I wouldn't count the Bruins though. Because crazier things have happened they would not -- no matter what the Bruins could do with or without Patrice Bergeron in the next two games. Nothing would be more crazier shocking than what they didn't game seven so. They they've got stuff they need to fix. That doesn't involve Bergeron they've got to get their defense straightened out they've got figure -- has some things -- matching and stuff but I don't come out yet. Visit the. Concurrent point with the Jonathan Toews injury whatever it was. Is the reports and there are several lot of Canada and I believe all of them that the department of player safety. Also known as Brendan Shanahan. Will be looking very closely at they hit the Johnny boy -- delivered on Jonathan Toews. We did it several times last not -- post game show Andy Brinkley broke it down both the real speed and in slow motion. Now I seem both sides of this reported I've seen some people Bruce Arthur for instance says it was clearly ahead shot should be suspend a ball. -- directly who watched it several times on our post game show last night said he felt point -- point of first impact was the shoulder. Not a suspend the ball offense. Kind of lean towards prickly on this one and I'll be curious to see what what they come up. Yeah I think it's either aura mean dead that's it is one of those plays where it's it's so close that if -- arguments can be shoulder or head. You'll be able to -- a certain -- -- see right there and I think that's what would Bruce sir are brick for for whichever one whichever side there arguing. Will will take. I lean on the side of I'd be kinda surprised. It if boy chuck were suspended. And if that were to happen I mean that's a whole new can of worms because. If boy check suspended depending on what you wanna do it signed Bergen move him around us that if the Bruins are to continue. To. Play with Chara Seidenberg split up as they did in the third period last night. Then you're not talking a map Archos Q tiger what Doug Hamilton and he's a guy who hasn't played no while. Bob McKenzie. -- This is that he sort of the Peter Gammons of the hockey world for me that's fair he's a guy who who I believe and who like trust and who I think is information is strong. Tweeted out the following sixty seconds ago quote. Boston has yet to hear from the league on the boy chuck can't but I'll say now what I said on TSN last night no chance boy chuck gets suspended on -- Yeah like I said I mean I. May -- gets find I'd be I'd be subprime mean it's it's got to be now you can't get mine because if it's if it's an infraction enough that warrants a fine then it's got to be a suspension. Really is the -- hello I'm just saying well what Brendan gonna say. You know it it was a borderline bad hits a rough idea but it wasn't bad enough that we're gonna suspend its either a bad hit or it's not a bad here. Yeah and there are no degrees of bad here is what I'm saying. Yeah all right guys I told yeah yeah exile OK -- die here saying a saying if they deem it to be illegal than any suspend it was -- -- shot right it's that then it's expendable look at got a yeah I'd I'd be surprised to see that happened. And like I said if so then. Good to bruins' third you you can make the argument at the Bruins are screwed without Patrice Bergeron. That would be another tough loss for them because. Is shaky and as -- and Seidenberg -- have been at times and did that. The streak of Chara being on BBA's -- these goals is partially kind of like couple years ago when. Boy chuck was on the -- for all those goals and he wasn't necessarily playing horrible but it was just happening but boy to expend. A pretty steady guy for the Bruins this post season since Ference has been -- lineup. That pairing is kind of gone back to what it was two years ago especially late when it and they were kind of the reason the you're allowed to keep -- Seidenberg together. If you don't have boy chuck then the -- a whole new can of worms. Claude Julien had to make a couple of moves last night one because of injury and the insertion of Karl Soderbergh at the center spot between Marchand and jogger. -- won because of performance and that was breaking up his his primary defense pair. Of Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg and I thought the bruins' defense while it imposed when he broke up that the defense pair. But not so coincidentally it also improved when Jonathan Toews couldn't play with Patrick Kane anymore. Right yet that that's a tough thing to read into -- could Julian. Judges these things better than we could could ever imagine that. That's going to be a tough thing to get a read on as he figures out the Bruins are practicing today by the way. That's going to be a tough thing to figure out. As he. As he determines what kind of looks he wants to throw at the Blackhawks. Tomorrow in game six now he has the benefit of of last change so that that factors in somewhat. At the end of the day I think that. If you win games and you win the Stanley Cup the Boston Bruins. You do it with char and Seidenberg. Being dominant and they haven't been dominant as I said a lot of goals have been scored on them charged and on the -- -- -- of the last nine for Chicago. But. You want that Perry together and it's yeah I you can say that Steinberg certainly in in game four. In and on really hasn't had his best go of it but. When will we talked about even -- when we talk about offensive guys like creche Ian. Those guys need to try to they have upped their game to where was earlier in the post season. That thing certainly applies to to the Chara Seidenberg pairing you need your best players at their best -- And you also need them in the best position to succeed I think -- and Seidenberg are better with each other than without each other. Yes the Bruins played better and got more offensive chances and in defended better in the third period as you said. We -- playing at the Jonathan Toews as Blackhawks team you're playing against a very different Blackhawks team. Texture on the AT&T text line at 37937. Says there are most definitely degrees of bad -- -- No this is either a head shot or it's not. It's either suspend double or it's not. It's not half I had shot so we're gonna fine yeah. But it's not a full head shots we're not gonna suspend yet that's the point I'm making yes there's a difference between eight -- double minor for high sticking and a minor for high sticking. That is degree of bad hits -- or bad place. But the fact of the matter is this will -- be deemed. A head shot or not a head shot there's not half I had shot I can I completely agree with you and I know I apologize for not understanding. He reports initially. Because now I think I've confused a lot of techsters indeed I've gotten them on the yet -- wrong bandwagon while they get on that on their own accidents bandwagon. There -- -- need your help to be honest with you on -- -- DJ -- is live in Chicago and we will bring him back in in just a couple of minutes. We'll open up the lines bring you guys in as well one we come back. Yes I'm gonna whine about officiating and I'm gonna do a brief manner. We'll get to what we come back in just a couple of minutes at sports Sunday Sports Radio W media. No reason could Wii Sports team that is for him every once -- -- laws and there was no real specific reason. Johnny I was playing well and every once in a while -- -- who. Who is on the other team's lines and as you know -- -- is not allowed himself forgot they had some different looks at times and we just put it is. -- together -- that are played together before. Claude -- talking about splitting up today and Chara and Dennis Seidenberg last night. Let's get a couple of things out of the way here and and then we will briefly mentioned the officiating before we get to your calls. The first one here first text or on the AT&T -- slices -- we can't take what you when your nest and partners say as credible -- dis here fine. That's why -- gave -- the Bob McKenzie missed what looked like giving the Bob McKenzie tweet a few minutes ago and by the way he's not the only guy saying as a lot of people are saying. There's no way in the world this is a suspend a -- offense. Fine you don't believe what strictly says -- Jack says or writes -- that's fine. We are the only people saying if the entire rest of hockey world was saying oh my god there's no way boy -- playing. In game six and we were the only people on the planet saying it's not assists -- hit. Calling into question our our character or are validity is is is valid. That's just not the way it is most people are saying not a suspend a -- Another techsters says terrible no shell game by the Bruins last night many questions about whether in fact they even showed up. Just back off for a second you're not give in my assessment of what I saw last night DJ you hop in and tell me when I'm wrong. First period I thought was pretty Chicago had a one nothing lead. I thought that the obese statistics from the arena had the Bruins with maybe a actually answer to more than I had them for but for the most part I thought it was a pretty even period. Second period I thought Chicago carried the play third period I thought the Bruins carried the -- and. I see this game differently than you did beat -- no I would agree although I would note that the Bruins. Were at very turn over heavier early on. And they were able to. Two to match peace with the Blackhawks in the first period that. I was -- I was a lot more worried. For the Bruins early on that I was for the Blackhawks with -- that way. I add this this idea that it was a complete no show performance by the Bruins and another texture here says. Says that the they are completely here here's all of your analysis is on an insightful but the Blackhawks are simply a better team. Love my -- but they are slightly outclassed here Rask good not great. Now I don't see much to choose between these two teams and all right -- -- know that you considered the Blackhawks. Assuming it. Assuming Toews is in Bergeron is vote is are are of superior team to the Bruins without sleep fine but here's the thing. The Blackhawks had in fear goaltending I think we can agree on that. That the two crew rest is better then. That then and Corey Crawford and if you get good looks at him. Then you can expose him I think that. Dipped dean. Game forward so Blackhawks obviously one. Was a lot more telling regarding their weaknesses than Boston's weaknesses I -- doesn't make much sense. Because they score more goals in the Bruins but he figured that if Chara could get back on track than that. The Bruins are still tough team play against but you really kind of cracked Corey Crawford and figured out how to beat him. That is what good the only came on scored one goal against him yesterday but. I think that first of all the teams are a lot closer than that -- saying second of all. I know that it's that the thing with that fans love to do this if their team loses by more than one goal it's they didn't show up they didn't try. At this point you don't lose games for lack of trying at this I don't know how anybody could of watched last night's game and said the Bruins didn't try. Right they hung in there with Carl -- on their second line -- -- -- no that's not a knock on Karl Soderbergh but it's just saying. This guy is not been any -- veteran yet. This guy is now played seven HL games one of them was game five of the Stanley Cup finals. As a top six forward he was a top six forward many of the six regular season games. All right now let's talk about the officiating at least briefly column the Bruins did not have a power play triumph last night's game Chicago had to. The Bruins power play is clicking at 828 point 6% efficiency rate. In this Stanley Cup finals series against the Chicago Blackhawks kind of mirroring. What happened two years ago where the flyers had a horrible power play in the playoffs until he got to the finals and then all of a sudden it started to click. There were to rule in my opinion severely blown calls by the officiating tandem. One was the blatant high stick in the mouth that Milan -- -- suffered which got no call. And one was obviously the trip that -- leak. Made on -- crew in the closing seconds goaltender pulled Bruins on the attack. The the knee jerk reaction for some people as. The -- and lose the game because of the blown call against against crew well let's just back up for second here Bruins had the goaltender pulled extra attack Iran to one game. If they called the penalty the Bruins have an offensive zone face off and 82 man advantage with -- -- sixteen seconds remaining. Does that guarantee they score of course not. Do they have an opportunity to score as opposed to -- scoring the empty netter. It's kind of hard to have to say anything other than that. And there is no way you could watch the play and say well let's not a trip c'mon it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs you don't call everything you have to call. Right that that was clearly a missed call by the by the officials. On the other hand the Bruins kind of caught a break you. On the on the Adam equate roughing call. When it woody drew blood on on in -- show with what. Looked like a prematurely cross checked in the face so okay and that's fine but some -- but the Bruins had no power play tries in the right to -- that's telling you need a lot Lucci took a stick in the mouth right in front of the Chicago bench. And it's hard for me to imagine that four officials on the ice missed it. Right yeah I I do not think it was the the greatest officiated team. In Boston's favor I think fits. Where they kind of caught a break and on that they also caught a break from for for me and do -- on the on his over spell. Of all of that. -- from Nathan Horton early on the second period but yes overall I agree with your point that it was not well officiated game. In regards penalties against the Bruins now notice that I did not say the Bruins lost because of the officials I didn't say that. Scarlett some callers the other Alaska's officials box hats. To save that the blown call on against -- against on Croat in the closing seconds didn't matter in the game. Just completely loses sight of what the situation -- that within that was a pretty easy call to its added that that wasn't nitpicking. It it -- pro -- got a pretty pretty pretty good. -- let's get to the calls would you 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. You guys hop on board you can talk about the game now that we've given you our opinions you guys. Throwing yours and. And every wanna talk about bobs up on the North Shore Bob Europe first on sports on. There with the -- about. I do love your work -- thank you. They I thought don't get a much better start last night no seven out of the first cannot score chapters. You know the first came gold that's pure luck reasonable level of hockey -- -- to stand behind the net. We put this slash or become from the point break off your sticks and what why read up on you stick it to completely lucky goal. Not sure what they'll TJ talking about McWethy equate got a penalty you'll general Powell place for the -- double minor. But all week they call the penalty on it it it -- -- same -- apparently. I don't know how to say this Arianna -- W said that you're not sure I'm talking but I'm saying. He got a roughing minor he should go on the double minor for high screen drawing blood. I'll disputed there but you know general Powell place for the Bruins to admit that tripping call at the end of the game they're happy to be accountability for that. Re telling me at six on poor would have faced off in the offense and own everything on the line -- can not missed that call. But let -- small forward to your missing -- for the next game. I'm going to absolute treat you according march sort of broke shaken potty Caylee apparently got another great game and thank slot machine. Colleagues about look I don't I don't know what they're gonna do lying with a third line item -- Hi Kelly Beverly witness. Let me. I'm I'm going under the assumption that you're not gonna see Patrice Bergeron tomorrow night Salma just because. The way he left the ice the way he was unable to return to the ice the fact that he had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. All of those things lead me to believe that it's going to be very having said that. Do -- think the Bruins can win a Stanley Cup without Patrice Bergeron can yes is it likely know. The -- think they can win -- game six at home and forced to force a game seven absolutely. And especially. If Jonathan Toews is unable to play for Chicago and all of a sudden -- Toews Kane match up our combination. Is suddenly a thing of the past even if it's only for a night right this would not like I said earlier in the show. This would not be one of those all time great upsets in fact. And few people outside of really die hard hockey fans would come -- even impressed with the Bruins winning -- a game six with a Patrice Bergeron. It is something that they can and have done in the past they're gonna have to -- the season's going to be over. But the fact of the matter is it it is going to be -- an uphill climb for the Bruins to win a Stanley Cup now if Patrice Bergeron is unable to play the rest of the way. I don't know that that's the case by the way. I'm just saying it's hard for me to picture him being able to play tomorrow night if the Bruins could find a way to win tomorrow night. What I'd be shocked if Bergeron was in the uniform on Wednesday night no why would not just because I think he's that tough. And he's in he's that kind of player. Well that's assuming that the -- that it it is not a spleen for for Bergeron but also I'm Marty kind of leaning that way anyway. By the end of the show or get you say with a 1000% confidence that it's not a spleen for Patrice Bergeron. We're getting you there. I'm well make that 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text minus 37937. You're opportunity to talk about what you saw last night in Chicago with the united setter. And get ready for tomorrow night's game six at the TD garden. It's sports Sunday BJP is in Chicago I'm Dale Arnold here in -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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