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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Jun 22, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the third game in Detroit. The manager said that he's still hopeful that Clay Buchholz will return soon.

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What John last night and day hits were sprayed all over the ballpark that that. -- -- must have been interesting to look at. Well we did we got a good number of hits last night a different varieties weather was you know left -- pong ball down a scorer or Victorian house home runs and they kind of jump started throwing a ball game -- A number of hit and runs where we found some holes a couple of infield base hits and it was nice to have some of those go our way you on the night before you when you look back -- Jackson's until they said. You know it in that two run inning. You know what when you get those nobody's gonna go your way awfully at least so crooked number that you can put over the border in terms of run scored. Surely has to be a big lift to get Jon Lester wind did you see progress. Inside a couple of the things yes I would say that -- but I think overall there's still work to be done and you know the one thing you go back to is the number of runs and allowed with 22 outs and given inning. And that's something that I've got to sit down here with Johnny kind of work through a little bit more there there are some things we've done in the past to address. Some focus on some concentration and that's not to say that he's. -- not engaged. But when you look at certain trends that start to take place -- you have to wonder and begin to examine a little bit closer is Sarah. A little bit of a distraction the -- -- he gets into a given inning and that's where is -- the hits. In those key moments of particular with two outs so. I think most importantly that you mention he gets away and first time in seven starts his walk amount becomes aware of the and so hopefully he feels a little bit better about himself. In terms of just a little loss but there's still work to be -- to mention. Andrew Miller continues to throw the ball well Jim Leyland was talking. How happy was because he came up and tigers system from his Hollywood set I got a great third baseman forum. Well there's no doubt in and are being part of a deal that send him down to the Marlins when Cabrera came here to the tigers. But I'm sure she's watching Andrew Miller is -- almost a completely different picture from the one he saw this is a guy that's revamped his delivery. To put those long legs and limbs a little bit more in -- from a timing standpoint he's eliminated that late kick. An exchange roles he went from a starter power arm -- -- that. I had strike throwing issues with a full windup he goes through reliever shorter stints much more simplified delivery. And he's been more consistent -- to throw the ball over the plate because there's no denying stuff is what you're looking at mid to upper nineties fastball good breaking ball and and he's really starting to -- are more open what Dick Clay Buchholz still on the field today. Well there -- some more costs and flat ground we have felt that. You know this this weekend there had to be a good intensity to a bullpen a full fledged full time in advance of Tuesday. The fact -- he got the long tossed on the feels better we've got to sit down to kind of mapped out what we're gonna do next whether that's. I keep him online for Tuesday because with Joseph without him getting to the mound. A normal bullpen either today or tomorrow Sunday evening that final day we were probably gonna have to go another direction in terms of our start. That would -- Lackey and and the rotation on turn because of -- office. And very tonight it's Alan Webster and he draws a guy who's ten and -- it's quite a match up. Yet it is you know church has been exceptionally well for his guys the last two years anything about the strikeouts he's been able to total. And he's a very good right handed pitchers to see you would do you know obviously the -- -- record speak for self but. We're looking for to see now -- -- come back here you know he's had a mixed bag of the two starts he's made force. There's no denying the stuff that strike throwing capability I think the key for this lineup particularly as powerful as it is. Strike one is going to be and all all the other important this for him and everything Hillary faces tonight. And you have my car back in -- lineup ready to go first base get a couple things one we wanna get a little more velocity and a lot of they use their three lefties in the bullpen pretty extensively the last two nights here against this and even prior against Baltimore when they were in town before we -- and so -- first for a couple of reasons to get the left -- give Napoli a night off it's not a good match up you know -- -- Napoli. And the fact is Mike Carp has given its huge boost to know our order was some extra base power and an overall production so. That's the alignment we go with tonight was a consumer Daniel not always side is a thumb taped or his wrist last night. He's had some issue in the past you know with the wrist you know I think there was a pitch that a lot of people or swing that a lot of people were referring to. He's wrong he bent over and actually was bending over for the return throw from -- yesterday you know just from a student from home plate and he bent over but. If a little bit of a zinger not uncommon that hitters will feel that at times in their -- but. And it's it's the left hand so what's the bottom hand. As a when he hits right handed sometimes so get that a little more frequently than when he's on the left side of the plate so there's no issues here today he's back a lot -- in left field. -- Mercedes men's manager's question that John Miguel Cabrera says he looks in the dugout before every pitch trying to steal signs are. Check on defense is what's the defense against. -- like that well it's a rare thing it's pretty unique thing when he's looking and I'm looking back it and hopefully he's talking about a ballpark and take that. But we've had we have the pleasure of watching one of the best hitters in the game for a long period of time. Right in front of us and you know John Lackey did an excellent job of shutting him down the other night a couple of key spots. Last night he got us with a three run homer as one of the basis these -- 45 times last night. But you know you see the culmination of average and power to all fields. He's such a good hitter is timing is impeccable the plate. They'll last night Miller comes in the first pitch he throws his from -- Iglesias that he had no chance to even react to. Is so you see different pitchers different styles and in this timing is right on hand eye coordination is really special. And a home run out of questions changeup came out pretty good pace and it. There was it was a good this -- -- only you know the only thing you can kind of pick apart -- situation you know the -- it would probably have more effect defeated and you know try to speed them up and pull some balls -- and trying to. Get that front hip to fly open a little bit then it makes that outside part to play a little more. Approachable with a with a -- speed pitch put. Again you're you're talking about one of the premier guys that he recognizes pitch speed and tight so early. And he reacts accordingly I mean you're you're looking at possibly a second consecutive Triple Crown and it's really remarkable. Good -- tonight Jack thanks Joseph appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes bands at Mercedes-Benz summer event is back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for a limited time lease and financing offers on select Mercedes-Benz models on the web at NB usaid dot com. By Harry because just like summer these offers won't last how backed job.

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