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Celtics Summer Cooler - Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo Sports

Jun 22, 2013|

Adrian Wojnarowski joins Sean and Cedric to discuss the latest on the possible Celtics/Clippers trade.

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So after this crazy Celtics reality show as stated its latest turn over the last week and Macs that are left here and our second edition of celtics' summer cooler. With -- more questions and answers trying to figure out exactly what's going on with all listen to all the Talking Heads over the last week chime in with their opinions. But I had a better idea because if you follow the NBA closely you know that agent was -- -- of Yahoo! Sports. Basically has everything before everybody else so I thought rather than sit here continue to speculate on everything it's going to happen and we're Doc Rivers and and what the -- situation is going to be. We can all say it was a -- -- time by just going to -- himself. And asking him Adrian houses -- and. But at the station on their. I -- uh oh well I don't have an answer out targeted. I don't know it. Doc Rivers and being should really happen in Austria. What I do know is that on Friday. Boston gave the clippers -- deadline. Trotted. Knock this compensation deal out. The clippers are still -- justice or second round draft pick. Which Boston which it would not Q and it's a taller than they would do. -- -- and so. Once they've changed their operator LA. -- walked away went back to -- -- back to -- only still couldn't get a deal done. And I know at that point -- -- this -- on our war they're really useful week where. For weaker half I guess it could then you know there was saga. Our final informed that the clippers that he was out that feel that he would negotiate with them the five year thirty million dollar deal which was. You know contingent on them coming up a compensation. Package. That he would it's. That -- no longer deal for him and that he was move it -- and and right now. Doc in the change and I know we're gonna talk through the weekend on the phone knock them back Orlando. And I'm told that -- on again so but so composed that part up one day. To have a decision about his future bosses when he's gonna stay -- stop with. Or walk away and -- and look at some TV opportunities. Price for Celtics fans who basically. This has been like you know how when you have a dog your playing frisbee you faked the throw and the dog and look got to face -- -- -- but that's basically -- Celtics fans have been put through. Over this last week and they've heard the deals on the deals bad deals on deals and obviously right now the deal is dead and given. -- self imposed deadline of Monday and the elements that are really seems there's a game of chicken going on some level between the Celtics in the -- Is there any chance are we truly down in your mind. Do dot coming back to the Celtics are going to TV orders are still exists a shred a ran a possibility of this thing being revived before Monday. Well there's always a possibility but it. You know I think -- right now. I think doc has become embarrassed by the episode. And how it's played out there and you know I think the trust in. The corporate I think the the concern that people -- out about. Dealing with clippers working for the clippers. Are part sterling. These figures you know all those fears that people happen is well deserved reputation and history. You know you've seen it rear its head this week the clippers. Had an opportunity to get this thing done for a week straight -- longer than a week. And Chris Paul started to exert pressure on them to get this thing done and that they wanted. Q essentially you're sure that you back. It re sign with them that you know he wanted to docket this -- she wanted to Garnett you'll be you're done. I think he could live without it Garnett deal I know. In talking -- people around Chris Paul are you very much wanted and still wants to you know -- person b.s coach. Aaron's. You know I think there's a sense around here that the clippers are trying to create an illusion. For Chris Paul that this was something that day. Very much want to do but it -- stop them or possibly being a reasonable stop them. But take superstar we tried to get it done well we can get this done and right now I'm also and a threat to pay 35 million dollars. For basketball coach which you know he's. You want to have that for coach. Oh Eli I do understand that meant playing with the clippers on -- do understand all this scenario about. Not one to pay but also the Astros also always been about the bottom line to. But make you money if you get Doc Rivers and you get Kevin Garnett. And with the lakers being down. You increase the value of your franchise. Soul even even if you go out and spend some money. Again Donald Sterling point to make. But on the money on the opposite side might thing a view to commit this where I see the clippers being in so far he would if they do this deal. Is that. I'm sorry people but Boston is not -- destination city. LA is a destination city and if you have Doc Rivers there as a recruiter. For destination city. Again it help -- franchise that much more it's just unbelievable so I am. It just boggles my -- and how you know the clip it's good. Even screwed this up and not play there yeah. -- here it's a great point it is a great point about what -- In LA with the clippers do what was let's face it they had a chance and I think the way Boston looked out at once. You know they they tried to get Chris Paul and Boston when they were when the hornets were shopping around the league -- to make some pretty good offers. -- -- -- -- You know Chris Paul and wanna play in Boston and you you don't want to New York he wanted to LA. You know and you know I listen and I think Kevin Garnett did a great deal. In this modern era to. Validate Boston as a destination place for for -- recently bought the hard. Right but there's no. We haven't seen any evidence in the last few years that -- Austin clears you know a lot of cap space yet it's. Themselves in the position where they can offer -- -- for guys that they're going to be able to compete with LA. Chicago you know Miami's a unique situation answer. But. I don't know boss will be able to do that -- -- would -- Indiana and track record there's -- and so I you know I I think you're I think you're right arm. It's not and that is when those things a look at him in on the offensive Olympia when -- save lives of about Boston being a destination city. In in in the NBA you have a couple of destination cities Miami would be one New York will be one LA would be one. It's an M maybe you might have Chicago but other than Matt. There's not a bunch of free agents run into Cleveland on the ball stability Indiana that just doesn't happen. No it doesn't and -- at a particular say daddy indices were talking about. LeBron leaving going somewhere else you know arguably presumably Cleveland. Yeah it'll get a table -- the guy who everybody. Listen if there's one guy in the league got shall take what's wanted to go play with -- CNET last few years -- to play the abroad there's no question. But it Battier said that the going to go to warm weather place in the end you know he said that he goes to Alaska and while asking me Cleveland. Said wow them and neither or other got you to use an analogy of of -- you know but the point was. You know -- the article runs at a place like Miami it's easy so you can get I think last. They're not do it ignores it you're right severe unique situation in docked in LA there's no question would be trashed and but right now. You know -- II agents sent to me to this morning who has dealt with -- certainly from what time. Said this is a psychologically it would Arnold now it gets interesting and because he -- or wanting to Canada. Or he's holy -- and now that doctors told them that he's now and he doesn't wanna go. He doesn't want their deal that now he think now -- interest in so I guess we'll see things can change on Monday. I can order a lot of conversations or between Boston and LA -- Friday -- -- -- Doc Rivers -- now light and they are told guys were we're moving our passes and you know they have a pretty significant amount time here support acts yeah other looked for stroke at. This is still haven't done. Is that what reasonable cup and actually there's two parts of this is that. Reasonable compensation in your mind for Doc Rivers and would obviously that makes you may access for the clippers is it reasonable for the Celtics to hold out for that and number two. Where. Does it's funny because solace is going on it was getting close thirty thought -- both -- everybody forgot. The NBA rules in the meanwhile David Stern sitting there just waiting and watching the whole thing go on and say. Bomb what he -- and asked about it. You know you guys can't do that right so like where how close he's the league now watching this because everything's been so public. Well and I think that's why they've pushed the player part of it back. An and we'll try to get to coach. You know -- tried to separate it and dispute the draft pick you know in the first round pick for. For the coach. You know obviously the Celtics. Yet he can't coach seven million dollars in an open rebuild. I know it's not that appealing to them and. No I think that they would doctor Foster has. You know really reaction really to strong assets that they use and three -- -- out all or I do think I know there is some trade interest. And Paul Pierce right now but KG. Which figures -- that is deal went for a week now teen is perfect. But you're very limited is Boston. Well where you can sense -- because no trade clause and extreme. About where he'll go if anywhere. And doc was the other great asset to you that you have arguably. It worse probably a top five coach in the league you know at best I think you know you can argue the top three coach however you want to. You know however you want what -- which cases are different -- certainly Italy coach. And for them to be able to get a first round pick and that's why do. I -- by the idea that. I know people don't people are accepting that -- -- rivers are still that this is not become acrimonious between them or decide to become. Nasty because it has that I think. Did he wants to Rico statutes in your organization does in stocks and other assets for them to get a to your first round pick. You know to speed up that process a little bit and I think it is that a board with -- stay in the hallway and. Are you would you -- the whole way -- mean almost all the way back. Is it possible that this was discussed in the room two years ago when this whole five year contract idea was was put a product. But I think they knew would they sign him five years -- I don't think there's anybody in there who really thought he was going to be there. Anybody in the organization who thought he'd either for the whole thing I think I think he extension was important. It wasn't financially it's great for it's it makes it that pays him a top. To -- coaches in the league -- thinking Gregg Popovich. I was so -- about an hour are the -- think coaches. In the league and end. You know popular have a title you're properly Rory RC Buford works -- Gregg Popovich. Pakistan coach and I'd also. No coach just to quote just paid like it -- it was a great. -- you look in the deal like that and bought property organization it was important is they're going forward with Paul Pierce with Kevin Garnett. That there was a commitment areas. And those guys restart their deals and -- Austin that -- was I think that was a big part of. Not I still think that you -- what we have right now is. Pretty much a mess -- -- -- as you and I think our callers. And listeners that you know want to know also. What is the first round your draft choice of the clippers that they're holding this thing up with what why don't they. What is what is that number is in some some plays and they. Well in the here's a pretty soon the clippers. But -- so the -- Spielberg at seven bear you know and they play next season -- -- and Chris Paul and what Griffin and help the I mean is that ticker any better than point five point. Tax debt that's that is as well like -- tell. -- Yeah yeah I know that Donald Sterling graphics. Are very precious to him and for him. It is you know he sees -- and rightly so I mean. It's cheap labor is so I mean that's that's why records you have more value now with its new corporate partner agreement soccer. They need more teams now it's harder to teams beat you tomorrow. Every GM tells me that it's harder to get people to you do you take it you'll they're used to be spot. If you're the clippers. -- you've never won a championship. And have a slow here you have a window here to. Locked up Chris Paul. To get Doc Rivers to coach Chris Paul Blake Griffin get those guys on the same page and then bringing KG who. May have a bigger impact than anyone he. -- you may have a bigger impact of the next year's box in. You know what -- on the -- public portrait spacing the floor be able to step out and shoot the ball and opening up for work and and then. Leading inventory neck you know Chauncey Billups came in with similar raptors. Keep Jeter different personalities different styles. But their their car from the same -- championship -- But KG you guys know he he walks in the room and the whole thing changes and they need depth there and and I think that was part of the challenge her pupil -- -- Was already doing this for the clippers where it's what had to come in and revitalize this optics. Who have more history than anybody else is nothing to go through the clippers. Who have the worst street and and who people just don't think you can win. And what that would do. Prepared you know an accomplishment and their legacies. And to me. To clippers -- Accenture do this it's a no brainer they negotiated deal with dot. And to this point they you know they they just can't torture I think that it's yours stock right now about them which is. You know I can go and change things like knowing chasing and you look at the way it is last week has played out where they -- -- camp and basically out of what they said it would do. The only option and it -- mind it's. But it's still the clippers it's still -- with a -- atmosphere right now. But yet steer you say that your argument you made all these great points but it's still you say this deal that they. This currency at a rare at this as I was that is just the this man it almost is there a patriot net. This -- were mad -- franchise disease just by dealing with and the Celtics have caught. You know and -- canceling news conferences matters like all the what she can deal with the clippers all the sudden you know you you start becoming dysfunctional as they are and I mean stepped back -- think McClover standpoint and it's amazing contests -- and talk a little bit later Al. 95% of those conversations Doc Rivers -- 5% is Kevin Garnett when the effect on the -- certainly in the next two years as we saw you know Kevin Garnett is the guy that changed. Everything Doc Rivers is important -- support Paul Pierce is important Kevin Garnett was what got -- on the Celtics over the last five years but it Donald Sterling. After everything in his track record last thirty years loses Doc Rivers loses Kevin Garnett and somehow some way. This causes him to lose Chris Paul this would be his Sistine Chapel what do. Not report that it would be the most clippers they never. I mean it would be in the -- clippers. Amid kiwi and I mean I know scrabble uses words that they event is that that's something slippery issue or is that what we are using them. Yeah and and I think that. Chris Paul wants to state you know why he wants. It is. You know -- marketing. Its stature in the league ball change going from New Orleans to the clippers and that was the got a better team and are winning more that played. A big part people knew Chris -- -- play with the hornets but. But obviously a market like LA he's he's elevated that he's not looking polio and Dwight Howard -- -- about -- he wants to you know later ago. -- workers Paul is blocked. This has been. Nokia pushed very hard for this very hard in. In the middle last week you know just people were very involved in this trying to get the clippers. To -- this and I think. What I'm told Chris Paul try to figure -- right now it is. How much of this was Boston how much of this was the clippers. Why is in this thing Don you know these certainly the clippers are telling them hey we tried the league -- and our way Austin being a reasonable. And Christmas trying to figure out those dancers and he's trying to figure my outlook for -- agency looming on July Warren. This is a risky schemes for LA to be playing right now this close in the of the lock the -- I really thought I was most looking forward to your story on David Stern final day in office but actually more -- and make your. You're you know the history of the Donald Sterling clippers I think is probably going to be the most interesting story -- -- have been killing yourself the NBA finals of brutal week is draft this coming up oh by the way is pretty good time to get things done because -- is coming up. And it's nice to you -- the draft for everybody by tweeting all the picks before they actually get announced -- Warner's newest Hollywood would Yahoo! NBA to go except it's not. But I really appreciate taken time it's very it's time affair but he obviously was covering the finals enough was it as much fun for you made from a far. There's a lot of this take greatest finals ever talk because those final two games the Dow was I was pretty spectacular. There was she added these games have been really game five I thought the game five in San Antonio Ginobili needs. You know -- -- -- -- last stand that was dramatic night in San Antonio to -- -- -- -- cost and then and then in six and seven except. Really elevating it was a rare great finals and very easy to write or how well I wrote it but I felt like you're great story lines and in -- -- screwed up so in my job that's that's a. He is Ager was -- you are the man you know that I appreciate taken time -- analysts and hopefully you can get some rest after the draft -- ruin it for all of us and -- -- plucked off like you soon Tiger -- are charged rhetoric certainly got a -- Agent was a grassy he has been a man -- -- water -- follow anything -- -- audiences. Fingerprints on -- and am not really quite sure how he doesn't I don't really care it's he's -- guys worked extremely hard to get were years in the it's obviously you know formed now on. Pretty insightful stuff for a promised that we will do much better job this week of geeky guys are gonna do that next at 6179317937617. 9317937. The crazy clippers and future immediate. And long term of the Boston Celtics it's on the table this is though are rare opportunity to talk to you will do it next on Celtics who.

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