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Mustard and Johnson Continue the Aaron Hernandez Breakdown

Jun 22, 2013|

Mustard and Johnson discuss the Aaron Hernandez investigation. The Patriots offensive coud be without Welker, Gronk and now Hernandez to start the season. What a turn around for quarterback Tom Brady. Mustard and Johnson discuss these possible changes.

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Our number two it's mustard and Johnson as we continue to probe. Sports talk radio wise anyway the episode. In and that's a euphemism for what happened obviously in the last several days down in North Attleboro. The bullet ridden body found less than a mile away from Aaron Hernandez's home. Police investigating. And if you're just waking up for just tuning in the that Warren has been prepared according to ABC news but still has not been. Issued no arrest has been made for obstruction of justice. To Aaron Hernandez and of course are worth thinking about really just the criminal dimensions of all of this has been swirling for the last several days. How we even begin to talk about the football implications and I don't -- from. This vantage point weary and I'm just shooting from the left. I just can't see. Aaron Hernandez playing another game at least in the foreseeable future for the New England patriot. -- of a guy. Belichick who lol it's distractions. We can there be any bigger distraction in this hanging over the that we can go -- said could there be a bigger distraction and then he's in Tebow. I guess we found one good -- you know if it is puzzling to mirror of our respective columns but. Originally the -- it was reported there were four guys. And as the victim into other guys. We never hear anything about the two other guys Hernandez's the only one minute because it is in his house. Again the security cameras were were broken and my cellphone and cleaning service but still. Usually maybe I'm too used to watch -- -- crime movies like they separate people going get a -- in different rooms and then you kind of formulate. -- obviously the -- -- many hours of law and order our friend okay do you believe as I do that the police know what of course they -- of course they just have to piece it. Out there any information until the evidences. Overwhelming at least a preponderance of evidence indicates. How in -- Hernandez was involved and then obviously not to release that information. But you know it's amazing. Going back to did you ever hear about this episode back in February or Hernandez. Shooting. A friendly quote unquote in the same car in the arm that apparently some or another destroyed half the space. We never know about that until others. And apparently he and his girlfriend and they have a Childs. To gather and this is gonna change and turn his life around I just announced that it again this is just to me because my life is boring I always tell people we -- there toward agent your life and boring is going to. You don't want your keys and how you kids doing well they face -- -- on the front page of The Herald. Boring is good well as is so much you can be sitting a problem when -- -- minding your wrong business and then the next minute. You're like there were I I just I cannot begin to imagine this guy play for the for the bandits as semi pro. Football team all intent and purposes and people I've -- to decent guy up you know. So Holland the next predicted UV in a car driven someplace and then shot to death. I -- connect the dots is there are some things missing there not accusing him of anything I just don't know what would. What would move what would drive somebody to a point of taking a gun in and blowing you away I just can't put the dots together. Once again you are guilty. A crime that we commit on a regular basis year on Sports Radio WEEI you're looking at things far to -- I agree -- Tokyo -- guard OJ thing I mean you -- Bieber tried several how could lead to a different president of rabbit. Were you not wired that way if you're not wired that way it's like you. I to do about it but actually I admire you for it wouldn't some moron. And Friday you wish because you're talking to your kids explaining things in the east and up when he went to a rape with the green which you. Well under normal circumstances it you know Mao Fidel brawl ensues and -- Not by a mountain that's clearly that's I wanted to do was our first order that blush. But. In your case you start a New York to pray and you should be commended for that because. -- an -- and you can't even going to hornet people on fixtures are you did are you backing -- and -- you do it you can't do anything to anybody anymore without. You don't know what the ramifications -- right. It is also the other piece of this no pun intended the gun piece. And why any of these players. We need to have guns I think the statistic is 75%. And I think that's probably conservative regiment why these players need gun ways. It there was an incident the other a couple weeks ago I guess from Hernandez and it was -- a -- minding his own business and these ship orient him in anyway they know we wasn't it would taunting him and followed him out of the parking lot and everything so I mean you tractor frightened Steve and stuff and around their -- situations unfortunately we're -- happens when a guy wanna go in that direction and never should I don't look at it let's you know let's just leave -- there that -- about why you hate -- dramas are at 617%. Of and I haven't. 937. Eddie and hang -- your neck headache thanks frank has not -- Eight Larry Craig that don't it was up and that they that they would that this kid. I can understand. Like when I was ten Iowa analyst wrote. He killed -- attack that they're come back on you haven't drawn huge drive it and it is the. But it had a tremendous effect than -- and I had a problem. With alcohol. -- How did did -- how did it affect I lost my brother I got one of those calls an early at 3 o'clock in the morning the -- way if you phone ever is ringing at 3 o'clock in the morning it's never like you hit the lottery. Yeah but how did it affect you when you lost a brother. Well I -- in the same bed with them when we get a smaller house but we get the big house built my other brother. I had to broad. I don't know focusing on. We thought that was the hit and down. I used to get up early in the morning and governments that wake him up you know competed and colleges treatment is going to be a dark -- -- had -- And -- -- criticism let. Now the -- and I'm not -- and that's what made me drink. Did you have a dead -- who is involved and a life. I'll let thousands McCarron to grade I was the youngest of about spam -- They timing right on. You know there are real good -- So what -- what drove you to the dark side. And. -- I don't know. Our ticket that's really granted a -- but it's a dramatic event. And you Coppola the only way that you could in Aaron Hernandez has had to cope with a lot of traumatic events in his life. Losing his father. His mother was stabbed by his stepfather. Dealing with gangs looking -- -- It's a very complicated life and we are ill equipped to deal that kind of adversity. You go to it this -- you have -- Anger and then accept the right and a -- except that it is. And remember that MySpace song before you want now he took me down with my friend again -- -- and I seen smiling at me. With the -- does this -- and that's how I remember. I don't know in the middle and the end and the casket irony about. -- -- okay now he didn't fully yet Eddie let me leave you with this -- Live view of life now. So your brother would be -- you get old boy live your life now. Yet. So your brother will be proud of you guys right. All right -- priority -- hang in there are brother 6177797937. Tom and Salem your next mustard and -- Tom. Do you are right. Little bit so I got it that I'm a little bit sad I really am I'm sad for the victim moms that for. Hernandez for even getting tied up in any of -- stuff at that Ahmad happily it's not a great day. We'll lottery ticket fairly -- and connect. Do you feel OK -- I'd -- that's why they're calling you recently -- tourists. Every club yet so I love these guys are right. But he got it probably do any cooking at eight. Did you get in trouble with the any -- going on about all I could not -- You guys do it and as you into the parliament that you'd love. The thing I don't like about the -- block. You've got in -- We don't do that reckless and everybody runs this show differently. But I think of somebody hangs on the line for a 35 to forty minutes to get on the and then they should at least be able to expressed themselves. Well this is why I'm what I I'm calling you -- it really quite opposite all the -- and it should bend I really think you've got a direct guys. But what about the same little technical architect and a little. I could barely stand at first light and screaming at people okay. I -- try to figure that -- two years now. I'll peel it and you aren't you didn't get in London -- I belongings he duplicate -- -- the other night. But I caught a little to say that I don't think. Do any views -- that involved. That. The object -- Tebow would have -- that -- -- -- and and then the problem and not break again okay. And and they if you. What are pre K. Okay. It doesn't -- Jean Dixon ballot check is not. Let him or even -- -- work so important to handle it is it important that -- I don't know because. I have to talk to detect stress and hand and -- -- that you -- would like Mike sly -- but apple right. -- -- -- Doesn't he -- -- it -- -- So anticipated what he's about to say I'd say it isn't. AT&T and but -- I highly. I'm can be swallow if you know it's okay. You know what I'm gonna I'm gonna John -- some what you -- great Karl I really appreciate the call very much don't say we never give people equal time rich in North Attleboro. Sounds like somewhere near the scene of the crime Richard next on Sports Radio. I -- near the scene of the crime that it will opt in that neighborhood today and you live near there. I -- got some but I. And it's been war -- that was not a matter quite a neighbor went out of that. Yeah and I -- before -- -- of Ahmedabad. And you pull on that street is. Apple did this student in the -- -- Newton. Is also a doorknob and by the. Are there waiting for that million dollar shot I've hit Hernandez coming out of the house and being led away in a van. Yeah well there's 100 Brad left -- -- I don't do but that was it so. And Atlanta to report it and yeah I will continue to. That we need as much help as we can get thanks rich. All right six point 76 with 79. 790 threats that enable it is anonymous and come believable how it Britannia maximum for people who are living in that neighborhood as well I mean it's just like it's a circus down there it's a mad house down there and what does that everybody wants that million dollar shot of that moment. When he's. You know -- house and gets into account. They want that shot while the media certainly does. And you know I -- -- -- I haven't heard today. And I was hearing a little bit yesterday. In particular. The citizens of patriot nation. Now upset. That a rush to judgment and how dare we accuse Aaron Hernandez of being involved in any of this nefarious activity. Because unfortunately and you well know. Fans are not the most reasonable people they look at Aaron Hernandez as a commodity. Aaron Hernandez. Is a gifted tight end with wide receiver hands in wide receivers speed. Who can help the New England Patriots and -- a a number of people out there. Who were willing to shall we say condone some of this activity because. This guy has so much talent but so why -- today at a cemetery proven guilty yeah but I who India you're looking at. Fax now not somebody gassing is the is -- a fact as reported. Betty why don't we destroyed a security system is the fact that he. -- -- -- the police have broken up so far and is that -- fact that he item -- service department the next day to clean house now the question businesses where the speculation comes those are all facts. The speculation is why he didn't thank you okay is it amnesty protecting his friends or is he protecting himself. That's the issue but that when you hear about the February 13 incident where he shot somebody. Convicted drug dealer decided not to pursue criminal charges. Then -- -- Hartford current today at this might have been another outlets as well but it was unbeknownst to me until I read this morning. Upon his arrival. At Florida years ago he was involved in the shooting incident and and -- club it is it his freshman year. And that's still being investigated. All these years later. So the guy has been embroiled. In many episodes I'm sure the patriots understood that. They could live with that as long as it didn't reached this level now it's reached this level. It's a critical mass there is some major criminal repercussions here. -- wondering what is what do you think is going on right now overrule one dollar check. Kraft. All the powers that be the coaches what are they thinking about right now what do they say in how they coping with -- -- Forcing you to know seriously first thing you do and we all need to do it is you Moline. Of these for that murder. On. -- boy that's that's the first priority we started the show off where we are mourning over that I'm sick over that that somebody at a young age. Would be merited in left and did some place in some industrial park area that it that's just but you know the nature of the -- Larry we -- rattlesnake sort of celebrity -- you fortunately you know and now you're on to point true in in the in -- -- Grafton -- check -- -- -- You're trying to. He stinks to gather where I want -- same time not stepping over the investigation itself. Like normally you'd pick up a foreign and say hey you know what parents in the building -- nobody in the building of the time but. Dumbed it down you know what that heck is going on here but -- are you surprised at the preacher response. Were released on seeking refuge helicopters are -- following here's a guy is my sadly nobody the year ago OK but he but he. According to wasn't there -- Stacey James. Yes the claiming that the patriots asked him to leave -- -- -- the exact or what you do like OK so let's he sits there are let's say he starts talking. Now all of a sudden you are probably the police investigation. Like like like what we do you go witness a it's a great point your making but. We do you want to become a part of the circle. Let's say Eagles an area and he has done. You know those movies were guy goals and -- confessional Booth and tells the -- actually happen and out of it it becomes. We will Rogers for a while there's no coach. Player privileged and totally I think knows that for -- you know. Next -- so prevalent telecheck is being an important a black man taken someplace -- you know. -- -- That's an -- -- right now problem problem at this -- -- How mania of us who live normal quote unquote whatever that means guys are prepared for any of that stop you. You know -- god are we use you but I'll say let's say you're teaching a class something like that story comes up and says. You don't connect dark Q after the -- are now I've got some experience is not on this problem when did you ministry. If people etiquette -- say doesn't and I -- your for a few minutes -- to thumping and then you have that thin line between what do you do with the information that -- -- -- and we are actually we've gone through workshops and have on discussed. Certain channels and avenues that you explore. When you're giving that kind of information. Believe me I'm sure there's. Up plan is in place down in Foxboro to deal with this on a variety of different levels I know how would you just if you with -- -- that -- -- what do you. Is the as the moral legal. Side right. And I preface stark comments at the beginning of the show because I mean he can't crack any jokes are any of those kind of things that it's such a sensitive subject. -- people's lives are being ruined. At the same timing. Your comment is is not lacking sensitivity is the reality of you get training camp starting in July. Tom what do you do not get all the gift from Kraft and Pallet Jack in the like his sickness I end. Is this guy going to be available is he not going to be a I don't want to -- -- you got to discuss yet. You have to deal -- have you have to protect the individual you have to do what can we do to support. An employee of very high you leave paid. Employee. Of our organization. That's the -- the legal and moral responsibility. In and you have a responsibility you have to figure out what's going to be best for this football team because this is a bottom line business and ultimately it's about the football team. Once you figure out the more legal aspect. 6177797937. More your calls coming up -- -- in Johnson. I heard yesterday that they were they're gonna think they'll war I thought maybe. It's a little a little earlier murder investigation -- -- in the report that must have been confirmed if they're reporting 00 -- of the destruction of the years surveillance -- equipment Eddie's house itself vote. Vacancy right now award for a structure chart of the murder investigation. And that would be enough do to arrest they invite him over. And in the process. And getting in the system and then now we'll see where that murder investigation leads. So. I think that's -- -- this is the first step. Of -- to retrieve your -- -- that there. The great hairy man -- who. First came to before nineteen years ago it just about this time of the year. The middle of June when -- OJ Simpson of course were charged in the double murder of his wife and friend. In California hairy man in a mainstay. In this radio station for about a year from the murder charge right up to the of the verdict which came out in I believe September of 1995. And of course any time there's. Any kind of legal issue no one breaks it down more clearly and eloquently than one Harry -- and who still works is very successful lawyer here in Boston and has a national reputation as well he was on DNC why just that point you -- he speaks so that you can understand him. -- -- -- the young had a story them in the globe Friday that there was an infinite and Hernandez was a rookie. And apparently he was on the phone -- couldn't get the equipment to work right so Wes Welker was marked by Edgar Hernandez asked him to help him with the equipment and Welker being the joked that he is just that -- trigger -- yourself for cookie. And -- mantle as brilliant as an -- happy about it and he replied I will believe you up right year. In right now. He didn't say mass I guess I'm no -- so. What does that say. It says that he has an edge -- it said that he he is spoiling for a fight he's got he's got a pugnacious. Part of his personnel in the is that here's the problem of course and in an -- he is certainly an aberration I'm not suggesting that every. Player who practices violence on the football field practices violence office. But let's face -- you have to turn an on off if you play that game because you are asked to do some pretty barbaric things and that personality. That is used on the football field. Really is a socio path the personality off the field in -- when he area where you and I do agree with the gun situation right. Is that big gun free places just punching somebody in the mountain right when he like as you go right -- rage -- to be a time you know you did. Have a frightened and somebody and -- would be the end of it but now it's it's a little easier to satisfy their anger here's the problem and you cannot take the big guns out of the equation and I don't wanna get into a Second Amendment debate and you know Danny's gonna say that. Obama are something else around ripping Tim Thomas somehow indirect recovered from that meeting I I really you know what's funny is everybody came on the run all over the everybody who came up to me just -- that what -- -- -- may have himself but again back. Our -- opposite most of my girlfriend of a -- for your social bodies right those that that they -- -- my political side of the -- so naturally thought -- may have -- himself from -- -- -- And we encouraged day 82 continue the conversation. At any time at 617779793. Somebody you don't make a great point we're just go back to that before give back to a faults. The problem is this is why guns statistically. Do we not. Protect they only reinforce. A violent scenario. And you can certainly say with -- Aaron Hernandez yes it's anecdotal but statistically proven as well. He shot a friend because they got angry at each other. Somebody in his in his -- coterie of admirers and friends shot. Our old Lloyd the other night because they were angry if they don't have the gun the guy is alive he might have been beaten up he might have been hurt. But he's alive in there was no protection involved it only promoted and perpetuated. Unfortunately it'll just like an instance like he says I. I know there are arguments to be made on the other side of -- specifically there we're not getting into that today I'm just saying it. And when I read that -- article I just said you know for deals punching somebody in the mouth is one thing on average went Ramon -- point. Went out it -- will McDonough and will McDonough responded -- punch in the mouth and Graeme Claiborne went down which was a historic story eight. Sixty or reporter taken on a four part player and not jump to the ground but that was the great -- -- But again it guys at the end of it though it's done and it's over with in eight and a and a at a much more humorous. Rock context. Of a great scenes unfortunately there's a tremendous amount of truth -- -- one of the great scenes. In movie history is the Raiders of the Lost -- Where Harrison California has the showdown did he do that himself by the way you said he improvise that. He didn't I don't -- improvise and I was listening to the movie and he says obsolete pulls out his gun. And shoots the guy -- to a novice karate Alice I got a Jack Tito yeah you know everybody -- the first the only great raiders the first one raiders have lost -- the rest of a man. But that is a hilarious scene unfortunately it's so true. That's the problem in these guns that they have they're not 22 is they're not Garrett injures. These guns are destructive. And they are lethal. And why these athletes in particular. Why they need to have them. They they're only killing themselves Larry. I mean look at -- important example Plaxico Burress walks and a nightclub is he thinks he needs protection. Why me why -- there -- peace and I don't know shoots himself I don't know I don't know because I don't have people following all of army. So I mean I don't know what is that -- flooding well. I need protection for artists who actually that jet story about those Leon's all I don't know I was as -- ensemble pricey I can finish this and that I ever made because there -- other instances where I would want to have one so I mean like I -- I'm not -- get into that tonight. I'm just saying that in this instance. With that silly story that that that five seconds of reach. Right. You don't have time to come down from the right before you react to write it appears as if there are in illnesses you know abuse vast understatement lot of Psycho -- here. -- he has anger management issues that we do would you at least -- suffice to say that I think we all understand that. And I and that's not say he did nobody is accusing him of anything except breaking a security camera in his house. Busting up the cell phone and in calling in the maid service and out of a very very poor judgment. Out of Iraq is in a while -- I -- -- I I -- Mans 23. He's got a child I like man I hope he's not. Involved in any more than covering up for somebody that's the best I can hope for him let's grab a call ray and Revere your mayor -- mustard Johnson. Morning guys hey Greg -- deserves some criticism. Net that they got away from making novel acquisition of a bad and -- -- mentally. The quote unquote good arm and so where they are now targeting. Players that a lot value. In the draft or eat free agency. And they're getting them to lower prices by it and read on the roster right now. -- current intention at an art in Pretoria now. Indicator that some like -- saying well look look like what in. But the other two guys who were holding -- Bret Whipple. And you know I think it is part and parcel of what the criticism. Means the pitcher to get them. They don't want that and you know I I do think that. Belichick needs to address that because there other teams in the league the saint Clair appreciate that -- -- my report. Certainly trying to help out and play without without taking the threats and you know what turned out to end up putting. Or five or six guys like that on your roster really adapt when I'm playing Russia relaxed. I take -- out there there is points there is validity to your point rate. That I know in some instances these teams have come out and said we -- we've just taken them off aboard. We don't need money among -- boy right and all the sources and our coming out saying it was more than just pop because that's what that was the perception that. They're out there it goes around your media that -- the -- it's the strategy. Attribute also credits for the intelligence behind it. And you know are they are provided -- act. The other problem is that the guys that they have that guardians of the gate. The Bruce keys in the C Moore was in in in in in the like you know they get rid of bomb I mean what did you find about a guy that Wes Welker and I mean. I couldn't hear you going to make it are quote on the same exactly the patriot. The apartments can keep though no guaranteed money and sort that was debated Ochocinco what did they know I don't like disputed. You know I'm in that -- -- had been a greater dichotomy deleted it and on the same day in the justice the other current attempt to blow. Record do you edit break ago do you look at all if if a late hit the fishing at I mean it when you look at college football in. I don't how many of these guys out OK I know Brady and the like but I mean you got to admit if if you just want a stainless steel spot was guided the draft I mean you know and he brought his cleats on right. You know that the republic the league Chuck -- famously. In court yeah the criminal element you know. You know and -- after the decision organizations that you can certainly in my opinion apple wants to universe. They they have such standards that they can elect. The other guys to play it was a -- or can't keep your nose clean and I nearly let the market is. Ray and I and I always yours do can you Stamford -- look at Berkeley and an Amish again to a certain degree -- but they are so few and far between and you well know some obvious some great points there thank you read write about it unfortunately. -- -- -- would you send your son what you know the problem is you're talking about the SEC about Tim Tebow is -- out liar and one side on the other side of the spectrum. You have Aaron Hernandez ironically profiting right -- from Miami right and Miami was the was the you know the supposedly the aberration and not an SEC team they set the standard down there. But the SEC. Is. Essentially. A minor league football organization. There are a feeder. For the NFL it's it's by far and away. The place where you can find your great football players its budget -- dominant conference in college. -- but you if you -- from that great a loss of my grandmother. If you laid down with dogs you -- -- please capsule only at some point. At some point when you -- It SI from the IndyCar I'm buying when you're looking about a guy shuttle cart timing. Wise shuttle -- time I said. You know going between the homes and all of that has -- it's called shuttle -- I don't badminton also cuts in dividend is bad enough I think there's an attack is badminton you -- I don't know that they I don't think they try them out well rabbits and a -- out now amidst -- -- -- maybe they need to -- but the point is that John Edwards dropped marches and we have hurrying into. -- -- party time in army times he can bench press while maybe they need to send another group of people Narnia. To find out a little more about these guys background there but the attended these I would like to believe because we. Law and on a regular basis the genius that is Bill Belichick. Do you really believe the ballot Jack was on the way air. All of the background of Aaron Hernandez and certainly last August 27 when they stood up -- -- all smiles and announce the extension that would tacked on another at least twelve million guaranteed him forty million people fills the contract which obviously is gonna happen now. They must've known what was happening in here and -- it is like to some degree. We'd like to believe that these guys are a lot smarter and have people out there and they know what they're doing. Do you think though they just have this idea that you know I can now I can fix -- I can fix everything it's you know I'm Bill Belichick -- this is the patriot way. They column to my team. And suddenly they're transformed. But wait a minute. Ochocinco wasn't transformed -- -- worth. Wasn't transformed. You got one year one productive really Goodyear out of Randy Moss he wasn't a great teammate. Ultimately you had to cut ties without the other parliament that is in Russia we're going to take some of these guys home. That's the problem. And unless you're gonna take them home with you and you are gonna be -- coach but a a life mentor. Things like this are gonna happen 6177797937. A text line out in wanna say you know that you. Is the one question it's volatile. Would you want your daughter to marry him. Well I don't have a daughter so if I don't think about it if you did now. Am not saying you're assured but why is that initiative because morally and otherwise is the deal like everybody says that about Tivo. If you're -- guy you'd want -- -- -- married but of course and how appropriate template for. Well I guess that's something to think about Larry let's say you have the ultimate tease factor going there will answer that question I have -- right -- Sports Radio WEEI. Yes Greg -- Larry Johnson here on Saturday. Don't forget celtics' summer cooler. At 1 o'clock. Let's explain to -- I got that schedule right don't -- Dan. -- the summer -- 1 o'clock now. Sean grandy who last week did the show -- on -- -- the Bill Simmons and -- view again. I don't know I don't think the -- slobbering drool over Bill Simmons and some hoping I could say that again years ago was ripping doc is one of the worst. Among. Well OBA far flung program once again -- will be in the motor city. Max will be right here in Brighton Massachusetts and who knows what they want is -- going to be that's the big question and you know we are talking about talk about fortuitous timing. Jason Wolfe is a genius programmer I don't care. What you read about Jason wolf. Jason -- was a genius because Jason Newell said I heard he makes a heck of a keg to I don't know nothing about exhibit reallocate it. That Jason will decide you know why even though the Celtics were -- it seems like fifteen years ago from the playoffs. There's going to be a lot of offseason intrigue. With a draft coming up by Karzai -- -- -- for that perhaps pretty bored myself now she is drowned patriots like you were sitting there watching game seven my son and -- goes. Like in the draft that I said Tommy somebody I know in the draft that helps call and -- -- perfect but let's say obviously. -- is a ticket to restaurants art and as I -- -- broadening orbit at that this is a real kick in the growing week for me as a sports -- with the Hernandez saying. Tragic we already prefaced it by saying how tragic it is the young man lost his life by. Many garden next points they have patriot player and armed -- and I'm a dark thing I'm sorry I don't get to that I don't get the fact. Did you sign a five year deal and now I'm hearing -- he signed a five year deal but he never intended to. I didn't really mean Nevada I guess I can I -- started -- -- -- -- people that night -- -- I like you guys have a great but respect for him but. I'm sorry I did take a step back this is very. Hustling to me is extremely puzzling to me and understand that I mean. People get old your team good soldier after rebuild as a jury of teaching young players and rebuilding but. If you just wanna jump from team the team that's already set and most of the pieces are in place -- read everything I mean I don't know right. I just think Steve and -- Just do a heck of a job with the Celtics iTunes -- is Donald Sterling. I had a -- early dark rivers where I guess I get a get a raise this very pot -- -- -- Hustling to me it really is eye injury sports and that's from leaving and I'm not walking around anybody's after as -- on not to like -- that went -- at a price could. I wouldn't I I just I don't yet it anymore. I don't get everything you're told everything that you see and thank him believe. Tom how much of it is really true would it I don't know anymore well again what we. Eight digest as -- fans. Always digest it with a grain of salt because I go back to Hernandez is Smart way to get back into that we'll talk more about doctors the right to all -- right it's different subject totally different trust but certainly at 1 o'clock grandy and Macs rule dissect and analyze this thing. As John Dennis would say to a fare -- well all right I don't know whether they really kick -- represented like a free hand to hand I think and at as a fan are you feeling of the main. I think as a broadcaster in the like UN to -- and maxim is right and -- your professional and a fire coaches all the time so. Why can't approach decide to quit this is what we have to reminder that as a fan I wanna get that right as a fan you wanna believe in the moral purity. On a variety of different dimensions of all these people you wanna believe. The Doc Rivers because he signed a five year deal worth 35 million dollars. He's going to honor that contract is that's what we do we wanna believe and Aaron Hernandez when he signs of forty million dollar extension. Is now gonna make all the right decisions in spite of a checkered past because we would do that but that's not the reality 617779. 79372. Wave if you're an extra mustard and Johnson. -- -- -- -- Yeah I just how much evil here. I hope they get out of the question to Hugo could become a tight end. At least part time whatever he's bigger okay. And if you look at -- that. You know what you know that. I think allowing no rating is only about 700 that the second after the in the forty at the time. Columbine time but in all the other -- He was -- better about the imminent Kenya -- -- interesting -- the twenty yard as well because that that the kind of patent. Blanks into -- I didn't have. Do we know. At all what I mean I'm I'm not talking about some of these Columbine drills. -- -- -- go out on a football field -- actually receive the ball we live re route consistency. We know is a tough player when he's running the football. But Kenny actually received a full ball in traffic over the middle the -- tight ends have to regularly do I we have no idea about that. Well state what what I'm saying is I think exactly a comparable player and when I mean by that is if you if you if you look at his career when he did he. In high school and college you play with a significant injuries -- to play with a broken leg in high school. Actually scored 29 yard touchdown with a broken leg -- don't realize that was the case -- with a broken hand against the seminoles and a huge game. And look for the second happy to creep up I think he's -- more athletic guys on and I won't take away any and his his skills but you got to remember this opinion says. Aside from those skills which does but also a product of this setup yet welcome on the field yet gronkowski on the field an ideal conditions. You just after 1182 people a -- there right now they're going to tight ends. I -- I -- -- he was the product of that you know he's a -- result still was up yet. Beauty supply whatever it is I think a guy like you broke pretty much do the same stuff I think he's a topic I. Why are you got okay the last thing -- -- not mentioning an ethnic is his hands. Last time I checked you get a -- at the ball yet and that's you know I. I would believe as say in he's a great athlete may not be a very good throwing quarterback he may not be an NFL quarter the back in a drop back mode. But he certainly is a great athlete wouldn't be there -- I've always thought right. If the one position he. Might be able to without pondered that will be tight and little -- we realize how pragmatic. That alternative was going to be -- 61 supports -- -- nine. 7937. We still up two hours to go your telephone calls just around the ban on Sports Radio WB yeah.

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