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Celtics Summer Cooler - Doc Rivers to LA? Not so Fast!

Jun 22, 2013|

Sean Grande and Celdric Maxwell open the second installment of Celtics Summer Cooler dicussing the continued talks of Doc Rivers going to the Clippers. The guys discuss the state of Celtics nation and if it is time for the team to move the page forward.

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It's time. Boston Celtics basketball we've shown -- and Cedric Maxwell. Celtics summer cooler. -- radioed WEEI. You know it's hard not to watch all the Aaron Hernandez stuff over the last few days -- -- the last week in all the craziness and brings those of us that are old enough to remember the OJ Simpson's stuff nineteen years ago. Back to a place we never really want to go it. As you think about how horrific you know is the only thing it occurred to me the only ridiculous bright side of the whole thing. Is it a -- wasn't going on there would be helicopters over Doc Rivers house over the last few days as what started out as a crazy situation has really taken a turn. Towards the beyond absurd. In the NCA a with the Boston Celtics. This week -- welcome into our second edition of the celtics' summer cooler who knew what crazy twists and turns. This would take on John grant him at Comerica Park in Detroit with a Red Sox play game three of their big four game series with tigers tonight Max back. In Boston and -- don't wanna begin today before we talk about Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge and Donald sterling and Chris Paul and the clippers and compensation. And the easy as of this week ago. Yes there is gonna wanna talk about someone you and I know very well but that -- -- listening going. Heard the name they don't really know his name is traceable. He came to us with this idea to -- About six weeks ago. And east that we're gonna talk about Celtics in the summer it's going to be great viewpoint here and keep up with you guys in the -- this way you're not gone for 45 months mere. And let's face a -- of beyond that stock at a school you and I were a little bit skeptical about the idea -- -- show every week. During the -- About the Celtics because there's a variety of reasons one obviously who worked pretty much every day parade and Muncie the reports that. You've got many other interest you've got places to -- of things to do in the summer. Mainly to catch up with going down -- -- -- things. I'm obviously taken on this this Red Sox thing the summer so. It is that's a brand new adventure professionally for me and there's a lot of stuff going on you want it -- but the biggest thing about was Republican. You know what what is there really -- talk about. For an NBA team over the course of the summer and it really got me thinking about. How people get to where they get them like human I've known Jason for a very long time I don't we came in together the -- in 1991. Its majestic -- has this -- you know you've been friends with housing and like it's huge radio mogul on the cover radio and the answer is. Because he apparently knew. With the rest of us couldn't possibly know. That the Celtics would be ultra compelling during the opening weeks I don't know how he knew all this craziness is going to happen but somehow someway. He knew and now we've got our second edition Celtics -- group which by the way. That's really do much better job of getting to you and your calls but it really do we tried to -- a lot of bells and whistles that we -- We are wide -- because you have two hours of it's about opening -- -- -- -- -- my cookies right now on that than you. And you think I'm gonna continue this probably. I know I know everyone misses those so agrees it's so funny I haven't actually don't want those herself with Lehman about five years but it just sort of lives on -- People still come out feel like I love those things you do it started him why haven't done five years would you think I have well that's us that's awesome. Obviously this is. A week -- -- -- -- -- many more questions than we have answers we are in our next segment going to talk to -- -- rusty Yahoo! Sports who. -- -- -- -- Pretty much with everything going on in the NBA he's the man right now. He's he's got a first he has a lot of specific connections to this story as they pertain to Doc Rivers porting to the only person. You know he has sort of been out ahead of the curve on a lot of stuff me it's amazing things in this story about. Negotiating a deal that dockers and sells sterling in -- with people they too want to rock she's talking about doing. So get to Adrian and I promise you it's a lot more your calls. This week we are gonna do what we do every week is at the end of the show throughout the course the symbol gonna revisit. One of the great teams that we call new Big Three all right you guys gonna get to choose among your favorites you can go on Twitter you can. Text and text line is 37937. The phone number I gotta get used to doing this and for the play by play again hosted talk shows daddy's doing fundamentals to flee via phone number which is 617. 9317937617931797. And we're going to be asking a variety of questions to all of view and Adrian and pretty much everywhere you want to start by asking him to Max. Resolve questions we are left -- after another week in which. It was will he or won't he and every single day we had. The idea Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett going to the clippers and -- they've been called off and really going into. When I thought max's yesterday the theater of the absurd when news conference schedule. For Danny Ainge Doc Rivers to address the media in Boston. And then bizarrely that got canceled -- postponed. Until Monday leading to even more speculation more rumors about what was going -- in my first take a lot and defer to you. Is that. Sitting back from afar it just seems like we all know about the history of the only clippers. And do they have some sort of NBA franchise mad cow disease that even when you talk today even when you engage with them somehow your franchise becomes affected and crazy and weird stuff starts happening. To yours well you play for the LA clippers you know full well the history of all the craziness that's gone on out there in the things that -- This while it is par for the course for the LA clippers for the Celtics this is an entirely different. -- here's the thing that I unbelievably we we we you and I -- have a chance before going any further. Obviously put enough -- -- -- that I've said that to me tablet war when I first time my thing is that. If you the clippers then and I and I was Donald Sterling was the older one I went out there. When I was traded. Back back in the day. My belief is he he's always been about making money and make him is his franchise make enough money. I don't see the I don't see how he could not make this deal. And and let me make sure -- put this in the right way. No offense and all to be there don't they grow very good coach but Doc Rivers is an upgrade. He would be in the comic guy that would go into LA especially with the lakers down. I'll camera helping the clippers right now for well knock them off that the Rome. Increased increased the value of your franchise. On top of that be able to entice Chris Paul is that a new contract. Bring Kevin Garnett Ian Wright talks about the young talent that the clippers have -- well yeah which young talent but young talent also loss in the first round so. I don't quite understand. Even from a clipper -- point. How this deal can be box -- him habitat for Tom -- says there is they have it comes back eventually. I would have to think it if people have some common sense that this deal somehow would be may. You just used the expression common sense in connection with Donald sterling and the clippers this is a guy who wants to go bare minimum it seems financially pretty much every week and so my. Thought here is. Is paying Doc Rivers in getting in -- go to paying him seven million dollars a year -- -- sterling really wants to do or does he wanna create the illusion. For Chris Paul that he did everything he could. To get that done but that. Either Doc Rivers Doc Rivers agent the Celtics but the compensation. Is the Donald Sterling in his mind is his best case scenario we will go to Chris ball saying hey we did everything we could it just they. And and and was had gone -- Chris Paul Chris Paul little they're okay well I expect here's my parting gift by I guess I'll I'll talk you guys later. There is there is a reason while Chris Paul wants this done. Chris Paul wants to desperately. Be in the NBA finals not watching would be in it. And what Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett and dare I say maybe Paul here's coming into the mix. Wouldn't it seem like a great scenario for the clippers to comedian and balanced your team and not lose Blake Griffin. It to me again this doesn't make a lot of sense especially. If you talk about your first round draft choices. Dumb not being in lottery picks that I would -- it. So what essentially are you given up -- the archery Jordan. Very athletic. I complain to gain. You know we've seen him with the highlight film but again you're talking about -- in -- hall of Famer even -- that it if it's that the in the biz career. Steel -- maybe give me something their SA Yorker. -- in the same things -- for the Bruins a hall of Famer. This is -- scenario which I don't understand why the clippers don't believe -- district. Now well asked gates who was there ask you about that ultimately it would joins us in our next segment so. The bigger question at all here or are thinking the same thing everybody is sort of divided. Or get to the issue of -- what is driving Doc Rivers because it's the same thing that drives Chris Paul. Then it. You watch what just snap and what's not only the NBA finals on the wrong when he again Miami when he -- one of the greatest NBA finals ever going to see a game six. For the ages and the game seven obviously went down. -- wire captivated everybody's attention has this phenomenal TV rating was sort of an epic. And the moment. And it's that. Everybody wants to be a part of and it's what you have to do to get there and you get spoiled and whether your head coach or your player or all of US Celtics fans. It's amazing how quickly all of us and Max are probably in that category as well because. We yet to be courtside for game seven of the NBA finals three years ago when -- that level. You feel like you wanted every year you get -- but obviously only two out of thirty teams in behavior in this situation it's an awful lot to get there it's very easy to forget. What do you need to inherited ten years ago and now Aaron the copper was now. Light years from the NBA finals Celtics were quickly it all happen but. We know the clippers have this opportunity to get -- and I think you and I both in agreement they have to do whatever it takes to get -- -- they do this deal to have -- and Kevin Garnett. Try to work out well here's the question is more importantly is the parties to all of us. What is the best result here for the Celtics and the simple version. Whether or not this is an option and what Doc Rivers wants to do what was truly all of our folks here regarding a roller coaster. Yes the question is are you better off if you want the Celtics. With Doc Rivers finishing his contract being the face of the franchise going four to whatever is not like -- was coming year. But in the future when freeagent wanna come here wanna play here in -- continues the rebuilding read reshaping the world -- and by the way. For those views that are new to. -- -- Let's bring you went to the way we have been approaching this thing from the beginning while for a lot of people they looked at last year as the sixty year. All of these new Big Three -- as we started calling it. The reality is last year was the first year of whatever is next in next year's going to be -- -- and sort cable -- -- what is it the Celtics better off. Having Doc Rivers here and having that stability in this franchise with -- -- got going forward or with docs we're wondering. Is compensation. And -- of the clippers get the right get there are willing to give up for traffic in the hundred Jordan Kevin Garnett mean it's possible by the Celtics better off without that meaning this chance here to jump start. To what's next. While I think that that would probably be look at it would probably be your best chance of jump starting what was mix. Because if you stick around and Kevin Garnett plays some of the year and -- from a retired you -- that the department or yeah. If you make this deal and you get the -- to a you do have. A legitimate them or is Danny K Danny Ainge likes that he has pieces or chips to be able to move those around to make changes. Doc Rivers Doc Rivers have has given dot -- given -- any change another opportunity if he decides to leave war however this might work. To maybe pick up and other additional piece that he could use going forward. I just it is it is fascinating. In so many different ways it is but how it it plays out at the end of the day Israel and you know something's gonna happen. Sooner than later because. The thirtieth is coming up very soon where the Celtics have to make a decision right now about Paul Pierce's contract either the pay him sixteen million dollars. And guarantee that contract with -- or the -- of five million and say okay. Here's your -- via. So I don't know. I think the Celtics a somewhat under 88 timetable. Here. And us also remember about picking up a mother -- what you'd like to do with that. Yeah oh by the way the NBA draft. Is Thursday night. This is not now -- at this yeah about how has the sort of instability going on man how just how good is it but David Stern those -- -- and could job. To leave on the top like this. With the ratings being out the -- heavenly game like he'd be a series like he'd be a good thing I didn't like about this series John was the fact that. Both teams. Happen to like each other. It was too much mutual respect. I didn't like -- I heard -- Johnson faced on the relief but he talked about the six game that Santonio loss. Magic says that's on hurt them for a long time and they will think about it and then the way magic phrased it was even to me is that you have. Back in 1980 -- when we loss to the Celtics I still think about this topic like great. That's absolutely glory. But you know as well as anybody with magic with the great ones. You know for everything that Magic Johnson has accomplished. For LeBron was LeBron will always do over the two losses to the Celtics in no way in 2000 and and maybe just maybe were gonna relive some of that because we give you the choice. On Twitter and text line whether you wanna hear today we're gonna we have two possibility for you guys get the side of organ and showed -- which game it -- back. The seventh and deciding game some of the highlights of that. Extraordinary series against Chicago in 2009 that some people thought it was the greatest NBA playoff series ever played the most important but the greatest series in terms of the content of the games. Or -- -- sixth and deciding final game of the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinal series so with LeBron James his final game as a Cleveland Cavaliers in game that was played. In Boston but obviously we have just. Begun to tip the iceberg here because there are so many different elements an accident. Of this story and the possibility. That maybe one day maybe one day we're gonna look back at this whole thing in this could be. This brilliant -- of millions setup for the Celtics. Going back to the data -- this deal out 2011. Guys. When it's all said and done in by the way this notion that we are all assuming. Doc obviously has been ambivalent about his future and Boston and -- in the -- But one of the questions we will be asking all of you guys is good Doc Rivers again if -- felt like it could be -- coach of the Celtics again. Come next fall but it obviously of the contract for three more years to do it and would he be able to. Rebuild that bridge but the question when. It -- in combat and John before you go with that. Doc Rivers has been the smartest guy -- built -- exactly my good because when we never heard a word about that it -- hey I wanna go someplace. Ali does -- thing is -- and going portrait or want to go where. But. I'd love that great. Lucille Lucille Ball you know this is there would be -- right now because this is when her husband will come on and go. Those think somebody got a list and ado here though this is one of those scenarios again which is -- to be ultimately. Fascinating. When Doc Rivers has the sit in front of a microphone and talk about all of. And and personally it is just me speaking without any specific knowledge of yesterday. To meet that had to be an element of today I was shocked when there was originally scheduled to be a news conference because. When you schedule once because you have something to say and I think Danny -- both are very unhappy with the way. I hate generalized media because it's absurd some people are simply won't do their jobs diligently professionally and others don't. But obviously there's an undercurrent here people are always looking for riffs and strike. I think any -- both -- be very clear on the record that they are. They don't always agree on everything but they have great affection for each other personally and professionally and -- nothing to do it there -- particular. Partnership that is that these the issue here but I think they wanna say what they wanna say. But we scheduled a news conference you'll get the same 21 you have to answer the questions that are going to be asked in there and opera if you're not prepared to answer. The questions and obviously no one is at this spot ready to answer the questions that have to be answered in a news conference situation. Don this is what I really believe about all this job. Is a fact that. There had to be something prepared and something going forward yesterday. There had to be a deal that had to be close to be made -- about to be made if you -- -- twelve new stuff. Because -- Malcolm schedule a new conference to start the speculate you're not gonna do that. So that's what felt something had to be. In the mix almost done that they -- had to be some plays almost drive when somebody still. Wait a minute call on this week we are a few what things they. So the question is did the Celtics just in dealing with the clippers catch that. Matt how franchise disease that the clippers and for the short period of time. Suddenly they instead of -- clippers becoming the celtics' quest for one day -- seem like the Celtics have become the clippers east but this thing eventually is gonna be behind all of us and we world. Happily be able to talk about what is next for the Boston Celtics what is right now. And it's going to be put Levy story in the NBA now the finals are over is what is going to happen with the clippers but the Celtics. With Doc Rivers over these next few days if you go to rescue of Yahoo! Sports has been the man on the story's pretty much from the start. You -- the NBA finals and he will join us in our next segment there are celtics' summer cooler -- at Boston. On the Comerica Park in Detroit we're gonna take your calls a little bit later this hour at 6179317937617. 9317937. Because it's been a lot going on obviously on WEEI always so. A lot of the Celtics have hasn't really been able to break through this is your chance to -- on again off suggested. Try to all get our heads together and figure out what is best for the Celtics going for Celtics summer cooler goes forward next and W we yeah.

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