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Shalise Manza Young, Boston Globe, on the Aaron Hernandez she knew working the Patriots beat

Jun 22, 2013|

Shalise tells Jen Royle about the Hernandez she saw covering the beat for the Patriots and how he could have become involved in a situation like this.

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The phone lines are hot here it's -- you me I talking about the Aaron Hernandez situation. I am now on Fox25 website in apparently. Definitely they're liars they have set up a helicopter stream. Light streamed from their helicopter over Aaron Hernandez's house. Yes it is reporting from that stream as well. It was a locksmith at Aaron Hernandez's house according to multiple reporters at the -- -- locksmith has now left the premises. At 3320. Police have now been an arrogant and it's house for nearly two hours and it took that long for Fox25 to set up the light streamed from their helicopter. -- a massive clean house in his back yard detectives have been searching the Playhouse extensively. According to reporters these are also back there searching a wooded area near his house. An -- brought in a second dog to search his house according to Armstrong. And speaking of dogs IE my -- anatomy on apologize to them and I yelled at his dog was barking. I'd tell him to shut his dog up. I'm sorry pollutes. But yet he can't call the parking. AT&T WEEI hotline right now -- joining us additional lease -- young. From the Boston Globe she -- -- and -- and an amendment patriots Chile's first time on my shall welcome. I'm good I'm sorry it's under these circumstances and he can't talk about first downs and touchdowns. Play in I was just saying you know I covered Cory -- -- when he died in a plane crash with the Yankees past one of the toughest things you had to cover and have to talk about. In your time with the patriots. Yes absolutely and and I think. Why make it tougher than we did. Don't know yet you know we don't know what he can be charged with we don't know to what -- even ball I think obviously he -- Quite involved at this point if he wasn't. I'm being investigated -- at the peak out by the political blogs and you know drop it in -- we meet -- public he's not part of it and clearly. He still is it -- every pack today it looked worked and worked for and and so it is part in it. -- You know as the writing about this and who would -- you know ten days ago that we would have wanted to have more can people off at Eric. -- look -- thing going on the last or I've been there LL. It is that it strains it's crazy -- in a lot of ways. Obviously hurt Obama because I'm man -- why didn't you know in a lot of ways because -- and -- looked like Egypt early apartment and clear. It's exactly what I have been saying you know when your tweets yesterday really struck me might even end and yesterday -- said stop talking about Hernandez has great personality. You know I think that's the problem is at east and other decent -- good guy. Now let's let's not jump on his case so quickly. Is his personality -- and I know it's hard to ask you did you ever think -- -- do something like this but you know looking around the locker room in knowing these patriots will really what kind of a policy or is -- and talk in the. -- guess you know -- It's what I think why -- -- actually to me the last couple of days that people that was me my story yesterday. Deal with the scouting report that said you know he. -- Ian Ian -- -- -- -- -- even though they're saying he'd he'd tied to a murder. -- -- we have seen him -- to -- here in particular with the media and grew. He -- was very reluctant to talk. A lot of aren't you Michael that you have read -- -- -- question pretty -- to do that puke. But even -- -- -- you attract approach and even that chit chat about you know I was the baby did I would point during the event. The baby has been going like that and you get -- will be a lot and it really. -- engaging you know I've been there since the day they got it is not just an order put in. And trying to generate -- relationship with the kid out of an -- I bend here and -- the track itself. -- you know actually helped quite a bit. You know as I've learned and even -- that you know a lot of time with a unique and a lot of time with that. You know the coolest guys a lot of them going back in the -- growing up in Connecticut so you know it. You've kind of quietly at that he would be -- but then you you the other -- -- remember vividly seeing him playing in the -- with -- Nigerian children got -- is. After training -- and though he does have a pop I began but then he also has. You know that -- I'd bet. You know we're in at this point. Boston Globe -- Nancy Allen joining me here on AT&T hotline so at least I did read your article about Aaron Hernandez and is that the rumors surrounding him while he was in the drafting and just going back to that and we're talking -- the Mary marijuana use -- CDU for and the fact that he had a short fuse. On the shadow -- France from his Connecticut home made visits to his home in Florida. Are you surprised that you're hearing about all these other teens. Network questioning Aaron Hernandez and whether or not he'd be a good thing it's who went unsigned and drafted him. Well I think. I think all of that I think article about the value you know we give them all the time -- we got good value. A lot of teams believe -- -- -- -- the first front panel when he is on the field clearly he was the -- -- -- So I think the Egypt and they got value because they got it is our fourth round at it. I think they also thought he would change the little guy he you know and the topic and I heard that you know he did struggled his rookie year. I'm looking like he calmed down a little bit is backing -- in the the personality and how you're acting and things like that it's okay it. And I think they obviously felt comfortable to give him a contract that they didn't. But and you know Greg -- meeting yesterday that -- with the patriots players. That they are -- got more Great Britain last year after you sign a contract extension belt. You know I I think. I think he did. I think I going back and read an arrogant. Bet that half the people -- I could lead an arrogance that. In a vehicle ready to play on the field but that was an -- he got money that was -- had a baby that was announced that he had to find something else I get. Do. Yet that I do whatever you wanna call it do you know that dean or whatever feeling you get from from that feeling like even Bob. So please Nancy young from the Boston Globe Johnny -- and AT&T hotline. Talk about that the patriots and patriots way and what is the best case scenario in terms of -- and again this is bigger than football I don't care if it's if the patriots win -- -- about and that's with this question is about by. What is the best case scenario in terms of Robert Kraft saying listen you know he's -- tennis I'm not quite sure you want somebody with your character on our team. Could could you see that happening. Arm them. I think it as it. They would be hard act to do something because they use open so much money. Incorporated. And under the rules of the PGA and the like that happened pretty eleven baking and recoup. I'm a lot they can recoup even a bonus money that they haven't eaten yet or that hasn't. When you get exciting -- it is it pro rate over the life of the contract so the money that he Darden got it or has already got it -- salary cap they get back. But they could get future running back from him but obviously his salary in future years they were okay and help. Unless there is something. It if you know I think -- suspended. By the and a -- it doesn't happen that something we believe that there are happy with end you know unlikely -- the only by. I don't think they could recoup much money I think he would get he get it into that they would they -- it again. Rapidly. But you could -- a big -- a -- to do it. I think that it will good hard look at battle and do you really want that kid and you know that that live there would be kind of attention. Walking look on -- a about how much that they changed in light banking to family life and you know I really -- the patriots for believing in me and Robert apple so I we have our annual you know he's really done so well. And it -- a crack in big trade. Eighty he went to watch it and they say you know I don't want you around it it up -- Engaged I can't say if he isn't. Is it surprising at all that Robert Kraft and the patriots when Aaron and is -- or articulate stadium on -- that you know what you get you in this media. Crazy crap ID -- Yes no it doesn't really surprise me I'm clearly that it's something not at all related to the patriots are on the and so why would you -- around you know we need a joke and we are much about minimizing distractions than they you know they're so. Protect -- from the brain and coordinate all of the patriots will let the battle. You know a year ago it was a big news that Barbara how he took -- picture with a point -- was wearing a patriots Jersey and -- out of that are important. And here this is you know Aaron Hernandez is a member of the patriot and eat I could murder investigation. Is agent the athletes are photographed in an -- -- a pretty drag around in his in his truck though. You know I'm not surprised that they -- them to get out and I'm not surprised that they haven't anything that only making a statement either way about how things are going. He talked about protecting the branch please Nancy young from the Boston Globe joining us on the eighteenth to outline here -- general Dubuque yeah I. He talked about protecting him potentially question. Ari is this first that you heard that shooting in Florida. Yeah it'd surprise that it debt that the teacher aides to know. They may have no OK I directed -- their teammate had no. -- -- -- -- Because there was no criminal investigation -- no charges I have against him by police. And that I didn't become public knowledge you know it. Obviously he had been charge -- hitting -- in the that they which allegedly happened to assume surprises me you know what I was. It isn't out yet but that's only because it out a lot in with that a lot -- now the -- are -- the horrible. Right if -- -- at the time Aaron had you know in the end it that it wouldn't come out. Am sure one of those in the Miami area that you -- very political caught saying you know got wind -- -- figured out whatever. I'm -- it is surprising that at. Has come -- I'm but it only come out because would be civil litigation because there was. You know according to what I mean we'll need everybody was so uncooperative they couldn't file charges against anyone but let me act. -- Nancy -- Boston Globe here joining us on the AT&T hotline last question -- -- being -- out of it's if it's good question. What is the best case scenario here honest to god Hernandez goes and he is ruled out having zero. Affiliation parents are actually at this scenario with with the situation was back is the patriots what are the chances of that happening. Well I think. Even if he does not see any legal charges. Which as we bought that is longshot but that can happen but -- he doesn't basically a target. Let's not forget writing about it on issue has -- -- personal but I'll be in the very nebulous and if so why -- wide net he and I issue. If he he'll bite you you know violated the terms the bat so until I mean he had a cat named him out all season and he would never. -- trial -- anything you would never convicted of anything you directed circle could be enough of it. But he blocked all he did it. In Iraq has in her car and Roethlisberger -- in that initially it became that was part of the war. Don't -- on a guy in the past. We're not having any sort of conviction and now in the piano you know what -- whatever it -- it -- and it I murder. He allegedly shot a friend in the eight. Whatever that you know nightclub thing is I get in Providence flat earlier that line and there are certain strip club in Providence in connection with that you know -- it he doesn't go to court for the legal ramifications of this bracket that would probably they'll. That in order that being short so I don't -- -- gonna be that and portraying aunt and into -- I'd be -- -- the either. That's exactly right ignited -- asked about football because you know like this is the this is bigger than football we'll talk about that the next actually Nancy young Boston Globe cover isn't England patriots. And of course Aaron Hernandez -- -- good stuff -- through time. You lock them. Was gonna take a break here to be right back with you and attacked just can't track and went tackles Celtics but Jeff an Ohio I'm -- in Rhode Island. Children and it's -- calls weren't take after the break dining out.

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