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Red Sox Reliever Andrew Bailey joins Jen Royle to discuss his recent struggles

Jun 22, 2013|

Bailey talks about losing his closing job after a rough couple of outings and blown saves. He tells Jen that he believes he will get another chance at closing once he gets back to executing the way he needs to be.

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You know throughout my career eleven years covering Major League Baseball that's the one thing having talked to a lot of reliever is. Is that that's the most important to them is knowing what their role is knowing when the phone rings. Whose name is going to be called they start to mentally prepare an inning in advance there watching the game out there from the bullpen. You know they're just they'd like to have there. Goals defined. And I think you know for bullpen guys when you're sitting out there and you never know your name is gonna be called it's very hard it's immensely prepare it's hard to physically prepare. And you know just again from -- Korea that's -- I have noticed that relievers have said they'd like to know when there. Roll. It is. So right now a closer by committee bullpen by committee in my opinion doesn't work the Red Sox try to do in 2300. Theo Epstein and it didn't work out. Joining us now. Former Red Sox closer potentially. The future Red Sox closer Andrew Bailey joins us on AT&T hotline -- injured thank you for joining us. How are you. -- Israel. What's going on out Aaron talked to me about. -- really how you're feeling and it's obviously. I know you and just how disappointing it is to have John Farrell value -- that close -- -- now I mean obviously it's a little bit right now and jump -- -- -- that that he still winning and winning in. Yeah it's good or stretches that you know -- a game adjustments and and it back out there make adjustments and -- I totally understand the movement and I think it's best for the team and -- OG could add some some opportunities in the past and don't respond at all. -- -- -- you know or is that for somebody like you seek to really have that -- it's all about the team. You know I wanna do it's best for the team I need to fix things how important is it's -- to have a short term memory. Into how bad attitude knowing that you know when under it's importing your get his job back. Yeah that was for sure and I don't I don't doubt that one bit tactic. I think it for me it's. It's important that you get myself on track mean. You know I feel that you know. I get back that -- and and completes its very soon and I think it's if you look at my original work -- in years. You know that that person hasn't gone away it just gotta I gotta get -- don't wanna do out there you know it's -- game adjustments and you know it's it's it's key to have a short memory and I'd do it just. It's the top into the black in this command that some some different pitches and executing element -- so got to get back there and and and you know. 11. Reliever. You know. You can you know it's -- sea me we -- in the team and and you know. Meeting up there you know obviously he should contribute to excessive fatigue. You know but it's not -- it packaging are common and obviously. Great now I'm changing outcome. The for the worse so you know there it is the American and I understand so but my confidences is still there and look where it back out there in your house. Yes some outdoor person and not get that he would mean that -- battle there recourse might my career in. You know I got to put it altogether now. Talking -- Andrew Bailey Red Sox reliever here on WE I eighteen to outline. He's gonna talk about his upcoming charity event Monday night called set happens. But until then Andrea says something the other day talked about you know you get it removed from this girl was a breather for you. Now -- in 2009 when you're rookie of the year and also in 2010. In I think about your team beats you opens out Alice street and Trevor KEQ. You were all the same needs. You were young you upcoming Europe playing for the opening its -- 75 in 87 there wasn't a lot of pressure on you kids how much different is now here in Boston. It's it's it's it's different in in regards of obviously there's a lot more you know media circuits -- -- -- stories in and stuff like that so I can do little bit but. You know the expectations of winning here are there are but I think. You know -- was it was a great organization or for all of us young guys Italian or the way. You know when when you when you come up when you know. -- and find it based audio it's you know game seven of the world you know a team like the Red Sox and you know grown up Oakland you know was was it was a great team required to take all that. It's amazing what that that that organization has done -- years in terms of -- always out three different guys that the lenders and and what it is last year I was remarkable mother continue to this year. You know but that's in the patent and yeah I'd I'd love it bought. The city with such high expectations are not only Red Sox -- sports and it's on the be a part of that and you know it's. I think I in the those -- right now personally. You know below me but he can't get to -- got to keep that confident in. Realize and I get hit. I could go put that -- runs every single day. And I got to start making things happen I understand that I'm aware that. You know Andy and I expect to do my job. John abbate John Farrell said that you reload a big jump off and not just for those who don't really understand. How -- reliever Alan pitcher in general -- tries to get his stuff back talk about what you'll be working -- line. Over the next couple weeks seats to prove yourself not just get it close a world that but it just to improve yourself in general. Yeah I think you know talk with one Davidson and of course John -- -- trying to work on that thing and yet sometimes and yet he. You know when you're you're you're -- and location company try and you know. I called -- absolutely. Harder or -- -- it's just something that is it natural or -- try it and you know majors splatter. You know move look -- curve -- brick look more and should just little adjustment here and there are so of course it would work on them but. Most most importantly give back to throw and effectively and you're making pitches when it counts and sometimes as a reliever yet it. -- have had a two turn it back not rather then send that step up and and I've always been a guy that. You elected to get him out there and China. You know go for broke and -- -- sometimes -- as they take it step back in. Get back to basics of just pitching and obviously. You know over the last couple weeks you know velocity down and I -- just execute pitches and -- -- brought strikes. Red Sox reliever Andrew Bailey here and WEEI AT&T hotline. Well in addition TU focusing on pitching Brussels focused on a pretty big charity event on Monday night it's called -- happens. You're involved -- it with Craig Breslow who you are also -- with an Oakland talked to us about your charity event. Yes definitely you know Perry and are excited about the opportunity -- the event and -- that. -- started the strictly foundation 2008. And I Jordan joined on board with him. When he played an open together in 2900. Avid part of charity poker -- few years now and you know we've always done different events. You get a couple bent down -- Cisco and Oakland. In Arizona during spring training. Course etiquette where over quote. Living now so. We we were really looking forward to kind of -- district reach foundation bought it and and hope. You know maybe this offseason or next season as well -- other event but. Monday night. You have -- that happens bird brought in a botched a binary. Few. Gear makers and also -- distillers well. Preparing our carry them up with local. Boston papers straight Georgetown cupcake hey Mike pastries and eastern standard approach to restaurants from all over. Possible becoming in and not obvious here would be have a knock on -- and that'll be -- That'll be notably greater -- riveting portrait. Now we worked out very closely -- a number of obstacles that the last you know 45 years. And now we look forward it to work with hospital Boston and since 2008 we raised over a million dollars. Four pediatric cancer research and distributed. You know almost all so it's it's it's not be part of an. And you know credit -- and organizations really really work hard. You know it's it's nice if we -- back the great city. That's mini mental hospitals and that that cherry actually goes the profits go to pediatric cancer research correct. Yes that's correct we read we start out with -- 500000 dollar grant. The hill. And Medicaid and we we finished that within a couple of years. Kind of on different projects no or there's. There's a number of ways we get into the Red Sox also got -- which is 75000 dollar donation. I held out or event outside of Philadelphia Puyallup seasons ago we do a lot of different things in -- -- tried to look obstacles. In which because those there's event because you know that the people that are coming to the events -- -- that the money. Back into the local hospital so. I -- for pediatric cancer you want more information. You go to Q a strict street foundation dot court. And there's there's a bunch different information on the -- on this total ticket sales and I think critics that we have about 21 of the -- members. You know coming here or twentieth 221 of the guys come in now with their -- and a couple of local local Boston's. Slippers well so it'll it'll be great night. -- cannot get tickets tickets for charity. Dot com them on there right now it's called -- happens it's Craig Breslow and in group B -- And by the strike three foundation it's at the called castle in Brookline mass. Action -- you support pediatric cancer support into Craig Breslow and Andrew good luck to you are watching you. Are out -- and -- -- and figure. Bailey did you -- And whether or not he's gonna get back and lots more -- Until then. Bullpen by committee buckle up everyone back with you after the spring.

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