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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jun 22, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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-- Well before runs given back and first thing -- can set the tone for the evening I thought overall though there was. The better sort of secondary stuff. You know they're able to manufacture one run in the fourth inning. In and fired to -- And he kept this there for the four plus innings but. I felt like where we weren't a lot of lefties coming those chassis -- right there but. Of course didn't work out today in terms of what sure. You know I think you've settled down after the first inning and then pitched fairly effectively -- service sort of in between. His first through those first yeah I don't know he throws a decent pitch tomorrow Tennessee goes down it's a ballpark for the Grand Slam. -- Again to right exactly -- an -- change if for some swing and miss. -- I think you know we only have three starts to go by but it's. And he's going to be very good pitcher and it still strike throwing early in the count. It is where. Additional consistency needs to be but when you look at the overall raw stuff Pittsburgh. This is the second -- servers and -- given up four runs in the first loser. The field at all under though there in the first serve having difficulty settling. Yeah it. Probably good. You know -- the latter just trying to get into the rhythm of the game and establish a -- -- -- couldn't go to put -- a couple of -- singles. Of the walk. And granted it's a very good lineup but still if there's going to be a lot of -- -- that he faces in. Like to see a couple of quick out throw an inning just just -- to get into that room. Us and misses it. It is hard news. For us. Well. Once see he got them to acknowledge -- secondary pitches that you go to -- to slow them down a little bit and didn't throw some fastballs by some guys but. I think there were some flashes inside this outing that we saw all spring training and that's like you -- very good stuff but it's. Against this lineup that. It. Quick strike critique -- the numbers on the board before us real. -- there it is important. But when he's got all the the pitchers and a raw stuff that you're here in California and pitcher. It's a matter of consistency and its a matter of repetition particularly at this level work. From a bat to -- -- the ability to execute pitches is it is the number one thing. It's what what's made their -- are so. You know what he uses two or three different types of fastballs we're just -- -- you know not -- certain and get ahead in the count but he had very good location was fastball is a bit ability to reach back. Three very good pitchers overall ordinance through his boys eleven and all those. He felt a little discomfort in that left shoulder went and did they get him at the time so -- will be reexamined here when he comes in tomorrow and potential for DL. Yeah in the in the general area but there until we get further examine target your specific at this point. Yeah he's she's not full speed but he's able to play first base is not going to be in the outfield obviously by the way is front and but. As a -- there. The certainly required to keep up here for an hour practice well and that we we've got to get an -- here because of the need to inaudible a -- so I said to be determined. Recently we've still got some conversation. --

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