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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 06/21/13

Jun 21, 2013|

You ask it, we answer it. Featuring Kirk 'the jerk' Minihane.

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It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question which -- -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. Answer the question -- -- -- -- restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager or an insurance pro. Call RS to injury -- -- disaster restoration game plan in -- call 877461. Level eleven. Or -- serve dot com -- Adams is with us by us I mean -- -- -- hand in for Michael Holland today I called her. My new hand if you like mine -- no sooner is gonna get that we figure out there will be well that packer head -- -- prepare. Felt it felt good there. -- accountable. Like you could be mine knows who's younger not so athletic brother keep. I think a lot of people thought he was his own older not as athletic profit last night is he was getting torched on Twitter last. Washed up. And yet the bronzes again but it is sure that it may have something -- value of these king James boxers well I hate LeBron but he's good. -- and I'm saying it's aggravates me that he wins but he -- He's pretty good at that is entering god. What is the difference oh god does walk around Miami that these projects. For that. I did years -- Voice that Mikey ridiculous you're charged yet and you and me -- what's coming -- on 1131. You're carpal. Are full of Marlboro. To pick up the mark Brooks and if we get to like take the -- in changer. Exchanged numbers actually it was some aren't you really want that -- so yeah I don't know it's my wife's car you can't -- -- in the cart program note that challengers. Music playing and a CD that's right will be blasting Russia will go through the entire catalog deep tracks and all this. All of power winners -- no way you analyze you know chiseled hectic. That's a good work like John Coltrane and pass it when you can't pass a strong you mean just John Coulter that the guys you -- Soderbergh has a shot at playing game five consider you worry -- Jersey practice today could he replace Sean for. When we give -- replace canisters -- -- I think he's got a shot of playing I just disagree the most yet to play these accident chance sure that you. Question this -- for. Kirk how many miles a week do you run and saw what -- do for exercise you. -- -- About thirty miles thirty miles of about thirty miles we -- 65 mile runs. Yet that's about it yeah you know oddities. He showed people's worries. But he didn't receive did you have any we're hearing running -- you don't have a 46 point two sticker and I don't know. You don't have a pair of running -- He had -- you run with the tried to run outside in the winter yet that's caption. Like you put on like the long leggings and stuff the people where they're running like salon rankings -- -- like you put on long -- knowledge. If you go through the parking lot here to see several. The report touches people. Running shoes from. Hobby well you could you do know your wrists and when your argument tight fisted because -- it's a good question. And doing your own. McConnell -- don't -- -- lose you'll admit that lowers its. Some do some don't I happen not to publicly wanting I do's and -- My -- to do -- sports current. It right so that's -- Victory for our commitment I have with somebody I can't stand yeah yeah Mikey -- the the question -- for you occurred suggests Leno and next question you just grin and bear try to make the best of looking at. Guys I'm thirty years old I'm 20000. Dollars in debt. I'm also on Social Security -- -- a side. Do you think you could give me any tips on getting out of debt or any change as we just told me. What you're calling you're asking and answering the question signatures your life is over again integrity to try to get your your old. I promise you I'm not giving you any money that dies -- the -- factory. And to work. For many people close. To 20000 dollars and that's a lot of money that we know make money. After credit cards seriously just start there are prepared and after her cards do everything in your power after cracker company. Does -- -- is now most and ask them they'll work. What do you panicky you got -- the credit card and it's crazy delete files you can you can work with your critics. -- it's not complicated to do with it means people just within your means we can't do. Like the government. Correct exactly government to keep printing money that you can't get. Now apologize now Steve users. Are here's one for children of the eighties Sloane Peterson affairs Steelers day off. Or Chris Parker from adventures in Davis out on the shipment was an issue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She was forty pounds every it was a -- that Peter Douglas did a few years station agent I think -- -- -- -- -- fair bush days ago that left Peterson was the object of my -- fantasies but she never did anything else and -- basically all she did characters if you compare Sloane Peterson to somebody got to compare her. Did -- shift in -- camp by meatloaf. I'm some Amanda this Amanda Pedersen. -- May be put her name was definitely command my -- I would take that -- as a one hit wonder over the girl from Paris but it grenades. Oh wieger outweighed Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire and I also think got by the three of big fat -- daughter of the director outweighed sort of vehicle anyway there's always Eddie Garcia Bob yes well also -- now -- -- next. Questions salt I notice you didn't answer the question are exercising -- -- -- to I try to run a few times a week. I try to run three miles a few times I'm not a -- level that's three -- exercise you know doing I'll see -- go to -- I try to golf. You know it helps -- crackdown not really what I also I don't know what else do you ask you to -- I don't go to the -- that much now saw your families in Seattle -- Yeah right -- do you work to basics right. But I'm here I mean that's not what that's the only time I'm working forty doing beat me he's not just Dennis you can't get your ticket and our idea. It is great -- -- -- pictures area the whole idea of an hour such crap that's the problem with -- just taken hours on our viewers. Now while running is about forty minutes right here if you leave your house -- -- go for -- you come back it's an hour. A picture of and that's that's private six miles 15 or six of us and you shall be for a shower after the whole thing it's politics -- at first almost swept so after -- -- it takes it as -- at least a half hour just stops what. Really yes all right so so now if you've added another half hour wanted to announce an hour and a half. -- it is -- do you run. Try to run. In theory or an actual factory in reality one day -- -- but in the everybody that we have maybe maybe through miles away but I try to run. Three or four times a week three -- just ran into the studio tape your show commander Schmitz and you do that Michael Rose here this morning and everything what -- placed her brakes now got swept and swept right through this thing James Gandolfini. But he and I am not look first of all I lost the -- graduated few years ago -- managed to keep that off my shirt that I have a searchers -- and -- and now I would I ran it on -- -- a ton last. And I lost a 35 pounds. Okay well and I kept officers are most of them off yeah yeah. Three -- we -- -- gonna do it now it's not what my wife gets their she's much better motivating me Iran it's hard to do without her here I don't know if it's. To receive between just not sure -- under orders -- that's exactly right. I would you rather -- the nose bleed section at a game or watch it on the seventy inch HDTV with the state of the art sensors which any game. Football game I definitely choose the sound system Pataki came up to the nose of the TV every time every time no matter what had seats every single. Questions. People Sony's. -- hand why do you suck so bad in the morning you're not half bad or -- annoying in the afternoon -- personally don't -- interpret -- should show. I love working John Jerry that -- We have a good. You thirty seconds is -- sorry you took out a he hates John Kerry it's John. Advocate -- those guys that got second award Oscars often -- Act like you do they have you know early next question about what are in -- eat. To make such as sulfur smell in the studio only twenty minutes of crap. Only smokers -- the term let loose on and the guys came out of there like is if something exploded and came running out hands over your noses balls that you have to be to be an intern -- like -- guy or girl. Policy. I think -- coming -- your fart smell bad you can't dance album like. Like at the actual -- -- totally be a slow one -- it's gonna smell hours. You know why you -- in here the -- after what he did in there you're sending me here I was help because as a way to -- yet the slower you do with sources smells. You steadiness I'd -- The art of the -- -- which traditionally wants them enjoy it appears to sarcastic. So I'd like to change -- -- of -- movements. -- and ultimately on more talk about it. We get the daily -- of course the most important minutes in -- radio -- absolutely. That's coming up and of course the Detroit Tigers game which is Leicester vs mister. -- The watchdog Christopher for many years you know he was traded for guiding for bush and -- again and again. I want to thank our friends -- your enemies abroad in -- -- today we're here. Eating out at some of those the sort of routine it was like. It was similar to a pool team of Fries -- that -- agree -- -- on -- A routine routine routine note can you know it's booty after next all resident noticed ocean but it was dean man GE and -- are -- to the data. She told me very specifically routine yet it is different language so anyway it's putts that -- tango. That evidence. -- And it's part of their new menu -- you guys haven't checked -- and some blustery got to stop in the one of the best reflects the whole city. Not only is that the most high definition TVs of any roof -- But it's temperature controlled which is important so even when it gets to -- -- -- that summer you can -- comfortably and Jerry grammys. Ruth Decker -- a pleasure as always is yes. Did you -- some point yes. Go home but about bringing over another run when you get that hiring and I'm Mikey enjoy yourself you'll pick up on Sunday and as we aren't -- we -- those -- to -- Mike -- going to be out. Chatter fest on Sunday down the cave if you want to you know me in my -- will be there to judge cod melody tent -- world sort of in Hyannis and we play that Boston -- old -- And on the streets I -- there's going to be some hot weather girls really you know there's always be wrong it is really. Meteorologist long challenge. I've heard that forever mile high pressure system work -- -- themselves Mike will be back on Monday by then maybe the Bruins have been positioned when the couple find out the then by about.

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