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Lyndon Byers and Jen Royle drop the gloves on Game Five of the Stanley Cup Final

Jun 22, 2013|

LB and Jen talk about what they expect in this pivotal game on the Bruins’ cup quest. LB also touches on the Aaron Hernandez situation and what it means for the Patriots.

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Switching gears and that's not realize that they keep -- Menendez calls begin take -- asked Derrick. We talked to and entire his fellow or radio. -- host -- -- do. I'm let my own macho element of national. That it came on it but I mean I allow that in the I don't want. I know I with the responsibility. And you realized -- I mean if you're the top to respond to it. The ability of being number one each. It's tough man it's tough on top. Right so you know like I'm I'm captain and mediocrity I'm I'm. I might like to meet you I'm going to the super water. Ultimately if you haven't -- notice we're now joined -- island in irons -- -- on the AT&T hotline LB lest it be that we get taxed at clubs for a second -- chair. Aaron have you heard of any of these any of these strip club in Providence -- again and that are getting. That are getting out search Florence fort. Yes I know pretty much -- I know each and every. -- joint on the East Coast. I'm not so familiar in the West Coast on that aren't you know whether to spearmint rhino the you know there's a couple of the midwest. I remember looking to accuse. Where two World Series you know shopping and I was we'll do the show Friday morning. But. I. Cheating to -- they want and ended up to strip joint across the river. -- -- looking Illinois somewhere. That's in Egypt spot rearm aren't -- -- the -- I. I'm old school hockey does. Nice not high island teenager when you played I know that are my favorite golden. It is eighteen years old Irish victory that's pregame meal before you can. The Canadian perhaps thought -- Writes a club Deseret improper and it's an Cadillac lounge she places it but those those who place at a being searched. On the you know it again -- aren't there appears to initiate it appears there is that there -- -- we are. Usually -- iPod there's Erica -- there's a wall and partnered with. You know it's our. It's always you're you know earlier -- -- -- time. But you know you don't. I don't know that we want Clark wrote it's awesome what you gonna Hernandez still you know it's it's amazing to me because. You know. Because -- -- people can be because your success. On idol people eat me up and ought to let me -- because you know I had 32 goals -- -- -- and I start and you know just because I -- -- -- moniker I think our special a lot of us and most everybody. And then. Pro sports you know -- -- -- point 3% of the people that and a Padilla perched water really really good people or an hour. Other people -- You know what a week will occupy LAQ -- -- China and we can Negroponte really tough. Childhood -- situation handle you know I'd be extremely myself. You know -- you know people like you know that we. We have to understand little you know line -- each time out and coming from a war that beginning world and you you know you. -- -- Hernandez Beijing aren't speculating on. There's an aerial what's going on. You know when you -- and -- world can't leave out world what do you make million dollars or not. And -- -- saying we're peculiar Goddard and more you don't do this -- decision you have to. Walked the and you that. You know an athlete and not be that that mean I'm not there that is the situation I don't know -- it obviously in the world trouble. I'm you know you didn't really what what. Population is that people trying to get on sports that are not able being the lucky it. All you know most aptly kept work really really -- what you were literally not -- where you are. Nothing that you have in life. Unless you know -- bothered by it or you put that you do not case and so people should. Tampered down it's crazy situation -- whatever awaits a warning thinking. That anyone on any of their pro sports teams. Would be a murder on any given day any art it's it's their crazy situation. And you know before -- You know you -- It starts throwing darts. Sit back -- and are bad people bad people no matter yet where they -- -- so you know the Internet and you know must come back in a murderer -- what he deserves. And I think I hit patriot fans feel that -- LB I do little. I don't think that they -- talk about losing a tight end. Well yeah I mean I think you know it again it's. It's I think the ticket look upside down right now and if placate this moment to tell Ron Borges once again I sit on the radio that there. For him. Patrol -- goes in there with a bunch are criminals especially in an article about murder. And is just the most disgusting. Ridiculous irresponsible. Piece of journalism I've ever ever ever been a part of -- should be ashamed of himself. Watching -- locker every day. Broderick out one victory it'll keep the best -- I didn't leak nor can pretty injury. Just because -- parties agree on in the -- by the way when it's no big deal. Well I hope and I can't wait for Robert -- he. Great training camps have incredible if you didn't make rock rock you rock Ron Borges -- like Archie could that would. The most irresponsible feature. Ever read in my life up. That's that let's move on to what's going on tonight what. All right now let's talk rhythm or room right time -- look -- Corey Crawford -- Honest honest to guide your goals for the glove side right like every time every time -- Of course you know it's it's it's it's you know what you're seeing -- -- property of the same thing that you know. Yeah hockey you trying to get an advantage every coach trying to gain every little advantage especially now when you are. Our soul -- oh yeah I mean every player is in the equivalent of every other this is an integrated series guide -- along on time. Choking game that you're gonna shoot low IQ like you know line matchup you know if you have the opportunity to -- -- -- -- you want -- in that. Other than there's a concerted effort in the in their locker room you're saying look if you get an open shot. Gold glove side because he's he's struggling and you can see it every time -- every time -- issued. Chara Seidenberg title and a -- first here on the AT&T hotline WEEI. Chara Seidenberg -- in -- outlook for thought Chara on the ice for five of the six schools how much pricing which -- -- from the Bruins defense in game four. Now I would anticipate in the whole sort of -- and it's -- -- for a loop you know -- I side yelled you're signed in corn dog I was like holy out you know your best players got your your best players -- -- -- -- finally put. And in case typical back together in the cycle -- back together and they. He said look guys who want you either make it happen -- not -- and I would -- that's where. That was you know -- that they don't tell you that he never he would never want a player like him and that was one of the worst game I've ever. Being that the rest captain played it inside avert struggled and at what took them. I -- the -- it's an acrylic I I would compare really believing in these guys they're so much stronger on national character that -- so much dirt and the Bruins organization. I believe -- -- -- it -- and you know might call it abroad will win this -- yeah so I'm not gonna swing on that at all I believe that they'll play better and I. By you know -- Zdeno Chara played bad -- -- should there are so many glaring errors the other night that -- you know and and they you know not that the guys didn't play it should do it's just that when you make it uncharacteristic mistakes you know like while. That's the older you know the -- are any further than that on your Time Warner. He doesn't even he betting Chicago black -- you know you know in overtime that song characteristic so. And it's one of those things that you don't have a sticker anytime and they have a sticker on the Internet and games for our. -- it's we're right back where we started right chairman and just a streak. Yeah at the same thing you know depresses and they have one game at all now that's a 31 game at home and are familiar president. I'm abroad and so I believe that they're gonna win. I cried when -- and got treated I mean I was thirteen but -- But you know -- eight we had that it's one of the -- -- -- -- either I didn't make a lot of difference -- A lot of years I don't I got I got to make it a different physically by. Some of the greatest players. That ever play the game I was what you have to pitchers know what they -- it was. One of the very best he used such characters such routine guy. You know and then he was ferocious. You know he he -- finger in your. -- -- -- and -- -- and is the new is the new Kenny -- meant. I keys to game five. I don't think you have to bring them back -- -- -- the application basically they can't play. The up and down game they open it up -- Chicago they're gonna get burned Nolan you know the brought. But we don't know the Russell going to constrict our you know it. Perhaps doesn't give up six goals. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- to -- straight -- they have to keep that that that aperture the you know I know what everybody says but it's like -- newest latest greatest. Coaching tool and any NHL as. You know playing defense in the offensive zone when you get by charity at the part that you come so much support come back so hard. The difference in standup thing and control that neutral zone and I think abroad did that tremendously. In that industry went. I think that's why they won game two. You know they were so dominant in overtime because that's -- I don't think gross and -- if you were flying from the difficulty they have to be ready you have to moderate gave. And you know again if you don't communicate in Chicago that building. And that aperture can you output. I think I just -- the other brought -- an -- -- too much. You know they had the -- restricted plates so much better after that so you know -- might call -- that these guys edit. They're critical partner in their you know picker works -- working as you know weather this storm on the road to the ten minute mark that the brunt. Our county and up and after ten minutes in the first period that not my call is going to get results. I might cause they -- -- -- I love these guys get what -- hear -- To perhaps deserved it he he's played he's played incredible play incredible and therefore. Those schools look bad but it was not an ambulance on the piano for sure he's he's just and he he's gonna you know -- back there. BBC Cam -- up in the box up in the owner's box that he looks like he wants and jump on the ice and pick up a stick how how often do you feel that way. Let me ask as a threat do you grab -- get on the -- a would you rather get on the ice and drop the gloves how often do -- just beat the crap out of someone. I want to know what I mean that we we think about it it's like you know we would bolt would love to do it like instantly. But when you're on the ice in the equipment and you are places that there there and yet there. Then you realize this is -- really that was. You know it's like you think. Where is Brooke and -- and what makes me most proud is that. My teammates around you know a friend and teammate -- and -- swinging and Bobby swinging a lot of people any organization. I think the Bruins you know pierce growing challenge -- -- is giving them. The support and money entering. This just looks great on those guys are no one works harder than Cam -- I don't know any other pertinent to travel more than him to -- players. Started swinging -- -- huge. You know he's just been cute disorganization player development you know you look at Providence and how well they didn't all -- it's down there. I mean we witnessed we witnessed. What Cameron and funny Peter surely don't disorganization went. Seidenberg and and everybody went down an entry youngsters came in and got it done against Pittsburgh show it no matter what. You know what I cannot I can't wait to celebrate and it's going to be great at a hockey it's going to be. Physical. The broader c'mon take the body and my callers who gets the latter -- and one -- -- retirement not. Out of my neck down like the attitude LB Aaron and I and by the way -- often are thank you. Not so much when I'm on. The other guys who really really really yet. There it's them as well have to have you back on consumed about like tuck mr. clubs with former athletes. Well I -- no no no it should be noted mortality human being that's what it was like I know this young departed daughter. And she became she became one of the greatest killers in the world I would be so proud and lobbying and and an -- one of the greatest -- -- stripper we talk to Steelers are probably an island we have to hang out wondering what I'll get a typical lingo. Good Jesus RI RAL gates staying GO tiger tees and thanks. Are right there you have it learning is different terminology from Lyndon -- -- after the break ten -- -- -- and.

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